Feb 11, 2019
Online School Students Met Offline
Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Spirited hellos and cheerful hugs resounded as the Nigri International Shluchim Online School hosted its annual Day of Celebration.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Spirited hellos and cheerful hugs resounded as the Nigri International Shluchim Online School hosted its annual Day of Celebration last Wednesday evening.

Students, their mothers and teachers from over 60 countries around the world enjoyed this rare chance to interact in person, outside of the usual virtual classroom experience.

The welcome event of this much-anticipated gala featured a photo booth, art fun and a chance for the girls to meet and mingle with their friends and Morahs.

Morah Devora Leah Notik, associate director, opened the banquet dinner by sharing special school highlights. Each of the classes presented what they have been learning this year, through drama or music.

Sixth grade Shlucha from Augusta, GA, Leah Fischer represented her fellow students as she spoke about what the Online School experience means to her, while Morah Rivky Horowitz, teacher and curriculum director, discussed new developments the school has made in curriculum coordination.

Mrs. Chana Lieblich, Shlucha to Wilmington, NC spoke on behalf of the parent body, thanking school staff for the high-quality academic and extra-curricular education her daughters are receiving.

In the months leading up to the Day of Celebration, girls participated in various extracurricular programs and hachanos. Bnos Chabad Coordinator, Tzeite Raichik, presented seforim and prizes to the girls to reward their efforts. The banquet ended with a high-energy roll call and dancing.

Following the dinner, the mothers joined a game-discussion by the Shluchim Online School PTA while the girls enjoyed class bonding and togetherness, this time in a real classroom. The sixth grade girls had a Bas Mitzvah Farbrengen with their mothers and each received a beautiful leather bound Tehillim.

The excitement and pride during the school picture was palpable. Each girl, proudly wearing her Shluchim Online School scarf and pin, sang and smiled together as the wonderful evening came to a close. The girls are returning home to their places of Shlichus, inspired, with renewed energy and Chayus for a successful year ahead!

As eighth grader Fraidel Bialo put it: "Day of celebration was an amazing experience! The best part was bonding with my fellow G8ers and schoolmates, while singing and cheering the whole night long! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole Online School bonding as one Shluchos family!"

Special thanks was given to Mrs. Devorah Kasimov, and the staff at Lubavitcher Yeshiva for making this program possible.

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Opinions and Comments
Best school !
Go Devoeah Leah Notik !!!
School is amazing place to work and learn since you run it !!
(2/11/2019 3:25:15 PM)
I spy....
My daughter Bina Stiefel, Shlucha from Piestany, Slovakia, Yehuda Leib on her lap, & my granddaughters, Chana Stiefel & Sara Lent (Nottingham, UK). Proud Mama/Bubby says hello!
(2/11/2019 3:27:49 PM)
Thank you Ms. Notik for such an amazing event
and thank you to all the AMAZING teachers
We love you
(2/11/2019 4:02:26 PM)
Thank You Shluchim Online School!
Your dedication and love for the students is so apparent and real it's unbelievable!
Thank you so much for raising our children in such a remarkable way.
A very grateful parent.
(2/11/2019 5:36:27 PM)
We love on line school
A great school that kids learn and love.
(2/11/2019 9:26:50 PM)
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