Jan 11, 2019
Museum Offers "Chocolate Makery"

The Jewish Children’s Museum launched a new mouthwatering workshop "The Chocolate Makery," where children will delight their senses.

The Jewish Children’s Museum has launched a new mouthwatering workshop - The Chocolate Makery, where children will delight their senses in the world of chocolate.

The complete process of creating chocolate is explored in an engaging way, as children join this fascinating journey and partake in the fun. Participants will plant, harvest and gather the cocoa pods, grind and roast the cocoa beans and watch as the beans transform into creamy flowing chocolate. At the conclusion of this eye-opening experience the children are given the opportunity to mold their very own delicious chocolate creation!

Children from preschool to 2nd Grade will explore the concept of Brachos throughout the Chocolate Makery workshop. In a hands- on manner, children will learn about thanking Hashem as they identify the Brachos that are said for different categories of food.

3rd Grade and up will learn the Melachos of Shabbos involved in the making of chocolate, derived from the Melachos in the Mishkan, that describe the process of making bread.

Throughout the experience of the Chocolate Makery, the children will discuss the corresponding Melacha for each step of the workshop.
Designed primarily for school groups in mind, the Chocolate Makery is being offered exclusively for group bookings. The Chocolate Makery is now available for bookings through March 19th, 2019.

For more information or to schedule a trip, contact the JCM School Representative, at 718 907 8888. Alternatively, email education@jcm.museum for further information and details.

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Opinions and Comments
Such a creative way to teach yiddishkeit!
You guys are always innovating and have the best methods for teaching torah!

This should be packaged for Shluchim to use all over the world!

Who doesn't love chocolate!!

Just brilliant!
(1/11/2019 10:11:33 AM)
Not a new concept
this is not a new concept - the program was introduced by jcrafts and has been around for quite a few years
(1/12/2019 7:34:30 PM)
Wow! Your program is picking up steam. Yasher koach for everything you do - for shluchim and mosdos everywhere. Keep up the great work Levi Raskin, JCrafts & team!
(1/12/2019 8:30:33 PM)
Chocoholic here!!
Maybe they’ll have adult time too? :)
(1/12/2019 8:57:32 PM)
Great Job!
Go Sarah Leah Bronstein! You do incredible work at the Jewish Children's Museum, coming up with new ideas.
(1/13/2019 8:56:45 AM)
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