Feb 11, 2019
Torah Prejudiced Against Women?

Stump the Rabbi: How do you respond to the claim that Judaism and the Torah are prejudiced against women?

Answer by Rabbi Mendy Wolf:

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Thank you!
"If you would tell anyone who has a few children at home that they have to wake up 6 in the morning to come to shul, or to daven in zman krias shema, they would shoot you."

Well said.
(2/11/2019 7:28:30 PM)
Very clear
Rabbi Wolf, thank you for this explanation.
It was brought our so clearly.
(2/11/2019 7:39:30 PM)
So basically he answered yes it is
(2/11/2019 8:25:37 PM)
Thank you !
(2/11/2019 8:41:07 PM)
To 3
Yes sexist I.e. difference between the sexes, not discriminatory, they are different than each other but one is not lower or inferior than the other
(2/11/2019 9:15:28 PM)
So women have one role while men have both
Chinuch and Taharas Hamishpocho are men's responsibility too. Women get a free pass on all time-bound Mitzvos. If there is sexism it's against men who have far greater responsibilities and pressures.
(2/11/2019 9:23:35 PM)
One correction. Please define chinuch clearly. Some parts of it are the father's mitzvah.
Otherwise great stuff
(2/11/2019 10:06:15 PM)
Why don't women explain how Torah isn't sexist?
It's always a man telling me why I also have an important role in the community (read: home. Community leadership is only for men)
Comment number 6 is absolutely correct.
However, it's 2019 and us women are strong enough to bring about change on our own. We don't need men to elevate us to their level of leadership, we can do it ourselves. We're strong, capable and smart.
The first thing we must do is equalise ourselves to them in Torah knowledge. The fact of the matter is that men know more Torah and halacha than we do, and as long as that is the case we will be required to seek their guidance by virtue of their knowledge. In order to accomplish that task we must set aside times every day for advanced Torah study. I mean yeshiva level. (if you're married with kids, your hubby can watch the kids while you go learn. You do it for him when he wants to learn. And hey, we're equal). Ideally, our girl elementary and high schools should teach the girls on the same level as the bus are being taught.
Once we aquire the same rabbinical knowledge as the rabbis, then we no longer need to submit ourselves to them, and we can finally take leadership roles in our community (yes, ours. Us women are also part of the community and should have an opportunity to contribute) Even if we can't be rabbis due to halachik restrictions, there are still many other roles we can fill. For example answering questions which pertain exclusively to women...
I'd very much like to start a daily women's study group and for those of you who'd like to join, please email me at chwomensstudygroup@gmail.com

Chavi M.

Ps I'm terribly saddened by the fact that when I express my idea to prominent women in the ch community, they call me rebellious etc. and they immediately reject my idea. Why is it that the people that I'm trying to stand up for and I'm trying to give a voice to are the ones who are most opposed to this solution?
Why do I hear more from woman than from men that your purpose in this world is to be a mother? There are so many other mitzvos that apply to women and perhaps that's why we were born. Also, according to this notion, when I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, I essentially did something useless because her sole purpose is to have children! Finally, if a women's purpose in this world is to have children and be a mother, why did hashem only command men to be fruitful and multiply? Women are patur from that mitzvah.
(2/11/2019 10:24:20 PM)
nice vort
nice vort, but should be clarified that the mitzvo of pru urvu is actually a mitzva on the man and not the woman
(2/11/2019 10:59:26 PM)
To #8
The question is are you doing what Hashem really wants or what you will feel is good? Look in Torah to see what women are praised for and what men are praised for, it's different. We don't need to
be like men to fulfill our shluchis in this world. I don't get why women feel like they need to compete with men.
(2/12/2019 2:21:53 AM)
Stop being apologetic. We dont need to make the Torah sound nice to people. Yes, the Torah is sexist. Yes, the Torah gives women an inferior role (as far as we understand things in galus). If a man and woman are drowning one has to save the man first because he has more mitzvos. Where do you think the worlds sexism comes from?
Now what are you gonna do? Decide its not true because you dont like what you hear? Run away? Or maybe face it, stop limiting yourself and making excuses for why YOU are not living your best life?
(2/12/2019 3:28:28 AM)
Where is the source for saving a drowning man first?
(2/12/2019 7:28:28 AM)
Explain again how birthing and raising a nation makes one inferior? Sounds like you have inherent misogynist tendencies yourself.
And how exactly do you connect your nasty message of the low worth of a woman's life to "live your best life?" Sounds like you're throwing in random sound bites to make yourself sound current.
(2/12/2019 8:33:05 AM)
Women are stronger. That's why we don't need the Torah to tell us.
I feel sad for any woman that thinks women are inferior. Yes our purpose in the world is to raise a family. That means you are the one that is laying the foundation for your sons. Future leaders. Of course we can do all the things men do. But why do you want to. We have a much more important role.

I don't think our husbands should watch our children so we can go learn. Didn't you know, you get schar for all his learning. Why do you feel like you need to have another role.

I work in a man's world. As a mother, I feel so much more fulfilled from my job as a mother and and watching my children grow into mentch than any deal I close. Because I know I can do it. Big deal. But when you'll get to walk your child to their chuppah and watch them bring the next generation of Klal Yisroel into this world, that's real fulfillment and accomplishment.
(2/12/2019 9:02:02 AM)
To #13
I think you just proved #8s point. Keep it up!
(2/12/2019 9:27:01 AM)
Thank you
Thank you Rabbi wolf.
your shiur and also advices are so wise and beautiful.
(2/12/2019 12:15:14 PM)
Chavi M.
To #13, haven't you ever learned a maamar before? The reason we do mitzvos is not for schar rather, to make a dira b'tachtonim. And women can and should contribute to that dira.
(2/12/2019 1:12:14 PM)
Chavi M.
To #13, haven't you ever learned a maamar before? The reason we do mitzvos is not for schar rather, to make a dira b'tachtonim. And women can and should contribute to that dira.
(2/12/2019 2:34:50 PM)
to #16
youre right they should. and they do by doing what torahs says, not how you feel
(2/12/2019 2:52:00 PM)
Obvious & unfortunate
Torah is predjudiced against woman. Any attempt to sugar coated will fail. The more frum the people are, the less they
are open to womans empowerment. Woman are not allowed to sit or talk in front of man.... man are all saints,...ridicules!!
Woman are only good to be at home...this must change
(2/12/2019 9:55:59 PM)
God is Great!
Please pick up this book by Rabbi S Polter; an excellent thesis on this very issue, much better than this. The book in general is quite awesome, but specifically as it relates to this issue, is golden.
(2/13/2019 12:13:02 PM)
To #20 Torah is not against women, You are making phony claims.
Torah does not say that women can't ever talk in front of men, nor does it say all women ate good for is to be at home.
Aishes Chiyal song before the meal at just about every Shabbos table talks about women going out and considering fields and buying them.
Nor does Torah claim all men are saints. If they were there would be no need for the laws stating men could be beaten for not giving a Gett.
Torah is full of examples of men doing evil, like Korach, and Tirbal prince who Pinchus killed, and King Shaul, and his jealousy of David, and his failure to Kill the Amalakite king, right away, as he should have, and so many more.
Your version of "empowerment" is just anti Torah, liberal secularism, in disguise.
(2/13/2019 2:53:44 PM)
#9 Brooooooo
He wasn't talking about Pru Urvo.

He's referring to the fact that the sole determiner as to whether or not someone is a yid is based on the woman.

C'mon man - You got this!
(2/13/2019 7:31:28 PM)
Limud Torah Lishma for Nashim
Any halachic discussion really comes down to three essential questions. Classical Rambam vs. Ramban . . . where is the Oraitha?

A) Is Safek issur rabannan l'kula or l'chumra?
B) Is Safek issur rabannan l'chumra d'oraitha or d'rabannan?
C) Is Safek issur rabannan l'kula d'oraitha or d'rabannan.

If you can answer those three . . .it all makes sense much like choosing your own physician and co-participating in health care decisions, choosing healthy foods and avoiding food allergies or enjoying one's favorite ice cream flavor on Shabbat.
(2/15/2019 10:30:29 AM)
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