Feb 14, 2019
Shots Fired at LA Chabad School

A suspicious individual was shot at a Chabad girls high school in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon; no students are harmed.

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A suspicious individual was shot at a Chabad girls high school in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon.

A security guard observed the man canvassing the outside of Ohel Chana High School, located inside Etz Jacob Congregation at 7659 Beverly Blvd, at around 1:00PM.

When the suspect was confronted, he become belligerent and was shot in the leg. The suspect is in stable condition.

The school was placed on lockdown, and will continue to be on lockdown until further notice that all has been cleared by the police.

"The kids are in a safe room and the school is still on lockdown," a parent in the school told COLlive.com.


In a letter to parents, the school wrote:

We want to inform you about an incident that took place at the school this afternoon.

An individual was canvassing the outside of the school building. When he was confronted by our school security guard. After becoming belligerent, the security guard did shoot him in the leg (he is not critically injured).

We are happy to inform you that absolutely no students were hurt or in danger at any time during this period.

As a precautionary measure, the school building was put on lockdown and will continue to be on lockdown until further notice that all has been cleared by the police.

The students are currently being given extra time to relax before going into class. We davened an early mincha and will keep posted.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Opinions and Comments
Gedalya Goomberg
One can see ho important it is to have a security guard, Baruch Hashem they had one
(2/14/2019 4:00:55 PM)
security guard was subsequently arrested
for shooting the suspect
(2/14/2019 4:16:11 PM)
Sanctuary city
But I thought LA just became a Sanctuary city? what do you know when you when libs are in charge!
(2/14/2019 4:24:11 PM)
Good luck to security guard.
The security guard was arrested..good luck. In LA shooting someone without a valid reason can end you up in jail for a long time..Hope he has a good lawyer.
(2/14/2019 4:26:51 PM)
from london
wow they really do talk like that in LA .. i just thought they put on that dumb blond accent in the movies !
(2/14/2019 5:29:10 PM)
#4 don't worry parents will hire a good lawyer
Security guard is to protect ... better to save all kids lives then a life of a terrorist
(2/14/2019 5:46:08 PM)
Armed guards
This will serve as a good leason for not having armed guards unless they are very qualified. Those are extremely expensive and out of all of our mosdos budgets
(2/14/2019 5:49:11 PM)
He was shot once. You headline should say shot (NO S) fired
(2/14/2019 5:56:05 PM)
False news
Please don’t perpetuate the lies that the media is showing. they did not show the first 45 minutes
Please show this is what happened first!!! He baited the guard for 45 minutes first. The police were called and never showed up until after
(2/14/2019 6:04:10 PM)
The Real Guardian of Israel!
In this climate of antisemitism, the guy should be thankful he was not shot dead on sight!. Dear Yidden. Stop being apologetic defending yourselves. You have a right to protect yourself, and your community. Anybody who is going to face off with anyone with a firearm is crazy. The guard did what was best at the time given the situation. Its real easy to sit at home in a nice comfortable chair or couch crittercising a shooting, or trying to be so PC as not to upset the goyim. No apology needed here. Someone should gofund the security guards legal fees, and buy him a beer.
(2/14/2019 6:30:37 PM)
Why didn't the guard just call the Police right away instead of watching him fir mire than half an hour??!!
(2/14/2019 7:07:47 PM)
Fake !!!!!
the security Guard was trigger happy, yes he was filming but what people dont know that for 30 min b4 he got to the school he was filming other random stuff so when the guard asked him what he was doing he just stayed there to antagonize him.
and he only got glazed by the bullet.

making a big deal out of nothing!!!!
(2/14/2019 7:49:06 PM)
No one will dare mess with that school.
(2/14/2019 8:09:03 PM)
Shot by poorly trained armed guard for standing on sidewalk with camera
the guard might have been irrationally scared, but a person in black clothing holding a camera in LA doesn't give you permission to shoot FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A LOCKED METAL GATE at the person on the sidewalk doing nothing but filming the area from public.
(2/14/2019 8:56:08 PM)
He wasn't shot!
the shot hit the floor and pieces of cement shrapnel hit his leg. HE WASN'T SHOT!
(2/14/2019 9:40:40 PM)
hope he's ok
I know the security gaurd
he's a get and a really nice guy who is all about protecting jews
hope he gets out easily and smoothly

(2/14/2019 10:48:04 PM)
the youtubers video is now on other sites, and it's damning. If that guard fired on purpose he sure has a funny stance. The guard should get jail time for his stupid decision making and lack of firearms safety protocol. Might be a nice guy, but it's clear by his actions that he doesn't belong armed and doesn't at all qualify for armed security responsibilities. There is ZERO question that this was not a situation that warranted a drawn firearm in any way. And once that terrible decision was made, tragedy was sure to follow.
(2/15/2019 8:25:39 AM)
This guy may have been harmful but he went out looking for problems
(2/15/2019 10:31:01 AM)
Good person in bad situation
Amazing, willing to go beyond the call of duty for Jewish kids. The guard did not know that this person was baiting a response from security.
(2/15/2019 10:54:11 AM)
He deserved it. Stupidity to max to provoke an armed guard.
(2/15/2019 11:12:18 AM)
To # 17
If your child was a student in that school I’m sure you’d feel quite differently. The creep provoked the guard to the max and took and extremely unusual interest in ‘filming’ the school area. What would you do if a stranger was standing outside your house filming your property and verbally abused you when questioned. The police were called and come until there was a gunshot. Should he have left the offender alone until school let out just to see what happens at the risk of children’s lives?? You’re way off base sorry!
(2/15/2019 3:39:49 PM)
Btw # 17
He did know what he was doing the perp was only grazed!
(2/15/2019 3:44:20 PM)
To # 17
I imagine you heard of the Parkland, Florida and Pittsburgh disasters. Both had either no security or grossly inadequate ones. Jewish institutions have been urged to hire strong & armed security services. The guard’s sole and only purpose in being there is to protect and defend the school’s students!! What else would you imagine he could do under with no police response in that bizarre circumstance!
(2/15/2019 4:09:49 PM)
My sister, goes to that school. I heard, that, the Security guard got arrested [unfortunately]; I think he was pointing the gun at the ground but it bounced off and went in his leg ( The Meshugene)

(2/15/2019 5:43:45 PM)
Los Angeles resident
Please read all posts and videos on YouTube to get a clear picture of what happened security guard did his job to protect the school and the children and everybody in there. this person deserves to be punished not necessarily in the way he got it. the last line goes to defend the security guard because if he is wrong and what he did what will be the future of Jewish schools in synagogues in the way they protect themselves. Please don't judge . California is a very liberal state and against gun control.
(2/15/2019 7:22:09 PM)
Fantasy land
I'm not sure where this "guards" supporters are coming from. Legally and ethically and halachically what he did was entirely wrong. And I'm referring to drawing this gun, not even the shooting. The second he drew his weapon he earned his jail time. That he fired by mistake is all the unnecessary proof you seem to need. And if you know gun handling, you know just how many rules he violated and that the results were all but guaranteed. He is totally unqualified for this position, and to be carrying a firearm and to be guarding our kinderlach. He may be the sweetest guy with the best intentions. He is at the same time totally unprepared for this scenario, a likely one that is something armed guards train for. There was NO threat of force here that required an armed response. Zero. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to justify the use of lethal force here. And any time you draw a weapon, that threat has to be present.
(2/16/2019 8:25:07 PM)
To: Fantasy Land
What are you even basing this on? The police were called numerous times, and over an hour didnt show up. The media has portrayed this as if he immediately took out his weapon without being provoked. did you watch the video that this person since took down that was 45 minutes of him recording girls, commenting on "these green skirts" and what "must be a jewish thing". Did you see the guard first take out a camera to get a picture of the person and and repeatedly ask her to step back and ask what was in her backpack? There was very real concern that she may have been carrying explosives, and she did nothing to try to have anyone think otherwise. This person intentionally tries to provoke a response, and did nothing to try to deescalate the situation so that people wouldnt think there was any danger to the kids. That goes far beyond a first amendment right. Did you watch all of the videos that were posted and speak to other people at the scene before jumping to accuse this person falsely of mishandling a firearm? what ever happened to dan lecaf zechus. I just hope my children's safety never depends on someone like you.
(2/16/2019 9:27:42 PM)
Gun Owner
Anyone who claims that they chose to fire a "warning shot" is by definition unfit to carry a fire arm. Anyone with even rudimentary training (required for a carry permit in many states) knows that you only fire a gun if you intend to use deadly force.
(2/16/2019 11:24:09 PM)
... obnoxious behavior is not a valid reason to shoot someone. It is appropriate to shoot only when there is an actual threat to life. "Warning shots" are illegal and also dangerous to innocent people nearby, what goes up must come down.
I am a gun owner myself and an avid supporter of the Second Amendment, and the whole reason I learned to shoot was to help protect people in my shul. Somebody comes in the shul brandishing a firearm or a knife, absolutely, shoot. And don't miss. Or in this case, the would-be assailant is still outside but is actively attempting to assault the guard and has the means to do so, yes. But shooting at a loony-tunes who is not at the moment a threat to life, no way.
(2/17/2019 3:01:10 AM)
àîï to # 27
The perp was speaking extremely hostile to the guard, ignoring questions as to what×s in the backpack, with no show police for 1 hour after calls repeatedly made , the poor man was afraid for the welfare of children he was hired to protect!! He or she made offensive remarks about the students also!
(2/17/2019 3:10:35 AM)
what us wrong with you???? this isn't your coffee clutch this is legal issues jail time serious
You can't say "he meant this" or "he felt that". Deadly force is used (and that includes threatened) only against the threat of deadly force. He didn't even shoot on purpose!!! If any if the defenders here were called as supporting witnesses, they would HURT his defense. This is ludicrous.
(2/17/2019 1:35:49 PM)
Gun Owner
The "perp" works for the school, and is facing serious criminal charges. The photographer did nothing illegal.
(2/17/2019 4:37:11 PM)
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