Dec 6, 2009
Chabad Midtown's Bar Mitzvah

Hundreds gathered Wednesday evening for Chabad of Midtown Manhattan’s 13th annual dinner, honoring Mr. Kamran Hakim and chaired by philanthropists David and Lara Slager.

Hundreds gathered Wednesday evening, December 2 for Chabad of Midtown Manhattan’s 13th annual dinner. The party was held in the Sony Atrium.

Prior to the dinner, a cocktail reception was held at Chabad of Midtown’s newest center, Chabad of the Plaza District, at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Mr. Kamran Hakim, a New York real estate magnate, was the Guest of Honor. In his speech, Mr. Hakim recalled movingly how Rabbi Metzger brought him, along with two coach buses of his family and friends, to receive dollars from the Rebbe. The Rebbe singled out Mr. Hakim by giving him two dollars for extra blessing.

For the fifth consecutive year, the dinner was chaired by philanthropists David and Lara Slager. Brocha Metzger paid tribute to them in her awards speech. She fondly recalled that in 1998, the early years of Chabad of Midtown, David and Lara started attending Shabbos meals on their trips from overseas. Over the years, the Slagers have assumed an ever-increasing leadership position in Chabad of Midtown’s development. Their warm and heartfelt generosity has opened new horizons for the Chabad of Midtown community.

Pavarini McGovern, a leading Manhattan construction firm, was the dinner’s corporate sponsor. The night was capped with dancing and a Chassidishe farbrengen, including members of the Chabad Midtown Kollel.

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Reception at Chabad of the Plaza District
Reception at Chabad of the Plaza District

Mizmor Shir Chanukas Habayis
Mizmor Shir Chanukas Habayis

Brocha Metzger, MC for the evening
Brocha Metzger, MC for the evening

Kamran & Ellen Hakim receive award
Kamran & Ellen Hakim receive award

David & Lara Slager receive award
David & Lara Slager receive award

Honorees Kamran Hakim and David Slager dancing with Rabbi Yehoshua Metzger
Honorees Kamran Hakim and David Slager dancing with Rabbi Yehoshua Metzger

Members of The Midtown Kollel
Members of The Midtown Kollel

Opinions and Comments
Nice to see you Mendy.....
(12/5/2009 4:56:11 AM)

mazel tov!!!
(12/5/2009 8:04:40 AM)
Dear Rabbi Metzger-zadeh - What a beautiful event. Wishing you a lot of Hatzalacha. How'd you get HH and IH to come? My old teffilin route
(12/5/2009 11:47:37 AM)
what is yale n. doin there
(12/5/2009 11:53:33 AM)
My dear sister
Hey B.C. once again you have outdone yourself! GORGEOUS!! May you and J continue to have hatslacha raba in all your peulos and endeavors!! p.s. Dovi B. nice tie!

your s.american relatives..
(12/5/2009 1:17:39 PM)
hey nice to see yoel amd dovi in tje kolell nice ties:)
(12/5/2009 5:32:29 PM)
I would have loved to come !Awesome food!
(12/5/2009 7:26:04 PM)
Kol Hakovod!
To B.C. and Josh and all of the extended Metzger, Heber, and Shmotkin families. Boy are we proud of you!! May you continue to go Maychayil ad chayil! Thanks for the Nachas! The Barbers from "down under"
(12/6/2009 8:50:27 AM)
the shnay
rabbi lifshitz, your work at chabad of the plaza district inspired me to extend myself to greater lengths in jewish practice. may hashem grant all of you a long long robust life full with joy, love and continued growth.
(12/6/2009 10:14:30 AM)
The Shnay
Rabbi Lifshitz never fails to amaze me with the magnitude of his capabilities.

May you grow mechayil and choyil and may your new job bring you more and more opportunities to instill the warmth of Judaism in others.
(12/6/2009 12:32:06 PM)
agree with 9
following in the footsteps of chabad leadership he continues to rise up and break common stereotypes about jews..
(12/6/2009 12:41:18 PM)
You have never failed to amaze me!! I hope that Josh sees your great abilities and helps you expand on the level you deserve.. From Africa to Tokyo from sun valley to KKK always held the geon yackov up right and have been a great inspiration to me in my life!!!

Your friend from LA/Tokyo
(12/6/2009 3:12:00 PM)
Hashpa'a is a daunting task... May your downs be far fewer than your ups... may you use your up times to instill the warmth that you carry to the darkest places... and may you use your down times to recharge, only to come out stronger again and be a greater force for mankind... if only other Shluchim had just half of your Kochos Chabad would have so much more to show for themselves! Poetic, no?
(12/9/2009 8:53:48 AM)
Who Blessed The Hamotzie?
Much Blessings to Josh and Family
(12/9/2009 11:22:25 AM)
re: #13
You said it better than anyone else could have.
Chazak ve'ematz shnay! ur poshut a massive shliach
(12/9/2009 12:02:46 PM)
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