Feb 11, 2019
Mom's Project Now Helps Her Own

Leah Engel, who started a learning project for the recovery of a friend's baby, is now dedicating it for the health of her own twin infants.

Project CommUNITY:

Join Project CommUNITY: an initiative to gather neighboring women to unite and learn.

Beginning this Tuesday, hundreds of women will unite in 24 locations around Crown Heights to learn Inyanei Geula UMoshiach.

Where theres unity, the Shechina rests, and when the Shechina rests, there will be Moshiach, says Leah Engel, a young mother.

Engel launched Project CommUNITY last year in the merit of a recovery for her friends baby. The baby was bh restored to full health!

Now Engel herself is in need of a miracle. She gave birth a few weeks ago to twin girls, who were born conjoined, otherwise known as Siamese twins.

Project C will be hosting three gatherings on
Tuesday - February 12
Tuesday - February 26
Tuesday - March 12
8:15-9:15 PM

In the Zechus of:

After hearing about this initiative, we received many messages from people outside of Crown Heights who wanted to start Project C in their own communities. There will be locations opening in Monsey, Detroit, Boro Park, Florida, and Las Vegas.

The goal is to involve our entire community. The success of this initiative depends on your participation.

All you have to do is show up and bring a friend.

With everyones involvement we will iyH be able to reach our collective goal of bringing Moshiach now.

If you would like to open a location for the next event, please message (347) 831- 5986.

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