May 12, 2010
Muslim Student's True Opinion

Neoconservative thinker David Horowitz was put on the spot by a Muslim student during a speech at the University of California San Diego. His comeback revealed her true goal.

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Opinions and Comments
wow........this was very chilling.
what a great answer!
(5/12/2010 1:21:16 PM)
(5/12/2010 1:39:16 PM)
Good spit back!
She was stepping on her own words! Yimach shemo!
(5/12/2010 1:46:56 PM)
How chilling is that?!?!?
(5/12/2010 1:56:49 PM)
Any chance for Peace
If anybody still thinks we can make peace with the Muslims needs to be seen by a Psychiatrist.
(5/12/2010 2:12:56 PM)
good for him!!!!!
(5/12/2010 2:15:50 PM)
i heard it on the news. but seeing it makes it more scary.
what would hussein obama say to such a thing?
(5/12/2010 2:17:09 PM)
It's all from Mohammed, Yemach shmo
anti-Judaism in the Muslim world is rooted in the Quran and the hadith, books of their religion and in the actions of Mohammed, yemach shmo.
(5/12/2010 2:23:29 PM)
what a world we live in! we need moshiach!
(5/12/2010 2:54:23 PM)
i feel like throwing up
(5/12/2010 3:03:14 PM)
she was not even embarrassed
(5/12/2010 3:03:37 PM)
Wake Up!
Wake up! Did you notice how charming she sounds in the biginning of the video? This is what the most charming Muslim really thinks but wont say unless some smart person is able get it out and show the world the truth.
(5/12/2010 4:04:21 PM)
t s
almost everyone who reads this blog or posts to it is also a fundamentalist who can politely talk but when pushed will have to say jews are chosen by god as a special people and amalek descendants - child and woman also - are to be killed. how different is that from an islamist saying a jew must be killed?
(5/12/2010 4:52:13 PM)
he's good!!
a terrorist neckerchif!!
(5/12/2010 5:12:16 PM)
ch mom
(5/12/2010 5:32:28 PM)
To T S
you are just plain and simply down right wrong

No (real) Jew will ever say that we have a right to kill any human being unless in self defense unlike what she said.
(5/12/2010 5:38:41 PM)
are u serious. hitler week on campus????
(5/12/2010 5:45:13 PM)
(5/12/2010 5:49:57 PM)

That was so great!
(5/12/2010 5:50:04 PM)
#14 ur nuts
please everyone facebook this and twitter it let the world see
(5/12/2010 5:54:14 PM)
"I'd like to invite you to our annual Hitler Youth week...why do you think there is a connection between the Muslim Youth Association and terrorist organizations..'

Umm..these two statements almost without missing a beat..Chas v'shalom to think a group that sponsors a Hitler Youth Week would have connection to terrorist organizations...(eyeroll)
I mean, Man, it's just a bit of fun (sarcastic)
(5/12/2010 6:18:19 PM)
loved it!
i love the way he answered this twit. she deseves to die along with he stupid family orginisation she has running there. uch makes me sick to my stomach
(5/12/2010 6:44:54 PM)
to ts
it says slaughter them men women children and cattle, but that was only for amalek they were the terrorist's of their time,coming upon a nation that did no wrong to them with the intention of wiping them out men women children. and such a nation says g-d, is to be wiped of the face of the earth. and any freethinking person on earth would agree. the best of the modern day arab is the same (dont have to trust me just look at the video...) so the same would apply today.
(5/12/2010 6:52:31 PM)
so awesome
Haha i loved it
(5/12/2010 8:10:35 PM)
that guy
is a legend!!!
(5/12/2010 9:10:34 PM)
to #14
i see where your coming from, an extreamist understands an extreamist!! but i don't think i would say it publicly...

btw there is no "inyon" to go and stam kill people, but sometimes (even not for self defence) you have to, such as "amalaik"
(5/12/2010 9:40:45 PM)
saying jews are the chosen people is HARMLESS

saying amalek deserves to be killed in retaliation for all the pain and suffering they've caused us seems more than just (we're not harming them because of their ideologies!- and we're not saying all nonjews- just a specific group who were particularly barbaric towards us)
and let's not forget the final bit that we do not actually kill amalek today because we cannot be certain exactly who they are and we don't just parade around in shooting frenzies. That is true justice and true compassion. (That's also why we're always called wimpy and spineless)
(5/13/2010 12:53:38 AM)
Her name
when she said her name i cracked up laughing
(5/13/2010 1:03:23 AM)
great video
yeah she's attending hitler youth week----1st clue and,
I noticed the terrorist kerchief right away - 2nd clue.
(5/13/2010 1:16:48 AM)
muslim idiot
The man next to her doesn't seem to enjoy the fact that he's sitting next to a Muslim terrorist...
(5/13/2010 2:38:25 AM)
i cant watch it, does any1 have a link?
(5/13/2010 2:48:17 AM)
Candid Viewer
Blech, she's ugly.
(5/13/2010 2:55:20 AM)
A Yiddishe Kop
He was also very calm and cool.
(5/13/2010 2:56:23 AM)
Good comeback by the Dr.
She is for it?!? Are you kidding me??
(5/13/2010 3:43:31 AM)
Well said
where is her moustache?
(5/13/2010 3:44:09 AM)
The (ugly) truth is out!
She stepped all ever herself. YM"S. He did very well. Conducted himself masterfully. Something to learn from.
(5/13/2010 4:01:38 AM)
open your eyes
this is what our "president" can Jews or other decent people vote democratic?
(5/13/2010 4:07:47 AM)
to #14
amaleck was waiting for us to kill us! we didint do squat to the arabs to couse this hate
(5/13/2010 4:17:20 AM)
to #6
Agreed 1000%
(5/13/2010 5:09:47 AM)
It is abouit time that smart Jews stood up to the MSA's on campus and reveal their true intentions
(5/13/2010 5:11:51 AM)
yemach shemo kol hoaravim!!!
yemach shemo kol hoaravim!!!
(5/13/2010 5:16:45 AM)
The Hitler Youth Week thing
Just to clarify the Hitler Youth Week reference, for those misunderstanding it:

MSA holds an "Awareness of Israeli Apartheid Week" on campus. When Horowitz wrote about in some articles of his, he dubbed it as "Hitler Youth Week". That is what she is referring to; she is being sarcastic (from her point of view, anyway).
(5/13/2010 5:34:36 AM)
wow that was amazing horowitz!
i love htis guy!! that was such a good come-back,
Proud to be a jew :)
(5/13/2010 6:40:47 AM)
Ps i am on campus and will tell you that they all have the same goal!
(5/13/2010 8:11:40 AM)
you have to check your backround if you are jewish.............
(5/13/2010 9:38:04 AM)
she needs such professional help that no professional could help her
(5/13/2010 10:29:26 AM)
Hot Button Issue
Reminds me of my college days when interactions with students who belonged to Muslim groups were frustrating examples of people talking past each other. I will say, though, that I understand where she is coming from after having read much on the subject. I don't like her view, I think it's an extremely dangerous sentiment, but at least I understand it.

I think it is biased and naive to condemn without understanding where she is coming from. Horowitz expertly sidesteps the bullet points student activist raise. You have to understand that these questions that are raised have been prepared by think tanks, put in snazzy brochures and students who want to 'do something' memorize these hot button issues and argue them at these types of events...I memorized "Myths and Facts" as a freshman.

I only wish Horowitz had gone one step further by finding some sort of common ground--to humanize the Jewish/Israeli side for her. It may not have brought her around, but would have helped someone in the audience who might be on the fence about the Israeli position.

I saw Dershowitz do a similar maneuver when accosted by Pro Palestinians on campus. He shot them down--but lost an opportunity to educate.
(5/13/2010 10:40:15 AM)
what would obama say if they asked him the same question
im sure obama has the same views as her he's just a little more profesional and hitler week in a university who ever heard about that.
(5/13/2010 11:20:54 AM)
Cant believe she was not embaressed.....
shes is a terorists wife not to mentoin her scarp and she metoined somthing about terrorists network that needs people to help them so funny, mrs yemach shema
(5/13/2010 11:24:28 AM)
why does everyone seem so shocked? i live in israel in jerusalem amongst these can ppl live in oblivion to what is truly going on every single second of the day in eretz yisroel? iam glad ppl care to comment but what we need is ppl to care more and move to israel so we can drive these animal, incested,terrorists out of our land. you see this pig of a person talking to a jew like that and no one had the guts to slap her or throw something at her or do anyhting besides boo her? jews need to finally see what is going on and stick together because now you can step out of the dream bubble and face reality....maybe join your brothers who are fighting and protecting the lives of other jews just so we can live in our promised land...
(5/13/2010 11:27:19 AM)
cant watch
Btw ppl dont read long comments and i cant WATCH IT!!!
(5/13/2010 11:57:26 AM)
sickening !
(5/13/2010 2:12:31 PM)
stupid question!
That was funny - 'can you explain the connection between us and these these terrorist organisations, because we don't receive funding from them, we have to do our own fundraising.'
Sheesh! Every Shliach does his own fundraising! Is that what makes you connected to another organization?
(5/13/2010 2:46:04 PM)
to #51
i totaly agree with you its about time we open our eyes and see the reality of what is really going on in the world and not just in our littlle space. all of us jews are responsible 2 help one anorher!!! WE MUST FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
(5/13/2010 4:26:44 PM)
extremely scary! and the speaker is a jew himself as well as the boys sitting down
(5/13/2010 5:08:53 PM)
Very very sad..
poor girl got herself brainwashed by extremists.. happens all the time.. the distance from expressing these views and exploding herself in the middle of the Israeli embassy is very short...
(5/13/2010 9:43:58 PM)
Mr Storms
Why our universities allow this crap, like hitler youth week , on our campuses here in the US baffles me to no end. She is a dope and we should stand up and make her very uncomfortable in this country. Just as she is tring to do to Jews around the world.
(5/14/2010 1:21:10 AM)
The Children of Believers ...
There are those that believe in G-d and only seek to honor H-m by their actions and speech... and then THERE ARE THOSE THAT BELIEVE THEY ARE G-D AND SEEK ONLY TO HONOR THEMSELVES BY THEIR ACTIONS AND SPEECH .I work with many thousands in the IDF The real battle is spreading the wellsprings outward. Hashem will handle Hamas. -DB
(5/14/2010 1:46:35 AM)
I had the opportunity to attend a MSA symposium in a state university a year before 9/11. Besides being terrified (my friend and I were the only Jews in the room!), we had the "pleasure" of listening to muslim professors call Osama Bin Laden a hero! This was in a state funded university. The moderator was a female student who encouraged all muslim students to go into fields like bio chemical engineering!
(5/14/2010 2:56:24 AM)
the fact that the audience let him speak and didn"t boo him down is in itself a miracle these days.
(5/14/2010 6:24:49 AM)
that was funny she was like my name is jabachmilewhjfjkfyufwkjgfrwukfjkw
(5/14/2010 11:35:23 AM)
Thank You Sir.
Thank you sir for making her feel so stupid with so little words.
(5/14/2010 1:52:47 PM)
What a b....
I'm glad that I;m old (graduated in 1963). We didn';t have to put up with that ^*$^#$*. She is frightening. Too bad we can';t deport her and her kind.
(5/15/2010 5:21:03 AM)
what a waste of a good education to send something like that airhead to college!!
(5/15/2010 11:23:11 AM)
she is a loser
(5/16/2010 2:34:02 PM)
Muslim Women
As a free American woman, I can never understand why any woman would belong to such a woman suppressing religion where the men call all the shots. She can't be intelligent or she would not allow herself to be subjugated mentally and forced to dress so as to deny her gender. She is pathetic. Unfortunately, such brain-washed religious zombies can be dangerous to the rest of us, as they plot to bring those who are free and tolerant down to their hate-filled, pathetic level.
(5/17/2010 10:00:06 AM)
this is ridicualous!!!!!!!!
(5/17/2010 4:43:31 PM)
i think i am throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(5/18/2010 7:10:34 AM)
lol at her name.
umm.. she was so busted out there. busted by a jew. humiliated by a jew. oh, muslims, enjoy the shame. soak it all in. nice job, reb goldstein. we need more guyz like you.
chag sameach.
(5/18/2010 8:21:38 AM)
An Invitation?
She thinks people are actually gonna come to a Hitler youth event. She wasnt trying to invite people. She was trying to show people that she believed in Hitler.
(5/18/2010 11:07:49 AM)
Hitler Youth started in Germany 15 years before the Holocaust
Hitler Youth started in Germany 15 years before the Holocaust
We better be carefull so we won't have anything God Forbid (Chas-V'shalom similar to the Halocaust
(5/18/2010 12:27:39 PM)
Number 67
When you're born into Islam, you have no choice. Aposte (leaving Islam) is punishable by death in many Islamic countries, and at best you will simply be shunned by your family and friends and become a non-person to your government. When I lived in Kuwait and Dubai I knew a few Muslims who admitted to me hating their religion, but knew they were stuck in it and just went through the motions in order to get by in their societies.
(5/19/2010 1:15:03 AM)
A rude and stupied person
how dares she standing in front of the world (a live broadcast )and agree with the Hizbullah doctorine , in an American Univrsity?
(5/20/2010 11:58:58 AM)
fat and angry
This girl/woman didn't strike me as a native Near Eastener, instead she is part of the wacko Left Coast costume party life-style escapist ashram. She needs a diet and a session on 'What not to Wear.' Her problems are psychological, not so much ideological.
(5/20/2010 11:58:33 PM)
what's new
not surprising to me. scary. it's on most campuses. wake up
jews of the and understand, they want us dead. can't
deal with them.
(5/23/2010 4:36:10 AM)
Damaged woman
The main problem I see, no logic is going to change anyones mind in the muslim community. The bad thing is they reproduce like flies. More recruits to strap a vest on. It is disgusting. Uneducated brainwashed mothers,It is a dark age religion. Find and cut their funding at all costs
(5/23/2010 11:47:22 AM)
(5/24/2010 6:09:56 AM)
Not at all funny
This is absolutely chilling and indicative of the mindset of many people - old and young. In this country we have freedom of speech but I am concerned when that freedom impinges on and threatens others. There is no difference between this woman's mindset and that of any other terrorist because she is advocating terrorism.
(5/25/2010 2:41:53 AM)
Where are You !!!!!!!! WHY is SHE here????

Wake up America. Vote to keep our way of life, or start learning a new language....
(5/25/2010 5:06:04 AM)
She is sick
In the arab world, women are so supressed that they end-up being more crazy than the men. I think that, except the fact that she is an soneh Yisroel, she wanted to get some attention - something she doesn't get at home :)
(5/27/2010 3:51:52 AM)
Lock her up
Kick her out, lock her up and throw away the key
Just make sure the cockroaches dont have the
displeasure of seeing and listening to her
(5/30/2010 5:05:42 AM)
Most muslims are haters!
No surprising! Most muslims espouse the destruction of Jews.

(5/30/2010 8:27:03 AM)
A person seeking attention through hate propagation.
She seems oddly, in some of her mannerisms and speech, like a culturally jewish young women. Does anyone know her origin or present circumstances. In history there have been persons with Jewish antecedents who have become Jew haters.
(5/30/2010 1:20:15 PM)
won't load
I can't get it to load....
(6/2/2010 10:22:44 PM)
Very Scary
JEWS around the world you have to wake up or history will repeat itself except instead of Germans it would be muslims this time. And Christians just remember after Jews you will be next. We have to do something about it!!! It is spreading like a very very bad desease!!!
(6/2/2010 11:59:47 PM)
whats behind the curtain?
if there is any real message to this it would be, a Jew should fear nothing but G-d. Amalek that must be destroyed esotericly represents doubt which in hebrew is numerically equivalent to the word amalek in hebrew. When the Jewish people are awake and aware of how it is G-d that runs the world, and how a Jew has the power to create the next moment in reality, then he and the nations of the world will become a tranquil place. The Lubaiche Rebbe M'H announced in 1992 that we are tuly already in the times of the messiah, the true and complete redemption of which the Rambam describes as a time when god will remove the spirit of impurity from the world. The Rebbe M'H said that a Jew is a partner with God in completing his creation. All that is left is for a Jew is to accept that Moshiach is here! By learning about Moshiach you begin to create a new world. what a Jew does in the world affects what manifests. Remember we cleaned out Egypt, on Purim all of reality turned over, so to now. Thankyou God for all the great miracles for I know there are even greater ones to come.! Yechi adonaynu moraynu verabaynu hamelech hamashiach leolam vaed!
(6/4/2010 12:19:04 AM)
Homeland security, where are you?
We spend millions on homeland security and we still let the terrorists in. Unbelivable.
(6/4/2010 10:09:57 AM)
Peaceful lover
Amnesty International went to Gaza a year or so ago and said that Hamas were killing there own people because they disaproved of Hamas, they only wanted peace, Lovely people ???????????
(6/10/2010 3:50:14 PM)
Free speech is wonderful. However, when we (Homeland Security) knows someone supports terrorist they should be deported immediately!
(6/11/2010 5:52:09 PM)
retired nyc wtc diaster helper
this lady has no idea, the meaning of life, other than kill all non muslims, especially the west. the gentleman was awsome, picking out the terrorist scarf, and omg the hilter week cant believe she said that. did anyone else watch the eyes of the audience or was it just me.
(6/26/2010 5:59:13 PM)
My Daddy Told Me, Her Daddy Must Not Have Told Her!
Early in life my daddy told me that it is much better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!! Sad part is we are probably paying her tuition.
(7/25/2010 11:12:03 AM)
My God!!!! how can we just sit and listen to a person like like HER.Why do we allow anyone to come here to AMERICA ??? just because we have free speach does not mean you can stand up here and speak out that your kind is going to KILL all of us. Deport her NOW so we can KILL HER in own Country, give our MARINES another TARGET. BOO on her. RDR
(7/27/2010 7:58:57 PM)
J Howard
If America were to tell the Muslim population in general that we no longer support violent opposition to their political agenda and we no longer support their violence in fostering their political agenda the violence would stop in thirty days.

Neither of the sides can generate enough money to continue to fight! They have spent so much of their recent history destroying rather than building they have no clue!

We need the money in America anyway!!!

With the political agenda today of dismembering America we'll need every dollar we can save to keep our country alive. Wounded but alive!

God bless america. God Da.... Reverend Wright and his followers, as well as the liars!

(7/27/2010 9:26:26 PM)
Unfortunately, they're like a virus
I really, really try to be politically correct where Muslims are concerned. The problem I have is that the supposed "good Muslims" rarely speak out against the radical Muslim murderers and terrorists. I can only conclude by their silence that most Muslims feel empowered by radicals and really, truly support the "my religion is better than yours anyway", thing. For that reason, I wish they would just go away and live some place where they can abuse each other, just not here. We surely don't need barbaric Sharia law in America.
See what has happened in Europe. They welcomed Muslims and now severely regret it. If you speak out against Mohammed, you get murdered, despite the principle of free speech. In my view, the silent Muslims who are not speaking out against the radical element that cause so much pain and senseless destruction to our society share guilt with the radical, genocidal, terrorist murderers.
Lastly, to a self-proclaimed "good Muslim" who disagrees with my statements, I say...Then get your billion or so "good Muslims" and exercise Sharia law on the radical element if you don't in fact "really", "deep-down" feel empowered by them.

(7/28/2010 8:51:33 AM)
Mrs. Davis..Born and grown up in the L.A. USA!!!
Scares the STUFFING OUT OF me. These people need to be deported, or at least "corraled". They can do serious damage. Free speach is a great thing, but This is JADED "free speech".
(7/30/2010 12:05:33 AM)
I'm sick of the liberal institutions that allow a venue for this type of hatred. I'm sick of the liberals that want us to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. "We" need to take a lesson from what's happening in Europe and stop catering to the Muslims.
They not only want to build a mosque where the twin towers once stood, but they also want the Muslim holidays to be recognized along with our other holidays.
I really want them to return to the Muslim countries where they are surrounded by people of like mind.
(7/30/2010 12:26:55 PM)
Why can't America see where their loved country is going?
(8/9/2010 3:18:15 PM)
Throw them all out
(8/19/2010 9:12:51 AM)
Bring it on!
This is why America needs to exercise it's 2nd Amendment rights! That crazy/ugly terrorist pig will walk into a crowded Temple/Church or even a McDonald's during lunch rush and open fire with an AK some day, and somebody need to be "packin" so they can DROP that scum where she stands!
People, when these terrorists strike, it will be us or them! When seconds count, the police are minutes away... Unfortunately, she's in Kalifornia, where all of you have LOST your rights to defend yourselves!!! But, Diane Feinswine has a permit to carry (what's wrong with this picture?).... Take it back!!!!!
(8/19/2010 9:13:55 AM)
"When in Rome do as the Romans" If THESE people don't like it here and don't want to follow our rules - please go back to where you came from.
(8/20/2010 2:55:11 PM)
Clearly, this man knows and understands what is going on with Islam. Why is it so hard for other Jews in this country to see it. Why do they contribute to liberal politicians that protect terrorists. The Bible is clear, God protects those that protect Israel.
(8/23/2010 8:26:56 AM)
Is anyone surprised?
She is wearing the uniform...Islam distills down to this simple equation: you're one of us, or you're dead, sooner or later.
(8/27/2010 4:09:39 PM)
as a jew, it is an INSULT to hear other jews condemning fellow human beings... there are fascist, right-wing JEWS and there are wonderful, humanitarian jews... this is true of MUSLIMS also!!!... to attack a billion people is unbelievably STUPID and IGNORANT... and an insult to judaism.... aloha from the northshore of maui.... ;o}
(9/2/2010 3:54:20 PM)
I was mesmerized the whole time by the kerchief, & wondered why . She so brazenly & rudely interrupted. Mr Horowitz cornered her
(9/4/2010 12:10:18 PM)
Load it up and huck the mexican illegals South, the islammers East, and obama liberals straight to hell.
Problem solved.
(9/12/2010 10:53:03 PM)
Hitler youth week??? Advertising for that when talking to a jewish person? She sounded charming, and then offended, and then just scary...
(9/23/2010 12:41:50 AM)
Our great Country is NOW starting to realize that these so called religious people want us DEAD!! In a heart beat!!
My question is: Why do we put up with it? Why is their laws for American citizen to abide by that allows these people different than ours? They truly do not have and don't believe in our laws. A slow process is, taking them out of our country a few thousand at a time, and having them go back home where they belong, because they, in reality want to take us over.These people LOVE AMERICA!! BUT with out American's in it... In my opinion they need to be sent back to a land of NO opportunity, especially women. A land that is consistently under fire, and will always be. Killing children, women , if not, then torturing them.
(9/27/2010 6:39:34 AM)
I saw this coming 10 years ago and sounded the alarm hundreds of times over. But the sheeple, sheeple, sheeple DON'T Listen
(9/29/2010 8:05:00 AM)
I don't buy it.

If you don't condemn my enemy, then you are my enemy. I won't condemn Hamas because that ends all negotiations.
(9/29/2010 12:31:23 PM)
I cant beleive that inciting violance and hate in this country overrides freedom of speech! We should do SOMETHING SMART and deport her A--, with her buddies!
(9/30/2010 11:02:08 AM)
Young Lady-Go Home And Pray
Young lady, you must condem Hamas. This is an organization founded to exterminate people for a small piece of land. The Jews have been through that once. They don't need more. I am the age of your grandmother. Young people want to fight all of the time. No more fighting! Hamas uses God as an excuse to fight. We have the same God. Don't give Him such a violent reputation for a terror organization like Hamas. Shame on you! I do not condem you because you are Muslim. Muslims and Christians have the same God. Go home and pray for forgiveness for essentially defending a terrorist organization like Hamas. You know as well as I do this is not God's will! Shame on you! When I raised my children, who are your age, I preached acceptance and responsibiltiy toward all men and women! Hamas does not exist for God. Jihad is wrong! Go home and ask Ullah for guidance. Make sure that when you pray that you pray to our God and not the god of Hamas, a man-made terrorist organization that loves Jihad! The Arabs have a lot of land. The Jews over there don't have much land. Make friends. Have your relatives from your home land learn to live with them and they with you. I can see from your conversation that you were born here. Be proud of your United States. I ask that you not condem Israel and essentially the United States by refusing to free yourself from such terrorist-type thinking! Young lady, you go home and pray, pray, pray until you see the light of love for ALL mankind. Condem anyone who uses God to kill! Do you understand me? Go pray! As you age and mature, you will see that I am correct! Now go pray.
(10/2/2010 11:45:24 PM)
the time is coming.
to many people in this country do not understand these people. always keep n eye on your backtrail, they are movung in surely but steadly. most people don't believe what they hear about muslims but,they will learn,too late....
(10/4/2010 8:00:38 PM)
me; no learn
mus;ims do not want to learn.
(10/6/2010 2:24:21 PM)
Racist Blind.
Like all blind led Mulims, they won't admit that their race hates the rest of the world for what we have achieved & enjoy.
(10/10/2010 7:51:08 AM)
Even, if people start to undrerstand, this government would not do anything to to stop it
(10/10/2010 2:26:41 PM)
Freedom isn't Free
All I can say after listening to this and having served my Country for 24-Honorable years and been to IRAQ and witnessed the oppressed people and their expressions of appreciation for the American Men and Women military...I remind all of you...Freedom isn't Free...some paid all...May God Bless Them and Their Families
(10/11/2010 9:45:57 PM)
Too pat
A lot of this stuff is set up and orchestrated.
(10/12/2010 5:28:46 PM)
human being
Why is she allowed to stay in this a free country and we are probably paying for her education. She was raised by animals therefore she is also an animal. This is a sick and dangerous people we should throw them out
(10/13/2010 11:20:47 PM)
Why are they here? Send them back to their homeland
If is so bad here, then why do they come to our schools and universities and enjoy all the freedoms Americans have fought and died for. I have such groups here. They are hateful and dangerous to Americans. I would send them home. If their homeland and beliefs are so strong, let them go home. And for those who says the people there are grateful for what the American's do, let them come to me and I will show them their love, grave and upon grab e of young men slaughtered by these grateful people, not their government or soldiers but citizens like her. Send them backand do not let them return. They are not people to be pitied,believe me, I know.
(10/14/2010 12:44:36 PM)
I can't believe these people live in our country, attend our schools, and still believe they are not terrorists. How unbelieveable that her education is provided to her by an American University and yet she still belives that her country and muslim religion should be accepted by the rest of us. One day these people will all go home and hopefully blow each other up and save us the work.
(10/15/2010 2:53:29 PM)
A Query
Is this what is passed off as a moderate Muslim?
(10/18/2010 11:49:04 PM)
Get them the hell out of our country
This is the USA and muslims can go to hell. They hate us, don't tell me about the good ones, there aren't any. They are liars. You cannot trust any of them.
(10/20/2010 7:15:19 PM)
This is the type of stuff that gets my dander up and when you start walkin on my fightin side look out. We need to step back in time and clean this mess up the old fashion way, God can sort um out after that.
(10/21/2010 12:27:15 PM)

Her closing answer to his question says it all!
(10/21/2010 2:58:13 PM)
terrorist in our midst
The most chilling answer, "For it" sounded like another Hitler genocide proclamation in our midst just got started. The people in the audience was unbelievably tolerant. This is sick anyway you look at it.
(10/21/2010 6:45:11 PM)
It is nice to see someone expose the TRUTH
Muslims in the west have learned to lie cleverly and manipulate our hypersensitiveness to political correctness to cover up their true allegiances and motives.

It is appalling how our politically correct media has tip toed around the true nature of the Muslim religion. America needs to wake up to the true teaching of this false religion. It is not a religion of peace, and it is as much a political agenda as it is a religion.

I applaud Horowitz's clever way of exposing their smoke screens and lies. Our freedoms based on Judea Christian ideology allow them to expose their rhetoric peacefully without fear of reprisal, in fact legal protection against it. However, try to go expose rhetoric contrary to the Muslim faith in a country controlled by Shari law and you are risking your life.

Until we as a society wake up to the ideology that we are up against, we are fighting a loosing war.
(10/22/2010 2:00:43 AM)
Religious Fredom taken to far
I believe that the key word is reasonable. this country is based on religious freedom however that needs to be defined to what is reasonable and deceiving the infidel killing the infidel which is in Koran word for word their bible well guess what, anybody that is not a Muslim is an infidel. I do not believe that this country is based on killing anyone. these people are a threat to us our country and our way of life and are completely unreasonable. we say we are tough on hate crimes well wake up these people HATE US and its just a matter of time before they will show it. better to fight them over there than in our back yard.
(10/23/2010 8:33:32 AM)
What do we do NOW!
We, as conservative Christians, prepare for the worse and hope for the best....but we will have to be vigilant. No longer can we sit by and "wait" for the worse to come. Yes, we will wait but WE will be ready. Our country is sick and tired of political correctness...we're done. We are coming together as a nation because WE know what is happening all around. It is so obvious that WE can no longer sit back and take it anymore. So WE are ready, and if not NOW....soon...expect the unexpected. We will stand up against anyone who tries to devastate our belief systems.
(10/24/2010 12:36:28 PM)
Freedom of speach
This young girl should be happy that she lives in a Country that allows ignorant and extremest individuals like her, to live and say anything she likes. Any one with a little of common sense can she that she is nothing more than a sheep, blindly following some lying terrorist speech.
(10/24/2010 3:24:32 PM)
Wake Up America
If she's wasn't born here, how did she get a student visa? If she was born here and considers herself a moderate muslim, it truly demonstrates how radical their moderation is. Wake Up America, there are people that want to kill you just for what you are.
(10/25/2010 12:52:47 PM)
The real solution
The solution to terrorism is simple. The Muslims created the terrorist problems with their teachings and Madrassas etc. So we issue a simple edict that says, "you Muslims need to clean up your mess. You created these terrorists and it is now your responsibility to undo them. The next time there is a significant attack on a wetern interest such as a 9-11 or London train bombing etc. we will pick the name of a major Arab city from a hat, maybe Rihad or Mecca or any of a dozen more, and drop 10 megatons of nukes on it 24 hours after the attack. That's our policy on terrorism, have a nice day". The effect would be an immediate drop in tourism to all Musli nations since who would want to be there if something happened? Their economies would be hurt badly. We may actually have to follow up on the threat once but then it would all end. You can't win a war with one hand tied behind your back. Until the gloves come off it just goes on and on. I say end it any way we have to. They started this thing, now they need to understand they picked the wrong fight.
(10/26/2010 10:47:14 AM)
Send them all back to...............
If she had a gun she would have shot him...don't you think??
(10/26/2010 2:31:20 PM)
would this conflict between these two parties will ever be solved? it is sad, very sad. it is really NOTabout who is right and who is wrong, who's land it is or who's land it is not.
(10/26/2010 6:39:19 PM)
They need to go back where they came from because eventually they will all be hunted, seeked out and killed. Don't mess with the US.
(10/27/2010 8:20:58 AM)
Not surprised
I know all I wanted to know about Muslims on 9/11..I do not need to hear them lie anymore about they are a peaceful people ! It is clear to me they want to take over America and if it was up to dingbat Liberals they would !
(10/27/2010 9:50:58 AM)
When her friends blow themselves up at the mall or shoot up a school full of kids, or torch apartment & condominium towers, the liberals will say it was because we failed to understand them. Not really; we understand them quite well. They have a demonicly inspired fanatacism that drives them to destroy all that is good. OUR job is twofold: First, we must be preparred to take care of ourselves and our families to whatever extent these crazies make necessary. Second, we have to do our best to truly educate our liberal/progressive neighbors to the reality that they are refusing to see. We also have the responsibility to demonstrate the Principles that made America great: trust in God, individual integrity, hard, honest work. "Lets roll!"
(10/27/2010 4:29:16 PM)
And that's the problem, they are hiding among us. A shopkeeper by day, a roadside terrorist at night. Dont be fooled by these people, they are extremist dressed in sheep clothes; they have one objective and will use any means to obtain it. We are concerned about diseases and pandemics, these extremist have spread faster than a virus, the worst is yet come.
(10/27/2010 8:30:47 PM)
Well, at least she was FINALLY honest, ...however she and her fellow MSA students are a disgusting cancer to our country.
(10/27/2010 9:52:24 PM)
Well, I already know this opinion is gonna go over like a lead balloon in this audience. But here goes.
As an agnostic, I sit on the sidelines of this great fight between religions, because that's all this is in the final analysis: religion driven to extreme positions.
If religion were to truly be a personal affair between a person and his/her concept of G-d, perhaps we wouldn't need to kill each other for false principles. Religion seeks to control all, and the Qu'ran is clearer than any other scriptures. The various religious factions, and I mean ALL of them, given absolute and unfettered control and power, will subjugate all others because they "Know they are right". Today it's the Islamists, yesterday the Christians, tomorrow...???.
Since many welcome the 'end of days' in an age where man has the nuclear capability to annihilate it all, and many expect that there is a wonderful life after death, the chemistry is scary to contemplate. When and how will it end? Pardon me for being nervous when many posts here suggest annihilating the other side. As a non-believer, it find it incredible that after centuries, we're still dabbling in superstition that rules the world.
I respect your right to disagree, but at least, give it a sober thought.
(10/28/2010 9:08:37 AM)
Adding to my previous post, I hope it's clear that, while I am an agnoistic, Im not advocating that others have to accept my belief system, or as some might say, my non-belief system. Hopefully religions can afford agnostics (and other religions) the same courtesy of peaceful co-existence, although history makes one pessimistic about this (witness the rabid young woman in the subject movie clip).

Given that to a great extent, and due to the accident of "where you're born", parents and early childhood indoctrination define whether a person becomes Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc etc, one way to disarm extremism might be to remove early indoctrination of any religion, and/or prescribe exposure to ALL mainstream belief systems to children before the age of reason is attained (14 to 16 yrs?) to gain a wider understanding. That leaves it open to a person to choose their beliefs freely and purposely, rather than have them injected without choice, which may be seen as a special form of child abuse. The point would be to remove the extremist positions which are mostly shaped by lack of understanding of the other person's viewpoint.

Attracting an adult to a message is more difficult than using early childhood indoctrination, but is far more powerful. That of course would demand a great deal of confidence on the part of 'religion' in the truth and value of their message, which may be a tall order.

Not the answer to all problems, but a huge step in the right direction; one that may see our grandchildren have a safe and enjoyable future. Hey, those rosy-colored glasses fit really well.
(10/28/2010 11:28:29 AM)
I wonder
When she returned to her family or organization I wonder if she was safe from the men who would torture or beat or rape her for the embarasment she brought on them. I pray that The Almighty protects her from the evil that gave birth to a deceitful nation but gets hold of her heart and exposes what she has wrought for her choices. BTW she did not need to keep insisting that Mr. Horowitz answer her question because she answered it for him in front of everyone.
(10/28/2010 1:52:59 PM)
Can someone forward this to Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg?
(10/28/2010 3:42:26 PM)
watch the docs
i took my children to a new pediatrician and she walked in wearing her terrorist garb. obviously not going there anymore, but what do you think THEIR roll is? they are waiting for the opportunity to murder us all.
(10/28/2010 9:02:44 PM)
Stop funding her schooling - as I'm sure we are......
And give that money to other decent students here in the US who can't afford to go to school because bitches like this get it. Also, deport her and all the other students who are in MSA groups around the nation, to a muslim country where we don't have to put up with hosted terrorists and murderers.
(10/29/2010 10:56:17 AM)
I would venture, the woman wasn't even Muslim, and she was a plant. The rest you can figure out yourself.
(10/31/2010 8:20:22 AM)
terrorists of a feather flock together and will NEVER denounce each other, but then what can be expected from islamist fascists?
(10/31/2010 10:59:12 AM)
re. to #48
I am not a Jew, I read a lot on the subject, and I know where she is coming from. Yes, her thoughts are dangerous and they should be condemned. Hamas, like an actor on stage, changes masks for the world wide audience. The core believes of this organization are wrong. Modern liberal media show their humanitarian face, which is just a well thought through mask. There is a real monster behind it. This young lady chooses not to see it and that should be condemned. Ignorance, young age, and desire to leave a mark is a bad excuse for siding up with terrorists.
(11/2/2010 12:06:59 AM)
Hostility is like a stream; once it opens a path, it swiftly widens. The television networks should show the public videos like this one and not leave it to computer users; the general public sitting in their homes should see and hear what is out there for Jews to contend with. Bravo, Mr. Horowitz.
(11/2/2010 6:54:52 AM)
Stop laughing
I'm appalled by those who commented "this is funny" or "ha ha" ! This is not a laughing matter, folks! And it is not just people of Jewish descent whom Muslims consider "Infidels". It is anyone who won't buy into the Muslim theory that THEY are to control the world!
I'm a senior citizen: so I guess I don't understand how our higher educational institutions even allow these anti-American youth groups to oranize on our campuses.
(11/2/2010 2:55:47 PM)
Convince v defeat
It is past time to discuss with these folks and try to convince them. To the people with some kind of moral equivalency in their discussion, the amaleks were a people of Biblical time, some 3000 years ago. To have them on one's mind today is to be looking for excuses. No religious group except for Islam remains looking for conversion by the sword. Discussion is just delay and is regarded as build-up time for jihad-minded people who CAN not and WILL not be convinced. They must be defeated.

The woman was a good counterexample for the temporizers among us who say "not ALL Muslims are terrorists". Probably true, but the number who at least talk the talk far outnumber those who will condemn it. If Islam is a "peaceful religion", and the term is not to be understood as humor ("...until we are numerous enough"), where are the masses of people demanding to be heard, through their imams even, that Hamas and Hezbollah and the Arab Brotherhood and al Qaeda are terrorist IN THEIR OWN EYES, and do not represent their Islamic sect or their ideals. Until far larger numbers do speak out, I remain agnostic wrt "a peaceful religion."
(11/2/2010 10:30:03 PM)
Why would USCD allow a terrorist group to have an organization on campus??? Oh, I forgot, this is ultra-liberal California where you must bend over to accommate idiots who want to take down the U.S. . Similar to the actions of Obama since he has been in office. I believe he found out on November 2 what the citizens of the U.S. think of him (although being the arrogant, narcissistic person that he is, he would never admit to doing anything wrong)and his Muslim/socialist programs he is attempting to shove down our throats.
(11/3/2010 8:50:35 PM)
The Mask Comes Off
At least she was honest...but chillingly so, and only after the mask was pulled away. Its amazing what we allow for the sake of 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness'.
(11/4/2010 10:06:45 AM)
Sad Unfortunate & Out of Place/Order Commentary....
she should feel VERY embarrassed...her commenting displays total stupidity and ignorance...she got up ...thinking she can impress her supposed terrorist her female indepedance on the college campus....she's trully an idiot! and IGNORAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/4/2010 1:14:28 PM)
How could you?....Hitler?
& HOW DARE HER mention that Hiler Mtg/week/Info....and offer it to him and everyone to come to it?
(11/4/2010 1:22:31 PM)
(11/4/2010 1:30:21 PM)
Furthermore...I do not understand why the people in Paterson NJ as well as, other locations were not expelled or thrpwn out of our country when the whole world saw them dancing and celebrating in the streets...
IN OUR US during the 911 ATTACKS!
(11/4/2010 1:58:55 PM)
I complitely agree with this message: ''Why would USCD allow a terrorist group to have an organization on campus??? Oh, I forgot, this is ultra-liberal California where you must bend over to accommate idiots who want to take down the U.S. . Similar to the actions of Obama since he has been in office. I believe he found out on November 2 what the citizens of the U.S. think of him (although being the arrogant, narcissistic person that he is, he would never admit to doing anything wrong)and his Muslim/socialist programs he is attempting to shove down our throats''
(11/4/2010 5:24:45 PM)
Well, answer the question David Horowitz....
I don't like this man as a radical thinker and small alec he immediately went on the attack. Yes clever, though smarmy and very "child school yard" like.
He went on to say that he had asked that same question of others and they would not answer...isn't he the clever one then.
Yes - though he only brought himself down to their level. In my humble opinion it is the smart man who has G_d on his side who will answer the question truthfully and honestly. This woman already admitted to the group she belonged to. Why be a smart ar....e about it? People in the audience and now, before too long, thanks to this site, her face and even her name will be known through out the local community. So why make a thing about it.
Just answer the question truthfully and honestly. She won't win points from anyone as it is - though at least she is the brave one to stand up and have her say in the Freedom of Speech that America bases her Truth on.
(11/4/2010 5:34:27 PM)
Its the muslim nature
As a group Muslims can take to the streets worldwide to protest a cartoon. They will dance in the streets to celebrate the murder of 3 thousand innocent civilians. Where are the mass protest against terrorism?
(11/4/2010 9:33:14 PM)
While I strongly disagree with the identified Muslim speaker and her opinions, I do have curiosities about a couple of things. First, is this woman an American Citizen? If she is, then she is protected by her right to freedom of speech. You may not lkie what she has to say, but as an American, she has the right to speak her opinion, while you have the right to speak yours against her. That is after all what being an American is all about. Secondly, if she is not a citizen, I'd like to know who is paying for her college education? Is she here as a non-American student riding on the taxpayer dollar as she speaks her opinions? I am neither Jewish or Muslim, I am Pagan. And it seems to me that these two groups of people have been warring since the dawn of time, both sides convinced they are right. It may seem callous of me, but give it up already. Everyone is tired of it. It's easy to hate (fear) as clearly evidenced. Love is what is difficult.
(11/5/2010 2:32:50 AM)
muslim student's true opinion
did you hear about bill HB 1388 that passed. It spend 20,ooo,ooo.00$ to let Hammas supporter from gaza in the USA. Combined with the fact that 2 top homeland security people are moslem one born in syria that explain why these kind of people are left to come. Please seach and view what is going on in france.French people cant speak,walk the streets,or anything without being hassled.If you think this is bad ...WAIT wake up and nip it in the butt
(11/5/2010 9:26:30 AM)
re Golda Meir
Golda Meir said it best " when the Arabs learn to love their children as much as they hate, .. then there is a chance for peace. The point here is that Muslims seem the thrive on the hate of Jews, therefore the answerback to David Horowitz is not surprising, it is enlightening. To bad the world has not yet realised the true realism. We as Jew will survive and thrive inspite of the world opinions and the Muslims themselves.
(11/5/2010 1:44:20 PM)
How can anyone support Hammas or the Muslim religion with all it's hate? More importantly, How can any woman support these organizations where they are so detest women's right to speak as this young lady did? Finally, let's stop being so polite... you like Hammas and Muslims, we will be happy to drop you off in any Muslim theocratic nation.
Until Muslim nations allow us to build churches there, we should not allow them or their Mosques in our nations... fair trade. that is where America fails economically and socially.
(11/5/2010 2:58:09 PM)
Really Scary--------------------
(11/5/2010 4:28:54 PM)
Why are people like this Woman allowed to breathe the same air as the people who put their lives on the line to protect her freedom to spout such Hatred? Wake up America! If you're not With Us, You're against us!
(11/6/2010 4:46:22 PM)
the next generation of "intelectual elite"
this exchange took place at a university. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the place where society breeds its next generation of intellectual elite ? Those students who find such hatred acceptable, will be the journalists and anchormen of tomorrow. Watching the evening news on certain channels, I'm afraid the future is now.
(11/6/2010 5:07:12 PM)
Hateful person
(11/7/2010 5:26:53 PM)
Hateful muslim person

She is so pitiful. Horowitz is masterful/ . Would we Jews and Christians be allowed to talk like that in Saudi Arabia?
May God forgive her.
JDK Tennessee
(11/7/2010 5:32:37 PM)
They are among us!!
(11/8/2010 11:50:56 AM)
Hateful Prson
Why do we let these hateful people into this God fearing country?
She should be tarred and feathered and run out of the country
(11/8/2010 3:45:00 PM)
I wonder...
do you think this is for real?
(11/8/2010 7:53:14 PM)
Our Country...
needs to reconsider the freedoms we've allowed
(11/9/2010 12:15:49 AM)
Tis is why racial profiling is good and should be exercized in all public places!
(11/9/2010 1:10:54 PM)
How did this female terrorist get into our Universsity?
(11/9/2010 4:06:43 PM)
her hatred for all humanity
The more she say's, the more we realize that terrorists must be feared and destroyed.
(11/9/2010 5:45:03 PM)
Never Again......
The main thing such terrorists best understand is that there will NEVER be a repeat of what happened to Jews in Germany, at least, NOT in America. There will be NO obedient march to death camps, NO bowing of heads in passive resignation....Jewish men and women will take arms and fight anybody who has the audacity to attempt a "round-up" again. There is a "new" Jew who occupies America today and he/she may certainly believe in God but he/she also believes in the imperative of FREE WILL and the necessity to oppose forcefully those who wish to use force upon them.
(11/9/2010 7:38:35 PM)
#177 you're wrong about our fellow Jews here in the USA. Our brethren here have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from our history. You think I'm wrong? How many Jews do you know who are armed? How many Jews do you know who go to shul armed? Do you go to shul armed? Bring up the concept of Jews with guns and Jews going to shul armed the next time you go to shul. Watch their faces. Hear what they say. The best reaction you'll get is that they'll cringe. If you're serious about what you wrote, if you're not just full of garbage, Google B'nai Elim. Join B'nai Elim. NEVER AGAIN!
(11/9/2010 9:47:09 PM)
Religions just make people crazy...lot of TALK about love and b4 you know it the killing starts...for thousands of years, never changes!
(11/10/2010 12:55:13 AM)
true face of radical islam at the Universities
this creep eleborated...Yes! I support terrorisem and Hamas...
(11/10/2010 10:24:03 AM)
Guilt by Association
The young woman was trying so hard to get Horowitz to prove that terrorists support the MSA. It's true that he sidestepped that point. Because the point isn't who supports the MSA -- it's about who the MSA supports.
(11/10/2010 1:36:31 PM)
How much longer do true Americans have to put up
with this waste of time talking about what is clearly
(11/10/2010 1:37:29 PM)
Good come bac by the Dr.
I believe he handled her very well and showed up her true purpose. That being said all the jabs at Presiden Obama that are made in the comments are stupid. He is the leader of the free world. He has to make some kind of truce between our country and their leaders,
How would you like to have the Arab countries coming after us. Not just the terrorists, He is doing what every President has done before him being dipolimatic, which is necessary in a position such as his. I don't think he is stupid just diplomatic,We are also dependant on their oil.
at least for now. If and when we can be energy efficient with the wind and water power he is working to get off the ground.We need the oil and they want our money so there you are.
(11/10/2010 4:43:39 PM)
Time to round them up is NOW
Sixty short years ago these enemies of freedom would have been rounded up and shipped out of the country. Also, illegal aliens were arrested and sent back. What happened that these dangerous people are now allowed to stay.
(11/10/2010 5:25:03 PM)
Get Rid Of Her
Ship this Muslim ratical back to where ever she came from.
(11/10/2010 6:58:30 PM)
holy moly
This woman needs to go back to the cave where she and her mom came from.
(11/10/2010 7:29:26 PM)
check this out
Listen to her. Does anyone hear an accent? I don't. So she is probably born HERE! She didn't get enough attention at home and just got sucked in with this muslim group. ANyone can change their name. I think why most Americans can't believe that muslims want all non-muslim people dead is because we are Americans and we are a tolerant country, too tolerant, live and let live etc that its just really hard to wrap your brain around it. So too many people ignore it and think that it just can't be. But it is and America had better wake up. If she is from another country-DEPORT her! NOW
(11/10/2010 10:38:56 PM)
Send them all home, they are all wolves in sheeps clothing.
(11/11/2010 8:01:16 AM)
they r everywhere thanks to a bleeding heart government.
one day we will be very sorry!
(11/11/2010 10:56:23 AM)
188 said it all
(11/11/2010 2:11:04 PM)
Such Misguided Kids
The child knows perfectly well that if she condemns Hamas her family would be hunted down by their own.
(11/11/2010 6:16:21 PM)
somebody edit this video so that she says "no" and then send a copy to hezbollah hq!
(11/12/2010 11:03:16 AM)
Free speech
Tell that to all the women of the Muslim nations
(11/12/2010 6:23:58 PM)
I had Iraqi Christains tell me to never trust Muslims. At least this one answered honestly without a round of UC applause.
(11/13/2010 1:14:09 AM)
I'm speechless...
(11/13/2010 8:55:56 AM)
what a cool person
(11/13/2010 1:00:24 PM)
Too bad we Jews are divided
It would be nice if the Jews could unite, if we voted as a block we could get rid of the trash we currently have in the white house. We should support our brothers and sisters in Israel. Our money should be spend on giving a education to anyone who has the nerve to say what this idiot has said there should be no such organizations at our universities. There is freedom of speech, but preaching hatred and no one has the right to do that
(11/13/2010 6:08:51 PM)
the basis for her hatred
a phenomenal book about the roots of hatred for Jews (& Christians a close second) is Al Yahud: Islamic Enmity and the Jews by Sam Solomon. MUST READ....and leave your light on. If you live in America, his book on immigration and why Muslims refuse to assimilate is equally horrifying: The Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration: Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?
(11/14/2010 7:19:22 PM)
I am a Christian who Agrees with 197
If Jews would vote against liberals, this would change the face of our country. With Barack and his infidel haters in power, this woman has automatically been empowered, even to the point of admitting that she would not denounce Hamas and in fact embraces it and therefore it's tenants. She has no fear of retribution, even knowing that these people seem to enjoy the slaughter of all those who are not Muslims and sometimes even Muslims to get at non-Muslims. Dr. Horowitz has seen it all and is therefore one of the most well equipped conservatives in this country.
(11/15/2010 9:27:33 AM)
A shallow victory
Don't you think that the outcome of this debate is moot as long as Muslims are free to settle in the civilized countruies? In a few years they will vote us all out and shariah in without violating a single tenet of our sacred democracy. What will Horowitz will be saying then? Will he be able to find equally convincing arguments?
(11/15/2010 10:42:26 AM)
why are you surprised?
There's no way this was staged...those who even considered that it might have been are just shocked by the realism of the situation. You have to pay close attention to this dogma that has been indoctrinated globally. The leader of Iran denies the Holocaust - why can't she be an idiot too? She's practicing what they preach. Period. Don't be shocked, be aware. And where is she from? She's an American and you can't send her anywhere.
(11/15/2010 10:43:10 AM)
Although his answer didn't really address her question, this is just one more reason why Religion in general is outrageous. No matter what side you support. Religion causes many good deeds, but even one bad deed, thought of genocide, or terrorist act out weights the good. Religion will destroy this planet, plain and simple.
(11/15/2010 2:43:01 PM)
(11/15/2010 3:08:12 PM)
Warped point of view
I am not Jewish...but am quite familiar with the Holocaust due to having read extensively on the subject....and i can undesrtand why someone expressing a willingness to hunt down Jews would be irksome to Jews(irksome being an intended understatement)..until the Arab world truly accepts Israel,there will be no peace..the Arab world's expressed goal is to destroy Israel and advice to Israel and Jews in general is..Lock and Load,and let..whomever sort them out.
Ricardo Mesa(former Catholic,present agnostic,not sure of what there is,but it isn't a biblical God)
(11/15/2010 5:25:03 PM)
amazing how upside the world has become

why is it that the whole world has to bend over backwards to be politically correct when it comes to Muslims ?
yet Muslims dont care how and what other religions feel like ?
peace will start when Muslims start to accept other religions besides Muslims
(11/15/2010 6:40:37 PM)
World View
This is why people like this must be told to "shut-up" The problem is she is trying to make a name in her sick minded community and through this exchange it gives her credibility. Her next move is to act on her words. I think that the University needs to step in and expel her and send a message that there is a ZERO tolerance at that school. Which is the same as we have in the public schools in the US.
(11/16/2010 9:35:28 AM)
I'm surprised by how surprised people are
Why are you so surprised that she wants Jews dead or brainwashed like 99% of the Muslims? Welcome to reality.
(11/16/2010 9:49:22 AM)
I hate this woman, but I respect her more than the president of the other Muslim youth group which wouldn't answer the question saying it was too complicated. At least this one was honest and open about their usually cloaked sentiments in Western society. This is the truth about how most muslims feel about us. At least you can see your enemy clearly when they stand there and spit in your face publicly as opposed to slithering around, hiding behind other issues to try to validate an indefensable position.
(11/16/2010 2:43:30 PM)
And we're worried about the Mexicans coming across the border to work??? This woman and her kind should be the ones kicked out of OUR AMERICA
(11/16/2010 5:38:01 PM)
She is a terrorist..
how the heck in the world these kind of people are allowed to be in these country, you can see plain as broad day light she is a pro terrorism against civilized world..
(11/17/2010 4:03:19 AM)
She is a terrorist
She should be arrested, interrogated, and executed.
(11/17/2010 10:05:06 AM)
Ticking Time Bomb
the scary thing is that there are millions of people out there who share her views and each and every one of them is a time bomb waiting to explode. these muslim fanatics need to be kicked out of america before another 9/11 goes down in history.
(11/17/2010 11:34:36 AM)
Truth in writing.
Two things:
1. The reference to a terrorist neckerchief was to the pattern. It was Arafat's design.

2. Why are these people on our campuses?
These people are revered by the Liberal Administrations in our Colleges and Universities. They represent diversity.

Nothing else need said.
(11/17/2010 1:59:25 PM)
whats her name??
I am sure their are good Muslims out there. Until they step up we have to assume all Muslims are evil killing machines...
(11/17/2010 2:12:36 PM)
Wake Up America
This is what the Democrat leaders want - plus my opinion is we shoudl kick all muslims out of the US for they want to kill us and take over. Sick sick sick
How can the jews vote Democratic ticket????
(11/17/2010 7:45:39 PM)
Republican Voter
Impeach Obama now.
(11/17/2010 9:41:05 PM)
The lesser of two evils
If had to be shipwrecked on a desert island with one of these people, I would much prefer the girl. The man comes across as deceitful, arrogant and offensive.
(11/18/2010 2:44:26 AM)
Front page material that will not make it there.
(11/18/2010 1:08:11 PM)
Now That is Probable Cause!!
There was plenty of probable cause for her deportation and for a full body cavity search when SHE tries to get on an airplane. Now THAT is who you search at the airport ... not the children and obvious Americans with USA Passports!
(11/18/2010 4:57:06 PM)
Experienced Jew
161: Where did the idea come from that "these tow groups" have been at each other forever? A simple reading of history shows no such process. This is not like any of the other perennial religious or cultural disputes that have indeed been taking place in various places for centuries, e.g., Ireland, Yugoslavia, Iraq, etc., but a case where one group (Muslims) has been oppressing another (Jews) for centuries, beginning with Mohammed and continuing through Arafat and Achmadinijad. I would be grateful to anyone who can name dates and places where "these two groups " have warred in the past (the past being prior to the Jewish return to the Holy Land beginning in the 1880's).

Further, as a Jew, I have to take seriously, and indeed personally, talk of wiping out Jews, any time and anywhere. Thus, the talk of this miserable young woman is not only chilling for me, but fearsome and threatening. I am constantly thankful that America - and its Jews - has been blessed by Christians finally disposed to reject such sentiments meant to annihilate Jews (or anyone else) everywhere.
(11/18/2010 8:00:28 PM)
(11/18/2010 8:12:16 PM)
Wake up America-This is real!!!
WOW!!!!! Its about time we get this out because the media will not..I have found that over the years that this is very true and they do want to kill every Christian and Jew alive.Its happenning in other Countries around the globe. WAKE UP
(11/18/2010 10:40:42 PM)
down with the left
What I find really scary is that there are plenty of liberals and liberal politicians who support hatemongers like this woman and defend Muslims. And I wish they take off those riidiculous burqas and join the 21 century.
(11/18/2010 11:34:50 PM)
Only in America
I have been living and working in Kuwait and India for six years. I think that the Muslims as well as all the other people here in the east are miss informed from childhood and will not listen to reason unless there is something in it for them.
(11/19/2010 8:25:20 AM)
Oh Brother
send em home.
(11/19/2010 11:32:10 AM)
Worried American
We need to stop talking about all this and put in motion something that will start people moving and getting things done that will put check and balances in our system to prevent Sharia law being implemented in this country.
(11/19/2010 2:44:46 PM)
Always amazes me
It's political morons like number 8 that have to make everything a Republican or Democratic issue. This is a world wide, growing, threat that is going to effect yours and my grand kids.
(11/19/2010 3:11:42 PM)
this is actually good news
i would bet homeland security is studying this tape and investigating everyone she associates with..She has done more damage to herself than she can possibly realize
(11/19/2010 3:51:06 PM)
Muslims Don't Believe in Peaceful Co-Existence
Muslims are intent on taking over the world - anyone who stands in their way will be killed or taken over and subjugated.

In "Dreams of my Father" - Obama writes that in a conflict - he will stand with the Muslims.

This is all way too creepy - these people don not want peace - they want to take over using all necessary means.
(11/19/2010 4:59:03 PM)
Always amazes me to
I think " we" Being oue government should put all of them back on a ship and deport them to there country now not later
(11/19/2010 8:44:09 PM)
(11/19/2010 9:10:54 PM)
She should go back to Iraq or Afganistan and see how she is treated there. I don't think she would be able to oppose there Government or make any opposing statements.
(11/19/2010 10:28:28 PM)
did i hear correctly?
hitler youth day?
(11/19/2010 11:32:58 PM)
Even before the speaker begins to say anything, the student, who belongs to the MSA (Muslim Student Association),

Is it not time we came to regard the Muslim Activists to be NOTHING LESS THAN NAZIS?
A school system is suppose to be for learning, not for propagandizing.
What happened to separation of church and state?

Is it not time we begin to recognize the enemy we are allowing within?
Otherwise, they should be thrown out, expelled, deported......

(11/20/2010 1:03:23 AM)
Freedom, Let's Keep it for all of us!!
It was a very informative video showing the real attitude of Muslims in America. It is time for all Americans to stand together against radical Muslims in America because it is like a cancer that will destroy our freedom and the lives of our children. Remember when a people turn their backs on God they go back into bondage and freedom is lost. Please choose for freedom and pray for our leaders, for America and let God work in your inner man to give love and kindness to others rather than hate as the Muslims do toward Christians and Jews.
(11/20/2010 3:30:07 AM)
each religion has a God.
Each one has a name for there God. We don't bother their beleaves so why are they bothering ours.Tell me what God would tell someone to kill others who don't beleive there his way even thamselfs..I don't of one..203,214 & 188 have the right idea..If they don't like it here..Go bakc where you came from even if you were born here..Go where they all beleive in the muslem religion and leave us alone.
(11/20/2010 8:08:45 AM)
Why do we tolerate these Muslim idiots.
Why do we even allow them in the country when it's obvious they are planning to destroy the Jewish and Christian people.
Not only that but we are educating them. She is just a small
representation of their hatred for us.
(11/20/2010 10:29:49 AM)
TSA gives these terrorists women a pass?
She could hide a lot of junk in her clothing but Obama gives them a pass because these women are so very innocent! and loving! Give me a break!
(11/20/2010 12:54:21 PM)
It is scary about what is considered compromise in the Middle East. The complete distruction of the Jews is the Muslims answer to having peace in the Middle East. It is scary to think that such a small country and a small group of people are so hated around the world. Can you imagine being surrounded on three sides by countries that hate your guts and always having to be on defense from extremist attacks. Attacks can be on anyone, male, female, young, old or infant child. Any death of a Jew is cherished by their advosary. My thoughts and prayers are that the United States never turns their backs on Israel. I am not Jewish but Israel and The Jews have my support. I am not anti-Muslim but so much of what The Muslims do is laced with hatred that I cannot support.
(11/20/2010 3:32:09 PM)
I have to agree with the last statement #228
I hope she has damned herself. I am totaly disgusted by this woman. They need to go.
(11/20/2010 4:08:03 PM)
And our taxes are paying for her education
wake up America, I'm still paying for my kid's college and our taxes are probably paying for hers too. How do we allow this type of thinking in our universities. Freedom of speech, expression, etc. has no barriers. With freedom comes responsibility. Let's get responsible before it is too late.
(11/20/2010 7:01:40 PM)
Why is this so hard to believe?
Many, yes many are alarmed at the exchange of positions verbalized herein; why? If one hasn't had a first hand exposure either within our country or outside I might understand such alarm. Why? Shelter lives? Only one way to stop this, oh, by now you would have to indulge me in accepting violence just doesn't cut it, the solution is long term. Requires small short term gains developing way past our lives; think about it you just might catch on. Hint! Remember kids are not brought into our world with instinctive behavior to do evil. All of 'us' whom either believe or not teach them. Sounds to me like a self fulling cultures that maybe don't want to come together; just ask those doing the talking. You all make me ashamed!
(11/20/2010 7:32:38 PM)
Just another troublemaker
Before she spoke she gave herself away as a terrorist .
Observe her facial expressions.
He pin pointed her with his direct question.
(11/20/2010 8:23:20 PM)
You have 5top and realize that she, like her sister and brother muslims have been brain washed since birth to believe that theirs is the ONLY religion, and all others are not just inferior, but those who are unbelievers are to be subjugated. A little realism or even common sense is way beyond their ability to comprehend. They know hate and go through life hating not only all other religions, but even offshoots of their own religion. Next to Christians and Jews, sunnis hate shias and vice versa.
(11/21/2010 1:00:24 AM)
when are we going to wake up and face the fact that the Muslim World is at war with Us
(11/21/2010 5:14:26 AM)
Why do we continue to admit them into this country under the guise of being a student

we should adopt a code similar to that in Australia,Only ONE LAW OF THE LAND.NO Sharia
(11/21/2010 11:20:18 AM)
jClairvoyant, don't tell me...she wants to be, or IS (heaven forbid), a citizen of the United States. Right? That would be because women are actually allowed to enjoy freedom of speech, attend a university, and hold a job, and own their own property here.
(11/21/2010 3:18:56 PM)
what do you expect in a country with free speech
there are always going to be stupid people in our world, its like when alot of us were young, there were the hare krishnas,there were other goofy groups that were recruiting people who wanted to belong to something.there will be these groups forever and ever.forget them, ignore them. all they want i s free publicity.
(11/21/2010 3:22:24 PM)
She Doesn't Get It
What is scary is these people do not understand the problem with their mindset. They think their way of thinking is justified and everything is OK with it. Hate breeds hate. I pray these people will start to break away from their mindset, what they have been taught, and that that way of thinking is what causes man's inhumanity to man.
(11/21/2010 5:40:42 PM)
Our wimpy, spineless government lets them come here by the planeload carting their idealogy and pickaninnies, lets them matriculate into and take over our universities, confers citizenship and our constitutional rights on them and lets them do and say things nobody would dare have said and done when this great country was founded. We are lost.
(11/21/2010 7:30:45 PM)
muslim student
I am very scaryed what is going on in the university and no one is doing anything about it . she had a chuzpah to argue with speaker she just adnitted that she is one of the chamas or chizballah.
(11/21/2010 9:13:51 PM)
war with the muslim world
The world is at war with the Muslim world. It is only a matter of time before the world is in nuclear war with the Muslim world. They will not have a reformation as did the Catholics.
Our survival will depend on winning that war!
(11/21/2010 9:38:50 PM)
this is an American born woman. her speech perfect she has become a Muslim thru marriage or joined in the university.
Sending a child to a liberal school is a disaster. when will the American people realize education makes most students liberal. Why most Jews still vote for the democrats I do not understand . We are losing our country thanks to liberal schools. Wake up America.
(11/22/2010 6:25:13 AM)
The truth hurts
nobody wants to face the truth because hurts. We better be hurt by the tryth than killed by lies.
(11/22/2010 8:13:43 AM)
Where has the USA's spine gone?
IF this is not a wake up call, She should have been arrested. If you do not like this country get the hell out. MY grandfather, father and I have bled for this country. I agree with the screening of whom we educate. NOT segregation...its preservation. This is Nazi Germany in a different skin. Unlike the Nazi's they are cowards who hide with the general population and wont come out and fight like real men.
(11/22/2010 9:14:58 AM)
(11/22/2010 10:56:45 AM)
I am a conservative veteran over 70. I read many of the comments on this page and am amazed by Jews who condem the liberal college agendas allowing the these organizations to exist on campus...then go out and overwhelmingly vote democratic.

The veterans who faught to liberate your ancestors from concentration camps (and who overwhelmingly vote conservative) are at a total loss to understand your reasoning. We overerwhelmingly support the Israelis in their war against the Muslims but can't fantom why you would vote for anyone conneced with Obama and his policies. You are alienating
(11/22/2010 11:48:18 AM)
World War 2 Veterans Is this what we fought and died for ?
(11/22/2010 2:04:26 PM)
Her first mistake was thinking she's smarter than Horowitz.
(11/22/2010 3:33:11 PM)
I am not Jewish.. but i found her vile and offensive. I don't see a fix for this problem in the near future... not as long as our own govt insists that we be 'sensitive' to their beliefs.
(11/22/2010 6:08:24 PM)
Muslim Student's True Opinion
AS an Austalian, I cannot believe how religion any religion, can BRAIN WASH it's people, I don't care if you are muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Cristian. Guess religion keeps people in check ?. Petty people did'nt think outside the SQUARE ?.
(11/22/2010 9:27:12 PM)
Yes, Homeland security, where are you?
(11/22/2010 11:52:17 PM)
It's all in who is paying the piper (politician)
If there are good, peaceful Muslims out there, we would be hearing them speak out against Jihad.
Listen - can you hear them.....
Nope - I can't either. but the politicians who feed us that BS... they wouldn't be lying to us, would they?
Hey -Saudi contributes a lot to American politics. I thought that was just so they can sell us more oil. Isn't it time for more nuclear power and get off this oil thing now.
(11/23/2010 12:45:32 AM)
We can make peace with anybody, muslims can't.
(11/23/2010 2:31:23 AM)
(11/23/2010 6:39:27 AM)
Jews and Christians unite!
We need to unite to have any hope of defeating the Muslims. Many conservative Christians are already well armed. People of the Jewish faith need to do the same. Arm yourselves! Stop voting for liberal politicians! Be prepared to save our country!
(11/23/2010 8:56:42 AM)
A Country of piece
This is what is attending our schools and taking God the word away from us.Everyone has there belief don't tell me to pray to Alla.the press is only helping people like this.I wounder if our money threw the government is paying her education.
(11/23/2010 11:09:07 AM)
Can't we all just get along.
This is the type of information that is ripping the world apart. We should stop the hating of Jews and Muslims by not publicizing these types of articles or media. Can't we all just get along.
(11/23/2010 11:37:15 AM)
Culture of Life
It is time we begin to promote the culture of life and how each life is precious and how different it is from teaching your children to hate and kill others who are differnt than you. The culture of hate has infused so much of Islam and now threatens to infect so much of the world.
We must teach life as our first priority and take a stand against hate and teaching children to kill in the name of religion.
(11/23/2010 12:29:51 PM)
They have been at war since the beginning of time. Do you think either will change what they want...No! USA stay out of it, we have lost too many sons and daugthers, and taken a major financial loss at home. Help those who are in need not those in greed.
(11/23/2010 1:10:34 PM)
Culture of Life
How do you promote the culture of life? Its all connected...we must first promote the reality that the time is now to identify and stop those who want to kill!
(11/23/2010 4:55:21 PM)
We'd love to "all get along"
"This is the type of information that is ripping the world apart. We should stop the hating of Jews and Muslims by not publicizing these types of articles or media. Can't we all just get along." - Indeed. If the Arabs agreed to get along and put down their weapons there would be peace. if the Jews put down their weapons there would be another 6 million dead Jews.
(11/23/2010 5:44:26 PM)
The murderous hatred of Hitler and Eichmann lives on
We need to stop sweeping the truth under the rug.. This young woman showed the hideous reality of the thinking
process that is commonplace in radical Islam .In her heart
she is a genocidal murderer, and so are many millions like her. We don't need baby killers here telling us how to
run our foreign policy. Perhaps Nazis are polically OK, so
long as they wear a burka.
(11/23/2010 8:23:03 PM)
Execute the terrorists
I don't think the American people take this terrorist stuff serious enough. When they get enough power behind them, then we will see what can happen here in the USA that we all used to know !!!!!
(11/23/2010 8:27:09 PM)
Only in the USA
No other country in the world would be this tolerant... I hope this brain-washed and you know what else she deserves to be called - is sent back to her home country. Scary!
(11/23/2010 11:05:36 PM)
Make Her A Supreme Court Justice
Only in America do we have to put up with this - she obviously supports terrorism and should be deported - more likely she'll be elected to or hold some State/Fed govt position someday!
(11/23/2010 11:12:12 PM)
This is Sad
It is very sad that there are so many people in this world looking for some type of identity and they choose to believe in something just because they are told by someone that is very influential that it is the right way to believe. My question to every one in school is: "What did you learn today; what to believe or how to think?"
(11/23/2010 11:14:08 PM)
Reality Sucks
This may be the one war where collateral damage is a good thing
(11/24/2010 8:27:31 AM)
is it funny?
Plain and simple, believe what you will and live in harmony. What is so difficult? All religions do the same thing just like government = steer the people. If we (as a global community) are so intelligent then why do we tolerate such offensive behaivor by terrorist organizations? Because someone, somewhere is making money at it. That is why Osama Bin Laden hasn't been caught. Think about it. We put Saddam Huessien in power and now we (USA) removed him. Think people, think before it is too late and you are all rounded up for the slater. THE SLEEPING GIANT MUST AWAKE!
(11/24/2010 12:34:26 PM)
The fact is that this woman was likely born in Cleveland and not Gaza. Someone implanted these radical ideas in her head..likely some liberal professor at state-funded school. It amazes me how Jewish Americans continue to vote for liberal democrats who encourage this type of radicalization of America. Hang on as more is yet to come.
(11/24/2010 12:47:46 PM)
What type of school lets people like this enter the halls to act as a student? California should be ashamed of its Education dept for letting these terrorist groups onto the campus, and to allow them to have a Hitler Youth week is beyond the scope of free speech. If they dont want to conform to the likes of the United States then they are free to leave it. If they spoke thier views in some other countries they would be jailed or put to death. I for one will donate a free one way airline ticket to send one of these jackasses to the country of thier choice to get them out of the U.S. Who is with me?
(11/24/2010 1:22:33 PM)
We Americans need to open our eyes & look at the truth,for to long we have been turning away because of political correctness & now we are getting bit on our back side.not this MARINE. I am 69 yrs old & i come to know that my God said I will bless those that bless Israel & curse thoes who dont .LOOK around, with all the troubles we have we are still the most blessed country in the world.So lets get back to our roots were we need to be.ITs time to tell Hitler's radical to go [this is not exactly how i want to say it ]home .
(11/24/2010 5:42:29 PM)
This is the wave Americans will have to deal with next...
Just as these Psycopaths have slowly infiltrated the European nations and enforced their Sharia laws and beliefs they will only succeed in bringing on their defeat here in the USA... If they are prepared to die, so be it, that is their choice...
(11/24/2010 5:58:24 PM)
Surprised? Why? It is a wake up call!!!
This should be in the "World Evening News" as most American do not know who the Moslems are really like....The Europeans have the first hand may be a bit late as Islam is invading and taking over one country after another and regress these countries to the middle-ages period where.....with Internet.
(11/24/2010 7:55:49 PM)
When will we kick them out?
I will send this to everyone I know. This explains the danger to America better then anything else.
(11/24/2010 9:23:23 PM)
The Torah is Truth
The Torah preaches brotherhood, kindness and respecting others. This is the mind set of all Jews. Muslims and others hate Jews, but the Torah tells us what happens to them. Not only will they be be wiped-out , but there will be no memory or evidence that they ever existed. This is similar to the generation before the flood, of which there is no memory or proof of their existance. The day is drawing near. It will be ugly at first, but then the world will know a peace as it never has before.
(11/24/2010 9:30:35 PM)
I am fearful that there are many many like her in our midst!!! We do not know who all of them are..... slowly but surely they have and continue to infiltrate our country.... I fear mostly for the next generations. My children & my grandchildren. They don't always see what we see. These people have to be stopped before they continue to ruin our country!!! I am a proud Jew who honestly wouldn't care who lived next door - as long as I knew they are pro America and pro Jewish, etc. Not someone that I have to fear every time I open my door or when I go to sleep at night..... Will I wake up in the a.m.? Thank you Dr. Horowitz for showing us who she really is and for hopefully embarrassing her and making her think!!! And know how wrong she really is!!!!
(11/24/2010 9:35:24 PM)
Like I've said before.....The Kuran was written by one evil person & so was Mein Kampf......any questions?
(11/24/2010 9:37:50 PM)
Truth will set you free
I don't even understand why these people are allowed to be in USA, if we go to their country and tell them our opinion our heads will be cut off, they come here and use the freedom, to poison other people with their sick ideas. We believe GOD is Love, they believe GOD is hatred & blood. We are 2 opposites, like fire and ice.
(11/25/2010 1:38:41 AM)
Be Afraid, be very afraid.....
I hope Homeland Security got her number.
(11/25/2010 3:33:19 AM)
As a good friend of mine says, the best way to expose these people (and their backers) is to confront them on a public stage because they lose every single time. If anyone is aware of any supporter (including the biggest Imams in the world) who wants to argue it out on television, please let me know.

Also, I think the one with the brain shows through! Hope they threw her off campus.
(11/25/2010 5:27:04 AM)
Are We a Country?
Bring Back George Washington. We over complicate and mask the reality that this is America. Can we just be a Giant Corporation? Is this what we are becoming? My father WW2 would turn over in his grave seeing this. America, come visit, come stay and enjoy. Don't like it? Gey out of My House!
(11/25/2010 10:04:34 AM)
who brainwashes these people?
(11/25/2010 11:43:32 AM)
Islamic hordes
Europe, and the rest of the world are experiencing history repeating itself. This is what happens when history is no longer taught as a required course.

It will get worse before the majority rectifies the situation, again. Hopefully we'll have another several hundred years respite from them when it's accomplished.
(11/25/2010 12:01:40 PM)
from youth....
these militants are taught hate from birth; it's all they know; they not only hate the Jews, they would love to round up all of us infidels and slaughter us; that's the plan
(11/25/2010 2:04:41 PM)
Basically I want to vomit!
(11/25/2010 4:04:44 PM)
The land of the free and the brave...I choose this life in this country and live by what it stands for and I must say very proud of it! If you do not like it there is a plane waiting for YOU to leave. This is AMERICA
(11/25/2010 5:49:36 PM)
M, orton
bravo, D'r
good for him
(11/25/2010 7:10:49 PM)
I've seen some orthodox jews with that same mean streak. i don't support hamas or any side. however, this is not a one sided arguement. no one's got clean hands on this one.
(11/25/2010 8:11:21 PM)
Ken Bahr
Mayby the civilized world needs to stop trying to be so politically correct and call a spade a spade. Why is it the Audience is so polite to this woman. She should be made to feel ashamed to walk through campus. Why are students and teachers putting up with these types of views.
(11/25/2010 9:31:44 PM)
hitler (y'shmo) youth?
Did anyone pick up on her hitler(y'shmo) comment for Horowitz to come on out and attend? That showed me how she was going to answer his question from the start. She joined up with an organization that sides with terror-she has no voice in a rational debate and Horowitz recognized that-nice job MAN!
(11/25/2010 11:19:29 PM)
Patriot - USMC
Home Land Security will ignore her because they think the American people are the enemy. Sad! Why is she still in my country?
(11/26/2010 12:02:35 AM)
be on the lookout!
they are all around us, and most of us don't know it. be on the lookout, and heck with profiling.
(11/26/2010 9:08:48 AM)
I spotted the anger in her eyes before she drew a breath. It's not something you can disguise or hide. I'm embarrassed for her lack of self control. If she is truly here to be educated, she should open her mind. We do not need her to come and educate us on revenge and come uppins. That's no the American way. We love people and live in relative peace. But now we are not so naive. We know what extremism is. That maybe the hand that we shake in trust, wants to murder us in our sleep. When you've never experienced freedom, you can't relate to it's empowerment. I'm afraid pitiful oppression has set her course, and unfortunately ours. She can stay as mad as a hornet if she wants, we all can. But we are in this together, and the outcome might not be what is expected. Throughout history God has shown his providence., and not ONCE has God said to murder] That comes from man. It's not what goes in us that defiles us . It's what comes out of our mouths.
(11/26/2010 12:38:03 PM)
Rules are made to be broken, indeed!
How bold can one get?
Only in America
(11/26/2010 2:30:21 PM)
Revoke their student visas and send them back to their own homeland, if they won't condemn terrorism
(11/27/2010 10:55:37 PM)
I hope that woman doesn't rot in hell, but it sounds like she just might do exactly that!!!
(11/28/2010 12:10:59 AM)
The Real Solution
To change the debate you have to change the conversation.
(11/28/2010 9:45:59 AM)
Are you Kidding
To #8 and #38. Neither president Obama nor the democrats would ever support or legitimize this or any other terrorist supporting group in the US. Do you also think the president is not a US citizen? Really?
(11/28/2010 11:34:39 AM)
We are so afraid of the muslims that we allow them to do anything they want for fear that they will take some form of terroristic action against us. Wake up America, these people are not our friends and regardless what they say, this freak only offered the utterances of their belief. They are here to destroy us. We need to send them home however we can. They need to be taken out of our universities, discharged from our military services and generally sent home. We don't need their oil or anything else they are selling us. I am a Christian and believe that we must continue to support Israel. I am an American and have served my country for more than 30 years. I have seen the Islamic cancer rise all over the world and am very much afraid that it will take over our nation before we can stop it. Be afraid people, they are amongst us and they are not our friends.
(11/28/2010 5:07:58 PM)
young woman
maybe she should immigrate to a muslim country and see how well she'd be fed over there -- doesn't look like she's missed a meal here in the US. how sad she's so young to have that kind of hatred of people she doesn't know
(11/28/2010 9:07:20 PM)
society we live in!!!
It is sad that people like the MSA person exist here and now. If they want to rid the world of infidels and none beleivers, then they should live and congregate in a society where only lthey live.
Is it not amazing that most religions hate and dislike someone. The WORD of God, no matter what his name, tells everyone to love the next person!!
(11/28/2010 10:50:39 PM)
What a snake!!
She appeared very complimentary, sweet body movement, very polite and smily with a smirk and very nonchalant. "The very dangerous kind" But Mr. Horowitz slashed a thousand times before he even spoke to her. He put her out of that room when he told her that she'd never read the pamphlet. He was brilliant. Is an honor to listen to him speak.
(11/29/2010 8:23:25 AM)
How can we let this to continue to happen in the USA
I believe in our freedoms and the freedoms we allow other faiths and the right to express their thoughts, but I do have to draw a line in the sand. We are at war and we need to be allowed to take these types of radicals who come out and arrogarntly display their Un-American views and demand their return to the country of which their veiws are widely accepted. I would think this person should be stripped of her privileges that our country has extended and taste the bitterness of her beliefs in her own land. I don't know if she is a citizen of the US or not but clearly is not an American of which I believe and my forefathers have fought and died for. It sickens me that we as country put up with this political correctness and have gone to the extremes of being tolerant. I am no longer tolerant and say to American enough is enough please focus on what has made our country great and take out the trash as we do some house cleaning. At some point I would think we as a God fearing country would look back and say this is not acceptable and we respect your views but we no longer will accept your view point in our country. So please pack your bags and your beliefs and go now. Have a safe flight and God Bless America.
(11/29/2010 12:35:08 PM)
Unwilling poster child for an anti-muslim group!
She got more crazy with every sentence. I think she should take her idealisms and her great mind to the old country where she could live as a second class citizen, her face covered up or beaten at the whim of any man. Let her see what happens in a world where there is no separation from their "church" and state. I love how these types come here and revel in the freedoms their own religion does not permit elsewhere in the world.
(11/29/2010 1:34:57 PM)
And what
reminds me of Manson all druged out and indoctrinated. These people have not glue to what the rest of the world is about . Also she gave it away. If she denounces terriorism, she will be on a cross (killed) . That is what Hiter tried to do. Kill anyone who did not agree with him. It is time we take our country back and expost them as Mr. Horowitz did.
(11/29/2010 1:55:19 PM)
She ansered her own question and continued to ask for a response
What is the connection between us and them? They don't support us... we do our own funding she asked. Well, let's see... they maybe they don't support you but you obviously support them... so there's the connection. Why does she continue to ask? She knew the answer all the time.
(11/29/2010 2:44:35 PM)
We have to start honoring English only,Christian First,law abiding, Americans, and the rest of the world can adjust to our way of life....or do not enter!!! Mr. Obama has said he is not an American born citizen,why can't we trust what he says!
The truth is George Soros is manipulating all of us.
(11/29/2010 4:06:29 PM)
Very Scary
All I want to do is say "Thank You" to David Horowitz for coming to UCSD and giving a talk. There are so many people like the MSA person in our universities and colleges, not to mention living in our neighborhoods and not knowing it. My daughter goes to UCSD and I am truly scared for her.
Once again thank you David Horowitz and not letting that awful person get the last word. I wonder who is paying for her college education?
(11/29/2010 4:41:11 PM)
what an idiot
and she's probably going to school free on thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants for being a minority... thank you, david horowitz.
(11/29/2010 4:57:32 PM)
to #51... Fight with our Souls
#51 - Everyone moving to Eretz Yisrael/The Holy Land will not solve this problem. Anti-semitism cannot simply be erased. Until the Mashiach comes we will have to fight and defend ourselves. Alongside our brothers and sisters. But to Fight is not the only thing. If somone had impulsively thrown something at her or had hit her, it would have been very very detrimental for Jews all over the world. We are living in a world where everyone, no matter how well they pretend not to, hates us. To try and kill them all is impossible. We need to simultaneously be reaching out to Gd and growing closer to Him - doing all we are commanded to. Each person needs to individually increase his/her spirituality and relationship with The Holy One..Through this, ultimate salvation will be brought, speedily, in our days.
(11/29/2010 6:32:46 PM)
Is not the common belief that in most religion that the "here after" is what matters the most? Why is a spot of land so important? The "Holy Land"? Right, Wrong, we were here first, yadda yadda. The Jews have suffered enough. Perhaps we can give them Utah and they will be protected and Happy? Give those others some Disco Bars and Movie houses and cable TV!! Such a Hateful Angry People who must belong and hide behind a distorted cause.
(11/29/2010 7:06:41 PM)
get rid of them all
we are fools to think they are peaceful and loving,,,,,,,get them all out of here
(11/29/2010 8:13:36 PM)
Gentile in Canada
It is up to Gentiles to say Never Again. Canada stood by while Jews were slaughtered in Germany. And now the leftists in Canada align themselves with the UN, Hamas in Gaza and groups that spout hatred such as Israeli apartheid. Unfortunately, I am not surprised by this woman because so many left wing people in Canada are like her and think it is chic to be anti-Israel. This is the face of the new anti-Semitism and it is why I support or Prime Minister Stephen Harper who will not attend or support the next Durban type conference. We must all speak out against this insidious hatred.
(11/29/2010 9:05:35 PM)
America watch our Democratic government pushing U.S. OUT
Barack Hussein Obama is trying to ban all private gun ownership, with a network to report anyone buying ammunition, He is also working toward a one world government, and He has made friends with The Unions, and expects forced unionization of the Fire depts, Police Depts,and all state employees, plus other occupations for control of the masses. Labor Committee Chairman, Senator Tom Harkin is trying to ram through the Senate the "Card Check" Bill into law, which would make the workers lose their right to a secret ballot election, which leads to militant union organizers to target members, who didn't vote the way union bosses told the members to vote. Watch Harry Reid rushing to shove the Dream Act into law before the newly elected members are sworn into office. Our democracy is in danger from more than the Muslim citizens, It is in danger of 'redistributing the American wealth', to equalize each person to an automated drone.
Armageddon is a final battle between the forces of good and evil.
(11/29/2010 10:18:15 PM)
Really- hitler youth week???
Hitler youth week. is she insane.... shes clearly insane. Hashem should wipe His enemies off the earth.
Ad Mosai
(11/30/2010 1:06:01 AM)
Her opinion is more common than you think
I applaud him for seeing through her attitude.It is sad but true that most Muslims if not terrorists supporters they are in fact terrorists sympathizers. Islamic practices need to be reexamined. The values that Muslims are spreading nowaday among their youth are scary. Moderate Muslims have a lot of work to do. As a moderate Muslim I started a blog in hope to discuss the issues.
(11/30/2010 1:16:37 AM)
I believe she is sick and she wanted to get some attention which something she doesn't get it in her muslims community and i noticed too how charming she sounds in the vidio heheheheh and what surprised me that she was not embarrased at all !!!!!!!!!!Pleaseeeee wake up american and see the reality of islam May god bless all his children amen
(11/30/2010 4:17:53 AM)
Showing the World our weakness
Everyone is watching us. We don't deport all Muslims from this country and yet they cause so much fear, trouble and possible disaster. We are looked upon as weak and foolish in our ways. Ask any Australian and/or many, many others.
(11/30/2010 4:30:01 AM)
.... and you if you ALL just forget the past, and stop trying to live your spiritual lives in the dark ( if not stone ) ages, maybe there'd be a bit less misery in this world.

ps, GJ on the gaza ghetto - giving up any moral right to talk about Warsaw etc.

From an ethnic ( bit NOT practising ) Jew.
(11/30/2010 9:39:31 AM)
She can run but...
Does anyone know if she has left the country and did she get passed the TSA? We need to WAKE UP AMERICA!
(11/30/2010 10:09:27 AM)
What tha
I thought she was going to cough up a fur ball when she pronounced her name. Too bad he did not ask her to spell it for the record.
(11/30/2010 12:10:33 PM)

Again ------what a f r e a k
(11/30/2010 12:51:44 PM)
(11/30/2010 2:37:01 PM)
Ship her out of here!!!!!
(11/30/2010 3:27:28 PM)
Talking about snakes.....
Now she is showing the world that Muslim "talk with a fork tung".(This is an old Indian saying). The animal who has a
fork tung is the snake, and another thing : with one half of the tung they are talking in English and say things we want to hear (we are so naives!) and
they are talking peace! with the other half , the Muslims talk Arabic so only their people understand, ,and they call to all Muslims to kill all the infidels...This student showed all of us the real ugly face of Islam, and what
Muslims are all about ; SNAKES and what are their real agenda and intentions are. Shame on her!.. and for all of you, stop being soooo Naive!.. It is time to wake-up....
(11/30/2010 4:30:29 PM)
Nice job of showing a domestic terrorist for what they truely are
(11/30/2010 5:02:23 PM)
Shame on the people that do not recognize the dangers around all of us
(11/30/2010 5:08:16 PM)
Kristy Lish, Patriot
ASTONISHINGLY STUPID GIRL!! She apparantly doesn't appreciate freedom. Even though she is enjoying it in abundance while she is in our beloved country. Send her back to her muslim domain,where she will be forced to remain silent. Then she will hopefully see what Freedom means. I will be glad to help her pack! A good book for all of Americans to read is, "What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur'an. By William J. Federer
(11/30/2010 6:40:22 PM)
I pray for peaceful co-existence.
If, only if we could all "just get along." Like Adam and Eve, we were given Heaven on earth and from that, we made a Hell. Pray for your enemy. Love your enemy. And forgive your enemy. Peace to All.
(11/30/2010 6:55:38 PM)
Yes, this is insane. A Slap in the Face of Freedom. Should we turn the other cheek? Who are these people? Do they teach History in College? I agree with you Kristy Lish, she is mocking and taking advantage of our Country and its Freedom. These students are so confused. Very depressing. She wasnt concerned about the terorist connection, just the funding? Double Wow. I've been working for 35 years and my pay ( 50K a year) was to high to get financial assistance to help with her education. We are educating people who want to destroy our way of life?
Dont have time to write anymore, must get things done before work tomorrow so I can pay my share of taxes! Wonder if she is on a "free ride"?
(11/30/2010 7:50:11 PM)
Please respond to the muslins the way the PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA DID. courage
(11/30/2010 8:26:17 PM)
Only in the United States of America can this terrorist say these things and get away with it. God help us all!
We had all better wake up real soon!
(11/30/2010 8:26:42 PM)
She Wanted to be Outed
Could she be that stupid - she is wearing the Arafat scarf and talking about Nazi youth day?
(11/30/2010 8:38:08 PM)
She should be expelled from school and sent back to Hesbollah or Hamas, she has no place in this country!She is disgusting, a stupid dumm broad that needs attention!
(11/30/2010 9:49:22 PM)
very scary
We immigrated from Germany about fifty years ago. One reason was that we would never have to defend ourselves for being a certain race.
I don't care if the muslims say they are peaceloving because it is a fat lie. If there ever will be enough of the muslims in our country, they would not hesitate to kill, us infidels as they call us.
(11/30/2010 9:50:07 PM)
buy her a ticket back home
Muslim Student I would bet WE are paying for that collage life that she likes. let buy her a ticket back home and call it a day
(12/1/2010 12:01:37 AM)
Does anyone think we are not at war? With Muslims. We are and she is a representative. What is she doing in the USA, going to school. Let her go to school in the country from which she cAME.
(12/1/2010 12:53:59 AM)
A supporter of terrorism needs deportation
If the US is really concerned about homeland security, deport this psychopathic woman, Let her return to her country and try a little free speech.
(12/1/2010 1:00:13 AM)
Go Get Them
loved it went you kept repeating to her and she couldnt answer you hahaha go get them hun you made all America proud ;-)
(12/1/2010 1:05:46 AM)
I'm sorry to say, #48...
...that people who earnestly believe in terrorism and genocide cannot be "educated", or bargained with, or debated. They can only be put out of society's misery. It's sad but true.
(12/1/2010 2:03:51 AM)
To #28
I am Jewish, but I do not agree that saying "Jews are the Chosen people" is harmless. Basically, all of this leads to sibling rivalry, which I find to be one of the major issues between religions: the Jews say "we're the Chosen people - we're right.", which essentially is like "Father loves us best", which is what the Christians & Moslems also claim about their own religions, and this subsequently has led to global sibling rivalry.
(12/1/2010 6:00:48 AM)
An American student in a university in her homeland probably wouldnt even get to stand up and ask a question like she did.
(12/1/2010 7:45:12 AM)
Bad times coming
Muslims do not believe in our fundamental basis of freedom of religion. They believe in only one religion, the Muslum religion. We are allowing them to change the basis of this country in the name of political correctness.

Freedom of religion works.
(12/1/2010 7:55:45 AM)
A Proud Texan
I have lived a long happy life. I have seen many groups come and go, but never have I seen such "polite" sounding hatred. Such a person does not deserve to be enrolled in a University in the United States of America. The scarriest part of her diologue is that she actually believes what she is saying. How can anyone hate another culture so much? It is called brainwashing and whoever brainwashed her has done a good job.
(12/1/2010 8:24:03 AM)
kick them all out and send them back to there own country
(12/1/2010 8:27:07 AM)
IN your face girl
(12/1/2010 10:24:55 AM)
God help us all
(12/1/2010 11:24:33 AM)
Home Land Security
She said it herself. She should be arrested. I hope they make her life miserable on campus and that she is on tthe governments raidar. Not only does she want to murder people, she wants to be the center of attention. Jews were not the only people Hitler's bunched killed. People like her need to be reminded that Hitler wanted to make everyone who was not white or who believed in any kind of God, extent. That would include her.
(12/1/2010 11:40:43 AM)
what why & how is she being allowed to reside in this country.
it's pretty basic--anyone who speaks out of hate like that should be deported immediately.
(12/1/2010 12:15:55 PM)
Dinosaur Media
The Major Networks would never and will never show this on television. As long as Barak Hussein Obama occupies the white house, our nationalized regime media refuses. Sad and disturbing. The muslims who push the United States democracy envelope like this individual, must be silenced.
(12/1/2010 12:20:19 PM)
This is why we as People with any moral code must stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves... We have sat back and watched month after month, year after year as many radical muslim groups have devastated the lives of so many global... When will it be enough? When its our families? Our children? Us? This woman displays that her group, does not believe in the sanctity of human life, They do not view the Jews worthy of life. Is that just the jews? How long before it is you or me?
(12/1/2010 1:06:08 PM)
Stop it already
That video is being distributed to make people get further apart; to scare and separate people. It's not helping a situation. The woman was a young student who is learning things. I don't think she said, "For it." to say that she hated Jews. The professor was being dramatic and put her into a trap. He's useless if he's that old, that educated yet he's that emotional and petty. He didn't let her explain herself. He cut her off to make his own point. That's not true knowledge. She even started by saying "it's good to have two side of views going on . . ." It's true knowledge to understand others. All he did was trap her and cut her off to make his point. A point that is divisive. I also noticed that she was pretty nervous. Just a young kid and a professional speaker.
Anyway, that's my opinion. I agree with some of these emails but many try to scare and divide.
(12/1/2010 1:06:40 PM)
i am a iraqi freedom vet. i have seen these people in action. i know their motives.they hate christians and jews bottom line. these radical muslims are here because we allow it. we rant and rave online but we continue to stay in their hotels, buy gas from their stores, and allow them to attend our colleges. we could stop it if Americans would get out of their comfort zone and stand up to these people. im sorry but the war is on and we are part of it like it or not. they are seeking us out and calling our bluff. the minute she opened her mouth with that crap after what happened in our country 9/11 someone should have knocked her teeth out of her face. i was raised to forgive and forget but i will not in this case. we have to fight!
(12/1/2010 1:26:29 PM)
(12/1/2010 1:33:31 PM)
I am not a muslim or a jew, but
I am disgusted that we continue to educated these people in our good schools and our own children cannot get in. Will someone please tell me WHY our universities and colleges don't give priority to our own children????? This is preposterous!!!
(12/1/2010 2:20:52 PM)
Come on #361. Did you not hear "Hitler Youth Week?" Sure she was nervous and young and not a professional speaker. What is there to explain after a statement like that? Sure she didnt say she hated Jews, she just agrees with "Hunting Them Down" How can you blame this on the Media? MSA? Sorry, this should not be tolerated at any level.
(12/1/2010 5:49:55 PM)
(12/1/2010 5:58:33 PM)
359 and 361
The problem is 359 all the major networks are controlled by Jews who do not care about Israel they only care about themselves and their pocketbooks. The typical American Jew voted for Obama they do not realize the right is for Israel the left is for the Muslims. 361 you are obviously a left wing touchy feely foolish person who would let the millions of people die instead of offending someone. You are the kind of persson who feels sorry for the perp and not the victim.
(12/1/2010 6:43:04 PM)
Terry Yates
Are there still idiots out there who don't think we need to profile these people???????/
(12/1/2010 7:34:52 PM)
How can we possibly people like this who disagree with us to stay in this country? Throw out all such people. We want only those who see the light and truth.
(12/1/2010 7:48:14 PM)
Send them back to their Islamist roots
This is appaling. What responsible university would permit the recognition of Hitler, by sponsoring a youth week? I know we are a country tha t permits diverse thought, however, this is beyond the boundries of common sense.
(12/1/2010 8:44:38 PM)
Wow. It baffles me. The level of hatred between two religions. I have no dog in this fight (figure of speech, not calling anynoe a dog, okay?). I am neither Muslim nor Jewish, just a non-denominational Christian. However, this type of behavior by this young antisemitic lady does not surprise me. Have you ever seen a fight break out between college football fans? It is stupid. How about between two people discussing politics or religion? How can we expect MILLIONS of zealots to be able to forge peace when so many feed upon each other's warped beliefs? I had an online forum banter with a Palestinian living in the West Bank one time. I asked her, "How long would she tolerate someone poking her on the back of the head, unprovoked? How long before she called the cops? What if the cops did nothing? Then what? Would she walk away or strike back? And, as Hezbollah rained rockets on Israel, she proceeded to argue that it was the Jews who were doing the poking, You cannot argue with stupidity. You cannot argue with fanatics. You cannot argue with the insane. You will lose, every, single, time.
(12/2/2010 10:19:52 AM)
Why do we put up with this hate crap on campus.Where is home land security when you want them?
(12/2/2010 11:42:53 AM)
Earl B.
Really very very sad that a human being would think of treating other human beings like that.She most likely doesn't care for animals and small children as well.
(12/2/2010 1:14:49 PM)
Rev. R. Blair
I find it very shocking that we have so many students from terrorist backgrounds that can be educated in America, and to evidently become better and more educated at becoming future Terrorists to kill Jews and Americans.
(12/2/2010 1:32:01 PM)
Very ugly
Incredible that this exists.
(12/2/2010 1:59:12 PM)
deport her and others similar
Incredible, how do these people get into the country? Mayeb a question should be asked on the visa/greencard app....something
(12/4/2010 8:37:11 PM)
She is a JERK
This is AMERICA. Send all of the terrorists back where they came from.As for the the Nazi. Throw them out as well. If you don't like it as it is, (United States) then leave!!!
(12/4/2010 10:41:00 PM)
Sad day in America!
I'm glad my father a WWII Marine who fought Iwo Jima is gone and cannot see this! I cry for every Jew who has to live with this hate day in and day out! God bless you all!
From a Christian
(12/4/2010 11:15:04 PM)
how can the American students sit there and not at least say something. Are we so complacent that we are going to just sit and watch them destroy America and all the Christians and Jews? geeze!!!
(12/5/2010 12:36:51 AM)
Abba Anthony
I do not believe real Americans want to see our nation taken into the sphere of the nation of Islam and its promises.

It would not be productive or salvific for our country.

We stand for the truth and will expose those who work against the fostering of truth. Be aware of this subversion of the American way of life with our freedoms at stake; no, our very existence as a republic, if we were to come under Sharia law, which is the goal of Islam.

I find that to be unacceptable for our Judeo-Christian culture and foundations for our national existence. I also find it unacceptable that Hamas, a terrorist organization de facto is not condemned by this Muslim spokesperson. This tells us quite a bit about their agenda.

I thank Dr. Horowitz for his personal strength as a defender of the truth confronting us these days.

Prayerfully shared,

Abba Anthony
(12/5/2010 5:04:31 AM)
we are really dumb Americans
Our tax dollars are most likely paying for her education and in the end she will turn on you and not even thank you for a free education. These freeloaders make me sick.
(12/5/2010 6:50:30 AM)
Stupid..very stupid
She tries to come across as an intelligent individual and lands flat on her stupid terrorist face where she belongs.
(12/5/2010 9:28:10 AM)
God help us?
This world is never going to be safe with people like her on this earth. They have no value of a human life. God be merciful to us. Who lets these people in the country. Once they admit to supporting these terriorist groups send them back where they came from........ for free.....
(12/5/2010 12:52:48 PM)
send her away
This young womas should be sent to an arab country to live as the arab women do. She would then learn the truth.
(12/5/2010 1:45:24 PM)
Pray for Peace
The dialog between Mr. Horowitz and this "lady" is so disturbing. Pray for Peace.
(12/5/2010 1:48:02 PM)
Wow. the truth is revealed.
Good. Now we can see what the United States and freedom loving people are really facing in the world. five bucks says she is taking advantage of student loans (that she won't pay back) and grants from us taxpayers.
(12/5/2010 1:48:10 PM)
I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. I'm just saying all terrorists are Muslims.
(12/5/2010 3:59:14 PM)
It is time...
for Americans to wake up and smell the coffee. I paid to educate 5 children...and that MORON is probably here free through some program to help educate Muslim children so they will be "on our side"!

Yeah, right!!

They'll kill us as soon as look at us!

(12/5/2010 5:21:41 PM)
These Muslims have been fighting for over 2000 years. They are still in the dark ages and haven't gown up and become educated. They are to ignorant to live in harmony and accept other religions like the rest of the world.
(12/5/2010 6:24:58 PM)
Terrorist Among Us
Our tax money pays for this terrorist! We struggle to get our kids through college and we have to pay for this terrorist! I am so sick of this!
(12/5/2010 7:19:55 PM)
americans wake up
Have we reached the point in time, that we are allowing people who would like to see America destroyed, and all of our freedoms taken away from us are allowed to be vocal and want to destroy what we stand for. If they are un happy with the American way let them go back to their own country and see wha will happen to them, if they try to right their own systems of Shia law.
(12/5/2010 7:28:35 PM)
Wake up America
These creeps are trying to take over our country without firing a shot.
(12/5/2010 7:53:30 PM)
What can we do? Most conservative Americans don't have the funding, and we are censored due to the inability to profile. The politically correctness that we are all expected to adhere allows the anti-Americans great advantages. The only hope we have is prayer, and we all must diligently pray for the protection of our nation and keep us united, One Nation under God.
(12/5/2010 8:06:44 PM)
What is she doing in America?
If that's the way she feels and believes, then again, WHAT is she doing living here?
(12/5/2010 9:22:24 PM)
If she's getting financial aid from our government - I'm not sure who's the bigger idiot - her or us. But whatever you do, remember not to profile. No wonder they're laughing their heads off.
(12/6/2010 12:47:26 AM)
Kevin Brandl
Here in Canada you see what that woman represents here in Canada. Liberal MP's marching in parades where Hamas or Hezzbollah flags were being flown.
You have to look beyond just the Muslims for the guilty parties in this. Leftists seem to prone to her types of prejudice, union leaders taking actions against Israel, the twits in the administration departments & at the lecterns in universities are often biased towards the Arab nations & prejuidicial in their treatment of anything even slightly pro-Israeli.
I'm not Jewish but this kind of thing makes me sick, I support Israel.
(12/6/2010 2:15:49 AM)
Wake UP America
In our colleges, on our streets, right under our very noses!!!!
Wake up America before it is too late!
(12/6/2010 4:26:41 AM)
Let's go to work!!
Without loosing our civility, we need to kick political correctness in the a**and start removing the hateful people (the Muslims) out of our midst. Our voices and protests must be heard. We can easily rid ourselves of them by refusing to go against our own constitution. Sharia law simply cannot exist in our free country. It opposes the Constitution. We should refuse any alien that while here wont comply to the laws of this country. We need to refuse them welfare especially if they are here to get an education. Tolerance is great but not at the price of loosing you country and more likely our lives. Wake up America! There is still time!
(12/6/2010 7:44:39 AM)
Sad day in America!'s A wake up call !!!!!!
Unreal indeed ,,,,,,,,, Her response clearly proves her " intelligent " and most importantly confirming her organization believe and agenda, which strongly supports Terror !....and the sad part is that this so called organization are unfortunately able to get educated in our USA schools and universities,,,,the question is how can we live with this issue?............
(12/6/2010 8:26:49 AM)
I wish there was more content like this out there. Islam needs to be brought out, to be placed in the spotlight in this fashion to show its true heart, its true intentions.
I'm very disappointed by the fact, however, that the rest of the room did not react more appalled by the statement and the interaction between the two. There should have been an outcry among that audience for the hate that spewed from that students mouth!
(12/6/2010 9:38:25 AM)
Religion or cult?
(12/6/2010 9:42:13 AM)
Minds thant haven't evolved
This is very sad. There are so many students out there who deserve the opportunity to be educated in our U.S. schools and here it showswhat ignorance is coming down to: Hatred to humanity. No matther how interesting and articulate this student tries to show herself as, she is still one of the most ignorant people I have ever heard. These shows how some minds are still stuck in time and have not evolved. Thanks Mr. Horowitz for putting ther in place.
(12/6/2010 9:49:10 AM)
They are ALL Liers
Whats even scary than this terrorist hiding behind our Constitution is the United States inability to get off its pedestal and call a spade a spade, were so hell bent on being Political Correct so as not to offend anybody that we are all doomed. Wake-Up America, Islam is not, never has been or will it every be a Religion of Peace. It is every Muslim duty to Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill to advance its cause.

Quran (16:106)
Establishes that there are circumstances that can compel a Muslim to tell a lie.

Quran (8:30 and 10:21)
Taken collectively these verses are interpreted to mean that there are circumstances when a Muslim may be compelled to deceive others for a greater purpose.
(12/6/2010 10:06:16 AM)
We can talk, pontificate and negotiate with the Palestinians and their sponsors from now 'til kingdom come. There will never be peace so long as Israel exists. Here is a tiny country, miniscule at best compared to the vast geography of the Arab world and yet it is that little country that has succeeded technologically and militarily beyond any of its enemy neighbors. Could this be a root cause of the unending hatred?
Israel should recognize that there will never be peace and conduct itself accordingly,
(12/6/2010 10:28:16 AM)
The Ugly Truth
Has she been arrested yet? Has the government told all the Muslims to get out of the country yet? Basically, we're aiding our own demise... Not only are they freeloaders, but they come to the Western world for a "better" life and then treat our laws, customs and morals with no respect. They walk around here like they own the place and without s shred of common courtesy for their neighbors (unless they too are Muslim). Why doesn't America do something smart for a change and take on the same mentality that she has
(12/6/2010 11:10:07 AM)
A wolf in Terrorist Clothing
The Bible says to watch for wolves that act like sheep when in reality they are animals of death. Islam is against God not for him.
(12/6/2010 11:45:36 AM)
Chuck Brown
I agree with #100 When the time comes and it will come, we all should be packing in order to defiend ourself.
(12/6/2010 12:04:58 PM)
RW ----------------
We give all these "A. H.s" all or freedoms that our forefathers fought for. They are trying to destroy us! HITLER YOUTH WEEK? Stifle all these clowns and send them all to the deserts in the middle east!
(12/6/2010 12:54:38 PM)
THIS is the only way to talk to THEM!
Time to stand our ground!
(12/6/2010 12:59:35 PM)
Firstly, she appears to know her full name(and say it!!) that it truly appears that this creature is probably not even a muslim. Secondly, bringing up the hitler youth was her way of just grabbing attention. What we heard and saw was a quite demented thing, homely and overweight, just trying to gain ANYONE"S attention at any price!!
(12/6/2010 1:00:49 PM)
The truth, goals of Islam
Another excellent and truthful exchange with a Muslim. America, EU and the world are you lisening?
(12/6/2010 1:08:08 PM)
So Excited!!!
Heart beating and puffed up with pride to stand up and declare a death wish. This was probably the high point in her life. How pathetic and disgusting. Send to where ever her ancestors came from, who needs her here!!!
(12/6/2010 1:46:46 PM)
Unbelievable!! I think anyone who has the same feelings this student expressed ( whether Muslim or not )should be asked one simple question..."If you hate all of us that much..why are you still here?" No one is making you "tolerate" us...get on a plane and go somewhere else..cause we absolutely do not want you,,and by the way....I'm curious to know if she is receiving any Government Financial aid to attend school!!! What a kick in the pants that would be.
(12/6/2010 2:35:45 PM)
VP Bank Security/ Marine
Mr Horowitz is a true American.

All MSA members visiting America on a student VISA that display or profess a negitive attitude toward America should be immediatly deported. I love this country.
(12/6/2010 3:03:42 PM)
Fed Up
You know what is comical to me? Here you have a young Muslim woman preaching ideology mostly made up by fanatical Muslim men. They hate our immoral ways and consider us unworthy of the air we breathe.Does she realize the hipocracy in supporting views of a religion/culture that considers her, as a woman, as less then human?? Anyone who openly feels,associates with org. that share this view etc. should be immediately deported by our Home Land Security. no questions asked. What is it going to take for our government to wake up and stop being afraid to step on the toes of people who outwardly and who's only mission in life is to obliviate all that do not agree with THEM??
(12/6/2010 3:04:56 PM)
Hitler Youth
did I hear her correctly, her muslim group is hosting a Hitler Youth rally. NICE. And we let people like this in our country to study.
(12/6/2010 4:21:32 PM)
I am sorry, but it is pointless.
My question is - How it's going to change the situation? You can like the smart man comment, you might dislike the student. It doesn't matter at all.
It's not going to change anything. The Jihads are not going to remember anything outside of their book they cannot even read. Any confrontation with them , any reasoning is pointless. I am sorry, but it is pointless.
(12/6/2010 4:29:00 PM)
America is in the business of trying to appease these people that hate our way of life. That is why we are going to airports and having to take our shoes off and have our belongings screened. They know this and they want to change our way of life around so we no longer recognize the beauty of freedom that we have come to know. Bit by bit they are succeeding in small ways.
(12/6/2010 5:20:32 PM)
There is no "other"
We have an unconscious habit of attributing the worst characteristics to the "other", proclaiming that "we" are nothing like "them". Here is the truth: Until we each are nonviolent in our thoughts, words, and deeds, we cannot rightly expect "them" to be otherwise. We are NOT in any way different, for we bear a mountain of hatred for the "other". That hatred is a form of violence against ourselves and "them". The truth is that the other is actually no different from us. The separation is artificial, the result of ego. I humbly suggest that each one of us cultivates peace in our hearts first. Then observe how those around you are affected by your way of being. How much peace is in your heart at this very moment? One cannot expect others to change. The change starts with you. Yes, you.
(12/6/2010 5:51:33 PM)
Mister Man
ALL University of California students should boycott this would be terrorist.
(12/6/2010 5:55:04 PM)
I fought for my country
Apparently our war is NOT over. We give to others freely, but it is NOT appreaciated by them. They not only want what they DO NOT deserve, they want what we Americans gave our lives for....FREEDOM. Send them back where they came from.
(12/6/2010 7:54:37 PM)
They say all muslims aren't bad people.. check this out. she isn't apart of any terrorist group but she won't condem it. And now they almost have more freedom of religion then christians do!
(12/6/2010 11:23:09 PM)
a christian
I am a conservative and a Christian and I will stand with the Jews til the end. There are millions like me in America and they will have to get through us first. Good luck psychos!

BTW, how many jews voted for Barack Hussein Obama? Dont you see that muslims and radical leftists are your enemy? Please wake up all your friends. We must be united.
(12/6/2010 11:37:12 PM)
if u cannot see it go to you tube and find d horowitz etc. its there
wake up everybody. stop educating your enemies.
(12/7/2010 12:03:46 AM)
Unbelievable to see this in the US
Had to see this video at least three time, if for nothing else to confirm what I already knew and believed, which is Islam goal is to take over the world by terminating not only Jews , but all those in humankind that does not accept "ISLAM" as the only religion and/or are infidels and must be terminated as well. That is the "peace loving" so called culture, that stone women to death, cut hands of children who purportedly "steal" bread to survive, blow up their own people and for me to watch this obvious "American" no doubt born educated in the USA, with her eloquent control of the English Language, clearly over fed from no doubt a wealthy family, wearing clearly what is "Terrorist" garb, and after prodding, admitted she supports "Hamas" and their goals, she is an absolute disgrace to America and to herself personally,
(12/7/2010 12:32:27 AM)
The USA should reiterate what is said in Australia
First of all, this young lady should not be allowed in our education system. Second of all, all Muslims in our country should either accept our country and our laws or leave Per Australia). I'm not sure what good it did to put her in her place.
(12/7/2010 2:07:21 AM)
Not Impressed.
He was doing okay until the parting shot on her hijab. He's way older than her and a practiced speaker. She's obviously lost. Why would a man of any wisdom deal with her in that way? If he really had the remotest interest in peace and the safety of Americans, he would go to this girl and talk to her about why her hatred is misplaced. Instead he gave her more reason to hate, just so he could look smart in front of the audience. Also, he did absolutely no proving of anything in this moment, as she herself openly claimed ties to "Hitler Youth". Which someone really needs to tell her Hitler stopped recruiting sometime around the time he capped himself, but if he was still around, he would not likely accept her into the little arayan club!
(12/7/2010 4:02:38 AM)
For Hamas!!! For Hitler Youth!!! Came from somewhere else to have all the freedoms we promote her agenda...
She needs to get outa the USA...!!!
(12/7/2010 5:29:04 AM)
The people of HAMAS and other terror orginations start at birth indoctrinating their young as shown in this YOUTUBE video link below. If the people of this great nation do not wake up they will one day wake up and realize that they're an endangered species. Christian or Jew we must all come together to root out this cancer show the world what a hateful and dangerous ideology we are dealing with. check out this video and you will also see how intelligent the oposition is and therefore how dificult the task will be.
(12/7/2010 12:55:43 PM)
If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything!
I am floored, Yes, floored. The ignorance that runs wild in our government. WE allow it basically.
This gal and her group should be run OUT of this United States of America.
They are a threat to OUR CONTITUTION, ALL OF US and should be removed from our ground.
Remember the past so the evil will not be repeated.
What worked before and how can we recreate the guts we had then???????
Number 416,,,you chose to sit and be walked upon???
I don't have the answers but we all sure better start asking the right questions. PDQ!!!
(12/7/2010 2:12:32 PM)
This is just scary
I for one thing do not think she should even be allowed in our country. If she is not an American citizen, she should be deported and go back to live in the Musleim world. I am thankful the speaker did not give her much time to spread her hate message.
(12/7/2010 3:42:09 PM)
did she..?
did she said " Hitler youth week"?
she is a bit dumb to be decent ..funny thing that she is thinking that she is standing for something right...
love how David handled himself
(12/7/2010 4:14:41 PM)
very scary to let these people in democratic countries
this lady should have stayed in her hometown, and remain illiterate like most of her people. the trouble with this kind of people is that they immigrate to democratic countries in order to destroy them, while using their freedom. I wonder why they do not stay in their countries, since they are not ready to integrate. they rather want to spread their hatred to the jews, and I am afraid the Islam will take over worldwide,
just see what is going in Europe!!!!!!!
(12/7/2010 4:44:24 PM)
Who's to blame?
Ignorance in the islamic countries is to be understood. The parents, superiors, government perpetuate this in the population from birth. The young lady in the video speaks English with no accent. She gave a long, convoluted name that I'd bet is not her given name. (duh sorry for stating the obvious). I don't see a quick cure in this country. The comment above is so true..

(12/7/2010 5:52:45 PM)
Go home
If all these Muslim's are unhappy here in America, then they should just go home.
(12/7/2010 6:19:22 PM)
In response to # 418. Its nice to have Dreams, unfortunately this is the here an now. We can adhere and adopt your concept if we are all still alive!
(12/7/2010 10:07:11 PM)
How do we as Citizens of the United States stand for such a disgracefull way of life that these people that come to our Country that we Built should ever alow this to destroy our Country! Our Government should never alow this here.I am An American and proud to have God Protecting us always.Take all these people out of our Country,The United States of America,In God We Trust and No Other! Get them all the Hell out of our Country Quick!
(12/8/2010 4:50:26 AM)
Ralph Bodie
Silence in the USA from Islamic immigrants and citizens living in our great Nation. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Wake up! Wake up America! Immigration policy must change now..This devisive idealogy is not compatible with our founding National principles of faith based morality, individual freedom and liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and strong national defense.
(12/8/2010 8:03:08 AM)
For Real?
I'm hoping this is actually some sort of sorority prank. If this is for real she shouldn't even be in this country. Isn't it wonderful how our liberal friendly law protect everyone's freedoms except those who wish to do our country good?
(12/8/2010 10:14:34 AM)
a christian soul
422-Better words were never spoken! Gods will (will) be done!!
(12/8/2010 10:58:20 AM)
Sir Stevens
Great and the American Tax payer pays for her open minded opinion.. of death. nice no wonder we are going broke in America.
I like t say this, so there is no mistake of what it is like to travel and live in another country. I've been to over 100 countries and no where else or maybe in Europe we can express our selves. I'm not allow to live in many countries with out many restrictions, not allow to get SSI, Disability ins, And more because I'm not a citizen of that country.

I say to this lady if you don't like it here you are more than welcome like any other American, to go to another place on earth that will except your opinion it is your right.

One more thought, Ask the terrorist groups or PlO, What they did with 8 billion dollars that was turn over to them by Israel for collecting taxes. Oh did i feel to tell you Arfat took it to France!
(12/8/2010 1:15:18 PM)
Stop Them NOW!!!!
They are coming, more and more all the time. Get them out and seal the borders. Prepare for another attack. The hell with Political Correctness. Of what possible value is political correctness if we are all dead? If you don't get them out now we had all better start buying prayer mats and learning the language, oh.... and say bye bye to freedom of any kind, especially us women. HELLO!!!!!! When is our government going to start protecting us instead of turning us into the UN and forcing their liberal agendas down our throats. ENOUGH OBAMA and PELOSI!!!!
(12/8/2010 1:47:57 PM)
The only peace-loving Muslim is an apostate Muslim. Hate, terrorism and death to non-muslims are the core of their entire religious beliefs.
(12/8/2010 2:35:45 PM)
Rabbi Dan
Worse than this young woman being allowed on our college campuses is that the administration must be aware of their desire to kill not only Jews but ALL non-Muslims.

It reminds me of the mindset when hitler hamach shemo came into power. The world either thought that he was too fringe to be successful or too afraid that he he mnistream enough to effect them, they allied with him or coward from him. We, in America and the Western world are following that period of history and the end, unless stopped NOW, will not be any different.

One thing is for certain...Israel the land and Israel the people will never go down alone. If the threat to us becomes clear enough to enough people in the Knesset, Netanyhu will take swift and final action and the rest of tyhe world will stand up and cheer...especially the rest of the Arab world that is also threatened by Hamas and Hezbollah.
(12/8/2010 2:59:35 PM)
Give her a pork chop...
(12/8/2010 4:16:35 PM)
send her back to live inthe pig stye she came from by the looks of her she hasent missed a meal while in the USA I think they all should be deported i hope that happens
(12/8/2010 6:29:40 PM)
I believe it is called...
The banality of evil.
(12/8/2010 7:16:21 PM)
Buy her a one way ticket out !
The audience can be very thankful that Muslim ding dong, want- to -be terrorist was not wearing a suicide belt as she would have set it off for sure to make her big score in martyr ville. Wake up America !
(12/8/2010 8:14:34 PM)
shemesh- israly

(12/8/2010 9:14:53 PM)
whats the stats of video?
just wanted to see how viral this is going, its spreading all over and fast-
(12/8/2010 10:00:27 PM)
He nailed her to her cross, what a micro brain she has, good kudos for Mr.Horowitz. . he exposed her and cut her off, Fantastic!
(12/8/2010 10:19:20 PM)
What a smart man! What a stupid dump.....!
(12/8/2010 10:27:04 PM)
I would hate everyone too if I looked like her.
(12/8/2010 10:39:03 PM)
It seems to me that these people are taking over a lot of countries. What is happening to the world that I knew years ago? What will happen to my children,grandchildren,and great grandchildren? I am concerned!
(12/8/2010 11:12:59 PM)
Well DUH
We must be vigilant...this is the tip of the iceberg and they are in our country, using our schools, working our jobs and getting ready to take over.

In the late 80's I went to my local HUGE shopping mall. Went into a shoe store and struck up a conversation with the salesman. He said he was Persian. At the end I said, "Well, welcome to our country, I hope you enjoy it." He looked me in the eyes and said, "We're not here to have a good life, we're here to take over." I promise you that is what he told me. I will never, ever forget it. THAT is the agenda. WAKE UP. CONFRONT. STAND and most of all PRAY. The alternative is occupation and annihilation of our country. Don't feel guilty for profiling types of people. If we don't we will pay a high price. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.
(12/8/2010 11:48:34 PM)
Wake up people!
I can't believe you guys are all convinced by this guy's answer!
His arguments are clearly flawed, if you use any critical thinking at all!
Look up these two fallacies: False Dichotomy and Ad Homenium. This guy has no credibility, and is banking on people reacting on emotion (like you all are).

Wake up and think for yourselves, this is getting out of hand
(to save you time and useless responses, I'm of European descent)
(12/9/2010 12:13:55 AM)
i'm a muslem ,, i'm against Hamas and all Hezbollah ,, the thing she said was really bad and stupid ,,
but i have to say something here ,, u guyz r ignoring what Israel is doing to the Palestinians ,, terrorism is in both sides not just in one side ,, also in Israel itself there many extreme clerics who say bad stuff about Muslims just likr this girl and Hamas etc ,,
before just saying stuff ,, why not trying to understand what's going on between Arabs And Jews?
most of the ppl in the two sides hate each other ,, instead of siding with one of them why not doing something that might help them to get peace and tolerant toward each other?
first step is ignoring the extremists in both sides ,, second is doing something to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis ,, hatred won't disappear as long as the problem is not solved ,,
(12/9/2010 5:20:19 AM)
reality (dee)
why is it so hard for people to see the truth behind the so called koran, Islam is soully created for the purpose of an exscuse to kill all jews. and wake up the rest of you to the dangers of Islam as it wants world domination.
(12/9/2010 7:06:13 AM)
to 29 and 62
when she finished telling her name I expected to see a big luggie spew from her mouth
(12/9/2010 8:27:38 AM)
beneath the surface.....
Nope. Crap comeback. I'm not saying whether or not she's right, but he's wrong.
Every argument he made, he used deception, and he planned it and knows it. Smart guy, no doubt, but he's wrong
(12/9/2010 8:42:52 AM)
How shameful
How innocent she looked yet how deceitful her intentions. She supports terrorism yet she's getting her education in the United States, probably for free also. When is the U.S going to recognize that we can't give everything away to just anyone. Terror cells have done enough damage throughout the world and will continue with their radical behavior. She brings shame to the Muslims that are good people.
(12/9/2010 10:21:55 AM)
If you're nor for us you're against us was said by a now controversial ex-president before.
I find this performance rather poor; the lady's question was NOT answered, and she was treated unnecessarily rude. No matter who the speaker on the pulpit is, we can remain civilized.
Noticing the faces around this young lady, one feels the general attitude already. A disgusting display of America rules it all, in a problem which has no political solution.
(12/9/2010 12:30:24 PM)
Scary....very scary

(12/9/2010 12:54:13 PM)
Persian American Guy
It kills me to see young moldable minds like this go to waste! My father is from Tehran and my mother is from Texas, I had the privilage to see both sides of the coin and get the point of view from someone raised in that country, who took the first chance he had as a young mind to get the hell out and come to the US. I believe people like this girl are grown here and would not last a day out there!
(12/9/2010 12:54:28 PM)
MSA and our campuses
Put a white organization on campus and all the liberals in this country would have fits, but allow pigs such as this MSA member to meet is ok. When are we going to wake up to the threat inside our borders. Revolution is at hand!
(12/9/2010 2:50:42 PM)
I'm sure she still doesn't get it! Go home where you don't have the freedom of speech!!
(12/9/2010 5:53:34 PM)
I hope Homeland came down with both feet!
(12/9/2010 6:02:33 PM)
(12/9/2010 6:15:13 PM)
Sick of it
Good for him and his wonderful responce to a stupid question!
(12/9/2010 7:43:19 PM)
hate crime
that woman should be arrested and deported back to where she came from. she lives in fear of homeland security. i wonder why she evem here in this country.
(12/9/2010 8:00:40 PM)
Bravo Horowitz
Not only are we still letting terrorist in, but they are getting a great education in our country and I have to wonder if she has grants, scholarships or some kind of government check to her-
After all they all know how to milk our system. Maybe her student visa has lasped they never leave or report to the authorities either.
(12/9/2010 8:03:36 PM)
The "W"itch ....her kind don't belong here....why has our counry let 'them' in?
Perhaps she will soon be one of the "virgins" "they" hope to have in "heaven" after "they" commit suicide!
(12/10/2010 12:51:16 AM)
(12/10/2010 5:16:52 AM)
As long as we, the American People, are so naive and afraid of being so utterly political correct, we are going to have these 'nuts' in our midst....look at the illegals all around us and the Federal Government does little....We have directed by the US Supreme Court to Feed, educate, and give medical services to illegals....doesn't that seem like aiding and abetting a criminal...We the people must force our government to enforce the laws they have....the best way to do that is vote out any sitting politician, regardless of party affiliation....hopefully we can get them to come to their senses before we are like Europe and there's no turning back.
(12/10/2010 5:29:20 AM)
Of mosques and men

http: //

http ://

Our President...Wow...Defends the Imam's right to build, won't question wisdom...Questions the pastor's wisdom to burn, didn't defend his right.

The Imam is a self righteous disgrace to Muslims.
The Pastor is a self righteous disgrace to Christians.
The President is a self righteous disgrace to Americans.

So .. it is being told that this Ground Zero Mosque is to be a 100 million, 14 story, cut glass facade structure; by far and away the most expensive Mosque ever built. This isn't an outreach or bridge to understanding, this is a jewel being placed in the crown of their greatest terrorist accomplishment period.
(12/10/2010 8:54:21 AM)
How Islam can take over the world!

Islam's 12 Steps to Destroy Land of the Infidels:

1. - Immigrate - by the millions.

2. - Procreation This is Islams greatest weapon against the kafirs (non-Muslims). Currently most Western nations think so little of their respective civilizations that they are failing to reproduce themselves above subsistence levels. As their birthrates continue to decline, breed them out. They will become so dependant on Muslim labor and so old demographically they will not be able to resist what will follow.

3. - At 5 - 10% of the population, force the host governments to set up special laws favoring the Muslims. Use the courts to gain special rights under the guise of "anti-discrimination", as other groups have successfully done in Western countries before.

4. - At 20 -30% of the population, elect Muslims to government and legislate additional laws that favor Muslims.

5. - Never Assimilate

6. - Always set-up small Muslim communities to hide in. Even better, concentrate in small cities and take complete control of their governments, example, Dearborn, Michigan.

7. - Never accept the hosts customs; make them accept Muslim customs.

8. Use their liberal traditions against them whenever possible. Currently being labelled a racist is a fate that is worse than death in most Western countries. When they oppress Muslims and seek to stem their tide, use their fear of that word against them. They will never be able to convincingly assert that discrimination against one group is bad (e.g gays) while maintaining that discrimination against Muslims is good without appearing to be hypocritical and intellectually corrupt, thus they will lose the propaganda war. Recruit liberal academics and media outlets to assist in this campaign.

9. - Assassination - when the Muslim population exceeds 30 - 50% of the total population, start the terror killings & bombings as soon as possible. It will effectively weaken the host nation to the extent that it will no longer be able to function.

10. - If anyone is going to testify against a Muslim in court, kill them before the trial.

11. - At 50 -70% of the population, seek the total submission of the host society to Islamic Law by all means necessary (legal, military, terror, social coercion, etc)

12. - If step eleven fails initially, seek extensive international help from other Islamic states and the UN in order to create a separate Muslim Republic within the host countrys borders, using racial and religious discrimination against the Muslim population as a pretext. At a later date, when it is advantageous to do so, repeat step eleven until successful.
(12/10/2010 9:01:05 AM)
It is Not Pointless
To address a comment #416 I believe, it is not pointless. Knowledge is power and now you have the knowledge of the true hidden agenda of the enemy. They live among us and secretly sanction Genocide of the Jewish race and all who support them. A group of cowards unwilling to face there opponent on a battlefield where they know they would lose because their cause is unjust and not of God. They hide behind masks and use their ignorant and poor to play the role of Jihadist to fight their wars for them by killing innocent civilians including women and children. The soft underbelly, support structure that makes all this needless death possible, has been exposed by this woman. Thank you for a clearer picture of who and what the real terrorist threat is in our country. If you want to be a free American and support liberty and freedom then you should denounce terrorist organizations, period.
(12/10/2010 9:27:50 AM)
They live among us, could be your neighbor!
Scary, isn't it!!
(12/10/2010 9:55:08 AM)
Why does this country allow these Muslim radicals to be educated at our universities and colleges. I say "SLAM THE DOOR SHUT". No more Muslim entrance to this country.
(12/10/2010 10:12:22 AM)
How can anyone defend this guy?
Seriously? How can anyone like this video? Its such a disgrace. The guy seems like a arrogant, superior, self righteous prick who feels he can dictate the thoughts of an entire ethnicity or religious group. Not only that but he feels that he has the right to speak over her and try and force her answers out of her without giving her room to speak, he backed her into a corner because she is a minority female.

This video was 3 MIN CLIP of what went on it did NOT show the entire hour and it does not show all the other times he has spoken and yet everyone is rushing to condemn an entire Muslim group and treat this man who "has an education, given a podium to speak and a microphone [unfortunately at this moment in my opinion]" he must be an expert and some formidable force and allowed to continued treating other groups that differ from him this way wrong!

you can't judge someone'e "TRUE OPINION" based on a 3 min video clip and you trust 1 persons opinion of what their true opinion is based on responses he has received in other talks in those instances none of us know what said in full and taking part of a statement made and taking it out of context to turn it around and say thats they're true opinion is nuts!
(12/10/2010 11:20:53 AM)
Questions that should be asked.
This came through but doesnt play well, it keeps stopping. David Horowitz, is a former communist and a Neocon. I would ask him or anyone else that if you condemn Hamass terrorist activities, and I do, then do you condemn Israeli terrorist activities? You cant in good conscience condemn the murder of civilians on the part of Hamas and then say its ok when the Israelis do it. Well you can I guess if youre a hypocrite and not in any realistic way tied to the truth. What does the former communist Horowitz think about the numerous war crimes committed by the Israelis during Operation Cast Lead? at about the ongoing theft of Palestinian lands in East Jerusalem and the West Bank? Or the burning of olive orchards and displacement of people whove lived on their lands forever. Those would all be good questions to ask the Mr. Horowitz.
(12/10/2010 11:23:25 AM)
(12/10/2010 1:57:42 PM)
Typical UCSD Student
After spending my years in Under Grad and Grad School at UCSD I can without reservation say that I'll NEVER give the Alumni or University a Penny!! They made it abundantly clear that they did not give a damn about their student's.
(12/10/2010 2:20:24 PM)
Retired Military
I could "smell"" her and her arrogance. I condemn any individual or group that kill in the name of religion or terrorism]
(12/10/2010 2:32:09 PM)
administrator - Holocaust Education Center
Shameful that publicly d funded universities allow terrorist organizations on campus.
Davis Horowitz was brilliant in that he calmly asked one simple question.
To the comment that this could open up dialogue and be helpful in "re-education", the members of MSA are already brainwashed.
No Muslim militants want dialogue. It is naive to think talking will solve the problem.
(12/10/2010 5:33:30 PM)
America The Beautiful
Land of the free. home of the brave.....Americans. Freedom of speech...for Americans, not muslims, terrorists or the leeches that come to our beautiful country expect everything for nothing living off our backs through supplemental incomes, free schooling, and having the audacity to hold terrorist meetings in our schools? "She, the fat repugnant ignoramous should go back to her country and live among her sand rats and vermin. Is she one of the vested virgins? OMG...oink! Hats off to you D. put her in her place, too bad you couldn't throw your shoes at her.
(12/10/2010 6:45:43 PM)
Time to take a stand.
Stop trying to please every one. Get these people out of our colleges , send them to Iran or back where they come from. We are so tired of Political Correctness. Every Muslin should be searched at the air port if they have been flying to other country's. check them not Americans who just fly to see family. Get real. Get loyal to USA
(12/10/2010 6:52:43 PM)
This is a real problem that is hear and now. Wake up America, we are being overpopulated by the dangers of Islam. We need to stand up for what America and what our founding fathers believed in. We are being taken over by Islamic terrorist who are being educated in our finest colleges just like this idiot.Mr. Horowitz did a fine job in keeping his cool. He was dignified, well versed and he made her look like the ignorant terrorist that she really is. That terrorist scarf did not cover enough of her face.
(12/10/2010 9:30:10 PM)
hooooooold it!!! This is the first time I heard a
muslim pearson speak the truth as she knows it, I'll take an honest terrorist over a lying, hiding, snooping, blood loving b***** any time. I give her credit for speaking her heart. So what if she is wrong!!! That's why she is in school, teach her better!
(12/11/2010 1:15:44 AM)
Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!! These people frighten me
(12/11/2010 6:52:12 AM)
Wake up USA!!!
Wake Up!

Wake up! Did you notice how charming she sounds in the biginning of the video? This is what the most charming Muslim really thinks but wont say unless some smart person is able get it out and show the world the truth
(12/11/2010 9:15:08 AM)
Wake Up America
The Socialists are opening the door for this kind of trash to permeate our colleges and universities. We need to adhere to the principles the founders of this great nation laid out and limit this contamination of our nation.
(12/11/2010 9:24:47 AM)
Cee U Next Tuesday
(12/11/2010 10:56:10 AM)
From a secular view, people do not understand that Jews were chosen by God as His People. From a Bibical standpoint God declares Jews are His. As a Christian, I do not hate Islamic's. I pray that they will find the true God. This does not mean I have to trust any of them. Wake up America....when push comes to shove they will ALL band together and we'll have a fight on our hands. The Islamic aim is to rule the world under one religion....THERE"S !!!!
(12/11/2010 7:11:05 PM)
RW ----------------
We give all these "A. H.s" all or freedoms that our forefathers fought for. They are trying to destroy us! HITLER YOUTH WEEK? Stifle all these clowns and send them all to the deserts in the middle east where thy would have no freedoms at all !!!

#480 you are right about the video, it doesn't play well. Here is a youtube link which plays much better.
(12/11/2010 7:17:17 PM)
i was born Muslim in Tehran/Iran and i believe
Wake up America before is to late ,Stop terrorism in USA
(12/11/2010 10:10:22 PM)
To #350
To #350. I am a Christian. First let me say, You as a Jew, ARE the chosen people. God called you through Abraham and the covenant began then. I am very grateful that as history played out, my Lord and Savior was not accepted by his people (the Jews) because through this situation, we have been grafted into the family. It was all completely told almost 800 years before Christ ever came (through Isaiah), down to the last detail. Including being blinded from the truth. Anyway.... I DO believe you are the chosen ones and I do pray for Israel as every Christian is called to do. As far as this Muslim movement goes, my human nature wants to fight, spit, swear, shake my fist, kick them out, but I am called to pray for them and love them. Only through Him who lives in me, can I do this. I get angry and don't want to be kind, but that is what the bible (on which our VERY country is founded on) tells me to do. Unlike Islam, it is a religion based completely on forgiveness and love. God is BIG and He can do anything- even change the hearts of Muslim people. In the end, every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord. And did you know Egypt will recognize His majesty as well (read Isaiah)- the road that leads up to worship him to Zion is connected to Egypt. Weapons will be turned into tools for agriculture. In the end, the real enemy (who keeps us fighting and confused and fearful) will be destroyed (and really already has been defeated)! AMEM and again I say AMEN! I do hope this gal experiences some negative consequences. Know that there are Muslim Activist groups on almost every college campus and they are very anti-American and pro-Islam (which have been given instruction through the Quran, from Mohamud to kill all Christians and Jews) and convert the world to Islam through death or choice of conversion. If you don't believe this - check it out yourself and you will quickly find it. Any muslim who says otherwise is either lying or does not know/has not read the Quran. How far we have come from what our founding fathers envisioned. May God be glorified for He is so merciful.
(12/12/2010 1:00:50 AM)
what are we growing in our back yards????
the fact that we worry about the mexicans taking our jobs,and overlook the terrorist planning to take our our own schools,wake up america.tick- tock-tick-tock...
(12/12/2010 2:00:25 AM)
Christian American
Please take a look at her. Also take a look at what some of you are saying about her. " Pig ", " Virus" etc. 70 years ago the propaganda machine in Germany said the same things about the Jews. I fear the hatred that comes from her mouth. We all need to learn to live with one another. I do not care for her oppinions one bit. I do not feel that we can change her or her ilk. Social media must start the change and it needs to be world wide.
(12/12/2010 4:15:58 PM)
The majority of the people understood what this brainwashed idiot is all about.
Get her out of here.
(12/12/2010 4:30:53 PM)
Of all the religious dogma currently circulating around the world. Islam is the most threatening. We can't be PC here. We must stand up to these people.
(12/12/2010 7:02:17 PM)
Anyone who is shocked by this hasn't been paying attention.
In your ignorance you are an accessory to Islam's hateful goals.
(12/12/2010 7:27:27 PM)
Andy E
Musilims will side with musilims if the US went to war with ANY single Arab nation. They want nothing less than the complete removal of israel and jews from the middle east. there is no compromising with musilims as they are in sympathy with the teroorists.
(12/12/2010 9:24:02 PM)
I assume she is pledging to Phi Beta Bomber? I am glad we have free speech so they will speak up and at least let us know who they are and how the feel.Are you listening Homeland Security?
(12/13/2010 12:02:58 AM)
I'm an american. My relatives fought and some died for our freedom. I am ready and willing to fight for my childrens freedom. This is not let it fall to the perversive idealogy of the Muslims..not matter how "peace loving" they may seem.. their intent is to convert or destroy."Keep your powder dry"
(12/13/2010 12:21:31 AM)
Watch out.
agree with #86 - and will we be so stupid as to be surprised when the day comes and we are forced to face the fact the our immigrant neighbors are turning on us - in massive numbers born and bred in our own back yard.
(12/13/2010 12:47:00 AM)
Debi V
And people say we do not have a muslim problem. If they are devout muslims like most are, we DO have a muslim problem
(12/13/2010 10:50:35 AM)
Greg S - Business Owner
I support Israel and the Jewish people with all my heart. I believe that all true Christians and all Jews worldwide should rally support and funds for Israel. May the enemies of Israel be made their footstool, and serve them. Gen 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."
(12/13/2010 12:39:11 PM)
The Muslims have been deceived by lies of the enemy and BELIEVE they cannot fight back or they will be tortured and killed. On the last part of her statements you could see the evil one in her eyes and demeanor. We need to pray for them! Cast out the lies they believe as truth! It is chilling that anyone would not reach deep inside themselves and know that a god that that teaches this is not a god of good.
(12/13/2010 12:49:51 PM)
I'm appalled listening to this woman,only in USA these things
done....but in their countries,Americans,just for being Americans are decapitated &/or send to jail! yet they come to America & demand rights,so on & so forth...about time America open their eyes;is like sleeping w/the enemy....what's
wrong w/our country? they're benefiting as if they're were of
our Nation & still demanding more!!...I give Mr.Horowitz my
respect & solidarity w/him I admire his response,was not intimidated by her questions &/or her disrespect towards hi & all the "bleeding hearts"Americans whom give
these people sympathy & agree w/them,move to their countries,take them w/you when you go!!!

(12/13/2010 1:55:28 PM)
Judi Mother of Joshua murdered 9/11
The fact that one will not renouncee known terrorists whould alert Homeland Security. These are the people who give the money and support to terrorism. If I bought you a gun knowing you were going to use it to commit murder, I too would be in Jail. The Saudis? They get our own former Sec, of State as an attorney and everyone gets declared a "diplomat" and then cannot be even brought into civil court--forget about crimianl court., This girl terrorist supporter better be on a no fly list. I wouldn't get on a plane with her!
(12/13/2010 2:24:57 PM)
Greg S - Business Owner
I support Israel and the Jewish people with all my heart. I believe that all true Christians and all Jews worldwide should rally support and funds for Israel. May the enemies of Israel be made their footstool, and serve them. Gen 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."
(12/13/2010 5:32:34 PM)
Chris K
How sad that we allow a person to speak like that in our country! And, we probably pay her tuition. This country is getting as sick as the rest of the world. Try talking against something in her country! I'm sure you wouldn't live to tell it.
(12/13/2010 6:39:41 PM)
CM from OMaha
That woman is now exposed for who she really is and she should be ashamed. She doesn't think - she is a drone.
(12/13/2010 6:44:41 PM)
Jackie M
I don't think,that anyone who wants to kill another human being because of their religion or beliefs, deserves to be in this country. Though we have freedom of speech and religion,we certainly should not have to look behind our backs to see where the danger lies.If you cannot condemn those who preach death in the name of religion,I think you should be back with those same terrorists,and stop coming to our wonderful country.
(12/13/2010 7:08:11 PM)
Anti Ali Baba USA
This woman is a Spolied American convert to Islam but not Islam of the East; Blindfold her and send her to a Muslim Country, if she survives being passed around and raped by every Mulsim Male available I wonder if she will still like being a Muslim! WHY IS SHE CONVERTING TO ISLAM IN AMERICA! Good Question we should all remember it/Memorize it: Will you Renounce Hesbola (Blah, Blah, Blah) NOW? Your Not Renouncing them shows only one thing: You Support it! Somebody knows her, she is sitting on her fat but collecting tuition and grants (I paid all my college out of my pocket by working!) Hurrah/Wazzah for the Babbe/Rabbi! SPEAK OUT AGAINST MUSLIMS OR BE KILLED BY THEM!
(12/13/2010 7:12:31 PM)
jews around the world don't kill innocent people but give to us all there great talents and love of life
(12/13/2010 8:02:58 PM)
mr mazurkiewicz
and to think, our govt. supplies support to terrorist like her. now that IS scary
(12/13/2010 8:23:29 PM)
We should be ashamed
We are educating these people...shame on us. Send her back home!
(12/13/2010 10:34:13 PM)
WHY DO WE LET THESE INDIVIDURALS USE US. GET EDUCATED HERE, AND THEN LEARN HOW ,WHERE WE CAN BE ATTacked by them!!!!!!!!!!!we should depot all members of theses UC muslims organizations they are POSION to our campas.
(12/13/2010 11:08:46 PM)
Chilling? perhaps but not enough to take action NOW and end Muslim invasion of all the continents. PLEASE don't disarm the US-whatever it's become, it's the last bastion of hope of a free, non-inbred world.
(12/14/2010 12:09:16 AM)
Absence of Intellectual Honesty-Part of Muslim Culture
(12/14/2010 8:13:13 AM)
Interesting Enough?
When one of the Muslim Prophets was stranded many eons ago and had no shelter who gave him shelter, none other than a Jew. When did the Muslims forget this. In February they have a celebration and buy sweets. I am a Christian and heard this story from a Muslim
(12/14/2010 9:09:48 AM)
Simple Truth......Muslims hate
I have no use for a society whose sole desire and purpose is for the destruction of another society; who will kill children, women and men indiscriminately; who have such hatred in their hearts.....Each will face judgement someday!
(12/14/2010 10:02:58 AM)
Too comment on number 476
If you think that the Muslims will take over our Country - your mistaken. This is the true American way. The girl who spoke before Mr Horowitz - should not be a student at our university or any university seeking out a education. That is taking advantage of our true American way. She and other Muslims are not True Americans and never will - also - never be accepted by the True Americans - and we out number you with weapons.
(12/14/2010 10:48:59 AM)
Why isn't the MSA, which supports hamas and Hixbollah banned on all campuses?
(12/14/2010 1:09:53 PM)
Put her no the boat out of here.
(12/14/2010 1:25:26 PM)
The Scarf
The scarf is worn by her to show her support for Hamas Terrorist, so go and buy one today and then burn it in a public place to show your support against Hamas Terrorism. You will be arrested and then sued by some Muslim Origination for sure for violating there right to support a group of godless supporters that desecrate and maim bodies of our Service members fighting for there freedom. To give them a quality of life that all humans so deserve. We should do to her what her terrorist friends have been doing to our service members. Put it on US TV and show all how utterly sick & uneducated the Muslims really are. Sick, sick, sick is all you can say to these so called godless lovers.
(12/14/2010 1:45:25 PM)
Throwing rocks
She needs to go to a stone pit and carry some rocks since there is not a stair-master handy. Death to all but her religion, wow what a uneducated child she is.
(12/14/2010 1:52:45 PM)
I'm surprised that anyone found this shocking! This is standard operating procedure with all Muslims. 1st the word then the sword, death by a thousand cuts, all who change there religion from Islam should be put to death. Those who refuse to join Islam should be put to death.
They haven't varied from that path for 1400 years what makes you think they will now.
(12/14/2010 2:08:37 PM)
Deb L.
I'm glad he stood up to her. What is wrong with the American learning institutions these days? I believe the good outnumber the bad and they have a right to be here, but I do not support this type of anti-American sentiment.
(12/14/2010 2:36:08 PM)
we must start to take our country back
It is about time that we start to believe in what this country was founded on. We the people not we the musilms this is a christian soceity based on christian and jewish believes. she should be glad that she is in this country where she can get up and speak her mind now go back home. GOD BLESS AMERICA and evryone fighting for peace
(12/14/2010 2:42:05 PM)

(12/14/2010 2:50:51 PM)
#497 The Truth and The Light
(12/14/2010 2:58:10 PM)
And our Arab friends will claim she was a plant by Mossad, to discredit the terrorists' cause. Thank goodness, there is a religion for logorrheic primitives: Islam.
(12/14/2010 2:59:27 PM)
David L
Having lived in the middle east and observed how women are treated there, I can almost understand her excitement at being able to express herself openly in public here in the USA about anything. It is a shame however, that she is wasting her life and mind by promoting such vile and contemptible thoughts when there is so much good that she could be creating in the world. It would appear that she was sold a "bill of goods" and she's wasting her life promoting it. Hopefully others will see the error of her ways and turn away from such hateful thoughts and actions.
(12/14/2010 6:05:44 PM)
The voice of fear
Her voice betrays her fear of screwing up. This is not a stage fright voice. She was obviously sent there to do a job and screwing up gets her paid with a beating or worse. You know, typical Coran mandated woman beating to death "where it does not show". Now you know why Arab women are covered from head to foot. So you cannot see the beating marks.
(12/14/2010 6:07:45 PM)
You can't be a good Muslim and a good American. You have to be one or the other, you can't be both at the same time. Two different beliefs all together. Take your neckerchief and go home.
(12/14/2010 7:18:10 PM)
Wake up America!!
Islam was-is-and always will be the most destructive philosophy ever perpetrated on a very unsuspecting people. Any religion that teaches a way of life that treats women as dogs and pushes the idea of violence being the only way to conquer the world is psychotic and very, very sick.. Mohamed was a mad man who preyed on ignorant people. He must be laughing his head off on how easy it was to do.
(12/14/2010 7:53:10 PM)
Linda W
Scary isn't it? She is a terrorist and they think they can bluff their way to terrorist activities by staying calm. Calm does not mask their agenda. Christians and Jews beware. WOW
(12/14/2010 7:54:37 PM)
Homeland Security
Homeland Security should be searching for Terrorists like this lady who blatently said she agreed that Jews should be put in one place so people like her could kill them all, without searching for them. She should be arrested and deported to from whence she came
(12/15/2010 12:40:58 AM)
Wake up
They are in college, in business, working in our stores, Wake up America....these are the people who want us all dead and our stupid government just let's them come and go as they please.
(12/15/2010 2:01:05 AM)
I would be happy to give this young woman a ride to the airport and let her be on her way to any muslim country and there she can live proudly as a muslim woman, if she dares.
(12/15/2010 9:47:02 AM)
A.from Odessa
I couldnt help but wonder. what would president Kennedy, Truman, or Roosevelt have thought of such a discussion about gatherings on our educational campuss. How many young people enter into these places for higher education, much of it funded by grants from our tax money, to have their minds subjected to this poison. Why are these people and their groups even on our campus's? because we might 'offend' someone by asking them to leave? GET A CLUE...send them away. IF YOU LOVE OUR ENEMY, YOU ARE OUR ENEMY.
(12/15/2010 12:07:50 PM)
Lets Get Real
Everyone commenting in this area should read the Koran. It is there that it will be revealed to you how evil this religion truly is. The Angel Gabriel (or so he said he was the Angel Gabriel) came to Mohammed and for 21 years expounded on the hate for the Jews and Christians. It is here that he said "how foolish of the Christians (infidels) to believe that Alah (God) would need a son to be the savior of the world." Would the Angel Gabriel say these, but Satan would.....
(12/15/2010 12:22:14 PM)
Christian and supporter of the Jewish nation and her people
As long as we have a president that supports this kind of thinking and is one himself, we as a nation and Israel and her people are in trouble. We as Americans need to rise up and fight against this and stop it NOW! We need to remember what we all felt on Sept 11th and NEVER forget for one minute or think that it could not happen again. There are10's of 1,000's just like this student just waiting for the green light to stike again.
As a born again Christian, I stand with my brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith and Israel and I support them 100%!
(12/15/2010 2:29:24 PM)
Atlanta, GA.
I could discern that she was an arrogant and hateful person from the beginning.
(12/15/2010 3:05:54 PM)
lopez from S,C.
She is a monster. I don't which scares me more her ideals or her looks
(12/15/2010 3:27:50 PM)
It's a Sad World
Ask EVERY Muslim that question while they are knowingly video taped.... If they are for Hamas.... DEPORT THEM OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!! When we have them all back on their soil singing their praises..... DROP THE BIG ONE ON THEM!!!
I'm SICK & TIRED of THEIR CR@P!!!! They cannot co-exist with any society other than their own.... They do not deserve to breathe this planet's air...
(12/15/2010 5:35:36 PM)
gg for america
This proves that we as Americans should remove all muslum loving terriorist from this country immediatly. This woman is an Idiot and if she was living in a Muslum country she would not even be allowed to speak.
(12/15/2010 6:01:52 PM)
Loving them, ignoring them, feeling sorry for them, trying to understand them, forgiving them...... is just 'sticking-your-head-in-the-sand'.....


(12/15/2010 6:18:36 PM)
Skuman says
How in GOD'S name do we allow this female whatever she is to attend out schools, utilize our nation, condemn all people and adore HITLER without having her a$$ kicked. We have gone WAAAAAAAY too far in our allowance of the "rights" of others. You want to preach this BS, go back to your owb country.
(12/15/2010 7:05:18 PM)
Christian and supporter of the Jewish Nation
Thank you Mr Horowitz for exposing the enemy and charging him to be silent. You and your loved ones are heirs to a king's mansion. No weapon formed against your people will prosper. We stand as ONE for what is right! Let us not be divided, that is a strategy for defeat.
(12/15/2010 11:29:33 PM)
i take my stand
yes, the modern muslims are on a "hunt" to kill Jews, Christians and everything inbetween. the Statue of Liberty stood for those who were weary and heavy laden in other lands to come and to become a citizen. those who did stand strong for America, some far more than those who were born here.

why are we allowing terrorists into our nation? why did we stoop so low as to elec a muslim President. why did we not remove the ilegal aliens due to our unemployment rates. did we all lose our will to fight and defend our Constitution?

yes, the Bill of Rights needs to be followed, but not to the extent that this Nation is allowing others to offend her citizens.

instead of politics, we need direct "shoot from your hip" action. the citizens of this Nation must still defend her and take her back from those who say one thing and actually do another.
(12/16/2010 12:16:39 AM)
Woman terrorist
Dear God! I wish we were still in the 60's. That sick woman would have been arrested and convicted and put where she belongs.. In prison, in another country. She needs to get out. She's evidently been brainwashed by some sick sucm muslim terrorists
(12/16/2010 2:49:00 AM)
They live among us. Political correctness needs to stop.
(12/16/2010 2:53:32 AM)
Lets be honest
A lot of people have written here with prejudice oozing out of every word they write. This merely shows that they cannot see anything in its true color. A jaundiced eye sees everything yellow. Shukman at 552, whose post appears just above where I am writing is a typical redhead. Uneducated and aggressive.

Fact remains that the girl asked a question which the chap on the podium could not answer.
(12/16/2010 7:33:14 AM)
we need to pray.
The issue is.....we are so twisted in allowing " political correctness" in this country govern our speech, we have lost our Freedom of speech. 1st amendment. mean anything? the word treason has no meaning anymore because it is not enforced. America , love it ,work hard for it or in it, enjoy the "dream" and the SAFETY it provides, but please don't be a terroist and live here. That is hipocritical. If you want to destroy us, move to a country that is like minded with you. You have to relize that all are welcome here provided they follw the laws of the country. if you are not willing to do so ....Move! If America takes a stand against such abominations and organizations we must follow our leaders in support of our country.
(12/16/2010 8:57:00 AM)
Don't like the American way, its simple - JUST LEAVE!!
TO: TS and MSA
You have the right to migrate here, become a legal citizen of the USA and partake in our freedoms and live a good life.
If your desire is to come here and disrupt our way of life, manipulate our constitution or change our belief system then the answer is simple.
You freely came here and you can freely LEAVE. GOODBYE............
(12/16/2010 11:00:30 AM)
Negative Attention, Better Than NO Attention, . . .
In America, is it better for homely, ignorant women to get some attention than no attention at all? I find comment #95 well stated, compelling.
(12/16/2010 11:24:23 AM)
Die slow MSA.
(12/16/2010 11:42:13 AM)
... and what is she doing in our public universities???? Universities that some of our own are denied admittance! She feels that way??? Well, buy her a one-way ticket home!
(12/16/2010 1:57:11 PM)
Ironic Ain't It?
What is most ironic is that in a Muslim country she would not be in grade school, let alone college! She would not be able to speak to this man! She would not be able to speak for her faith in public! And yet here she is defending an orientation that would not give her the very rights she is displaying! Why don't the Muslin women stand up to the men in their own countries? They come here and try to install the oppression that they left behind! Boggles the mind!!!
(12/16/2010 9:16:20 PM)
Fight Fire with Fire!
How would they (muslims) like it if we said we have to kill all muslims? The UN would condemn us and so would the rest of the world. But we are not Savages and do not practice hatred. The world is a sad place. How soon we forget WW2.
(12/16/2010 9:16:35 PM)
So, did anyone notice she spoke about Homeland Security - so obviously she is an immigrant or exchange student - oh and I have one question - who is paying for her education I bet I am with my taxes
(12/16/2010 9:44:26 PM)
Get theses Natzis/Muslums Out of our country!!
Get out of here if you don't like us! America wake up!!! This is what we are allowing to enter our country and go to our schools and use our system!! Go home you ------- muslum-natzi!!! Let your own country educate, feed, give you medical care etc. You are the scum, not the jews or the christians. We are Americans and this part of the world stands for democracy , the freedoms our fathers, brothers, and women have fought for, the star spangled banner, the wisdom of our fore-fathers, American ethics and values that have made this country great! Scum bags like you do not deserve to breathe the same air we breathe in this beautiful country. Go home Natzi-terrorist!!!!
(12/16/2010 10:16:16 PM)
Muslim Snakes!!!
We "real" Americans need to throw these people OUT of our country! They have no right to be here because they advocate the violent overthrow of The United States, and have actually attempted to do this on 9/11, and every day in plots that have, so far, been foiled. This is against the Law of our land, The Constitution, which forbids ANYONE with this belief freedom of speech, and they shall be subject to imprisonment! (Or Deportation) GET OUT or suffer the consequences!!!
(12/16/2010 11:38:46 PM)
captain pdonkey
I grew up with these people, we had no rights in their country, they should have none in ours. They should be shipped out and sent back to their own countries.
(12/17/2010 7:04:57 AM)
I for one am very pleased that this clip was aired. It shows the level that terrorism has reached within our schools for higher learning. It is a shame. We as Americans have to prepare for the next big push by terrorists such as this female! Thank you GOD BLESS THE USA
(12/17/2010 8:24:06 AM)
Throw them out.
Why are we educating people like this in this country. Let them go to school where they believe in what they are saying. They want to live in a country that supports free speech, but only if you agree with them. THROW THEM OUT. We probably even give her free money to go to school there. Stop the madness or everything our parents did in WW2 to save this country & world will have been for nothing.
(12/17/2010 9:13:20 AM)
TSA don't touch my junk
And to think, we are still feeling up grannies, nuns, 4 year old autistic children, barbie dolls, service men and women....

These are the people who need to be felt up.

I am 32 and former military. I already know these people are in our country and down the street from us. It was still chilling to hear her say that.
(12/17/2010 9:24:04 AM)
Why doesn't she go to school in a different country? And why do we allow her to be in our country?
(12/17/2010 11:17:35 AM)
Not all Muslims are bad
I was deployed to Iraq twice while I was in the military. I experienced first hand the day to day strugle of the average Muslim. But this girl and others like her need to go find a cave. I understand the right to free speach, but this is ridiculous. Is it not illeagal to support a known terrorist group like it is too be involved with a gang? Any people that follow a mis interpritation of a religion and base it on hate for another should be kept at arms length. I can't believe that true Americans would stand idly by and let this terrorist supporter reap the bennifits of our country when we are also on their list of people to hate. Not saying that all muslims should die, just the ones that want to try to kill for religion...
(12/17/2010 1:35:37 PM)
Educate Me Please
Here I go.... I will admit to being illiterate to the topic of MSA and what it stands for but the general illusion here appeared to be biased. Because she refused to condemn a government that she was in fear of placed her in enemy territory? I do believe that is what she attempting to avoid... but we wouldn't know that because he didn't let her explain. America is land of the free, no? Maybe, unless it doesn't coincide with your own strict belief system? And, I dear sir, do not believe that all muslims are terrorists.
(12/17/2010 1:56:05 PM)
Reply to 573 & 574
Those muslims who are not "terrorists" will stand by while those others bring mayhem and death to infidels-read us-because the koran tells them not to go against their brothers.
Jew of America must visit the history of WWII and Poland, when there Jews who could have opposed the Nazis, but acted as if nothing would happen if they ignored them. They could have armed themselves, instead of cowering. Don't do that now. Open your eyes and see what the muslims in America are trying to do with our country, under the guise of religion. The woman is brainwashed, as under sharia law she is the same a sack of flour--property only.
(12/17/2010 3:32:17 PM)
not surprised, but still...baffeled
I guess I'm naive. Why some people can feel so hateful without any thought other than what they and their groups are told to feel. I feel anemosity to those people, regardless of their beliefs, who only want to harm others, be it Jews, Christians, Muslums, people of different color or appearence. Although this philosopy has been with us since the beginning of time, sadly I guess it will never end. It only seems to get worse. I'm starting to believe in "an eye for an eye", you bomb Israel and we'll do the same.
(12/17/2010 5:11:07 PM)
why do we allow this filth in our country and schools
(12/17/2010 5:17:17 PM)
a Saying I agree with
I've heard it said (truthfully I think an Israeli said it ) that :
"You can't make peace with a man who has war in his heart"
Peace talks are just so much politics and are aimed at the tiny country of Israel giving up land. Have you ever looked at a map of the middle east? Every muslim country has a huge amount of land and not enough people to fill it up. They're like a bully (with teeth) that only wants what someone else has. I'm not Jewish, I will stand with Israel every chance I get.
(12/17/2010 5:19:12 PM)
reply to 574
I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists. approximately 15% are thought to be, however. That sounds like a small number, but with the number of Muslims worldwide (approx 1.5billion) that comes to 10,000,000 militants. The United States military totals 1.4 million.
America IS the land of the free. I've been in a lot of places around the world (which is the best cultural education you can get) and if you or I stood in an Islamic country and said we supported killing Muslims we wouldn't live very long, much less have the right to anything else. No one has the right to support the taking of innocent lives, including here in America. Our first right in the US is to Life. I can also tell you that two of the only places in the world that Jews and Arabs and Christians live together and have made it work has been in the United States and Israel. Interesting isn't it? Try to be a Jew or Christian in the 57 Isamic states and do business. Actually in those states if you are not Muslim you have the status of slave and must pay "humbly" a servants tax to exist..... we can't deal with Islam the way we dealt with the KKK or Acorn, they have stated their intent many times and for some reason Americans don't seem to take them seriously.
(12/17/2010 5:42:41 PM)
Can She Justify Herself
I would doubt she could site a true reason to hate the Jews. Just jump on the bandwagon because someone else said it was cool. The religion of peace, right.
(12/17/2010 7:32:00 PM)
Deport all Muslims
They are a Fifth Column in this country and cannot be trusted. Just look what's happening in Europe.
(12/17/2010 7:39:53 PM)
Take The Alter
What is she doing here in the God blessed U.S.A in the first place.If they don't believe in Christ and want to mock the Christian religion then corrupt your own soil in the country you believe in.
(12/17/2010 9:00:00 PM)
one does not have to be a Ph.D. to realize that wherever you have muslim population you have a terrorism, confrontation or open war. (USA, EU, Russia, China, Phillipines, India, Sudan, entire Middle East etc....) Seems, these people on mass scale so much brain-washed by their manipulative clerics that they do not want co-existence and peace. Even in countries were there no other religious groups they do not have peace. I am sure, there are more good people than bad among them like in any other population. let them clean themselves, or if their community is so weak and impotent other people will do this... - thank God we still have sane and decisive people in this world.
(12/17/2010 10:25:08 PM)
I bet homeland security is after her now haha
(12/17/2010 10:46:57 PM)
You had me at .......".my name is"...........
(12/18/2010 9:53:47 AM)
Retired Military
Years ago I took an oath to support and defend the United States against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and domestic. While our constitution grants our CITIZENS certain rights, it does not give them the right to plot and overthrow any citizenry of this country. We have religious freedom. We have freedoms certain Muslim sects want to get rid of. All in the confines of the constitution.. However, if everyone who calls the United States home, would read Thomas Jefferson's explanation behind, "certain inalienable rights", they would see the rights are being taken advantage of. I reckon what I'm trying to say is, the oath I took 41 years ago still applies. But I WILL NOT allow some swath headed muslim to come in and do away with mine, my family, my friends, or anyone else who calls the USA home, their "certain inalienable rights"! I will give up that privilege only when they pry my weapon from my cold dead hands. We have the largest home militia anywhere in the FREE world. I'm not talking National Guard! I'm talking about all the hunters across th US.
(12/18/2010 12:30:48 PM)
The Real World
They are here among us, most living quietly and trying to blend in. There will come a time when they will rise up and try to take over the country. Their birth rate is triple that of typical westerners. If they cannot take over with force they will simply breed the infidel out. Who will be the Charles Martel or Black Jack Pershing of our time?
(12/18/2010 6:54:46 PM)
1. He knew the scarf she was wearing was a symbol of hate and she didn't deny it nor did she state that she was against terrorism. Why do we allow people into this country that are totally for the destruction of our way of life and even allow them to seek higher education here? Are we idiots? Then we send our children to fight and put their lives on the line, why?Also, what about the grant they are now asking for to build a Mosque right near Ground Zero? Again, are we idiots? It's a black eye on this country that the WTC has not been re-built nor a fitting memorial erected, for those that died, not to mention those struck down with mysterious illnesses from the debris at the site.
(12/19/2010 12:59:18 AM)
Wake Up
We all need to wake up and smell the coffee beans..War is ugly and believe me, this is a war. We as Americans must make a stand for what we believe. If you don't stand for something then you will fall for anything. We all know where this Muslim student stands. Run them out on the next ship over seas. Let them join their brother terrorists. Then we won't have to hunt them down all over the world and worste in this Country.
(12/19/2010 9:37:27 AM)
Wow.....does she know where she was born and resides and studies at........?
(12/19/2010 11:33:29 AM)
Look to the Future!
This american woman, obviously of Muslim faith, should be arrested by Homeland Security. But will she? I think not, when it comes right down to it... they don't have the balls to follow through with what they proclaim! The rest of the christian world is due for a rude awakening because of the Liberla Bleeding Hearts allowing this sort of hated!
(12/19/2010 1:58:33 PM)
Where is the Loving Socity We All Subscribe to?
It appears that as hard as humans try, getting them to show the LOVE that GOD show them is just too hard. GOD has spent our lifetimes showing us HIS LOVE and yet, human nature rebukes HIS LOVE and calls for the opposite to occur. Everyone thinks his or her philosophy is the best but there is not just one philosophy and humans know better than to believe their take on how human beings should live and act is not theirs to force on anyone. Where are the brilliant students in the twenty first century? GOD i
(12/19/2010 2:09:42 PM)
Wake Up America
We are facing a current time in life that is very scarry not to mention the years ahead of us. To protect our way of life and ourselves this country needs to close the borders to every one. I say this because we do not know beyond a reasonable doubt exactly who or better yet what the person is that we are allowing to enter out country. Allowing many people to enter this country to attend school or work has to end so it might as well end now. All we are doing is educating many of these types of people so it will be easier for them to murder us. Many of our politicians and bleeding heart liberals need to shipped out of the country as well. They are a major cause as to why this country is in the sad shape that it is .
(12/20/2010 12:43:15 AM)
I don't think there is anything that I could add to these comments.....except to say " I am disgustingly sick and tired of the political-correctness bullshit. This practice will eventually destroy this country with more devastating effects than the A-bomb.
(12/20/2010 9:20:12 AM)
i feel like throwing up she is a loser !!!!!!!!!!!
(12/20/2010 11:40:43 AM)
WHat would Thomas Jefferson do?
Hitler Youth week?If people do not wake up & stop funding the wars that are attacking Muslim countries while our borders are wide open, we would not bring this back to our home. We need to recognize what our government is doing.Mr. David Horowitz is Jewish but also polished with his knowledge from experiencing from liberal to strict conservative stands & defended this battle, but we will not win the war till we study "Thomas Jefferson's Quran"Jefferson studied the Quran & he formed the U S Navy
to reed more on this here is the link

(12/20/2010 11:47:13 AM)
JEWS are the chosen people of God, and she wants them all dead. May GOD have mercy on her soul and all the brainwashed idiots that follow her beliefs..I am a Christian and I hope God protects both Christian and Jew from these monsters.
(12/20/2010 1:21:01 PM)
Such hatred...such anger...I pray that God will lead His people to do whatever Christ would do in these times. I don't know what that is. But this girl, who would be murdered in her Sharia law ridden homeland for not wearing the burka, not being escorted by a male relative, and for spekaing out in public--well, when she has to answer for her hatred, G_d may not have no mercy for she seeks to destroy His chosen people, the Jews, and those who try to walk in the true spirit of love of G_d. G_d help and guide us during these perilous times.
(12/20/2010 2:19:57 PM)
Its about time we all stop being poticially correct, and stand up for what our AMERICAN values are!! If those people want to be edcuated in the USA then they have to realize that they are not in their own country and learn to live and respect our way of life.
(12/20/2010 2:59:43 PM)
Free education what??????
This person suppots everything I am against and wears their badges.AAAAAAAnd I am paying for it.
(12/20/2010 3:49:23 PM)
Proud to be an American
Wow how Freaked up is that and this goes on all over our Great Nation. I'm really saddened to see this here, they all need to deporterted if the beleive in this. I don't know how we let this go on!
(12/20/2010 4:29:00 PM)
In general, we ( Americans) are a happy people. Why are these MSA Students so angry and hateful? Yes, there are many components/elements that cause this behavior, but I can't seem to just think that they (Muslums) are just Brain Washed. No, I think they are primarily pissed off about their lifestyle or living conditions. Come on, take away our cable TV or Football Games or Golf Courses or Night Clubs and then you would see some action! The Giant is Still sleeping
(12/20/2010 5:52:11 PM)
(12/20/2010 6:23:59 PM)
Beyond serious ...
Why do we not have access to this type of information which is not even in the sensationalized media coverage? Yes, I am proud of the speaker, and the attitude of the student was beyond reprehensible. How do we do something about this?
(12/20/2010 6:30:07 PM)
How long are we going to tolerate these people living the good life while they plot our demise........

(12/21/2010 12:34:40 AM)
I fear for my children, and theirs, unless we quit hiding our eyes and being ashamed of standing up against being bullied, or even worse.

We should not be ashamed of being intolerant toward intolerant visitors to our land, or history will repeat itself again. Read about Sitting Bull in the 1800s. Read about Poland in the 1930s. Read about what has already happened in the Middle East in the last 50 years.

America is the only power stopping Israel from being wipe off the face of the earth. The bullies have a goal to weaken us, and then take over our ally Israel. The bullies have already weakened the major powers in Europe. We have established an American culture. We should not tolerate visitors if they are trying to destroy us, or even change us.

What is it to be American? Our Grandfathers knew. Study the words of wisdom they left for us. What would they do if they were alive today? Then ask what we plan to leave for our own grandchildren.
(12/21/2010 1:28:41 AM)
dress attire
( that scarf said it all ) someone's pulling her strings, she's someone's puppet
(12/21/2010 2:23:00 AM)
Ignoramus !!!!!
I hope she gives birth to a abnormal child, so according to Hitler she will have to kill her child, Hitler had ordered that all abnormal children from his own people should be killed.80.000 children were killed. HOw would she answer that question??? Let all people like her (if you could call them people) get in one country and WE will get rid of Them......
(12/21/2010 5:24:48 AM)
Nut case
She said her name which sounded like gargling or throwing up. She really is mentally disordered
(12/21/2010 8:42:15 AM)
OK. So let me ask this question. What would happen if a Christian American went to Saudi Arabia or Lebanon to make a Democracy speech about our way of life here? would they get blown up or beheaded? The hypocrisy here is disgusting! The Liberals in this country have to stop kissing the ass of the enemy take a stand and get these animals out of OUR COUNTRY! She outright admitted she wants to kill all the jews. But we pave the way for her and her kind everyday in this country! I am an American who WILL NOT be intimidated. NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get The F*&K out of my RED WHITE AND BLUE

(12/21/2010 12:12:09 PM)
First did anyone ask her if she was even a legal citizen. If she is here on a school visa..revoke her ass and send her back to the place she can again wear the veil and not be allowed to speak out like this. Then tell me, how bad I am as a woman. Even as an illegal she can speak out here but try that shit in her country. Send her back and all just like her.
(12/21/2010 12:35:17 PM)
voodoo master
she should #1. not be allowed to fly,#2.she and her family and friends should be investigated for terroists ties,#3. she should be expelled from campus for promoting terroism like they expelled Black Panther students in the 1960's.personally, I really can't see how the MSA is allowed on any campus that gets federal funding,which is all major universities.
(12/21/2010 12:41:35 PM)
Who's country is this??????
There you go. She wants to kill all the Jews! Be a Hitler disciple. But in this liberal led country we welcome her with open arms and pay for her education! But If i say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays or put up a Christmas tree in a public area I'm offending people. This country needs to get it"s Priority's straight!
(12/21/2010 1:54:01 PM)
all for one and one for all
Not all Muslims are terrorists, But ALL terrorists are Muslim
(12/21/2010 2:04:09 PM)
Get them out of our county NOW
(12/21/2010 2:53:13 PM)
WE need to come together
I Believe if we don't all come together in public ways (rallies) in Washingtion ect..and soon, they will take over the USA and the rest of the world just because in 50 years there will be more of them them any other rase & Religen on earth and there foot hold has started here,France,Germeny,Isril and India That I know of. WE need to protect the US from while there's still time to stop it. I would like to know how thay are coming over here to live ?? When I know a 25 yr. old hindo that would have to invest $5,00,000.00 dollars in the US or get a work visa for a job no one here quolifies for. How do we know who to vote for?? thats going to Help.
(12/21/2010 5:28:59 PM)
I think Horowitz should have answered her question, she answered his. I am against the terrorists unequivocally. I am in favor of the Jews but fair is fair. DH gains nothing if he does not play fair. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem ...and for Israel. Israel will win in the end if you know anything about biblical prophecy. We are living in the last days before the messiah comes. Be ready.
(12/21/2010 8:51:20 PM)
Wake up people,this is how these people think and work.They will not be happy until they destroy us.
(12/21/2010 10:29:08 PM)
cunfused christian
How does the Muslim Student Association exist in a State School? Should not it be banned under the separation of Church & state interpretation that liberals have chased Christians with for the past 25 yrs?
(12/22/2010 10:52:26 AM)
Stop this now
This young lady has clearly stated that she is for terrorism, and is for another holocaust. We need to ensure that she no longer gets to pay her in state tuition, and that she is at a minimum deported, if not encarcerated. Put her in the general population with the highest jewish residency, and the problem will solve itself within a few months.
(12/22/2010 12:53:27 PM)
The young student has no brain left. She is so sce rewed up in the head she dos noteven know she could be arrested for wearing that terrorist scarf she was wearing she is a real IDIOT.
Someone , really did a number on her brain. It is not even safe to go to school and get a education anymore.
(12/22/2010 1:31:31 PM)
Same ol' Same ol'
This thing continues because of political correctness. We've been fighting over there longer than the Second World War and do you know why? Because our government won't let us fight. They did the same thing in Vietnam. They wouldn't let us fight then either. I was talking to a Marine last summer who just got back from there. He said they stand there pointing guns at us and we can't fire until they do. Is that a way to fight a war? If we fought WW 2 that way we would all be doing the Nazi salute.
(12/22/2010 2:18:55 PM)
i am American
Muslim's are just crazy a** people with killer minds... you cant fix crazy
(12/22/2010 6:19:37 PM)
Wake up
Heifer sure hasn't missed a meal in this country. Needs to be ticked by the fashion police. Shame she doesn't understand what freedom is all about. Foreign born Jane Fonda.
(12/22/2010 11:08:05 PM)
what can we do?
We all know how awful the situation is, we all want to live in peace and not fear for our families. BUT, what can we really do? Only our Government can make the changes to our laws that allow these people our freedoms while plotting to destroy us. I know of not one in our gov't who will.
(12/23/2010 9:40:47 AM)
The Professor
#476 comments are completely accurate. We as a group of people have allowed this to evolve by not being involved in the decisions that our alledged leaders have made. The media has reached the point of controlling this culture as predicited by Edward R. Murrow. Do something to change it, don't just expound about it !! Obviously, they have a plan and are following it thru !!
(12/23/2010 10:00:58 AM)
she just want to kill people and she wants to start with him !!
(12/23/2010 2:00:14 PM)
she getsyour tax money
She is getting YOUR tax money to go to our schools and spew her hatred.......YOU are paying for her education....isn't America wonderful?? hahahaha
(12/23/2010 3:30:31 PM)
Wake Up
I think that free speech has gone a little too far, and anyone who blatantly suggest's that they are for Hammas, should be arrested and convicted of treason. We have taken enough from these people and they are really pushing the envelop. These colleges and universities should not allow these groups to form on campus. Would Americans be able to go to the Mid-East and condemm the radical Muslims? I do not think so.
(12/23/2010 3:43:44 PM)
Anyone who is surprised at this has obviously not been informing themselves very well. Anyone surprised at this may have been "educated" in a closeted manner designed to keep them uninformed. Thank you David Horowitz!
(12/23/2010 8:19:31 PM)
(12/23/2010 9:15:10 PM)
Everything I needed to know
Everything I needed to know about Islam I learned on September 11, 2001.

I am prepared, trained, and ready for when they come.
(12/23/2010 11:37:46 PM)
Never stop whatching Muslims
We have to thing their terrorist, so be careful and alert all the time, unless you kick them out of USA.
(12/24/2010 11:51:14 AM)
Is she still here?
This was in May, 2010. It's now December 2010? One question? Is she still on US soil? If so, Why? Hundreds of Thousands are deported for lesser transgressions. The Freedom America accords to visitors, students and foreign residents should never be abused. What I saw and heard amounts to TREASON! There is only one way to deal with that.
(12/24/2010 3:01:33 PM)
She is a danger among us, why is she not deported?
(12/24/2010 6:31:59 PM)
Get the hell off campus MSA. And you cry no one helps you or funds your org? Why would they? Look at your stance, your position. You have the audacity to stand at a mic and ask this scholar the questions you ask? Go preach this somewhere else. DHS revoke her VISA now.
(12/25/2010 12:52:44 PM)
christian world - watch cout here comes the muslims
the Christian world is in for a rude awaakening - what starts with the Jews doesnt stop here - they will be going after all the "infidels" - prloblem is that the Christian world doesnt have the guts to fight it
(12/26/2010 6:34:13 AM)
2nd amendment
She should be expelled and brought up on treason charges
(12/26/2010 11:26:49 AM)
Not a surprise
They can say and do more in this country than in any Muslim country including Iran. This is the enemy amongst us and we
like the three monkeys allow it
(12/26/2010 1:12:22 PM)
(12/26/2010 5:36:36 PM)
why do we as a nation put up with this, get every last one out of this country, send them home/
(12/26/2010 6:18:40 PM)
Muslim Hater
America is stupid for allowing these idiots to come to this country and attemp to get educated while spewing their
terriorist venom. America is going to get bit in the ass allowing all the freeloading and ethnic scum over take this
ONCE proud nation.
(12/26/2010 7:10:53 PM)
what would hapen if a jew make a comment like that?
(12/27/2010 12:34:26 AM)
True American
And yet, we keep allowing these Muslim centers to grow and grow in our country. Every time you read about their new buildings, it's because they have "outgrown" the last mosque. We should be very afraid-----NO, we should be fighting back!
(12/27/2010 12:44:35 PM)
As long as it remains politically incorrect to stand up to these terrorists and those who would take Hitler's place, we and the rest of the world will continue to suffer at there hands. Also blame news organizations who refuse to see the truth and spew their propaganda to a world of sheep.
(12/27/2010 1:08:31 PM)
OUR Country has freedom..however
I know people come to our country because we have certain freedoms; however do these students who come to our country for higher education realize they insult our freedoms when they clearly do not like us as a people or a Nation! Sooo maybe we should stop them from coming here!
(12/27/2010 1:09:26 PM)
Rev Scrub Hansen
She is obviously one of the virgins that will be awaiting in the hereafter......
(12/27/2010 1:29:20 PM)
Who is Right
I am not a Muslim nor a Jew, but I have to respond to this.
If a university allows such a things called "Hitler week" to even exist then there lies the problem yet there are other weeks, groups that do exist on campus and everywhere else (called freedom of speech the AMERICAN Way). I am not saying it is right but constitutional.
As she said it loud and clear - if shed said Yes, she'd be in trouble by readers and commentators such as here and possibly even the government.
If she'd said NO, then she would not be in accordance to her belief or religious group.
I believe we must get rid of and wipe away all hatred and ones or organizations who are against humanity and terrorism, but to say Do her out - is harsh and un-humane.
I know of so many Arians, even Skinheads that would stand strong and attend that specific group or week on this campus. And let us not forget, they are white Americans right here in this country. As far as I remember last, there is the first amendment in this country Freedom of Speech. Amendment 1: Rights of freedom of religion (prohibits establishment of one religion over another by law, practicing religion freely), freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of press.
Mr. Horovitz could have been more diplomatic instead of telling her off he could and must have (as a leader and prominent speaker and authority figure in the subject he was invited to address) refuse to answer her question, or simply say I have no comments or I choose not to address your question.
(12/27/2010 3:28:15 PM)
Muslim men would make her life miserable if she had answered the question "for it or against It?" differently. The pitiful position that Muslim women are put in should make every Muslim man ashamed and every Muslin woman determined to change their own plight. I am not Jewish, but I will take a stand for this US ally even to the point of sacrificing greatly for Israel and it's well being. The USA MUST defend this chosen nation! God bless the USA!
(and He will if we defend Israel's rights)
(12/27/2010 5:09:15 PM)
Muslims Want to Take Over the US
Lets face it Homeland Security is a JOKE we have no Borders anymore and the way this country is going we will be taken over by the end of OBAMA first term. Our Government has totally failed the American people.

Send every Muslim back to where they came from, no one would miss a damn on or them. There only Mission is to Bring Down the United States. Wake up America
(12/27/2010 5:24:29 PM)
Send this to Joy and whoppi
Joy and Whoopi would love to defend this crazy women. Muslims have one domination. If ou don't realize this by now, you are a fool.
(12/27/2010 9:45:33 PM)
she would support some stupid like hilter rally .what that truly shows us that hilter and muslim are about the same .both preach hate for jews and any body dont live by their bull**** .but she can openly talk s*** when women have no rights in muslim law
(12/27/2010 10:12:05 PM)
This makes me very sad
Especially the comments.
(12/28/2010 4:19:01 AM)
No one is listening
The muslim race do them selves no justice ,other countries let them in but they have no respect for anyone to get entry they need to leave all their gutless terrorism s*** at home or stay & blow them selves up in their own country , mental capacity of degrading self harmers not too high - not to be trusted by any means, stop all boat people at sea under no circumstance should we give in to the s*** we are being dealt - stand up for our free country or it will be gone forever.
(12/28/2010 8:04:24 AM)
Free Iraqi
god bless you Mr. David Horowtiz for reveling the true face of evil... we need more people like you Sir. to show American people what is the mening of Islam..
(12/28/2010 10:43:34 AM)
Virus among us
Is this not how Hitler came to power. By us not throwing these terriorist out of OUR country we will become another Germany. But who would come to our aid? Obama do'nt think so.
(12/28/2010 11:27:40 AM)
On the List
Well, if somebody's doing their job right, this young lady is now on Homeland Security's list.
(12/28/2010 12:23:29 PM)
"Loyal Citizen"? Ha!
This young lady, by the way, if very likely an American citizen.
(12/28/2010 12:26:30 PM)
real name
I wonder what the confused young tmuslim supporters real name is? Susie Smith from Brooklyn?
(12/28/2010 1:01:16 PM)
A Jew's friend!
The only true friend a Jew may have is another Jew. With few exceptions, this has been proven time and again. The Nazi Party is alive and well, the terrorists within the Muslim world have their agenda...remember the SIX MILLION...stop defending freedom of speech, be a friend to a fellow Jew, and say "NEVER AGAIN in Israel , America or ANYWHERE!"
(12/28/2010 5:00:08 PM)
Stand up America!!
This is the essence of what is wrong with our nation. A bigoted, mis-informed, radical enemy of freedom for all, is allowed to spew her venom without one person in the audience putting her down. If I had been there she would have had to shout to be heard over my protests of her mouthy crap! GOD BLESS THE USA
(12/28/2010 7:06:09 PM)
I Stand With You
It's outrageous to think we are allowing this kind of student organization on any American campus. (Although by giving this poor woman a voice, we have heard her true intentions.)

I am a Christian. This video first made me angry, and then deeply sad. What can I do to help? These are the things I can do right now:
1. Pray for Israel and Jewish people around the world. I will do so every day.
2. Vote. I will learn who the friends of Israel are, and I will support them.
3. Contact my political representatives and let them know what I think about political correctness - and insist on support for Israel.

I'm sorry. So sorry about this. And I call on fellow Christians to stand up. These terrorists don't care to see any of us drawing breath, either.
(12/29/2010 12:56:56 PM)
Judaism, Islam, Christian and others...
The common denominator here is hate, under the guise of a Trojan horse named faith. There is only one side to take here. Personal accountability. Reason over religion. Peace.
(12/29/2010 2:24:31 PM)
Homeland Security joke
Returning war vets, 2nd amendment (gun rights) advocates and local militias; those are Homeland Security's top three threats to domestic security. No mention of ANY terrorist nationality. You REALLY think they care ?
(12/29/2010 4:55:46 PM)
An angry vet.
When I fought in Viet Nam I wish I would have been killing Muslims. I wish the Nazi party had killed Muslims instead of Jews.
(12/29/2010 6:35:06 PM)
Number 13's comment
Is genius- Scroll up and Read it!
(12/29/2010 10:45:13 PM)
Chuchma!! Hamas, Ahmadi-nejad, and such menices thrive in extreme environments (like under Bush and Likud) and grow from powerless specs to powerful rulers!! Neocons just exasperate the situation and force moderates to have no choice but to join such groups! We need to get smart, think long term, not just feel good rara and up the anti! It's time for Chuchma!!
(12/30/2010 1:22:26 AM)
Why is it always "Free Speech" when they spew their hate and propaganda and outright lies, but when we respond or try to contest what they say, we are accused of being bigots and our responses are never judged on their own merit??? Again - blame most news organizations as part of that problem + people's ingrained attitudes.
(12/30/2010 9:10:04 AM)
This proves what most Americans believe !!!!
There will never be peace in the Arab and Jewish arenas of the world. These factions of society will never emerge from their past and will continue their so called holy wars until the entire world is destroyed. We Americans in our homeland had better stand on these radicals throats and not allow these terrorist organizations to exist in our colleges or our country.
(12/30/2010 9:27:00 AM)
He proved his point but,,,,,,,,
the way she looked simply revealed her support for terrorists. Hitler week, come on, only in America would a university support Hitler week.. Problem is, like a true politican David Horowitz spoke only to his audience and not to those who support that brain washed twisted student, by not ansewering her question.
(12/30/2010 9:42:17 AM)
Homeland Security!
Homeland Security! Right there, in the front row!

American's for America (that's you & me, folks)
(12/30/2010 1:05:36 PM)
The eagle forever
If we are at war against terror, what is garbage like her and her ilk doing in this country besides getting a free education. All Muslims should br banned from this country PERIOD.
(12/30/2010 1:59:07 PM)
happened because of psychos like her.
when are we all going to wake up?
do we really need a rerun?
(12/30/2010 2:53:47 PM)
Open our eyes America
This young lady and people like her,who have same ideas are going to destroy this country and the rest of the countries if we don't put a stop to this way of thinking.
(12/30/2010 3:28:55 PM)
what is bigotry?
At least she was honest about her views. Why couldn't he answer a simple question about the evidence to support his claim. Looks like she had a good point and like all demegogues he instead chose to shift the focus to something else, her clothing. That, to me , is bigotry.
(12/30/2010 6:35:22 PM)
That guy
She's a fat stinking pile. Get out of our country pig.
(12/30/2010 7:12:02 PM)
American Patriot
The only way to change Americas fate is to vote in real American Patriots like the ones we had who wrote the constitution., Keep voting for Obama and his mobsters and we will all be wearing burkas. Obama cancelled the national day of prayer under the guise of not wanting to offend anyone. Yet over 50,000 muslems attended a day of prayer at the White House lawn at the "presidents" requist. What does it take for americans to see him for what he is? How f-ing stupid is the media and half of the country? Don't they think what he does will affect them too?
(12/30/2010 7:56:02 PM)
Stand up or get out
Why are people like this in our country and more so why do we let them go to school here? Sent them all back to where they came from!!!
(12/31/2010 12:09:09 AM)
Marine corp Hymn
Wrap the terrorists up in pig skin when you put them in the grave. That is what the Marine Corp General did at the Battle of Tripoli. Then he let one muslim go, inorder for him to tell other muslims their fate for fighting against the US.

Wrapping the body in pigskin inhibits the person to enter heaven.
(12/31/2010 1:16:19 AM)
Hitler Youth???
Just that comment alone showed where she was coming from. My God she looked him straight in the eye with all that Muslim hatred and said "For". She would kill a Jew in a heartbeat. I'm surprised she didn't blow herself up right then and there. Homeland Security needs to keep an eye on this one.
(12/31/2010 10:08:13 AM)
we need to syop these people and let them get their eduation some other counyry
(12/31/2010 11:02:31 AM)
'Thank You Al Gore, for the Internet'
Where is the National media, when you need it? This happened 7 months ago, and I'm just hearing about it now? We'll all, soon, be having to watch our back ! ! God Help Us All.
(12/31/2010 11:19:42 AM)
Around 70% of American citizens can not attend this kind of universities and colleges, because they are too expensive, but we the 70% of taxpayers are paying the way for these people to attend our colleges and for them to hate us more and more. can you please tell me why are we doing this. and how can we stop being such an stupid society and open up our eyes to the Muslims that are trying to kill us all. they are bad people, and that is just the fact bad people, and they should not be allowed to be here in the country.
(12/31/2010 12:06:55 PM)
Such Crap!!!!!!!
If this broad came to match wits with this renowned individual, I'm afraid she only came half prepared!! This country had better get off it's ass and challenge these idiots as soon as possible, or we will become the persecuted like the Jews were nearlly wiped during the German Nazi treatment. Better Get With It Now!!!
(12/31/2010 1:52:30 PM)
Disgusting Worthless Human Being
There are people on this planet that are truely worthless. As a Christian American I stand with Jewish Americans and all Jews against bogotted worthless people like this woman. Thank God we have the freedom to reject idiots.
(12/31/2010 2:35:28 PM)
Is there a moderate Muslim?

was the whole audience afraid to speak up? She was allowed to PRETEND to be a moderate with her initial comments but when she was finally honest we saw her true colors. I would have hoped for a reaction from the rest of the audience. I am not asking for her to be pummeled, but chastisement would have been appropriate.
This is what we are faced with and why we need to have our guard up. I am wondering if there are any Muslims who will stand with us rather than hoping we fall?
(12/31/2010 3:11:55 PM)
#14 t s - question... what or whom are you quoting about amalek descendants? please respond. tanx.
(12/31/2010 7:24:13 PM)
american for common sense
Hitler youth? Is she kidding? These radical muslims want to kill the Jews... but my fellow Christians, if you think we will not be next and are not already in the their plans as step 2 to wipe out all traces of a civil society you are living in a dream world. Europe is dying of 1000 Radical Muslim cuts. America is not immune from these dirty scum ruining it all... Mr Obama you are either the most inept president ever or one of them... STAND UP FOR THIS COUNTRY!!!!!
(12/31/2010 9:30:55 PM)
Truth will out
Everywhere I hear that muslims are wonderful people...and in small numbers they are (or appear to be). But just take a look at any Islamic country to see the truth. When their numbers rise to a certain threshold, all bets are off. the moderates will NEVER stand up to the radicals. That is when the radicals take over. That is when eyes are opened and then shut permanently.
(12/31/2010 9:36:46 PM)
Arrest them!
Why are supporters of terrorism and terrorist organizations that are recognized as so by the United States governmant not arrested, prosecuted and expelled from the United States to one of the Arab nations that will welcome them?
When does this country wake up to the fact that they not only hate Israel but all Westerners?

Iran sounds like a good place for a woman with her opinions. Perhaps there she will receive a little taste of what she wishes for Jews. As an American the government of Iran might treat her with suspicion and imprison her as a spy. After they assure themselves that she is a supporter of their cause to kill all Jews they can then recruit her as a suicide bomber.

A dream come true for her and one less of her kind walking the earth spreading her poison.

Anyone who believes that this woman can be educated and change is a silly dreamer. Generations of Arabs are raised to hate Jews and this will not change if Israel gives up land or anything else.

Bin Laden never mentioned Israel on his list of three reasons for bombing the US. He said he wants all Westerners out of the holy land and he wasn't talking bout Israel. He said he wants all Westerners out of all Arab lands. He also said he wants an Islamic world; the Arab extremist expansion plan.

America needs to wake up to the reality that this is real and they are implementing this plan among us. We did not tolerate anti American initiatives in the past and there are examples of how such initiatives were crushed. Wounded Knee, Kent State, Branch Dividians, Moves in Philadelphia and Ruby Ridge to name a few; right or wrong they were not tolerated but were seen as threats to our sovereign nation.

Stop the politicaly correct denial and arrest her! Get serious about removing terrorists from our shores.
(1/1/2011 1:19:29 PM)
Stand Up America!! (2)
Of all of the comments I read, I identify with #661 the most.
They talk about being shunned if they leave their religion at home, but I ask why aren't they shunned for promoting their anti-American religion/politics in our country? Why aren't they packed up and sent home instead of being allowed to live in the USA and attend our universities? God bless America!!!
(1/1/2011 3:29:40 PM)
muslim student's true opinion
to #38. This is NOT what our President supports. Try and learn how to read, or if that's beyond your capacity, try and listen to more objective newscasts. Our President promotes unity among poeple, as do I, and the majority of thinking mankind. Mr. Obama is an American, regardless of hisancestry. Unless you're and American Indian, your ancestry is also from a different Country, a different Continent.
Our President will condemn this student, and all those with similar opinions, as much as I do..

(1/1/2011 5:38:17 PM)
artist - Jewish
Almost unbelievable, but knowing the hatred we face thro the ages, it is believable. Free speech USA funds a monster to study and prepare the annihilations of the Jews wherever they are. She should be in jail for life, or in Pakistan with Bin Laden.
(1/1/2011 8:12:00 PM)
All American Teaparty Grandma
The Muslim Community that lives in America are probably afraid to respond. If the read their Koran then they believe what this student beleives because that is what it says. Many Muslims probably don't even read the Koran, Hadith or Sere, their holy books. If they go to the Mosque, they listen to what their leaders say. Dependent on whether their leader is "radicalized" they may hear verses that are very calm and gentle or verses that are full of hatred and venom toward Jews and Christians. Some of our muslim neighbors may be ignorant and afraid to speak out. When "push comes to shove" they want to be on the correct side. I guess that speaks volumes. I think we should put "political correctness" aside and get real! Vote out anyone who supports "political correctness" This Muslim Student is most likely getting a free education on our tax dollar like I think, Obama did. he has paid millions of dollars to his alma matter to keep his records sealed, but they still leaked.
(1/1/2011 8:21:41 PM)
Oh, for God's sake
They were both jerks.
(1/1/2011 9:09:19 PM)
We are so stupid. We pay for their education heree. And our children can't go because we cannot afford it.
If they want a education here.. Bring along the money from
Their mothere and father. Or don't come.
(1/1/2011 10:39:41 PM)
Shut up dumb woman
People like this Muslim woman needs to be taught a lesson. We have no time for them!
(1/1/2011 10:57:21 PM)
I didn't vote for obama
We have a muslim president who goes right along with any thing muslim. He should be deported with every single one of them. We are lettting our country be invaded by mentally insane people. Bring the Marines back here and deport every single muslim.........
(1/2/2011 12:39:40 AM)
Hitler youth?
I thought Hitler youth training went out when WWII ended? Why are we letting our youth in the USA be brain washed by something that was disbanded almost 66 years ago?
(1/2/2011 8:20:53 AM)
muslims and Hitler have a long history
Islamic Jew hatred. It's what drives the genocide of the Jews in the Muslim world today. It's what drove the Muslim world in their partnership with Hitler, and it fueled the oppression, humiliation, and slaughter of the Jews throughout Islamic history.

The role of the Mufti and the Muslim world in World War II has been whitewashed from history. Why? So that they might rise again to commit the same unspeakable, horrific crimes against humanity?

According to testimony by Nazi war criminals, the Mufti's influence was critical to the German decision to annihilate the Jews of Europe.

The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan.

This ideology is still pervasive today so it should surprise no one these people still celebrate Hitler Youth Day and model their military and goals after him.
(1/2/2011 11:09:08 AM)
Freedom of Speech is one thing--but to openly wear terrorist clothing and stating that she wants to annihilate all Jews is another thing. I am sure she is an American citizen "who is MISUNDERSTOOD by her parents"!!
I wonder who is paying for her education at UCSD???
(1/2/2011 11:48:58 AM)
Throw Them All OUT!
This Wanker is so twisted in her thinking! This is what will destroy our country! She needs to go back to her own country!
And stay the HELL out of ours! GOD BLESS THE USA!
(1/2/2011 12:08:26 PM)
Frank M
Dear fellow American. Please take time to hear this exchange between David Horowitz and a Muslim student here in our country. It is imperative that we stop being PC about the Muslim religion. There "IS" an evil link between the Muslim religion and the terrorists that want to exterminate the Jews and we Americans. I want to see our CIA get much more involved in surveillance of Mosques and know what sort of terrorist teaching and recruiting they are promoting with their parishioners. Our love of FREEDOM is at stake!
(1/2/2011 7:50:37 PM)
in this whole video she sounds so happy and confident about her beliefs in killing the Jews. The Jews are God's chosen people!
(1/2/2011 8:04:59 PM)
To 'A Jew's Friend'
Please understand that there are those Christians that stand with Israel and the Jews. I have given to a Jewish Orphanage for years, and have been blessed beyond measure. If we don't stand together we will have to decide whether to be beheaded or prostrate ourselves facing the east five times a day.
(1/2/2011 10:07:51 PM)
A Veteran
Perhaps this young woman should appear on The View or The Factor and respond to the question Bahar and her foul mouthed friend , uh what's her name put to O'Reiley regarding Muslim's attacking American on 9/11
(1/2/2011 10:29:54 PM)
I had an urge to vommit after watching this.
I do not understand why we continue allowing these people to walk among us. Their culture feeds on hate and violence. They need to hate in order to feel alive. If they succeed in destroying an enemy they will always find another.
(1/3/2011 4:22:55 AM)
The Doc
She thinks she is so smart, but is shown to be a terrorist or terroist sympathizer, herself. She SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND DEPORTED!
(1/3/2011 8:44:12 AM)
wake up the Christians
When the terroists have killed all the Jews the Christians will be the next target, they won't quit with them either , they just live with hate.
(1/3/2011 9:57:01 AM)
Save our country
She is probably going to school on a government scholarship.
(1/3/2011 11:14:13 AM)
She should have been arrested the minute the said "For".
(1/3/2011 11:47:53 AM)
What makes America great will also be it's demise. Since we allow people like this to walk among us. They will destroy us from within.
(1/3/2011 12:22:45 PM)
Ship em back
Anyone supporting terrists shoul be shipped back to their country and keep tyhem out of any western civilaziations
(1/3/2011 2:41:20 PM)
bone chilling
You notice this human being is stripped of all covering when
Horowitz says clearly he is a Jew. Then the truth of what is in her heart comes out unabashed. This is the ice cold person that will lovingly hide the suicide bomb under that scarf. This is a real life horror movie already in the editing room. Wake up're next...
(1/3/2011 3:04:12 PM)
A sad wake up call
I thought American born Muslims were of a different ilk but this video reinforces the claim the ALL Muslims believe in the destruction of all who do not embrace Islam. GOD BLESS THE USA INDEED.
(1/3/2011 5:05:17 PM)
blastered hatefull ppl
stand up everyone who doesnt want that to happen in there country, thhat studend gets suport from the usa and still has the gut to openly talk hatefull
(1/3/2011 5:11:16 PM)
Quran and Judaism
The claim that the Quran is anti-Judaism is false. All of the Kings of the Old Testament are Prophets in the Quran. Anti-Semitism has nothing to do with the Quran. You'll notice that most of the 1.2 billion+ Muslims in the world aren't hating anybody. When Muslims do attack others it's usually a Muslim from another sect. So it goes with the history of Christianity too- Catholics vs. Protestants vs. Mormons vs........ Can't we all get along?
(1/3/2011 6:53:00 PM)
I'm sorry but I found nothing charming about this lunatic from start to finish. We better wake up and get ready to fight because we will see war in our own country before its over with. I would encourage everyone to arm themselves and learn how to use a weapon. Learn safety of owning a firearm. This may sound over board but I believe in being ready for anything. We have a President that can't find his a-- let along figure out how to run this great country of ours. We are in deep sh-t. We have home made terrorists. They are experts at killing, maiming and destroying everything good that we treasure. On our own grounds they are teaching hate of us to their children in their schools and our government knows about it. God help us all.
God Bless America.
(1/3/2011 11:29:24 PM)