Jan 4, 2019
Lone Crusader Riles Sofer Stams

A Chicago resident claiming to expose a fraud committed by scribes and merchants of Mezuzos is now being challenged.

By COLlive reporter

A group of 6 Crown Heights sofers are calling to Bais Din a Chicago man who is on a lone crusade for what they say is slander against them and their businesses.

Kingston Avenue sofers Rabbis Moshe Klein, Gad Sebag, Eliezer Shapira, Yosef Liran, Yitzchok Mishulovin, Dovid Rimler, and Mendel Vogel have called Yisrael Dovid Wolf of Chicago to a Bais Din, for "slandering them and causing them to lose money."

In the past two days, social media has been abuzz with information spread by Wolf, claiming he did months of research into Mezuzahs sold by these sofers, and has concluded that they are all selling non-Kosher mezuzahs, some more than others.

Wolf's inquiry has been widely shared on social media, however COLlive did not publish the information immediately due to concerns about the validity of his research and his method.

"While this was a very sensational case, the video and investigation seemed questionable to us, and needed a lot more investigating before we could report about it," said Mica Soffer, Publisher and editor of COLlive.

Wolf claimed that most people do not know the rules and laws of Mezuzah, and rely on the stores that sell Mezuzahs to verify their merchandise before they sell it to the public.

Wolf wrote in an email sent to COLlive, "unfortunately, many stores, even operated by Orthodox Jews, are selling Mezuzahs which have questionable kosher status or simply not kosher. Being that a mezuzah is handwritten by a scribe and not produced by machine, it needs to be properly inspected after its written to identify and - when permissible - correct the errors."

He claimed that he ordered 10 Mezuzahs from 8 different stores and had them checked by an independent Sofer. He chose precisely those stores that Chabad Shluchim around the world often buy from.

The results, he said, were shocking: Only 1 store had all their Mezuzos verified as Kosher Namely Machon Stam owned by Rabbi Yitzhok Raskin (who did not join his peers in challenging Wolf to Din Torah).

Wolf wouldnt disclose which Sofer he used to conduct the check but says he found that 2 stores had very poor quality mezuzos that should never be sold: Hasofer Moshe Klein and Hamafitz Judaica, while 5 others had many not Kosher Mezuzahs.

VIDEO: Wolfs inquiry that was widely shared on social media

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+ Mezuzah Gate: What Happens Next

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Opinions and Comments
Everyone who is 'in the business' knows about this issue
I think he is just trying to bring this out to the public because he tried speaking to the store's and they all scoffed at him. These days in 2019 everything is public, it's a big deal that they are selling such bad quality questionable mezuzahs as being kosher if they are not. The stores are only part of the problem, the sofrim who would write these are also to blame, Because they are producing bad products. It's a big chillul lubavitch when shluchim give out these mezuzahs only to have them checked later to be found to be pasull. At least what should come out is a stricter screening process at the retail location's. And in general when buying sta"m go directly to a sofer that you trust and that you should know who the sofer is. It's brought down in shulchan aruch that a sofer has to be even more yiras shamayim then a shochet. May hashem help that this gets worked out in the proper way.
(1/4/2019 4:32:54 PM)
A detail in the article needs correction
Perhaps it's been a mistake, but in the video it is very clear as to whom the sofer was. He is interviewed in the video with his name and face. If I would have to guess, the reason he chose this sofer is primarily due to the fact that not many sofrim would show themselves on camera regarding this case
(1/4/2019 5:54:31 PM)
this issue has been goin on since I was a kid
As a child 30 years ago, this was a known issue, we as a community never had anyone willing to go the extra mile and put himself out for what he believes in
(1/4/2019 6:02:20 PM)
he had much quiet backing from many community rabonim
Rabbi Wolf did this after much discussion with many robonim on 'both sides' all of whom were extremely happy that someone is taking initiative in what they know already, yet failed many times to stop
(1/4/2019 6:05:18 PM)
a man of courage!
Everyone can learn from such an individual. He stands up for what he believes and knows is right. Something had to be done. If no one else, he took the initiative.
(1/4/2019 6:07:12 PM)
the rebbes man
The way this was presented is arguable but one thing is certain. This is the kind of chassidim the rebbe wanted! Someone who goes out (like korach) and does all that's nessesry to change a real problem. Kol hakavod
(1/4/2019 6:10:11 PM)
in response to one of the vn's going around from a particular sofer...
Just because these Jews are "eating boxed matzah, and shaving with razers... " DOES THAT MEAN WE SHOULD HELP AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO KEEP DOING WRONG? The rebbes approach was 'to bring them to torah- not Torah to them . This is clearly degrating Torah to their level
(1/4/2019 6:13:20 PM)
a Chicago resident
Rabbi wolf senior (his father, whom he works with) has a phenomenal and extremely successful organization in Chicago (Chicago Mitzvah Campaign) and of the many incredible p'ulos that they're involved with and are highly respected for, they check hundreds of mezuzios a month (the bring in a sofer cz he as mentioned isnt one). Of those, many are not Frum, nor chabad. And the wolf's have seen for many years on end customers being extremely turned off from chabad when being told either their mezuzahs arent kosher or definitely not even close to mehudar. They say they bought in ch or cerieved from a shliach etc. He is simply trying to help the situation
(1/4/2019 6:20:17 PM)
a classmate
Good for you rabbi wolf! As always standing up for what you believe. I remember when we were in Brunoy yeshiva, svert time we'd go to NY rabbi wolf wild make an effort to meet with various of these sofrim to discuss this matter (he was always into mivtzah mezuzah and realized how God an issue it was.
(1/4/2019 6:26:16 PM)
it's people like him that get things done in the world
Making a splash is the only way to get these things dome unfortunately
(1/4/2019 6:29:20 PM)
any gd fearing jew knows this ...
Any shliach thats a Frum yirei shamayim doesnt get from these retailers. They pay a bit more and get proper mezuzahs for there balei batim
(1/4/2019 6:31:32 PM)
there is one person in crown heights making videos
A young man, is going around making a mockery out of this serious issue. Shame on you
(1/4/2019 6:32:48 PM)
big misconception
He never said not to get merchandise from these retailers neither did he say they are purposely chas vsholom misleading people.he simply said they are being sold bad merchandise and are selling what they recieved. Nor did he jump to any conclusions, rather he presented the facts and everyone can decide for themselves
(1/4/2019 6:45:56 PM)
The stuff being sold is terrible!
At the 2013 Kinnus Hashluchim, one of the rabbis at Mayanot put out a letter entitled "Bakosha Nafshis", because he was encouraging the students to check their tefillin and the sofrim in Israel kept finding problems including many that were outright possul. The students were dismayed. The tefillin were coming from their Shluchim in the US who were in turn purchasing from the big dealers on Kingston.

In Israel they had no idea where the tefillin are sourced from...and so I doubt there would be any hidden agenda..
(1/5/2019 8:05:51 AM)
I am a sofer
i am a chabad sofer from outside of crown heights..

I often get these exact mezuzos brought to me for checking from the shops in CH. I can tell which ones are from where...

Some suppliers are better and some are terrible, i get entire homes to check sometimes which every mezuzah willl have some type of posul. sometimes it is obvious the mezuzah was not even checked and sometimes the writing is so bad no matter how well you check it it is not shayech to use.

We sofrim all know which suppliers are reliable and which are not. it is not a secret amongst us.
(1/5/2019 8:23:03 AM)
Rabbi AST
My thoughts on the claim of Rabbi Zirkind who said that the Kosher status of the mezuzahs which Rabbi wolf had deemed Pasul, those mezuzahs were indeed Pasul and invalid for use _*According to The Alter Rebbe*_.But in his opinion, they are Kosher according to other Poskim who do not have the same view as The Alter Rebbe.

In My own opinion, making that statement, that since they are Kosher according to other Rabbonim, they shouldn't be called Pasul which would be a false statement, saying something like that would Negate what Rabbi Heller had said so strongly regarding an eruv in crown heights.
Namely, that it doesn't "exist" and that people carrying in crown heights would be considered carrying on Shabbos in public.

If we are going to say that chabad stores and chabad Rabbonim should start to use the excuse that "there are other Rabbonim etc" it dillutes chabad and it's way of life.

We as chassidim, follow the halachos of the alter Rebbe. And we should be following the alter Rebbe. Period.
(1/5/2019 11:16:32 AM)
What is this person's agenda?
This is a super professional video which must have cost a lot to produce. Obviously, this isn't a "PSA". I think his "witnesses" should be ashamed to have been involved.

This past week, coincidentally (even though there's no such thing as coincidences!) we had all our mezuzos checked here in Israel, We got them all from Rabbi Moshe Klein years ago & EVERY SINGLE ONE WAS KOSHER!

Furthermore, we trust Rabbi Klein as our "family Mohel": he did the bris for our new grandson this week! I am disgusted at this scurrilous and hateful attack - especially considering the sneaky way this "investigation" was carried out- on decent, ehrliche Sofrim & businesses who service the Chabad community worldwide.

Of course there are errors... a sofer in Israel a couple of weeks ago just sadly & with great frustration posted how he made a mistake towards the end of a parshios (I really don't understand anything about sofrus) & explained his hard work was in vain. But being a Yiras Shamayim, as is Rabbi Klein & all the other people referred to in this video, he accepted his error and will not sell the parshios.

And another thing... I am surprised that Rabbi Raskin didn't join in the Din Torah even though all his samples were 100% - if only to show that this kind of public slander is unacceptable. He could be next!

This is not the way Chassidim behave. If Rabbi Wolf had a problem with a particular sofer, he should have approached him in a respectful manner. It's so wrong.
(1/5/2019 11:37:51 AM)
Lulavim and Esrogim
Another investigation must be made before Succos over Lulavim and Esrogim!

Many Lulavim that are being sold in Judaica stores and in the streets - are NOT kosher according to Halacha!

Don't rely on a so called "Hechsher"

It's about time for Rabbanim to address these issues.
(1/5/2019 1:10:25 PM)
Nothing New
It's already known that Judaica stores are selling pasul mezuzahs.

Nobody wanted to speak up about it.

The Judaica stores are waisting there time over Beis Din, as this is not a loss of money - It's the public being fooled!!!
(1/5/2019 1:49:15 PM)
Open up Shulchan Aruch
Judaica stores have no chance taking him to Bais Din.
It says very clear in Shulchan Aruch o"ch Simsn 32 Seig 18
"If two letters touching are Possul until separated"
(1/5/2019 2:28:59 PM)
Kudos to Mr Wolf
Why is Vaad Harabanim Hakloly getting involved? Shouldn't they be referring the case to a different Beis Din? This smells from impartiality...
(1/5/2019 2:48:10 PM)
Good to know
I think that it was the right think to do ! It's unbelievable to see that! How many Jews around the world have not kosher mezuzos ?! It's a shame for those who sell that ! I hope now that everyone will learn from this video !
1 be careful before selling anything if you are not sure if it's kosher or not !
2 every shliach should check out this mezuzos
3 buy only when you know the sofer and his iras shamaim even if the price is more expensive!
4 don't forget what the rebbe wants from us and stop doing business with no kosher stam !!
Shavua tov!
(1/5/2019 3:11:05 PM)
rabbi wolf
I don't know if this is allowed in beis din, but a family member of mine was sold a completely pasul megillah by one of these retailers and paid top dollar to boot, is such testimony allowed in a beis din
(1/5/2019 3:51:21 PM)
he needs to ask a rov
about if this is loshon hara or motzi shem ra
(1/5/2019 3:57:07 PM)
If there is genuine and honest concern about the survey this would have been brought in front of the specific Beis Din set up in eretz yisroel for the purpose of adjudicating matters appertaining to STAM
Is has not ; if it not a whitewash if it not the many against the few
It is not the right forum to hear this important Din Torah and it is we the consumer who will ultimately lose out
(1/5/2019 4:05:35 PM)
Kosher is a baseline...
People keep telling me, "You get what you pay for," but for a person who pays around $40 for a mezuzah, it should be, at a minimum, kosher! At least now, shluchim will take mezuzos to be checked before affixing them on the doors of their baal habatim and m'kuravim! Hiding behind a Din Torah to keep selling treif materials? For shame.
(1/5/2019 4:46:03 PM)
agree with #12
he is making a chillul lubavitsh

somebody shuld shut him up asap
(1/5/2019 5:02:19 PM)
To every one ☝
All he was saying was to be careful about MIVTZOIM mezuzahs and you guys are all going crazy face the fact that its take a chill
(1/5/2019 5:07:02 PM)
3 questions
1. This was a very expensive investigation. I heard $7000. Who paid for it? Follow the money.
2. Is raskin (who miraculously had no questionable mezuzos) related to wolf? I heard he is.
3. Why not do the same investigation including Sofer stams from other neighborhoods/communities as well? Why besmirch Chabad in such a manner?
(1/5/2019 5:09:39 PM)
Thank you miyad wolf
As a community member of crown heights I really appreciate your work, and courage.
God bless you
(1/5/2019 5:10:58 PM)
Funny videos
I actually really appreciate what he is doing making other yidden Happy and getting a good laugh
(1/5/2019 5:11:01 PM)
to #16
im sorry but you cant compare to the eiruv at all first of all because the issue about an eiruv in ch is not just according to the alter rebbe but the issue is because ch is a reshus harabim which means that u cant make an eiruv there period according to everyone.
and second rabbi zirkind said that even according to the alter rebbe it doesent make it possul just that lechatchila you shouldnt do it like that.
(1/5/2019 5:18:31 PM)
A friend
Rabbi Wolf definitely has a agenda. mivza mezuzah a agenda the Rebbe very much encouraged
The headline is disgusting and shameful one-sided I know personally how rabbi wolf spoke to these sofrim years ago when he was a bochur in Yeshiva having to replace mezuzos for his whole mivtzoim route after having them checked by a sofer and they sent him flying
(1/5/2019 5:19:33 PM)
To No. 29:
1. Rabbi Wolf himself said it was $7000, and says he paid it himself. Are you trying to insinuate that Raskin paid for it?
2. Yes, Raskin is a cousin of Wolf. So what? Everyone who's been in Lubavitch long enough is related, cousins don't mean much. You say Raskin "miraculously" had no Psulim? Does Rubashkin "miraculously" only sell Kosher meat??? Not selling Psulim should be standard, not a miracle.
3. His focus was on Mivtzoim Mezuzos. There is no market for such Mezuzos in other communities, because they unfortunately don't do Mivtzoim.
(1/5/2019 5:21:51 PM)
The question really is why didn't he take the retailers to bais din before coming out with the video if it is actually a issue and has been going on for years you should go to a Rav before taking action in own hands.
(1/5/2019 5:24:48 PM)
I have much respect for Rabbi Wolf!
It takes a certain amount of courage to take on such a project and I appluad him!
(1/5/2019 5:24:58 PM)
To #29
I have same questions exactly. But it could be that R Raskin produces jalachic at least basic mezuzos
(1/5/2019 5:25:22 PM)
Proven to be lies.
There are many halachic mistakes with this "investigation" and this has never been verified with any statement from Rabbonim or experts who are not nogeia bedovor such as Wolf. The way he is wrongly accusing sofrim is terrible.
Something that is hurting the parnasa of many yarei shamayim should be looked into before publicizing.
(1/5/2019 5:26:34 PM)
A q&a from a sofer going around before the whole video came out
Mivtzoim Mezuzos *

Q: Is there a problem with Mivtzoim Mezuzos today?
A: As a Sofer selling these Mezuzos for the past twenty-three years, and always checking them first, Im sorry to say that, yes, there is a big problem.

Many of them are either questionable or just plain Pasul (not Kosher).

Q: Can you explain?
A: Most Mivtzoim Mezuzos today are being written hastily with the Sofer relying on the Magihah (checker) to finish the job for him. The problem is, a Hagahah (checking) is not meant to finish up the Mezuzah, i.e. correct multiple cracks in the letters, letters that are touching each other, and many more Pesulim because The Magihah will most likely miss finding all the Pesulim in such a Mezuzahespecially with a quick Hagahah. This is why many Mivtzoim Mezuzos today are Pasul.

Q: When and how did this become a problem?
A: This became a more serious problem in the past five years, because the high demand for Kosher Stam** pushed prices up 20-25% on all Stam items coming from Eretz Yisroel except Mivtzoim Mezuzos.

In the case of the latter, the price remained the same, because the quality went down. The Soferim who were writing the better Mivtzoim Mezuzos, and were not willing to compromise on quality, were forced to find work outside of Safrus.

Q: What can people do to correct this huge problem?
A: If a Mezuzah was already purchased, it should be given to a Sofer to be checked thoroughly. If you are purchasing a new Mezuzah: buy a higher quality one than you normally would, and you will have a much better chance of it being 100% Kosher.

Q: How can you tell people to purchase more expensive Mezuzos for Mivtzoim, when they are already having a hard time purchasing the cheaper ones?

A: Take a minute to consider what goes into a Mezuzah:

The Klaf: (animal parchment) handmade from beginning to end.

The script: an intense hour of labor by a professional Soferconsider the thousands of Halachos to which he needs to adhere in writing each Mezuzah.

The Hagahah: a professional checking for the existing of all the thousands of details needed for a Mezuzah to be Kosher. Remember: The cheaper the Mezuzah, the more checking and repair it needs.

Computer checking, middleman, stocking, shipping etc.

As you can see, basic Mezuzos are always well-priced, as long as they are 100% Kosher.

Q: What can we expect in the future for these Mezuzos?
A: More awareness, which will mean more people buying better Mezuzos. That will have the added result of bringing back the better Soferim. And for the consumer, that will mean better competitive prices for better Mezuzos.

Feel free to send your questions to MichiganSoferllc

* Basic level Mezuzos made primarily for persons just being introduced to this Mitzvah.
** STAM stands for: Sefer Torah, Tefilin, and Mezuzos.
(1/5/2019 5:33:36 PM)
Reply to nu 7
U misunderstood the vn, I think he's saying if they rely on other rabanim for eiruv etc why do they need a mezuza that's mehudar and only kosher aĺ pi alter rebbe, perhaps a mezuza kosher aĺ pi other rabanim , snd he brings sources,is better then none at all
I understand to make a mezuza posul is a very big responsibility
(1/5/2019 5:34:35 PM)
To 27
The only one making a chilul Lubavitch is the sofrim selling these mezuzos which end up many times getting checked by sofrim which are not Lubavitch
If a Lubavitcher was selling non Kosher meat would you not tell people to stop eating it because of a chilul Lubavitch
(1/5/2019 5:37:25 PM)
Very misleading title
Most people applaud Rabbi Wolf and its an issue that no one had the courage to step up too.
No lone crusador over here...
(1/5/2019 5:38:45 PM)
The problem in the CH Stam industry is old news
Finally maybe something good will happen as a result of this.
Wolf did a wild move, but VERY much needed and WAY overdue!! (This investigation should have been done 30 years ago)
Anyway, wolf is standing up for whats right and hashem will help him.
(1/5/2019 5:39:36 PM)
This is going to get much much worse....
I dont understand why this is should be debated here.

Its simple...

One of the larger vendors in question released a long voice note to the public, which he said all of his mezuzos are 100 % KOSHER LECHATCHILLA?!?!

Meanwhile, the 10 mezuzos he sold (which he does not deny are his) are sitting online (released by wolf) for the whole world to see!!

Rabboisai, its very simple to find out if this is a sham or the truth...ask your local sofer or rabbi to look at the images and what their opinions are....

Better yet, someone should go around to the big poskim in chabad on stam...Yurslavsky, Feigelshtok, Belinov, Weiner, etc etc and see how they classify them.

The results should be published and disseminated.

We shall then see if Wolf is a hero or a villian
(1/5/2019 5:40:50 PM)
Great job miyad
Take lots of guts to do what everyone else is afraid to do!
(1/5/2019 5:46:42 PM)
To nu 16
U can't expect traditional people to need alter rebbes mezuza, yes chabad can't dilute for yourself, for ourselves, but can u force tnt standard on eo? Of course not to sell pic up mezuza, we talking about mezuzos which are kosher acc to other rabanim, but yes, won t hurt to upgrade the mivtsoim mezuza but the manner thus was done, hmm, not right
(1/5/2019 5:46:42 PM)
Rabbi Braun
Rabbi Braun is on wolf's side! I heard he even approved the video before it went out!
(1/5/2019 5:46:43 PM)
Nasty headline
The same reason that you waited to post this article
(1/5/2019 5:47:55 PM)
The Moral of the story is simple before purchasing your Mezuzah from any of those venders take the Mezuzah to a magiah to get them checked and only then pay for them.
If the Vendor refuses for you to take them to be checked before paying from them then don't buy from that vendor.
(1/5/2019 5:56:00 PM)
Rabbi Wolf is Correct
I recently moved and needed more Mezuzahs
I never checked my former residence as I lived there
a short time relatively.
The Mezuzahs were purchased from a local Chabad shaliachin Pa. The Sofer in Monsey a well respected and certified from vaad mishmeres Stam checked them. All were posul and needed fixing .three were beyond repair
I am signing this post so anyone who wants to contact me can
(1/5/2019 5:57:18 PM)
Reminds me of the meat story in Monsey years ago. Money is not everything it's only 99.9% of everything. Money is one of the worst addiction s out there....
(1/5/2019 5:58:56 PM)
Many shluchim have already gotten burned from CH stam shops
And many have done their own investigations and have come to similar conclusions. The truth always prevail's. Sometimes it takes too long though...
(1/5/2019 6:05:55 PM)
need sofer Rav
1.There needs to be Rabbanim in charge of checking places that sell mezuzos so if this is true, that it does not continue.
2. There needs to be more qualified sofrim
3. Bochurim going on mitzvoim need to learn the basics of checking mezuzos and/or have a computer program that will scan mezuzos.
It is up to a beis din to determine if this was motzei shem ra which may be a separate question than whether the mezuzos are kosher.
(1/5/2019 6:07:05 PM)
Outreach mezuzos
He only said this about outreach mezuzahs which machon Stam does not sell. Get 10 mezuzahs that are not outreach
(1/5/2019 6:08:06 PM)
One says all his mezuzah's are always kosher lechatchila
He's obviously not an honest man. He shouldn't be in this industry where so much integrity is demanded. People's lives are at stake!
(1/5/2019 6:08:21 PM)
Kol hackavod
Now these stores are gonna make sure to check and be more careful . This was something that had to be done and its good that he did this kol hacavod
(1/5/2019 6:08:43 PM)
Fake news
(1/5/2019 6:09:46 PM)
Bottom line
Just because someone has a beard and looks all holy doesn't mean jack. Time for people to start being honest and having integrity. No wonder so many kids are leaving the path of their parents. This is what it's all about - lies and falsehood. And then they want to take the one person who stood up for what's right to Bais din?!
(1/5/2019 6:14:46 PM)
To #53
What are you talking about? They got 10 $42 mezuzas from Machon stam which is their entry kosher mezuzah
It seems that machon Stam made sure to set their standard based on kashrus, not just to make anther sale.

Proud machon stam customer
(1/5/2019 6:15:19 PM)
Agree with 31!!!
Shame on you number 12! He's making yidden happy and why does everyone have to be so serious all the time...let ppl laugh:)
(1/5/2019 6:19:55 PM)
Love the videos
Keep them coming!
(1/5/2019 6:21:47 PM)
(1/5/2019 6:22:14 PM)
go benchimon!
in time of such darkness he is the only one bringing light out of it!
(1/5/2019 6:22:15 PM)
Great job Rabbi Mendy Benshemon from visual Torah
Keep up the good work.
(1/5/2019 6:22:40 PM)
I wouldn't call him a rabbi
Just because he has a grudge against rabbi Kline doesn't mean he has the right to make a video (against him) deal with your personal grudges in a different way
(1/5/2019 6:23:22 PM)
Everyone Chill Out
It's very simple: He had good intentions, it's just that he has to learn his place...he's an inexperienced Yungerman who is challenging and slandering respected members of our community!
(1/5/2019 6:23:26 PM)
Unfortunately this had to happen. Too many stories.
(1/5/2019 6:29:38 PM)
The truth behind the mezuzah fraud can be found here https://goo.gl/yTbQhF
(1/5/2019 6:29:42 PM)
Political fight
Why did wolf really do this?
Maybe he doesn't like the left, and he wants to take them down..?
(1/5/2019 6:31:36 PM)
Comedic genius
There are videos being produced on this and on Chabad Lubavitch in general that are providing comedic relief during this very trying time...
(1/5/2019 6:32:40 PM)
Menachem benchemon is a great man huge chosid
(1/5/2019 6:38:14 PM)
This is not news
Rabbi Raskin has been saying this for years. He did a lengthy article in the Nshei Chabad Newsletter. Did no one else read it? He didn't call anyone out by name, but did explain the myriad errors that are commonly found in mezuzas sold as "kosher." This is his passion and expertise.

I don't know whether this was done correctly, in terms of calling people out publicly, but I have to say I always thought Rabbi Raskin was extreme because he told me my mezuzas were posul and then I took them to Hasofer who told me they were all excellent. But now it seems I have been misled.
(1/5/2019 6:38:35 PM)
Is it okay to share the video?
Why are we sharing the video and discussing its claims if the Beis Din said not to share?
(1/5/2019 6:39:06 PM)
Shliach who got burned
We are shluchim in Russia and ordered Tefillin and mezuzos to give out or sell to our community members. As you can imagine, they can't afford to pay much and often we are the ones cajoling people to please please put up a mezuzah or put on Tefillin daily. Make the price too high and they are not interested. And so we got mivtzoim Tefillin from one of the vendors investigated by Wolf. In Elul, one guy checked his Tefillin. They were posul. This encouraged another fellow who got Tefillin from the same batch to check his. Posul as well. Some mezuzos - from another vendor under investigation - were posul as well. As we were hanging up a mezuzah, my 8 year old son noticed that the letter yud was missing from the name of Hashem written on the outside of the scroll. So much for hagaah. The proofreader missed what an 8 year old kid noticed!
I don't know who this Wolf guy is but the issue he is revealing is true and real. The vendors simply take advantage of consumers because everyone is too chicken to say anything or demand real change
(1/5/2019 6:39:39 PM)
Re. Bottom Line
That is the biggest chilul Hashem
Causes people to doubt Yiddishkeit
Causes weaker individuals to reject mesoirah
All for a buck

Then they rope pals into issuing an Hazmana to silence
How does this reflect when we consumers read that ?

(1/5/2019 6:43:01 PM)
Menachem Benshimon CEO of Footagers is probably the most powerful news outlet in Chabad today. The masses love his content, and his humor is the best thing since sliced bread.
(1/5/2019 6:47:46 PM)
I love footeger. Waiting for the next clip...
(1/5/2019 6:48:38 PM)
Totally agree! Everyone could chill out and stop taking everything so seriously!! Keep calm and laugh on 😂😂😂
(1/5/2019 6:49:17 PM)
Not all touching letters are Posul!
This is from the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch AC 32:5:
(translation from Chabad.org)

Our Sages interpret the word And you shall write them [as a directive to write with] , an unblemished and complete script. This means that no letter should touch another; rather, each letter should be surrounded by [blank] parchment on all sides,33 and it should have the crownlets required by the halachah as detailed in sec. 36[:5].

If the extremity of a large letter touched [a neighboring letter] in such a manner that if the point of contact were scraped away the shape of the letter would remain acceptable, some authorities rule that [the letter] is valid even if [the point of contact] was not scraped away. One should, [however,] adopt the stringent view and scrape away [the point of contact].

In fact one should adopt the stringent view and correct by scraping even when the actual letter does not touch [another letter], but [merely] a crownlet of one letter touches the crownlet of another letter. Moreover, even if the crownlets of one letter touch each other, it is desirable to correct them, as will be explained in sec. 36[:5].

Correction is acceptable even with regard to tefillin and mezuzos, even in instances of touching letters which would otherwise be disqualified by all authorities, as will be explained.
(1/5/2019 6:49:32 PM)
Footagers ch 2
Let me tell you something Menachem benchemon is a huge
Chosid and his videos are making Lubavitch amazing
Menachem is a groise chosid
Amen amen amen
(1/5/2019 6:49:38 PM)
Footegers TM
I fully support this amazing group FootegersTM
(1/5/2019 6:49:59 PM)
The only thing good about this, are the young Bochurs videos. He makes people happy and in his way appropriately frames the issue for exactly what it is. Leitzunus.
(1/5/2019 6:50:05 PM)
What a cutie pie
Menachem Benshimon loves making people walking up the stairs as well as making them laugh with his Y. Shemtov imitation! If u would like all his nutty videos make sure to join his chat. May his bashert be found
(1/5/2019 6:52:23 PM)
To the one making the videos
Keep up the good work whatever makes people aware of this very serious issue is doing holy work and when its done with humor its the modern day Shmuel Munkis
(1/5/2019 6:54:03 PM)
To #12
The only person making a Chilul Lubavitch is you and youre complaining ilk. That young man running around producing those parody clips is bringing joy and laughter to Yiddishe Kinder in this Bittere Golus of ours. Hes hilarious, mega talented, fearless and above all has a golden heart. Id love to see Mr. Foottager become mayor of the Schunah because he will put a stop to all of this corruption, Pritzus and hypocrisy. Moshiach now Mamish!!!
(1/5/2019 6:54:03 PM)
Thank you Rabbi Wolf!
Thank you for being m'zake the rabbim! Don't let the pressure get to you, you are doing a tremendous thing!
(1/5/2019 6:54:51 PM)
Menachem Benshimon CEO of Footagers
Brightens our days and keeps us sane through the craziness of galus. His critical investigations bring light and insight and he is hilarious!
(1/5/2019 6:55:36 PM)
Disgusting headline
Wolf deserves tremendous credit for the courage to come out publicly about something so terrible! This has been spoken about and known to many for years but no one did anything while thousands of people had questionable Mezuzos and tefillin! I myself had two terrible experiences with one of the sofrim (who left a long voice note) with a Seder Torah and mezuzos I bought and paid lots for!
I have a friend who had two people from his community stop speaking to him and call him a thief because he sold them tefillin and mezuzos from this same Sofer that turned out to be Posul!
And we all heard the shocking voice note going around from Rabbi Rapp on WhatsApp!
Shame on these sofrim! A Sofer is entitled to make a nice living but not to become rich of selling questionable things fto Shluchim and anash!
BTW the two that had mezuzos that shouldnt be sold one of them is the one I am talking about on Kingston near 770
(1/5/2019 6:56:13 PM)
Im wondering..
If raskin is connected ?
(1/5/2019 7:03:35 PM)
Footegers have made it clear.
The champion Footegers are serious people with a real commitment to truth and objectivity.

The Footaging community rejects the ideas that Mr Wolf is trying to impose on us.

We will not fall for this trap.

G-D bless

(1/5/2019 7:08:16 PM)
Avremel Benchimon
It would be nice if collive published the IP address of each comment so we can see how many comments are written by those involved...

I think Rabbi Rabin's letter is most on point. The gist: A bad mezuzah is an issue in a mitzvah aseh, but motzei Shem rah and destroying someones Parnasah without giving them a chance to explain is a issur deoraisa

(1/5/2019 7:09:33 PM)
Entrust responsibility in checking to experts - not bochurim with 5 minutes.
A bochur who has basic knowledge cannot be entrusted with the vital, life-dependant job of checking mezuzot. They should be kosher at the source, not the end user.

I'm a scribe who writes high-end A"R mezuzot. I pay full price to check each one before it goes out. I also offer checking services as a profession. But my own are checked by a different sofer.
(1/5/2019 7:09:35 PM)
Previous Client
Finally someone is uncovering the truth to the public. After literally hundreds of Mivtzoim Mezuzos given out or sold we learned the hard way. We now go to a different Sofer and have them checked by a local Sofer. Not sure why our Rabbanim have kept quiet for so long.
(1/5/2019 7:10:13 PM)
BSD I have no facts to dispute or agree with these allegations but I have bought many Mezuzahs from Moshe Klein and a few from Misholovan,all of them checked and re checked over the years and some of the times checked by Sofrim who only check and do not sell- and not once had any Sofer told me that there was an isuue with even one Mezuzah
(1/5/2019 7:10:32 PM)
Sadly as shluchim Not related to anyone we believe it. As have had issues in the past. It's not just him that calls this to question he will have anumber of us coming to beis din if called. He is just brave enough to verify what we have worried about.

Iyh good will come from it.
(1/5/2019 7:11:19 PM)
it's just like jcw someone needs to do the work they do in order for our kids to be safe, sometimes they do it a bit wrong but in general they keep people in check, I wouldn't do it myself as it's a dirty job but the job needs to get done.
(1/5/2019 7:12:01 PM)
Beis din the other way
If indeed the mezuzas are posul then the customers should take the sellers to Beis Din for fraud
(1/5/2019 7:12:04 PM)
This a extremely importnant conversation to be having!
Not sure about method it was done perhaps good perhaps not
But regardless these mezuzuos are not up to standard
i hope goodness comes from this
(1/5/2019 7:12:07 PM)
This has got to be the lowest way anyone can get a ' holy' message across. A real turnoff very sneaky, fishy and smells rotten. To smear most Sofrim - besides his cousin - with one stroke. To declare half the world's mezuzos as likely possul based on one person's kgb investigation?
Wow. Hoping the average person can see through this.
(1/5/2019 7:14:07 PM)
Ch resident
In reply to # 21

Why is vaad harobonim Hakloli involved?

This vaad is a vaad which is very very selective in the din torah they take.

When you have a real need for a din torah they tell you go elsewhere.

The famous din torah they took was between Rabbi Butman and Rabbi Hecht on who has the worlds tallest menorah. Rabbi Butman claimed his menorah is the tallest and Rabbi Hecht claims his menorah is the tallest. As I can tell you a very simple way to know is to buy a tape measure at Home Depot for $9.99 and measure. No. This vaad took this din Torah.

The pesak is Rabbi Butman has the worlds tallest menorah and Rabbi Hecht has Brooklyns tallest menorah. Good? No
Rabbi Hecht Posts by his menorah
The worlds tallest menorah in Brooklyn. What a waste. A $9.99 tape measure would have done a better job. So you tell me why is vaad Rabboni haklololi involved. They do not want a din torah. This is just like a court case in communist Russia. The outcomes me was decided and the defendant is found guilty.

The Rav or Hechsher on the stores where is he allegedly bought the pasul mezuzas should be the one to take Yisroel wolf to a din torah. Not the store keeper. When there is a kashrut alert on a food product the hechsher puts out a notice not the store or company.

We should be zoche to moshiach tzidkenu very soon.
(1/5/2019 7:14:27 PM)
Visual Torah
Uplifted my day put a smile on my face
Go footeger
(1/5/2019 7:16:27 PM)
To #20
The Alter Rebbe in Shulchan Aruch 32 sif 5 says clearly the if two letters are touching there are those who say its kosher even if you do not separate the letters but its better to be machmir to separate them. He does not say its posul.
(1/5/2019 7:18:17 PM)
Shomer Negiah
Many of the letters are not actually touching when zoomed. I checked on adobe acrobat.
(1/5/2019 7:18:39 PM)
Great article
by CJ Ross

Have no Fear, Undercover Mezuza Man is here!

When theres something strange and your Mezuzah dont look good, Who you gonna call? Mezuzahbusters!

Brace yourself for the crack undercover sting that has just gone viral! For those of you just tuning in, a fellow in Chicago (we shall call him YDW) conducted a top secret experiment which is sure to be featured in an upcoming episode of Law and order, or Agent Emes.

Heres the plot. YDW along with several others, conspired to secretly purchase ten (10) Mezuzas from eight (8) different Crown Heights establishments. These purchases were allegedly made by a chabad outreach organization. The organization colluded with YDW in deceiving the merchants, and then shipped the sealed boxes they received to YDW, who videoed what he no doubt proudly considered a scientific study worthy of being published in the prestigious Journal Sheker Hachein, a semi annual fictional periodical, that I just made up.

YDWs premise appears to be that purchasing ten (10) Mivtzoim Mezuzas from say Moshe Klein or Judaica World who incidentally, move thousands of these bad boys each year, would be a good representative sample. YDW secured witnesses to ostensibly corroborate that no tampering was done to these samples. I especially enjoyed the fast forwarding sound effects as he unpacked each box. Next, he divided the Mezuzas up into 8 cute little Ziplock baggies, making sure to remove any identifying marks, and once the Eidim were makabel Kinyan, he showed us how they all traveled to a qualified Soifers home to get them checked. I love class trips!

The venerated soifer showed us his CV. I wonder if he has worked for one of these 8 Judaica Establishments? Inquiring minds want to know! We are fortunate that he shared his rubric of what he considered to be a non Kosher Mezuzah, and he then proceeded to check each one. The results were color coded with BLOOD RED corresponding to PASUL and BRIGHT GREEN as KOSHER. Kudos for the token Bedieved and Yellow Shailas categories.

Next, this veteran expert, delivered his Psak. SPOILER ALERT. Shockingly, most were PASUL (except for 1 lucky winner who had ALL Ten (10) of his Mezuazahs in AWESOME MINT condition. Im thinking they may have accidentally shipped Alter Rebbes mezuzas. Who knows! Ive been working on some great advertising slogans they might consider using We are the ONLY KOSHER Mezuzahs in town or We are the 100% and Go Green with Machon Stam. Understandably, they would need to change their name or get a DBA for the last slogan. But I think it would be worth it financially. Im just saying.

After receiving this devastating analysis, YDW reports that he then made the executive decision, (this is his baby and he gets to call the shots,) to go to another qualified soifer who will remain anonymous (because he wont tell us the guys name) who, get this, reports EXACTLY the same findings as the first brilliant soifer! Amazing. TWO Jews, ONE SAME OPINION!

Moving along, YDW then outed by personal name, eg: WALMART otherwise known as SAM WALTON, and labeled 7 out of the 8 establishments as FRAUDSTERS. This is no surprise as from the very beginning of his feature film YDW used the term FRAUD, and at the closing credits he exhorted viewers with a call to action to Whistelblow any past experiences they may have had when buying a mezuzah.

YDW concludes his Mezuzah flick with what he thinks are ABSOLUTE truths.

Thousands of people around the world are buying Mezuzahs that are simply NOT KOSHER.
ONLY one (1) establishment came out 100% Kosher
Five (5) places are selling Mezuzahs of decent quality, but these Mezuzahs have NOT been checked, and many of these Mezuzahs are NOT Kosher.
If youre buying from those stores, have them checked by someone else AFTER you purchase them.
Make sure the Mezuzah you are buying is a 100% Kosher.
Two (2) of the leading sellers of Mezuzahs in Crown Heights, should NOT be selling these at all.

So now that you know the rest of the story, here are some thoughts to ponder. I hate to throw YDW under the bus, and I apologize in advance for what may sound as harsh and insensitive. On a personal level, I mean no disrespect to him and wish him well. However, his actions require someone standing up and calling out his behavior.

I believe YDWs intended audience is a vast demographic to include frum and non frum Jews alike. He is speaking to those who are not familiar with the terms Soifer- Sribe and Shluchim- Emissaries as he explicitly defines these terms in his motion picture. He seems to think that people will see things as black and white Kosher/Pasul or Eiruv/No Eiruv. It flows that his intent is to convince everyone that 9/10 Mezuzahs you purchase in Crown Heights are Pasul. I fully understand that he qualifies albeit quite subtly, that these are mivtzoim mezuzahs. However, his message is clear and unequivocal that these sellers are committing fraud and pushing Pasul mezuzahs.

At the end of his feature presentation YDW, (see items 1-6,) draws conclusions that are at best incoherent, and at worst deceiving, manipulative, and grossly malicious. He intimates that this is Fraud. Apparently, he is unfamiliar with the definition of Fraud. (There has to be intent, and I dont know how he makes that leap.) He maintains that thousands of people are buying NOT KOSHER mezuzahs. Not kosher according to whom? For a mezuzah to be classified as not kosher, there has to be a fatal flaw in it that invalidates it. Many times one Soifer might classify something Kosher, while another equally learned soifer may find it totally acceptable. There are many Rishonim and Achronim that discuss these issues, and rule accordingly. For YDW not to address the specific flaws found, and point to the halachic decisors to back up his claims, is unprecedented in Torah discourse, and is what leads me to suspect his malicious intent. By the way, intent will play a significant role in determining if he is indeed liable for the damage he has caused. I would speak to a financial adviser ASAP if I were him.

YDWs finding included ONLY one (1) perfect establishment. That doesnt sound alarming to the average bear? He goes on to comment on the decent quality of the mezuzahs from five (5) of the places, and then asserts (Im not sure how he could possibly know this) that they WERE NOT CHECKED. He does not tell us how he came upon this knowledge, and then he tells us that MANY are NOT kosher. He also issues a directive that if you purchase mezuzahs from these places, you would need to get them checked. Who does that? Who buys a mezuzah and then takes to another Soifer (and pays) to have it checked? He also tells us that in buying a mezuzah we must make sure its 100% Kosher. Sounds rather OCD to me. Finally, he says that the two (2) most egregious unwitting participants of this study, should NOT be selling these at all. Get ready for a lawsuit my dear friend.

It appears that YDW believes it is a Mitzvah to destroy the reputations of 7 businesses in our community based on the sampling of ONLY Ten (10) Mezuzahs from each place. The amount of hefsed that he has caused to these establishments is incalculable, and he will unfortunately have to account for it Min Hashamayim. In addition, I believe his intent was malicious in the way he outed the merchants, so much so, that there may be a legal cause of action against him personally, for defamation and perhaps even libel. I encourage these establishments to speak to their respective Rabbonim, and take any and all action available to them first in Beis Din and if allowed, civilly, to defend their livelihoods and reputations. Inaction, maybe construed as culpability.

This should be a lesson to us all. If you feel you can make a difference, then your influence counts, use it! However, do so with respect and empathy. Had YDW really cared about effecting change, he might have conducted his shattering and groundbreaking study differently. He might have considered showing the video to ONLY the 7 deficient parties and given them an ultimatum. The conversation might have gone something like this:

YDW: You guys are so Busted! I am sick and tired of all this. Why cant You all just sell Kosher mezuzas, and not fool innocent unsuspecting people? Im gonna make you an offer you cant refuse. I will sit on this video and NOT release it (not now anyway). You are going to make sure you check EACH AND EVERY mezuzah before you sell them. I will be following up with more undercover purchases (so dont try and figure it out). I will redo my experiment periodically and be in touch. If I find you are still scamming the good people of Gotham, then I will release the video. Oh, and one more thing. Here are your mezuzahs so you can learn what the issues are and I want my money back you

The author, a scholar of Latvian Orthodoxy, is a resident of the Shechuna
(1/5/2019 7:19:02 PM)
To #44 - your idea is excellent!!

I'm no machmir but I have been checking mezuzos for 25 years and I honestly don't see how any self respecting Rov could pass those mezuzos as kosher.

I think it will come out very soon who is the villian and who is the hero (ableit a cowboy style hero).

Having seen all the mezuzos on line, I also think it is important to point out that I strongly feel Rabbi Gad Sebag from Oraita was dealt with too harshly. I think the sofer who checked them was a bit too machmir on him. Tachlis, there was not much difference between him and Raskin.
(1/5/2019 7:20:55 PM)
Just read
Welcome to eSofer

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Before purchasing any stam, our website enables you to examine a close-up of the sofer's handwriting. Simply click on the item you are interested in, and then the name of the sofer whose work you would like to see.
Our embroidered merchandise is available in a wide range of colors and styles, enabling you to choose exactly what you want.
Embroidered items can be personalized in either Hebrew or English. Our unique on-screen Hebrew keyboard lets you type in the Hebrew yourself-even without Hebrew support in your browser.
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Unfortunately, the business of selling holy items has its share of disreputable purveyors who know little about Jewish law. With Rabbi Moshe Klein's team of seven highly-skilled, pious sofrim who write exclusively for him, you can be sure that when you purchase from eSofer you are getting merchandise worthy of its sacred purpose.
(1/5/2019 7:23:34 PM)
Bais Din vs Court of Public Opinion!
Since when is it kosher making public slanderous allegations, jeopardizing someone else's parnossoh this way?! You have an issue, take it to a Beis Din! These feathers can never be returned!! lo zu haderech!
I agree with COL's title. The Crusaders were treif and so is this!!
(1/5/2019 7:26:59 PM)
Menachem Benshimon is a breath of fresh air in Lubavitch. It's very impressive how he has captivated the essence of Chabad which can be seen in all his posts. He has one goal and that is to put a humorous spin on things to deflate unnecessary tension amongst Chassidim. We all have talents and thank g-d he uses his properly and with the right amount of "spice". May this bring him the joy he needs in his life
(1/5/2019 7:35:37 PM)
Mezuzas are our protection!!
B:H Someone has finally taken action. Stories keep pouring in and it's time we be aware! Mezuzas are not a brand of cereal or a curtain hanging on the wall- the Rebbe speaks about mezuzos and how they protect klal yisroel. Do we want to buy a cheap protection that is possul or only bidieved?!?! Would you be an alarm for your house that is from a Dollar Store? These mezuzos being sold aren't kosher, or at best, only bidieved. It's the lives of klal yisroel at stake- of course it's only right to let everyone be aware of the issue. How R' Wolf had the strength to stand up for what's right, I am awed and respect him 100%
(1/5/2019 7:36:17 PM)
Perhaps the reason that the ''cheap'' mezuzas exist is BC the Shluchim are demanding for a better price and do not want to buy at a higher price

Dont blame the messenger
(1/5/2019 7:38:09 PM)
Mendy & The Golem
I was shocked to read the nasty comments against M.B. who (as always) brings a smile to our faces in times of crisis, whether with putting yellow caution tape around the busted stores, or with water guns. Keep it up!
(1/5/2019 7:42:44 PM)
Wolf Hired Commenters
Wolf just contacted me asking me to comment for his side. This is too far. I just want the public to realize that he is trying to manipulate public opinion. BEWARE
(1/5/2019 7:44:31 PM)
this is a joke
so pathetic! what is up with everyone commenting on stuff that they know nothing about and quoting without sources and being able to hide behind a forum that doesn't demand names.
(1/5/2019 7:47:03 PM)
Gad Sebag
In light of the latest video that was published I was asked to respond.

In my 26 years being a sofer I tried very hard to stay away from especially one that is not . However in this case I have to respond to clarify.

I would like to mention that each mezuzah sold by Oraita is carefully checked by one of our certified magihim in our office. And while we try our very best And There is always room for improvement.

And to the report.

I showed to many magihim in the US and Eretz Yisroel the issues mentioned by the report and they were puzzled.

The letters showed in the reports are not even questions. (clear space between the 2 heads. Kosher lechatchila.

The disconnect parts of letters that are reported as posul are not (visible enough) and therefore kosher as is even without repair.

As for the spacing between letters in the same word a couple of them could have been closer but not posul.

I do have to notice that those same issues appear in the others report that for some reason was kosher there.


I also notice new concepts in halocho such as in spacing issues? Not mentioned in shulchon oruch.

And that brings me to one conclusion.

A good might have been there perhaps but .

Relying on a single unknown magiah to do a character killing of many people and peoples livelihood is wrong.

The poor choice of how to do this and the public shaming of sofrim is wrong.

The refusal to have a multiple neutral hagoho performed of these mezuzos and then review the outcome is screaming foul.

Putting the rebbes name and mivtsoim as a preface to this is unacceptable.

Saying that hundreds of thousands of mezuzos used by yiden around the globe are posul is wrong.

Taking this to YouTube and out to the world with WhatsApp is so wrong.

What yeshiva and which mashpia or parent taught you that. The bitterness and anger of this individual and lack of . is disturbing.

The purpose here was not to educate customers and to have sofrim improve.

Its wrong to hide behind and Holy causes when .

I see a but no pinchus. However, korachs name and his is all over the place.
The damage caused by these individuals is irreversible and may hashem have rachmunus on them and forgive them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dozens of customers that contacted me in past day showing their support and love.

Its heartwarming and I thank hashem for such great clientele. No infomercial or money can buy that.

We all the sofrim are unified (a miracle) and will do everything to protect ourselves and families.

I will conclude with hope and pray of with achdus. And we should be zoche to the coming of moshiach speedily in our days.

Oraita Inc.
Rabbi Gad Sebag
Sofer stam.
(1/5/2019 7:49:46 PM)
Not our derech
The issue of the cheap mezuzos might be something to discuss but here the issue at hand is the way this chutzpenik approached it. He sounds like a very angry negative young man.. he obviously doesn't realize the damage he caused:
1) to the businesses
2) to the magihim in those establishments
3) to the "salesmen"
4) to the sofrim that write
5) to the families, spouses who are saddened and upset,
6) children who are harassed in their schools.
7) made a chilul hashem which is irreparable
8) to the jews that won't be 8nterested to buy ANY mezuzot
9) to all the innocent anash that are in panic and confused FOR NO REASON

That's a lot of damage.
What a rosho and an idiot!
(1/5/2019 7:49:53 PM)
Such Bogus
When things seem too convincing, theyre probably bogus. Such is the case of the mezuzahs. Am I really to believe that because one sofer said that mezuzahs arent good it disqualifies the hundreds of qualified Torah observant sofrim who have been checking these mezuzahs for years?! If such an extreme % of the mezuzahs are disqualified, this sofer is obviously not speaking the same language as Chabad sofrim. Hes on a completely different planet and is not reliable when it comes to Chabad. His rulings are not based on our mesorah!
(1/5/2019 7:51:13 PM)
Bh for col
If only collive did as much investigating with their other stories.
(1/5/2019 7:53:41 PM)
Menachem Benshimon is great
He is going against Poskim who say it is Kosher... the orginal Mezuza was lambs blood don't forget
(1/5/2019 7:55:15 PM)
Thanks rabbi Wolf
My community was bunt few times by ch stores thanks for bringing it to the open
(1/5/2019 7:57:12 PM)
Rabbi Klein
Rabbi Klein is renowned for his selfless devotion in helping many people in many areas, especially in his involvement with RCCS. To acvuse such a man of these fabricated stories is an outrage!
To YDW - I hope and pray that you never need to call on Rabbi Klein to help.... what you did is very very serious!!! Rethink your actions...
(1/5/2019 7:59:10 PM)
Way back when
This while ordeal eminds me of the Mendy & The Golem from the '80s with that dude handing out fake Mezuzos...
(1/5/2019 8:00:37 PM)
Questionable conduct
For starters I had an issue with one store I bough tefillin from them & the Parshayios were pasul when first checked this was many years ago I gave in Mezuzos to be checked only received a paper with the status no info Iknow since then this tore has made changes Many of their Mezuzos are under av landau's Hecsherin any case since then I only use one Particular Sofer he is among those taught & approved bY Rabbi Zirkind Zatza"l Everyone knows Rav Zirkind was a straight shooter never misled anyone his students which include his sons in law his children & grandchildren & others al My Mezuzos are either written by him or checked & come from a trusted source Most of the ones on my house are from one of Rav Zirkind's sons My opinion get your Tefillin &Mezuzos from some one under him & with a good rep & not necessarily thru a store. If you buy Tefillin Mezuzos from a store have them checked independently
(1/5/2019 8:01:19 PM)
To #12
Menachem Benchemon (of Visual-torah. Com) is the answer to all our questions. Footagers is the answer to all our questions.
All we have to do is Leig Arain Ale Mezuzos Leig Dem Arain, and all our problems will be solved.
Best assistant to the teacher in 3rd grade OT!!!
Join CH4 https://chat.whatsapp.com/JW6vazysJM378pbuwC4Yo6
(1/5/2019 8:03:38 PM)
Machin Stam Paul Mezuzos
I'm a shliach in South America and I bought a pack of Mezuzahs from Machon Stam to give out to my community members. A few of my baalei batim had them checked locally and they were found to be pasul. I took them back to Raskin and he said that they are 100% kosher. He is familiar with my story.

There are always sofrim who will pasul what others said are kosher.
(1/5/2019 8:04:55 PM)
Resident of crown heights
This rabbi raskin is not related to this wolf he's related to Wolf's cousin the one who runs the school
(1/5/2019 8:05:19 PM)
Please everybody stop with your stories.
Every place can tell you many stories and problems they discovered. But no one publiciszes these for obvious reasons. Only this rosho and his friend who comment here tell us something new about everyone being careless. Shame! Shame! Shame! Stop the madness.
(1/5/2019 8:09:21 PM)
To #47
If there was any kind of excuse for an impartial hearing at vaad rabonai lubavitch you just gave it.
(1/5/2019 8:12:54 PM)
Another victim
several weeks ago I brought in a mezuzah to be checked to one of the above mentioned people. This was a mezuzah I had bought for a not yet frum individual. after the mezuzah was checked I was told it had tagim missing on the lamed. when I asked by which word I was told there were too many missing from too many lameds for him to enumerate. I forgot to mention to him then that I had actually bought the mezuzah from him as well.
a number of years ago, we had a sofer write up the parshios for our sons bar mitzvah and actually bought the tefillin from him. we went for the top of the line wanting our son to have the best. For the following two years after the bar mitzvah with our son going downhill in yiddishkiet we decided to take the tefillin back to the sofer to check. It turns out the sofer put the parshios in UPSIDE DOWN!
This guy did a mitzvah by making people aware to be more careful when they buy mezuzohs. I for one, will from now on request to have the mezuzah checked before I buy it, or have the storekeeper agree to allow it to be returned if I have it independently checked and it is found not to be PERFECT.
(1/5/2019 8:13:08 PM)
Article col is shameful
Publicly shaming and calling people out with a deceitful video is not ok according to Torah.
Could have simply respectfully said please I urge people and Shluchim who purchase cheap mezuzos please recheck them before hanging or handing over to your people.
(1/5/2019 8:18:09 PM)
It may be a problem
But Mr Wolff is arrogant and shameful. There are ways to do things without calling out names publicly. We are all concerned to have kosher mezuzos.
(1/5/2019 8:20:01 PM)
approved by r Braun?
If the video is approved by r braun he is definitely in the wrong. Braun is not a Rav He is Mesurav L'din for starters He is the biggest Baal Lashon Harah spreader of hate& problem causer in CH. if you are ever in 770 walk towards the back & on the wall on the right side you will see the Lashon Harah Rechilus board that he uses. He has refused to allow the Vaad Hakahal to hold elections in over 5 years One of these days someone is going to challenge the by laws & take them to court for violating same !!In any case if things are as he claims he should have attempted a resolution & gotten Reshus before publicizing he claims he used a" independent Sofer how many sales resulted from this supposedly independent Sofer sating what he did? di he ever go to another Sofer? seemingly not thus weakening his case. the one good thing to comeout of this is awareness.Know your Sofer I do I only go thru One Sofer who I have trusted for years & he is one of tehm that was certified & taught by Rabbi Zirkind Zatza"l the Rebbe's go to Sofer When Rav Moshe Feinstein Zatza"l needed R"t Tefillin The Rebbe entrusted Rabbi Zirkind to write them
(1/5/2019 8:20:59 PM)
Question Mr Wolff
Why did you only survey sofrim in CH what about other neighborhoods? Like Chicago for instance..... where you live?
(1/5/2019 8:22:40 PM)
If the mezuzos are treif i do not know
But motzie Shem Rah is surely treif!!!!!!
Im saddened over this post.
(1/5/2019 8:24:04 PM)
I have been a customer of Rabbi Klein
And respect him greatly and trust him implicitly!!!!
(1/5/2019 8:25:19 PM)
Talk about things you know!!!
I am a Sofer/Magiha with many many years of shimush.
To all the panicking people I want to say: RELAX! This heinous act which is no better than a vicious act of terror is misleading and inaccurate!! These mezuzot are not possul. I dont want to say kosher without seeing the mezouza, but the issues raised are not issues that render it possul.
U find it appalling that anyone feels they can comment on this while most people dont have the training and the authority.
If anyone has any concern, go to your store and speak to the sofer and ask all your questions.
To all the righteous people of yenems cheshbon, my question is - will you subsidize to cover the cost of a mehudar mezoyza for someone who either cant afford or isn't interested to pay more than the very basic?! If the answer is "no", please stay out of the conversation.
To the Rov that says (quietly) that basic mezuzos shouldnt be on the market, if you consider yourself Anash, you don't need to be stricter than the Rebbe in providing basic kosher Sta"m to people who for now won't consider more expensive items.
(1/5/2019 8:25:49 PM)
been goin on since I was a kid 1980
(1/5/2019 8:26:55 PM)
"Wolf wouldnt disclose which Sofer he used to conduct the check "
What are you talking about? On the video the sofer clearly identifies himself as Binyomin Rosenbaum, with 15 years' experience in safrus.
(1/5/2019 8:28:03 PM)
To number 29 and 31
making fun of something so serious is belittling the issue and in very poor taste.
and why is he picking on only crown heights stores and sofrim? mainly because shluchim from around the world come here for mezuzohs and not to other stores as in boro park, Flatbush, or Williamsburg.
In addition, I was once told by a real chasid because you're a Lubavitcher you have to be better.Certainly not inferior.
(1/5/2019 8:30:45 PM)

Everyone with a story on this should publicize it and send it to Rabbi Wolf and to Beis Din Crown Heights. These guys have cost our shluchim $100,000s.

MY RELATIVE among many others GOT ALL MEZUZOS AND TEFILLIN from his local shliach who got it from one of these stores, WHEN HE HEARD HE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER.....

AFTER HE DIED, some of his mezuzos and tefillin were NOT KOSHER..........

(1/5/2019 8:30:46 PM)
Alter Rebbes ksav starts at $80 and goes pretty high. So for you who say we should only be purchasing alter Rebbes ksav is v insensitive bec we cant afford it!!! Most of us cant afford that price!!!!
(1/5/2019 8:31:21 PM)
To 88
There's serious "connected" on the other side too.
(1/5/2019 8:42:21 PM)
Yes, it is OK to share the video
First, no beis din has ever told you or me not to. We are not parties to this suit. Second, even Wolf can continue publishing it; this beis din has no authority to order him to do anything unless and until he signs an arbitration agreement with it.
(1/5/2019 8:43:17 PM)
Old news
Finally someone got up and said something WITH THE NAMES.

Be strong Rabbi Wolf. Hashem is with you!
(1/5/2019 8:43:27 PM)
Retailers are responsible for their wares
Unless they expressly tell the customer that they have not checked it and are reselling it exactly as they got it from the supplier, with no guarantee of anything, so the first thing the customer must do is have it checked.

And even so, if it turns out to be possul the retailer must refund the money without question, since the implied warranty of merchantability is not waived.
(1/5/2019 8:48:00 PM)
Headlines matter
Agree with #33 and #48.

Earlier this week COL ran an article "UK's Foul Welcome to Rubashkin" calling out the anti-Rubashkin news coverage.

This headline is also foul one-sided.

We, the masses of Stam customers, are not the "lone" ones here. The individuals selling them are.
(1/5/2019 8:48:37 PM)
Let me tell you my personal experience.

I always purchased my Mezuzos by Rabbi Klein.

Two years after moving into my house, I hired a Sofer to come take off all my Mezuzos and Check them.

The result:

Everything was BH fine.

So you be the judge.

After seeing this I can say that I believe this is a personal attack in the manner it was posted and released. I stand by Rabbi Moshe Klein as a Sofer, Mohel and most importantly a caring individual that treats everyone with care and kindness.
(1/5/2019 8:50:10 PM)
What hechsher on the stores? Judaica stores do not have any hechsher.
(1/5/2019 8:51:13 PM)
I've bought from Klein tfilin in mezuzas all recently checked outside his store has kosher or mehadrin. Perhaps it's a recent issue and he should fix it. I also have don't business with oraita and meshulovin and find them honest. Perhaps just need better checking to remedy it but I'd still support everyone. A rabbinic body should get involved, namely a united bd ch. As mosai!
(1/5/2019 8:53:54 PM)
What "KGB investigation"?
How else is an investigation supposed to be conducted? This is the gold standard, a blind test, exactly as it's supposed to be done.
(1/5/2019 8:54:00 PM)
topsy--turvy world
The Beis Din themselves should have done this work.
It is unconsciable that they should dare call Rabbi Wolf to a Din Torah
(1/5/2019 8:54:54 PM)
As a former employee of one of the stores which turned out to be selling Posul Mezuzah's I can testify that I personally took many Mezuzah's from the store I worked in to a Sofer on the same street to be checked (both that store and the Sofer were found to be selling all non Kosher Mezuzah's) that is when I believed the video....
(1/5/2019 8:54:57 PM)
Agree with 96
This has lots of similarities to the pros and cons of JCW.

Like JCW, it takes one brave guy with serious guts to stand up and protect an entire community.

But once the fight has begun, lots of dirt will be thrown on him.
(1/5/2019 8:57:31 PM)
He's not a lone wolf (no pun intended)
Rabbi Wolf, if you need the public's financial help, please start a GoFundMe and I'll be glad to help as I'm sure many others will.

You may get lots of anonymous support as this is a fight against "The Establishment"
(1/5/2019 8:58:52 PM)
Yeshiva boys should learn to check
It should be mandatory so that they can know how a kosher mezuzah should be.
(1/5/2019 9:02:48 PM)
There should be no secrets in judaism
More people should strive to learn hilchos safrus. Is this one right or that one? Many don't know because they depend on other people for their expertise
(1/5/2019 9:04:32 PM)
Don't trust anyone!
What a chillul lubavitch! What a bunch of fakers these "sofrim" are. Bottom line is you can't trust ANYONE even if he has a long white beard...
(1/5/2019 9:06:07 PM)
charidy campaign for wolf
lets pay back the 7k dollars that rabbi wolf spent on this nice job of undecover those people!!!!
(1/5/2019 9:06:37 PM)
Who are these Rabbonim
Aren't these the same Rabbonim that the Rebbe wrote on them: ?
(1/5/2019 9:06:50 PM)
They are 4th cousins
They are both descendants of a famous Lubavitch martiarch that was moiser nefesh so save the lives of many yidden through her printing of passports...

Looks like they both carry that same character trait of selflessness and putting oneself aside for the sake of the klal.
(1/5/2019 9:11:22 PM)
Ch resident
In reply to # 21

Why is vaad harobonim Hakloli involved?

This vaad is a vaad which is very very selective in the din torah they take.

When you have a real need for a din torah they tell you go elsewhere.

The famous din torah they took was between Rabbi Butman and Rabbi Hecht on who has the worlds tallest menorah. Rabbi Butman claimed his menorah is the tallest and Rabbi Hecht claims his menorah is the tallest. As I can tell you a very simple way to know is to buy a tape measure at Home Depot for $9.99 and measure. No. This vaad took this din Torah.

The pesak is Rabbi Butman has the worlds tallest menorah and Rabbi Hecht has Brooklyns tallest menorah. Good? No
Rabbi Hecht Posts by his menorah
The worlds tallest menorah in Brooklyn. What a waste. A $9.99 tape measure would have done a better job. So you tell me why is vaad Rabboni haklololi involved. They do not want a din torah. This is just like a court case in communist Russia. The outcomes me was decided and the defendant is found guilty.

The Rav or Hechsher on the stores where is he allegedly bought the pasul mezuzas should be the one to take Yisroel wolf to a din torah. Not the store keeper. When there is a kashrut alert on a food product the hechsher puts out a notice not the store or company.

We should be zoche to moshiach tzidkenu very soon.
(1/5/2019 9:12:09 PM)
The article is possul ;-)
There are 7 plaintiffs in the hazmana but only 6 are listed in this article.

Is this an error or is Judaica World not part of this hazmana?
(1/5/2019 9:22:51 PM)
Rabbi Wolf
He grew up in a family completely engaged in mitzvah mezuzah. Since he was born, he has striven for truth but in an edgy way. This campaign of his is the same tone- edgy but true. I really dislike the work 'fraud' here. Who is committing the fraud- the sofrim, the retailers of the shluchim? All are participants on some level. Is it fraud or ignorance, or lack of care? I'm not sure.
(1/5/2019 9:24:19 PM)
Fund the Wolf
There should be a a GoFundMe campaign for wolf for his great work and continue to keep tabs on this great big travesty
(1/5/2019 9:31:48 PM)
To 107
If you don't believe public opinion matters... then why are you commenting here???

An educated public opinion matters.

There are many educated opinions here in the comments on both sides.
(1/5/2019 9:33:52 PM)
You got checkmated and are exposed. The test was properly blinded.
He did a blinded study with two sofrim. The sofer did not know what he was getting and the results are open and honest. The sofrim should be embarrassed and are you are exposed.
(1/5/2019 9:34:22 PM)
We need our Rebbe
How many times the Rebbes answers were check you tefillin or check your mezuzahs .
Its our responsibility to do so
(1/5/2019 9:38:57 PM)
To 79
True they can be fixed, on this no one is arguing (he says that in the video about most stores), he's saying that they should have been fixed before they were sold, which is also why the assumption is that they weren't checked in the first place.
(1/5/2019 9:39:37 PM)
EVEN IF he would be right (hard to believe)
He has lost all respect for conducting this report in such a shameful and dirty way.
Someone who really cares should have the brains and heart to approach this matter a bit smarter and cleaner.
(1/5/2019 9:41:26 PM)
Rabbi wolf is amazing
This is so amazing, just so sad that people are so blind. If you wanna say some are kosher b'dieved , maybe. But to just pretend the whole thing is a non issue? That's pure ignorance
(1/5/2019 9:42:18 PM)
To 89 and like minded people
Many people are thinking that this is an ad for raskin. To be honest i would have thought the same, it's just that i personally saw him koching in this a year and a half ago. I also heard from bochurim that were in Brunoy with that he was already getting involved in it then, so it's hard to say that raskin paid him off four years ago to make an ad now (in fact, it's preposterous).
(1/5/2019 9:48:09 PM)
"avu zeinen ale mezuzes?!"
Col should post all the footage videos! They are way too funny and on point!!!
(1/5/2019 9:49:22 PM)
No he did a fair and honest evaluation
The results were not liked but he did a fair evaluation. The bags were numbered so no one know what bag was from where so to say Rabbi Raskin was in on it is a lie. If I was one of those stores with the passul mezzuzot I would not be sleeping at night for the coals burn hot for this behaviour. At least Rabbi Wolf is giving you a chance for teshuvah rehsahim.
(1/5/2019 9:51:56 PM)
To 112
I'm not gullible enough to believe you
(1/5/2019 9:56:09 PM)
Rotten fish
This stinks.... Something seems very off-putting aboit the way Wolf sneakily pulled this off.
Not surprised he hired commenters!!
(1/5/2019 10:01:22 PM)
@ 112 "Wolf hired me..."
@ comment 112,
Anyone can write that this side or that side hired them and hide behind the cloak of anonymity.
If it is really true, have the courage to write your name.
(1/5/2019 10:03:48 PM)
Unbiased opinion
In my totally unbiased opinion; everyone is wrong.

(1/5/2019 10:04:08 PM)
R Berel
I dont think he is saying that Rabbi Klein and the others are selling something which is not kosher bidieved. He is saying that these mivtzoim mezuzahs being sold are not kosher lichatchila. The fraud is that they are marketed as kosher when they are at best kosher with many heterim.
What would be the reaction if the local kosher grocerys started selling meat that was only kosher bidieved? Would we say that its ok because there is a shita that its kosher! Of course not we would be outraged! And rightfully so. When you go into a respectable frum Judaica or Sofer you expect everything they sell to be kosher lichatchila. Unfortunately this is not the case and we must be more careful when buying such important items.
(1/5/2019 10:09:06 PM)
Happened to me - buy local buy small. Altine moskowitz zirkin
I purchased 3 mezuzah's from 1 of these 8 stores. A year later I was advised to check my teffilen and mezuzah's and those 3 were no good. I paid $53 each.
(1/5/2019 10:10:09 PM)
Massively proud of him
They got caught. The Bais din in every city should order 5 from every sofer ect..
He should repeat the study but make it double blind and have a third party mark the bags as well. You rocked those scammers.
(1/5/2019 10:12:58 PM)
I dont know you Rabbi but you posted so beautifully. This is ugly
Please lets reunite
(1/5/2019 10:18:19 PM)
To all those feeling bad for the stores
This is what we called misplaced Rachmonus. Thousands upon thousands of posule mezuzos have been sold by these stores - at best due to negligence, at worst knowingly, making money off unsuspecting buyers. The Rachmonus is on all those who were defrauded, thinking they had the protection and mitzvah of kosher mezuzos, and in fact had nothing.

(1/5/2019 10:21:15 PM)
title is "LONE CRUSADER"
Does that make him a.......Lone Wolf???

BaDum, Tssss.
(1/5/2019 10:33:49 PM)
#114 to rabbi sebag
The last time i checked in shulchan oruch it says clearly that spacing issues DO get verified with a sheilas tinok.

Also a nifsak which isn't nikar lehedya is posul as is but MUST be fixed. Only if it's so not visable "neged hashemesh" (i.e. a magnifying glass is needed to see the nifsak) it is kosher as is according to many opinions (the alter rebbe and others).
Get the laws straight plz
(1/5/2019 10:39:11 PM)
To 112
If what youre saying is true, please post details (your name or the amount he offered to pay you) so we can believe your very serious allegations.

While its possible for either side to pay for commenters, its highly unlikely that anyone would ask someone they dont know well enough that theyd turn their back and post the request online.
(1/5/2019 10:45:27 PM)
Off the derech
To number 115.

On your comments numbered 1-6 you have a valid point. I can choose to agree or disagree.

However on number 7 the chilul Hashem is made by the one selling a mezuzah as kosher and found our later it is
PASUL. The buyer is disgusted.

#8 the person will not trust another frum yid or be interested in buying stam.

#9 Anash are not in a panic

We have our Rav to ask

We dont buy such mezuzas. I am proud to say I bought mezuzas by orayita and the mezuzas were checked in Elul.

They are all kosher.

I Never heard these things bother anash. Maybe if the pizza store had terrible pizza then it will.
(1/5/2019 10:45:47 PM)
Lishma? Or personal agenda?
It seems that YDW has a personal agenda. He praised his father, Aron Wolf who built up a business that he named Mivtzah Mezuzah, as the ONE who supplies kosher mezuzos. He anticipates that Anash and Shluchim will then switch over to buy from his father, and YDW and Aron Wolf can profit in a big way. What a LOWLY advertisement!!!
(1/5/2019 10:49:53 PM)
Gad Sebag

In light of the latest video that was published I was asked to respond.

In my 26 years being a sofer I tried very hard to stay away from especially one that is not . However in this case I have to respond to clarify.

I would like to mention that each mezuzah sold by Oraita is carefully checked by one of our certified magihim in our office. And while we try our very best And There is always room for improvement.

And to the report.

I showed to many magihim in the US and Eretz Yisroel the issues mentioned by the report and they were puzzled.

The letters showed in the reports are not even questions. (clear space between the 2 heads. Kosher lechatchila.

The disconnect parts of letters that are reported as posul are not (visible enough) and therefore kosher as is even without repair.

As for the spacing between letters in the same word a couple of them could have been closer but not posul.

I do have to notice that those same issues appear in the others report that for some reason was kosher there.


I also notice new concepts in halocho such as in spacing issues? Not mentioned in shulchon oruch.

And that brings me to one conclusion.

A good might have been there perhaps but .

Relying on a single unknown magiah to do a character killing of many people and peoples livelihood is wrong.

The poor choice of how to do this and the public shaming of sofrim is wrong.

The refusal to have a multiple neutral hagoho performed of these mezuzos and then review the outcome is screaming foul.

Putting the rebbes name and mivtsoim as a preface to this is unacceptable.

Saying that hundreds of thousands of mezuzos used by yiden around the globe are posul is wrong.

Taking this to YouTube and out to the world with WhatsApp is so wrong.

What yeshiva and which mashpia or parent taught you that. The bitterness and anger of this individual and lack of . is disturbing.

The purpose here was not to educate customers and to have sofrim improve.

Its wrong to hide behind and Holy causes when .

I see a but no pinchus. However, korachs name and his is all over the place.
The damage caused by these individuals is irreversible and may hashem have rachmunus on them and forgive them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dozens of customers that contacted me in past day showing their support and love.

Its heartwarming and I thank hashem for such great clientele. No infomercial or money can buy that.

We all the sofrim are unified (a miracle) and will do everything to protect ourselves and families.

I will conclude with hope and pray of with achdus. And we should be zoche to the coming of moshiach speedily in our days.

Oraita Inc.
Rabbi Gad Sebag
Sofer stam.
(1/5/2019 10:57:57 PM)
Impartial Hearing
If one thought he would get an impartial hearing no one would disagree
He wont get an impartial hearing unless the Rabbonim are neutral not pals with the Toanim and not pals with the Niton
Hence suggestion that Specialist Beis Din with specific knowledge of STAM be applied to
(1/5/2019 10:59:12 PM)
How can you claim slander when the errors are so carefully coded and highlighted? If it is posul it is posul and it must halachically be exposed to avoid being machshil yidden.
Better one of ours should expose it than yidden from non Lubavitch which would be a great chilul Lubavitch esp. the Rebbe's mivtza mezuzah [and tefillin].
Kol hakovod Rabbi Wolf..
(1/5/2019 11:07:51 PM)
Rabbi Braun
Rabbi Braun is not an issue
No one is suggesting the Beis Din should be CH Beis Din
Rabbi Braun saw the Video and paskened it should be in public domain
He has every right to do so
All anyone is saying is the pals should not be allowed to sit on Beis Din hearing this litigation. Simple

The sophrim are powerful well connected people
Wolf is evidentially not
He is entitled to impartial hearing
He wont get that at any other Beis Din other than one from outside the community certainly not with these powerful Toanim from within
(1/5/2019 11:08:29 PM)
As a bochur, YDW had a dream. Was that dream to fix a problem, or was it to conduct an investigation to harm others and put himself on top?
(1/5/2019 11:09:34 PM)

Wow! I'm shocked,
I don't have words to describe the situation what is taking place.
A young little man, makes a video and the whole lubavitch is talking about him?
Imagine, If one person could do something like this and destroy people's lives, so easily, how much more so in the opposite direction..@YDW go get a life!! And to fix the damage you made, go make a video of you putting up mezzus and teffilin on people
(1/5/2019 11:15:16 PM)
Collusion with Machon STaM
How could all the mezuzos from Machon STaM come out clean when sofrim commented that Raskin's mezuzos also have similar issues?
(1/5/2019 11:15:20 PM)
to 114#
All good and fine, besides for this:

"I also notice new concepts in halocho such as in spacing issues? Not mentioned in shulchon oruch.

That was an overkill, and you take away basic credibility by making such a blatant mistake.
see Seif 46, it is an open Halachah.
When you call it is anew concept not even mentioned in Shulchon Oruch, you are asking for anybody to question you completely.
(1/5/2019 11:17:45 PM)
@ #177
I think you should be the winner of the best comment on collive.
Words of wisdom. Thanks whoever you are. For real
(1/5/2019 11:18:59 PM)
peace and r'braun post above shameful
the bd ch is a wild situation, but i resent the loshon hara on r'braun, i find him a true scholar, was the only rav available to pickup the phone while i was actually in chicago. i called my rav in canada and chicago and only rav braun picked up phone immedietly, thats a true jew to ch, hes a chasid and scholar and the chofetz chaim didn't have smicah either. the community should rally behind r braun and osdobo should accept him imo. the machlokos in stam and bd needs stop. i know the stores in ch work together, mistakes occur, fix em and move on. the way wolf did it is a sheila of moze shem ra although i think he meant well lshem shomayim. find a peaceful end
(1/5/2019 11:23:46 PM)
Now every one will be more careful!
Gam ze Letova
(1/5/2019 11:29:14 PM)
Why are people trusting a random sofer in Chicago??? To become a sofer all you are supposed to do is learn a very small sefer - keses hasofer 30 pages - and get tested. A sofers job is to check and fix what he thinks should be fixed. You don't say ANYTHING is pasul till you ask a rav!!!
(1/5/2019 11:29:19 PM)
The person checking was hired!
When someone asks a sofer to check mezuzos, the sofer will fix the issues not tell you that it's pasul. In the video he just tells the sofer to check them. Why didn't he fix the issues???? Every sofer knows that to fix cracks (the way most do it with a pen) takes a split second. And also to scratch off touching lettes. He was clearly hired. That's besides the point that he is ignorent in the halachos which will be proven by the din Torah iyh.
(1/5/2019 11:38:34 PM)
To #194
Learn how to read Hebrew. It doesn't say to ask a tinok
(1/5/2019 11:41:16 PM)
ydw has nothing in this for himself!
he put himself on the line to protect thousands of yidden from unknowingly buying problematic stam. How else will this horrible epidemic stop? there was no other choice. He decided to be the pinchos...
The vendors don't care to keep a solid kashrus standard. In some cases it may be just batlonus - but something had to be done..
Thanks ydw.
(1/5/2019 11:45:11 PM)
Color war
Color war has arrived in Kan Tziva
(1/5/2019 11:46:10 PM)
Love your fellow neighbor
If one only cared about his fellow Jew like he cares about his mezuzahs,our community would look a whole lot holier
(1/5/2019 11:47:39 PM)
the outcome of all this is clear: the only reliable truworthy sofer in ch is rabbi raskin - thank you very much miyad wolf for publishing the truth - there is no problem of lh what so ever when we talking about the kashrus of the publics mezuzos - im shocked that anyone thaught otherwise
(1/5/2019 11:49:22 PM)
Sofer g-d fearing??!!
One person I'll never buy mezuzos from is someone pasals other people's mezuzos and spreads it all over the world. And he's so stupid that he doesn't look in shulchan aruch before he publicized it to make sure it's really pasul. ALL these issues are not CLEARLY PASUL. Some you can't judge by the pictures. All the problems of misformed letters don't make them pasul.
(1/5/2019 11:49:37 PM)
clearly passul
anyone who want culd check the mezuzos themselves on the video - they are clearly passul - u don't have to be a sofer to realize that
(1/5/2019 11:51:13 PM)
I was wondering why he didn't give sources to where it says that these issues make the mezuzos pasul. Till somone showed me what it says in shulchan aruch - that they are kosher! What was this sofer doing for the past 15 years. Please send me his shaimos, I'll hang up the mezuzos in my house and sell the rest and make tons of money
(1/5/2019 11:55:51 PM)

The only question should be:

What does THE REBBE say about this Saga?

ANSWER: The Rebbe told Reb Dovid Raskin a"h (chairman of tzach and menahel of Tomchei Temimim) in yechidus that -

Tefilin and mezuzos should be bought FROM THE SOFER like it was in the past AND NOT TO BUY FROM DEALERS. PERIOD.

May we merit to moshiach now through true unity and achdus together with wholeness of Torah (no compromises on halacha) wholeness of the people and of the land.
(1/5/2019 11:57:20 PM)
176 i disagree
You might be correct. But I am not
(1/5/2019 11:59:38 PM)
In response to Rabbi Sebag
Rabbi Sebag wrote that the concept of Shaylas Tinok doesn't exist with spacing issues. I present the clear words of the Alter Rebbe, Orach Chayim 1, 32:46:
", , , .

, , , .
(1/5/2019 11:59:54 PM)
To 206
People could see the daled not sticking out to the right but ALL the poskim say it does not need to!
People could see cracks if they look closely. But it's only pussul if it's seen with no light table and to zoom and noticed right away at first glance.
Learn the tzemach tzedek yorah dea siman 205 and mishnah brurah and biur halacha siman 32 siif 25
(1/6/2019 12:00:28 AM)
To 206
Are you a rav????
(1/6/2019 12:01:59 AM)
To 206
Why do we need sofrim if everyone can check? Sofrim are supposed to know the halachos unlike the one in the video
(1/6/2019 12:03:37 AM)

? ? ? ? ? ? ?! ' !!!
(1/6/2019 12:04:17 AM)
To number 47
Why are you making fun of rabbi Braun???
you will never find any rav who will support what wolf did!!!!
(1/6/2019 12:09:38 AM)
Hopefully the Rabonim will finally address this responsibly and fix the ongoing issue.
An idea:
They should send a Mashgiach (sofer) to spot check all the vendors periodically to ensure that the kashrus standards are maintained all the time. If a vendor is repeatedly dropping balls he will lose his hechsher

(1/6/2019 12:19:14 AM)
Should we trust sofrim?
If you're just going to trust one sofer, trust this posek who permits silk screen printing sifrai Torah https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yitzchak_Abadi
(1/6/2019 12:23:01 AM)
So biased
Did anyone hear the other side of the story ? Why is everyone taking Wolffs side. Sounds fishy to me
(1/6/2019 12:28:13 AM)
to past customers of Klein and others
Just BC u purchased something in the past from one of the defendants and it was ok, it does not mean that all of his other stuff are kosher. im assuming that you did not get the base model. bc wolf's problem is with the mivzoyim mezuzos not the $60+ ones.

We con see that a lot of time and money went into this.
Please ignore the haters and know that you did the right thing even though it may came at a price of all this hate.
plz put out a statement were ppl can donate and reimburse you for the time, money, and work put into this project.
(1/6/2019 12:33:23 AM)
To number 210
The alter rebbe does NOT say to ask a tinok. Yoy sound like the sofer who sees stuff that don't exist! Learn to read Hebrew. You're like the mishichistim who sah that the gemarah is sanhedrin says moshiach can be from the dead. They don't know how to read hebrew
(1/6/2019 12:33:53 AM)
Mysterywhy is the second sofer hiding?
Why is the second sofer not revealed? Not his name and not his face!! What kind of absurd comment did you make saying that HE said the same thing? Did another sofer actually see the Mezuzos or hear about them from you? Was he a fellow Jew from Williamsburg? Mamosh- false information.
(1/6/2019 12:34:14 AM)
To all those out there ranting and raving that "NOT ALL OF THEM ARE POSUL"....
The mere fact that even some of them are Posul is very scary and is complete robbery on behalf of the stores selling them period.

The sellers should be embarrassed and I hope that they correct their ways and start having a bit of yiras shomayim, and checking things before they sell it to vulnerable customers that dont know that what they are selling is a fake.
(1/6/2019 12:35:10 AM)
Go fund me
Please support this go fund me page that was created to pay back miyad wolf the $7000 he spent on buying and checking the mezuzos
(1/6/2019 12:39:12 AM)
What would you do if some not Lubavitch rabbi comes in 770 and says the mechitza is pasul? Would you even ask the lubavitcher rabbonim? I think most will laugh at him. Even though he says that it's not good cuz you can see through. The same thing here, some not lubavitch sofer - not even a rav - says pasul. Who's he? ASK A MISNAGED AND DO THE OPPOSITE!
(1/6/2019 12:39:51 AM)
Shapiro= Hasofer=vaad Hakloli
Isn't Shapiro a son in law of Klein? Isnt that same vaad hakloli signing the hazmana ldin? Nogaya bdovor. Forget it! I want to see another Beis Din take this case and then maybe we can try your luck.
(1/6/2019 12:41:40 AM)
To 223
(1/6/2019 12:44:25 AM)
Wolf did the right thing
Unfortunately these STA"M dealers became cold and desesitized to doing the right thing, just as even some lubavitcher doctors become immune and desensitized to the suffering of patients because they see it all day, I know this 1st hand, we have to be a believer in hashem and his torah and not become desensitized to the importance of the trust in Hashem.

I feel bad for them because they are human and sometimes forget that there is hashem and torah and become desensitized to Life weather it be thru medical treatment or mezuzos and tefilin that can all effect lives drastically.

It is very sad that rabonim have no backbone or no time to deal with these issues that they have been aware of for years.

Then you have this fraudulent group (vaad) whose exsitance the rebbe questioned, jump on the bandwagon for some power and publicity that get involved.... oy..

Bottom line yisroel wolf is a hero for what he did and before I saw the conclusion of his investigation I predicted it exactly the outcome because of my personal dealings and numerous dealings of my freinds with these Sta"m dealers...

There is no doubt in my mind that this investigation is 100% legitimate and honest.

It's very sad, but the ones who have the most pesulim should not be in the business because they clearly demonstrate a severe failure weather it's being lazy, disorganized or worse dishonest.

Bottom line these are not kids who can be forgiven by us humans for this serious crime, these are adults who have years of experience and should not be allowed to sell STAM unless there is a totally independent system of hashgacha and public access to video footage to their place of business.

Hashem Yeracheim!

Moshiach Now please.....

(1/6/2019 12:50:28 AM)
Hopefully the Rabonim will finally address this responsibly and fix the ongoing issue.
An idea:
They should send a Mashgiach (sofer) to spot check all the vendors periodically to ensure that the kashrus standards are maintained all the time. If a vendor is repeatedly dropping balls he will lose his hechsher

(1/6/2019 12:51:19 AM)
Amazing Rabbi Wolf!!!
Finally whats been kept quiet and well known to CH locals, is being publisized. This is wonderful. Its been known to stay away from certain business men sofrim and now its proven. Boruch Hashem
(1/6/2019 12:52:50 AM)
To Gad Sebag
Rabbi Wolf stated facts. Watch the video again.

Unlike you, he didnt make fun of your parents, your Yeshiva, your mashpia or anyone else. He didnt call you or korach.

To me, he didnt sound angry or bitter like you say. To me he sounded like a . And thats a good thing.

Meir Seewald of JCW is a . He speaks with passion and with care. Many people attacked him and threatened him. Many said he was ruining families etc. but BH he never backed down and now we all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for what he has accomplished. If even just ONE child (olam molei!) was saved by his efforts, . How much more so that hes prevented untold amounts of abuse with the work that hes done in addition to the tremendous support hes provided to the survivors.

While I understand that this is a challenging time for all of the named sofrim and their families, this is a time to respond in a factual and dignified manner.

Furthermore, your speaking up should be for the sake of the truth and for the sake of the kashrus of stam - not for the sake of yourselves and your families as you write:
We all the sofrim are unified (a miracle) and will do everything to protect ourselves and families.

Please remember that as a Sofer, youre working for the klal and not for yourself. It shouldnt be a miracle that sofrim get along. It should be the norm. The fights should be the exception. (In kashrus of food, theres also lots of money at hand but 95% of the time OU, OK, Kof-K etc. work hand-in-hand and the fights are the exception)

Learn from corporate America and be more transparent and professional in general and in your response to this issue.

Please apologize for any misunderstanding between the sofrim and the stam consumers worldwide and promise to be better going forward.

We will be most glad to forgive you if you come clean and start anew.
(1/6/2019 12:53:01 AM)
Kosher lichatchilah
Anyone who finds me a mezuzah that looks written according to every halacha it says it should be lichatlicha. I'll make a shivuah with a sefer Torah that it's printed. Because it's not possible to find a hand written one this way. Even in the ones that cost $400. Therefore after it's written there are Some things that should be fixed and some that are fine not fixed.
(1/6/2019 12:54:11 AM)
Did anyone wondor where the klaf comes from?
(1/6/2019 12:56:07 AM)
To 208
Sounds interesting. What's the source?
(1/6/2019 1:01:31 AM)
To whoever started the GoFundMe campaign, please identify yourself on the campaign page so I can know youre legit before I donate.

(1/6/2019 1:04:32 AM)
To 231
You're right it's known the story of reb Chaim brisker that after giving many instructions to the sofer how to write his sons tefillin and he got them back and was not happy and said to write again. Finally he accepted the tefillin and was asked if he's happy and answered he hopes it's kosher bidieved
(1/6/2019 1:07:15 AM)
This is getting more and more bizarre

Sofrim should be boki in every
" ", , ,
etc. There is a process to be ordained called

One test for and another harder one for (checking).

Alter rebbes shulchan aruch you learn in 8th grade

Perhaps young wolf should have asked the sofrim to see their (certification). In Israel, no normal machon will hire
(1/6/2019 1:12:35 AM)
150,000 posul mezuzos
For those who have some knowledge in the field, It's reasonable to assume that 100 posul mezuzos on average have been sold weekly from Kingston Ave over the past 30 years.

That might amount to over 150,000 posul mezuzos.

As we all know, a posul mezuza can cause (by failing to protect from) physical ailments, damage, and tragedies.

These Kingston Ave socharim are responsible for the spiritual and physical loss resulting from the 150,000 doorposts currently without a mezuza.

Yitamu chatoim velo chotim.
(1/6/2019 1:14:03 AM)
Vaad mishmeres stam
It's known lubavitch is totally against vaad mishmeres stam!!! Who pasal everything
(1/6/2019 1:20:16 AM)
To #224. The real chilul hashem!!!
Firstly thats total nonsense. We have the same halochos. And if in truth we do differently that a misnagid (which honestly sounds pathetic) then how much more so do we need to sell only something that will be kosher even for their standards! They will eventually get checked by another sofer who isnt chabad and then what? The SHLIACH gets destroyed and it causes a huge chilul hashem!! So this is totally irresponsible of a vendor to say that he is selling chabad standard of kashrus... whatever that means.
Why cant the vendor just say his checkers messed up?
What kind of stupidity is this.
I heard that a SHLIACH lost $90,000 because he sold a Balabos these cheap Mezuzas and the Balabos was furious at him. Does anyone know who it was?
(1/6/2019 1:33:26 AM)
1 Day Before
1 day before I watched this video, a man in Shul was complaining to me that he paid top dollar to a Shliach for his Mezuzos only to find out years later they were mostly Pasul.
(1/6/2019 1:33:57 AM)
posul rabonim
nice to see how everyone knows how biased rabonim are and how that will disqualify them from hearing a case.
It happens to be that we have a codeof jewish law AKA shulchan aruch which in choshen mishpat discusses when a dayan can't take a case.
There is no such thing that we take it for granted that they will pasken against Torah just because they know one of the 2 sides. They are told to treat the poor and the rich the same way. Why would there be such a law if they can never have a case between a poor and a rich person where they will 'obviously be biased and pasken in favor of the rich"?
Before the ameratzim post here,please consult shulchan aruch
(1/6/2019 1:40:40 AM)
To all the people criticizing the research that was done.
It is an oxymoron to say that this man has a vendetta against the Sofrim that he called out as selling questionable mezuzos. Who would be paying him off? Machon Stam? Then your throwing doubt on another Sofer.
The point is that he is challenging the status quo, draining the swamp. People who think that their garbage doesnt stink. The claim that these Sofrim who have been exposed as having problems are now trying to cover their track with intimidation tactics in order to scare those off who try to question their authority. This was the work of the Neviim! They spoke truth and words of rebuke to the yidden of their time and to the kings! The Kings who were divinely appointed also received rebuke from these people.
Whats the point? This is how a society that thinks for itself operates. They hold their leaders to a standard and do not allow them to get away with swindling those that they control. Or those that rely on them.
I believe firmly in what this man is doing. And I encourage more people to start challenging the system, question the establishment, and make sure that they are in the possibility legion to serve other people not to stuff their pockets with more money then anyone else.
(1/6/2019 1:40:45 AM)
235. Sounds like you are a Zirkind bringing irrelevant info
We would all wish that these cheap sub-bar poorly written mezuzas were half as kosher bedieved as those in the story you mentioned.
(1/6/2019 1:41:45 AM)
To 236
100% right. The sad story is is that most sofrim do Know any halachos like this one - rosenbaum who checked them. All he knows is that a crack, touching, and misformed or big spacing are pusul. He doesn't know that there are rules what is considered cracked, touching, misformed, and too big spacing.
(1/6/2019 1:44:52 AM)
to 225
the mazkir of the vrl has a nephew married to a klein.
Would that passel him as a dayan on this case?
Would it also automatically passel all other dayonim in Lubavitch?
Maybe all residents of Crown Heights?
(1/6/2019 1:46:41 AM)
to 237
150.000 posul mezuzos? And every time the Rebbe said to have mezuzos checked he knew the sofrim -who are out to make sure no one has a kosher mezuzah- would lie and claim they are kosher.
What do the sofrim do when by mistake there isa kosher one? Do they scratch it up?
(1/6/2019 1:51:59 AM)

: .
" : ?
" "
If people who paskin straight out of mishnah - halacha with no reasons - and called . What are people called if they pskin without learning even shulchan aruch - like the video says "you be the judge" and shows no sources
(1/6/2019 1:53:09 AM)
To 239
Did not learn the halachos???
(1/6/2019 1:55:19 AM)
Maybe someone should see if this sofer has kabalah. From who? Where did he work? Who taught him? Does he even exist???
(1/6/2019 1:59:33 AM)

(1/6/2019 2:36:51 AM)
Must I have my mezuzot checked today?
(1/6/2019 2:42:10 AM)

(1/6/2019 2:47:00 AM)
Wish I would have bought mezuzos 2 weeks ago
Get ready for the price of mezuzuos to spike after all of this.
(1/6/2019 2:49:01 AM)
A correct response
A better response would probably to announce that they are rectifying the situation rather than making a mockery of themselves!
(1/6/2019 5:22:48 AM)
Maybe we should be looking at credentials, not mezuzos

Just wondering , how many of the vendors and examiners in Crown Heights actually have certification (ksav kabollah) for checking (or even writing)? I once asked and was told that in crown heights you don't need certification in order to be a sofer.

In any community that's the first thing you need to be taken seriously. And you need to renew it every number of years in order to continue practicing, so you don't forget. That way there is some guarantee you know what you are doing, and the system will work. You won't end up making basic mistakes that are brought down in shulchan oruch, and later claim you never heard of such a thing as your excuse!

At the moment, in CH, anyone can do safrus and do as they please, hire anyone to work for them, give them a pen and tell them to start checking. There isn't the slightest bit of regulation. Not regulating how much they know, and not regulating their work or what they sell. It's a total free for all. It seems the biggest skill you need is in good marketing!

I wonder if there was such a system in place, like there is in most of the world, where sofrim and examiners need to pass tests and get certified, just as one needs to do in any industry....I wonder if that was enforced, if the situation would be better.
(1/6/2019 5:39:50 AM)
To 225
No he is not. You don't know what you are taking about.
(1/6/2019 6:43:07 AM)
Easy answer.
If Wolf wanted to do the right thing he would have made the video and sent it to the stores with a warning. If you dont change your ways this will go public. End of story. There are more videos that will be made because the bigger pieces to our dysfunction sadly lies in vrl. If a video was done abou them ....
(1/6/2019 6:48:33 AM)
Rabbi gad sebag oraita is a special jew honest sofer I've been dealing with him for years and halavai all sofrim on Kingston would follow his manner
(1/6/2019 7:14:39 AM)
Talking about being nogeah badovor, it's interesting that this Rabbi Shapiro who signs on the din letter is the
Uncle of the Hasofer's director Zalman Shapiro, Moshe Klein's son in law...
(1/6/2019 7:17:16 AM)
Thank you Rabbi Wolf!!!
You are a real Nachson!!! We are proud of you!!!
As a Shliach I experience first hand, and the results of this experiment is real !!! After I got posul mezuzot, I decided to check again by another softer each Mivtzoim Mezuzah pay another $8 from my pocket,and most of the times there was something to fix!! As a shliach if I put 100 mezuzot a year and pay another $800 from my Mosad to have the peace of mind that Im selling or giving Kosher Mezuzot, its worh the extra $$ for the peace of mind. Please post a link to DONATE for your Din Torah. You deserve FULL support by doing something we are to afraid of doing. KOL HAKAVOD!!!!
(1/6/2019 7:25:53 AM)
Great Job this is no conspiracy
This is in not about chas vshalom slandering another Yid.... this is about accountability
Please! No one is perfect
BUT we the consumer DEMAND more accounabity from the sofer and the retailer selling us mezuzas and tefillin

A disclaimer for the cheap mezuzas is not an option thats like a kosher butcher selling possibly treif meat at a lower price

PLEASE.... retailers and Sofrim use this as a learning experience and move forward!

*By the way MANY of us purchased these mezuzas for our homes and such because we aren't or were not in a possible to have much money ie my friend who started to live a torah life and needed almost 30 mezuzahs for his home and work plus tefillin (2 sets) in addition to all the other expenses of transforming his home into a kosher place....

I am not upset with you Sofer and retailer
I am greatfull to this Chicago group for exposing EMES

Please do what is expected and advertised ( KOSHER)
(1/6/2019 7:27:43 AM)
12 yrs ago a shaliach
12 yrs ago we were not religious a shaliach in the most heavily populated religious town on Long Island put up 20 Mezuzahs in our home as a mitzvah. A member of his community sponsored the Mezuzahs. They were the cheaper and ones and when we were more observant we had them checked. We were told they were never kosher. So whats the point of Shluchim buying fake Mezuzahs ? Whether what he did is right or not this exposure has definitely impacted how I will choose my sons tefillin. I think I can say w certainty that I understand something much better and that the responsibility of these holy articles is not on the shop keeper. Good to know. Thx to rabbi wolf ive been educated in a great way
(1/6/2019 7:57:10 AM)
i dont know this wolff guy
i had the same issue . I bought average priced mezuzos, couple years later was forced to chek them and found mostly posul, we changed the whole lot and everything since has changed to the better , health in the family , parnosa, nachas from the kids .
THANK YOU Rabbi wolff for exposing this . we thought we were just the odd case.
(1/6/2019 7:59:41 AM)
To those attacking Wolf
Those commenters and vendors attacking Rabbi Wolf and the Sofer for telling the truth - and showing it black on white:

You sound like the leftisis who when confronted with a sound conservative argument they can't refute, scream "racist!" thinking they can just shut down the conversation that way.

Sorry, the public is not fooled.
(1/6/2019 8:02:45 AM)
Innocent bystander
I dont have to have an opinion on everything, so I wish everybody in this saga (on all sides), health, parnosso and nachas. And if any sins were committed, theyll probably do teshuvah soon.
(1/6/2019 8:09:01 AM)
to 259
so what? if the secretary in a beis is a uncle of a son in law that's a nogeia bedavar? makes no sense what you are writing.
(1/6/2019 8:10:14 AM)
This seems very one sided
Why are so many quick to believe this investigation and put their trust in one Sofer and persons claims??
(1/6/2019 8:39:55 AM)
Bais Din also responsible
Maybe like a mashgiach in a store all beis din should acquire 5 mezzuzot from all stores every couple of years to be sure product is up to speed. This bacher did an unbiased blinded study and I will fund him any time to be a watch dog to protect Klall Yisroel.
(1/6/2019 8:49:57 AM)
I have a mivtzoim pair of tefilin form like twenty years ago,and every few years we check it,it got passed down to me from my brothers mivtzoim route,anyways I had it for the last five years and I checked it by oraita and Mishulovin,then this year I checked it by Raskin and he showed us that in one of the parshiyos its missing a complete word,which is shocking that all the other stores that we sent to check it in the past which they are supposedly Professionals,not one of them saw that it was missing a full word (which has no space for it...) VERRY SAD
(1/6/2019 8:56:47 AM)

/ ?!
" " " ?

" !
(1/6/2019 9:01:45 AM)
Chabad no backbone!
It just goes to show how weak chabad today is that there's no rabbonim willing to take a stand about the mizuzah thing.
(1/6/2019 9:01:59 AM)
Att: 267
What's one sided is this article, supporting the stores

The fact that the majority supports Rabbi Wolf shows you that he is only bringing to light what so many already know, having unfortunately been burnt over the years. No one is just believing and trusting. They know.
(1/6/2019 9:03:20 AM)
The sofer
His job is not to pasal it's to fix what he can. And if he has shalos to ask a rav.
Big warning: in general if a sofer tells you something is pasul don't trust him, bring it to a rav. Most sofrim don't know anything
(1/6/2019 9:06:02 AM)
To #267
Your obviously oblivious to what happened. Rabbi wolf put out pics of all 80 mezuzahs, so any sofer can check for themselves. I've personally showed the pics to 3 chashuveh sofrim outside of ch, and they all said it's an embarrassment to whoever wrote and sold these !
(1/6/2019 9:09:30 AM)
The real problem.
Can you imagine if the Rabonim overseeing CH were trusted. This would be a simple matter. No one would want this to go public. 780 is shaking about this. We all should be shaking about this. If this is true and there are more stories Moshiach is not here and who is to blame. Dont blame the Stores and dont blame the sofrim. It all lies on the Rabonim. Do you think Wolf is happy about this. Even if you want to say that wolf planned this. He couldnt be that stupid to think there was not going to be some backlash. So lets assume made a brash move out of a lack of maturity. If the Beis Din was trusted he would have called then and let them handle. Does anyone reading this post trust the Beis Din. So if we dont have a trustworthy Court system the goyim are better than we are. Its sheva mitzvot bn. If your connected you can do what you want to do. We all know its true. Those who abuse the system to their advantage and those who got abused by the system. Dont blame Wolf. What he did was wrong but he had no where to turn.
(1/6/2019 9:20:06 AM)
who can be trusted
A soifer that he's primary interest in life is NOT MONEY, but his primary interest is Sofres, and a real yirei shomayim behanhogo yoim yoimis kipshutoi, someone who learned well the dinim of sofres - And REMEMBERS WHAT he lerned, and he constantly keeps on re learning the dinim Again And Again, and has a Real Good Tvias Ayin, and knows very good choser veyatir, and is Not C"V a bal Gaivo and a Yesh Umetzius, and is always afraid of C"V not Making A Mistake, and is really an Honest Person, such a person can be trusted.
(1/6/2019 9:31:35 AM)
www.visual-torah.com/Menachem Benshimon Is simply the best.i have nothing more to add, simply the best.
This is the way I get good Kosher comedy.
Bizchus bringing Simchas to many Yidden, may he find his Bashert ASAP.
(1/6/2019 9:49:43 AM)
1. Why are the sofrim referred to as Rabbi and Rabbi Yisroel Wolf is not?

2. I'm a Chicagoan, and not a lubavitcher in any way shape or form. To be perfectly honest, I'm not very close to Chabad either. I don't know Rabbi Yisroel Wolf, but I have known his father for many years and he is an upstanding man of the highest order. He constantly goes through great effort to help the whole Chicago Community check their tefillin and mezuzos. There is no family better qualified to comment on a subject like this.
(1/6/2019 9:57:40 AM)
Response to 266
Are you for real? The whole beis din goes through Shapiro. Thats the video that needs to be released. Why would you say something so ignorant. Everyone knows about Vrl. Please dont bring up Halacha as Vrl has no obligation to follow it. They do as they please and unfortunately not always according to Halacha. Why dont we get Wolf on this case and have him interview 80 people who went to the beis din. Now we are talking. It will come up very red my friend. All the Vrl rabbonim should hope this comes to light before Moshiach comes so can right the injustices before its too late. This is a wake up call. If you think what I am saying is off lets do the video. Lets set up a page where people can post exactly what happened at Vrl post the rabonim, let the rabonim respond as. We will see how off this is.
(1/6/2019 10:04:42 AM)
Rabbi Klein
Rabbi Klein is renowned for his selfless devotion in helping many people in many areas, especially in his involvement with RCCS. To acvuse such a man of these fabricated stories is an outrage!
To YDW - I hope and pray that you never need to call on Rabbi Klein to help.... what you did is very very serious!!! Rethink your actions...

This has to be the most naive comment on the thread.
(1/6/2019 10:10:31 AM)
(1/6/2019 10:10:43 AM)
Rabbi wolf is a real Nachshon!!
Thank you Rabbi Wolf!!!
You are a real Nachson!!! We are proud of you!!!
As a Shliach I experience first hand, and the results of this experiment is real !!! After I got posul mezuzot, I decided to check again by another softer each Mivtzoim Mezuzah pay another $8 from my pocket,and most of the times there was something to fix!! As a shliach if I put 100 mezuzot a year and pay another $800 from my Mosad to have the peace of mind that Im selling or giving Kosher Mezuzot, its worh the extra $$ for the peace of mind. Please post a link to DONATE for your Din Torah. You deserve FULL support by doing something we are to afraid of doing. KOL HAKAVOD!!!!
(1/6/2019 10:23:30 AM)
Terrible headline

Let the people decide...
(1/6/2019 10:23:36 AM)
To 267... all-sided
Because most people correctly agree with this investigation. Its just revealing what we all knew until now. There is nothing "quick" here. If anything, the hastening coverups by the 'victim' sofrim is what we all collectively have a hard time believing.

Leadeship is expected. If they will only apolgize and say they will work even harder I'll be happy to be their customer. Giving excuses and not backing down is only hurting them in the long run. Yes some of the die hard supporters will buy more now from questionable members. But the honorable thing is to apologize now, you may lose a few customers but you will gain many more in the long run.
(1/6/2019 10:31:07 AM)
Agree that this is one-sided
Theres nothing one-sides about him exposing something that has been brewing under the general publics radar for the longest time. There are too many individuals that got burnt but all of whom were afraid or had no way to speak up and expose this.

What is disturbing is that COL clearly took one side in this matter by the way they wrote this story.
(1/6/2019 10:34:01 AM)
I remember when the Rebbe came out with miivtza mezuzah l was learning in Mirer yeshiva kolel. in Brooklyn. The
Shturm woke up even us yeshiva people It was unbelievable the low level of Mezuzahs. That is when the world started being more careful . What would the Rebbe say today about the mezuzas being sold today in crown heights. As posted previously that I just had my mezuzas checked that came from crown heights my zivug sheini had purchased them from a well respected shaliach in Pennsylvania . When I moved recently they were checked and found to be posul
(1/6/2019 10:37:49 AM)
" !

I challenge COL on the use of the word "crusader."

A Rabbi takes it upon himself to investigate the of putting himself on the line and you call him a "crusader?" Do you know who the crusaders were...the biggest mass murderer of Jews in European history before the Nazis - .

Is this what we do to honest, sincere Lubavitchers who expose problems in Kashrus?

It's good that they are going to Beis Din...that is the " . Maybe Rabbi Wolf should have taken it to Beis Din in the first place. What if the Beis Din agrees with him?

In any case don't use the "C-word"...against any Jew!
(1/6/2019 10:40:47 AM)
most sofrim will pasul your mezuzah and tefillin. they think this shows they are the experts. this wolf does the same thing. he or father pasuled stuff that were 100per cent kosher. otherwise i would have trusted this guy. all those that are writing that your mezuzahs were pasuled. i can assure you, the bigger experts are those that can fix them and kosher them and even find that they are kosher. it is much easier and much more ignorant to pasul.
(1/6/2019 10:52:40 AM)
We're all missing the point
Is no one going to talk about the impeccable production quality of this video? I've watched through this 5 times already. Gripping drama.
(1/6/2019 11:24:16 AM)
(1/6/2019 11:37:22 AM)
Go fund me
Rabbi Miyad Wolf " has done what none of us had the guts to do.

He stood up against falsehood and lies.

He singlehandedly (along with some unnamed individuals) fought against the establishment and protected us from swindlers.

Now, as we stand on the threshold of Phase Two he needs us to stand behind him.

Please help support this Yungerman, who went on Mesiras Nefeshe Mamash - something not many can say about themselves today - and sacrificed his name and dignity to fight for the truth.

Let us put an end to Mezuzah Fraud - TOGETHER!

(1/6/2019 11:38:03 AM)
to 288 you missed the whole point
The point isnt that the can be fixed...the point is that they were purchased brand new and know one would think a brand new mezuza isnt kosher from the get-go.
The issue isnt that they arent fixable, the issue is that they are sold being very questionably kosher!
(1/6/2019 11:43:19 AM)
Col please fix the title-
Its very misleading and simply not correct.

Moshiach now!
(1/6/2019 11:46:23 AM)
Moral of the story
We cannot trust the Gezhe supremacists to value Halacha over kavod and money. From now on I wont support any business operated by a Gezhe supremacist!
(1/6/2019 11:46:51 AM)
This article has made it to the top 10 most commented of the year 5779 which will be posted right before Yom Kipper. How wonderful
(1/6/2019 11:51:29 AM)
To #291
I'd be happy to donate, but want to verify bit will indeed reach Rabbi Wolf. Provide verification and a name, and your campaign will take off.
(1/6/2019 11:52:10 AM)
Beis Din
They have chosen an obscure Beis Din about whom it is impossible to find out details
In Chicago there is a Gaon called rabbi Gedaliah Schwartz whose expertise in Halocho and Dinni Torah is second to none
How about that for transparency ?
(1/6/2019 11:58:13 AM)
To 288 who disparages Rabbi A Wolf
As I posted I recently had my mezuzas checked that were from crown Heights they were all posul this was from a vaad mishmeres Stam certified Sofer in Monsey
I lived in Chicago for over thirty years before Pennsylvania now ny
Rabbi Aron Wolf is a very well respected person the softie he brings in from out of town when he runs a mezuzah checking campaign have nothing I repeat nothing to gain from telling the truth about the kashrut of the mezuzah being checked when they are finished in the campaign they go back to ny and no they are softim from different communities chasid yeshiva etc the only defining quality is that they are mumcuim
Kudos to Rabbi Wolf for his work
Again I will post my email so anyone who wants real information about my less than a week shock that I had when I checked my mezuzas can email me
elchononebert1@gmail . Com
(1/6/2019 11:58:57 AM)
To 291
Who are you?

I would seriously like to donate and send others to the GoFundMe but not before knowing that youre legit. Please post your info on the GFM page.
(1/6/2019 12:03:12 PM)
We need a GoRefundMe for our mezuzahs
(1/6/2019 12:05:02 PM)
Its so funny that everyone has an opinion when barely any of them know a thing or 2 about Safrus.
There are many stories of Sofrim making Mezzuzos of other Sofrim Posul and it turned out that it was kosher. There are many opinions and Dinim and its not as simple as it seems.

The whole point of the Mivtzoyim Mezuza is that its cheaper quality while still being better than nothing (even the stores themselves will tell you its better to stay away from them).
The question is, are they better than nothing or not?

Furthermore, the way this was done is completely improper. Even in the Goyish Velt Lehavdil, before realesing a bombshell to the public, one reaches out the people involved in the story for comment or response.

Its hard for me to believe that these Elter Yidden that many of us trust, are selling Pesulim to save money (especially being that they have Magihim that check these Mezuzos)
(1/6/2019 12:11:41 PM)
Contact him directly!
If anyone has something in particular to discuss with Rabbi Wolf whether for or against or has any interest in hearing more about the story Rabbi Wolf is happy to discuss.

He can be reached via email Rabbiwolfchicago@gmail.com
(1/6/2019 12:14:19 PM)


(1/6/2019 12:23:08 PM)
Meat next
Someone needs to uncover the non kosher meat being sold to us as well...
(1/6/2019 12:46:38 PM)
It's not the stores problem
These stores are buying mezuzas are buying from a main distributor.
The stores don't bother to check it .
Now the problem is the distributor
(1/6/2019 12:59:56 PM)
To 239 why that shliach didnt gave a$50 mezuzah to a balabos that can give a $90.000 donation?
(1/6/2019 1:13:39 PM)
From comment 267
It does not matter what anyone just says back. I dont just believe one persons account and one Sofers claim on this. An investigation needs to be done into this investigation.
(1/6/2019 1:21:08 PM)
Simeon Jacobosn we beg you
Please put out a letter calming everyone down. We trust you! We are all so sad. We all love the holy Jews running these stores but the situation is serious. We need direction and not from anyone connected to the system not for it or against it.
(1/6/2019 1:42:06 PM)
T0 298
its an old story. lubavitch dosent care what vaad mishmares stam says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(1/6/2019 1:58:12 PM)
.fact check
In response to the video, a Hazmanah (summons) letter was sent to Rabbi Wolf of Chicago, in which seven of the eight Crown Heights Sofrim are calling Rabbi Wolf to a Din Torah claiming he has slandered them and caused them loss of money.

In the Hazmanah letter, written on the stationary of Vaad Rabbonim Haklali, the following names are listed as claimants: Rabbi Moshe Klein, Rabbi Gad Sebag, Rabbi Eliezer Shapira, Rabbi Yosef Liran, Rabbi Yitzchak Mishulovin, Rabbi Dovid Rimler and Rabbi Mendel Vogel.


However, not all the parties listed in the Hazmanah (summons) confirmed that theyve agreed to participate in the case. For example, Rabbi Yitzchak Mishulovin of Merkaz Stam said that he never agreed to participate as a Tovea (claimant) in the putative Din Torah of Vaad Rabbonim Haklali, despite being included in that Bais Dins list.
(1/6/2019 1:58:25 PM)
To those machon Stam believers
I would like to thank all the commentors for showing their vast knowledge of halacha. In addition, to all sofrim who commented kudos to you.
However, halacha says clearly that you don't need to go broke to hang up mezuzah's, hashem does not want us to be broke and beg for food. These mezuzah's are meant for people who will not purchase your alte rebbe mezuzah with an average price of above $120.
These mezuzah's are 100 percent kosher, if you don't like it, then that is your fault for not learning the halacha well enough. Many of the newer sofrim gave not learned there is an inyan to look for the kosher in things and not just passul everything.

You imagine going to a Rav to ask him a Sheila a all he tells people it's not good. This is what you want!!!
In a few years, this is what we will have people saying that "how can you say that is kosher" everything is trief.

I feel bad for this community how can they be so ignorant and believe that everyone is selling treif.

I was sure collive would not miss on the part that rabbi wolff and rabbi raskin are cousins. If rabbi wolff was smart he should have mentioned I skipped machon Stam because he does not sell these class of mezuzah, by mentioning him he has to answer why he in fact did so in the first place.

I would like to finish by saying rabbi raskin you might have meant well but you sell everything else the same as these sofrim, only difference is the lower price mezuzah so please refrain from saying you are better than the rest, the garbage you say about other sofrim is disgusting and you should be ashamed.
(1/6/2019 2:06:12 PM)
I am jealous of his zechusim.

Kol hakavod to you Rabbi Wolf!
(1/6/2019 2:26:29 PM)
where is the problem??????
unfortunately, the real question should be
Why are such Mezuzos that can be upgraded to 100% level with a proper hagoha - even available?

Not why are they being sold?

the answer is very simple a large group of "shluchim" call all the retail locations on a daily basis to purchase the "CHEAPEST" Mezuza in monetary value which automatically translates in the quality of the Mezuza

Let us take a step back and think for a moment if there would be no request for it it would not exist.
(1/6/2019 2:27:29 PM)
Ch mezuzas
I live in ch and got my mezuzas checked two months ago . Most of them were posul .
(1/6/2019 2:45:53 PM)
Rabbi Raskin
How dare Rabbi Raskin sells higher quality Mezuzos than the rest of the Sofrim??! This stinks of conspiracy! He should not be able to get away with selling Mezuzos that are problem free!! Which Sofer gave him his Kabbalah? It should be rescinded immediately!
(1/6/2019 2:49:28 PM)
to 292
I am saying when one goes and has them checked and the sofer says they are posul, most of the times they were kosher lechatchila and sofrim out of ignorance have an easy time just paseling. Those crying that their mezuzohs were posul , well lav davka, . much easier to say posul, and you need to be a bigger mumcheh to say kosher.
(1/6/2019 3:06:05 PM)
Cholov Stam
The Rebbe encouraged the OK to have cholov stam so those that are not yet fully frum have this option. A very week heter by a daas yochid that was alive at the time. Here we have haterim from rishonim. How can anyone think the Rebbe wouldn't want shluchim to have this cheaper priced mezuza? Shluchim need to decide wherher they can push a baalhabus to pay more for a mezuzah that is more widely accepted.
(1/6/2019 3:06:31 PM)
The sofer

(1/6/2019 3:20:36 PM)
Boruch S Wolf
To 313:
To blame shluchim for buying at low prices is wrong.
How many shluchim struggle to stay above water? When they order 10-20 mezuzos for $35 per unit, and the very frum looking seller reassures him that his mezuzos are all 100% kosher, of course the shliach will try to save the few hundred dollars that he doesnt even have, to stay afloat. The shliach isnt a jack of all trades that understands every intricacy of mikvah, mezuzah, shechita, etc. its the people in these businesses who must be honest with those that depend on them for honesty.
(1/6/2019 3:21:05 PM)
cholov stam.
Rebbe encouraged it.

2 points; 1) its not only a weak heter from contemporary, but is also ok for different reasons according to pri chadash and Radvaz.
2) More importantly - those items are sold and certified as being of inferior kashrut quality - people know it is not cholov yisroel according to everyone. (not so with the mezuzuot)
(1/6/2019 3:37:08 PM)
To 287???????
Crusader can be used as a verb as to describe Wolfs crusade.It is a stretch of the imagination to think it refers to the evil crusaders. But then again you must have a fertile imagination as evidenced by your beginning of your post

(1/6/2019 3:42:29 PM)
why sofrim say the mezuzos they checked are pasul
the answer is because they charge you to fix it or to sell you a new mezuzah. i would never pay machon stam extra for fixing probloms. he pasals the best lubavitcher sofrims parshios!!! ones that are double his age! and ones that lived over 100 years ago. this is why any normal sofer will not charge you extra to fix a crack and wont even tell you he fixed it. why should he make you feel bad unless hes trying to get more money for fixing and get you to be his costumer. if any sofer wants to fix stuff on my mezuzos and charge me, ill tell him im bringing it to another sofer to fix.
(1/6/2019 4:06:01 PM)
(1/6/2019 5:31:37 PM)
a mumche in safrus
i decided after hours of research that everyone should write their own mezuzos and also be yotze vaata kisvu lochem es hashira hazos
(1/6/2019 5:42:55 PM)
Cholov Yisroel

To 317: I have heard this story but it is FAKE NEWS. A reliable chosid told me that he personally heard from Rabbi Levy that the opposite is true
(1/6/2019 7:19:12 PM)
Shliach lost 90G Because of these mezuzot
Rabbi Saacs a shliach in long island sold 9 mezuzuos to a baal habos. Mezuzuos that Rabbi Saacs purchased on kingston Avenue.

As time went on this individual became frum, and was running for a government position in the area.

The race was not going well, so he checked his mezuzos at the local sofer, only to discover that they were all posul.

The baal habos let Rabbi Saacs know how deeply disappointed he was. He than went ahead and bought from the local community 9 new mezuzos.

Nothing Rabbi Saacs said mattered. The baal habos felt he was mislead.

When this baal habos won the race and had access to community funds, the local community got a check of $90,000, while Rabbi Saacs got a check of $100.

This story was shared at a local shluchim convention with over 100 shluchim present.
(1/6/2019 7:20:04 PM)
To #322 I worked for a sofer many years ago
The Way it works

When person brings a mezuzah to check, There is a fixed price per each mezuzah.
The magiha Spends average time looking it over. (The normal repairs like cracks you mentioned are usually included in the price)

When we are dealing with a low quality mezuzah that Not only has crack in a letter, but for example is missing many Tagim, as you can imagine this requires more time from the magiah, It is Therefore only right that the Magiha Get paid for the time he worked on the mezuzah.

For your info When a mezuzah Is deemed Pasul It's not based on a hergesh, rather on halacha.
When in doubt most reliable sofrim Consult with big Rabonin.

And That is precisely the reason the sofer will inform the customer in the statis not C"v to scare to scare the customer, but for Purpose of transparency to explain to him the reason of the recommendation the fix it or to purchase a new one.

Your Attitude reminds me of one who brings his car in for an oil change to a trustworthy mechanic. The mechanic while changing the oil Detects that there is a broken part that Must be fix Because it's a danger for the car.

I would think that most people would wanna know about it?!
And even more so its Probly irresponsible if the Mechanic does not inform his customer And perhaps even advise him to fix it Asap this will only save lots of unexpected trouble later.

If the owner chooses not to fix it it's his Decion.

The moral of the story is self explanatory. most normal people would like to know if there is an issue in their Mezuzah as well to get professional opinion on what is halachacly Required.
( By all means there is no issue to get a second or third opinion)

NO SOFER can make anyone fix or buy a new one
This is totally up to the customer All they can do is recommend and help person have kosher Merchandice this way the customer will iyh have health happiness parnasa and nachas.
(1/6/2019 7:46:55 PM)
Good good
He cant do and experiment ???????????
(1/6/2019 8:29:59 PM)
I am troubled by the letter from the Beis Din
Notice that all the Soferim are titled as and Rabbi Wolf is titled by the more lay ...
Has the Beis Din adjudicated on the source of Smicha and the title it bestows?
Unless Rabbi Wolf doesnt have a valid Smicha, this is not a typographical error, and I have grave questions about such a Beis Dins processes and ability to hear this case.
Note: I am not and stumbled onto this article.
(1/6/2019 8:30:50 PM)
I have a question.
One of the comments (believe it or not I read all 322, including the ones that were duplicates) states that there is no such thing as a hechsher on stores that sell tefillin and mezuzos. I am wondering why this is the case and whether rabbinical supervision of such stores could be instituted, that would solve the problem.
(1/6/2019 8:38:48 PM)
So disturbing
Either the accusations are true, which is horrifying.
Or the accusations are false, which is horrifying.
The overpowering waves of sinas chinam on all sides are suffocating and induce feelings of despair.
I am asking myself why I left the yeshiva world for this.
Where's the ahavas Yisrael?
Where's the ehrlichkeit?
You all need to learn some mussar.
(1/6/2019 9:18:17 PM)
Shocked & Saddened
1- #177 is right on. When we buy the mivtzaim mezuzas to put up or sell we're not expecting anything Mehudar but we do expect them to be lchatchila kosher, not bdieved or kosher with using lenient opinions. Lubavitchers should be able to go into a store in Crown Heights and buy a mezuzah already in a case with tape on the back and be confident that its a kosher mezuzah Lchatchila without having to bring it to another Sofer to check. Especially a Shliach who receives them all ready to go in a UPS package in yuhupitz where theres no Sofer within 500 miles. We trusted these Sofrim and merchants for years and this is a major betrayal of that trust. Of course if after an honest Din Torah it emerges that this report was wrong and that the mezuzas we're all good lchatchila then everyone will be happy. Unfortunately it seems as if the entire machlokes now is over whether the mezuzas in question are completely possul or kosher bdieved.

2-How sad in the sense that it makes one ask where is the yiras shamayim in Chabad? The Sofer is supposed to be more of a yiras shamayim than your average Jew. Where does that leave us as regular Lubavitchers? Where is the affect of all the Chassidus we learn if the holy among us compromise their principals for a few shekels? How heartbreaking indeed.

3-Let me ask you an even tougher question. Im sure that in Belz, Bobov, Ger, Lakewood etcthere are also many people who cant afford the expensive mezuzas. Do they also have this problem? Im not saying this to put down Lubavitch chas vsholom but to cause some introspection on our part.

4-Just imagine for a moment had this been a scandal with food being sold that was as kosher as these mezuzas were? Had the meat had as many shailos as these mezuzas. Had it been about meat where different Rabonim were disagreeing with each other whether its kosher or not? Would you eat that meat (or serve it at your Chabad House to people who are not frum yet or even give it to any secular Jew to bring home as kosher meat) or ever trust that butcher again? What if 8 food stores in Crown Heights were caught selling questionable meat products? So the outcry & himel geshrai in Crown Heights (& beyond) is justified.
(1/6/2019 9:32:53 PM)
However, not all the parties listed in the Hazmanah (summons) confirmed that theyve agreed to participate in the case. For example, Rabbi Yitzchak Mishulovin of Merkaz Stam confirmed that he never agreed to participate as a Tovea (claimant) in the putative Din Torah of Vaad Rabbonim Haklali, despite being included in that Bais Dins list.

Rabbi Mishulovin clarified, however, that his unwillingness to participate as a Tovea (claimant) should not be interpreted as approval of Rabbi Wolfs conclusions or methods.
(1/6/2019 10:47:07 PM)
Trick of the yeetzer horo
This is a trick of the yetzer horo to slow down mivtzah mezuzah. It goes to show, we need to increase in mivtzah mezuzah.
(1/6/2019 11:12:58 PM)
It appears that this Beis Din May be biased
I am and stumbled onto this issue; I am not

It would seem that there is an intentional slur in the letter itself, against Rabbi Wolf.

Please note that each of the shop owners/soferim are referred to with a Rabbinic title. Tellingly, Rabbi Wolf is not described as Rabbi in the letter.

It takes some imagination to assume that this wasnt an intentional slight.

I would be suggesting an external hearing from a single Rav, and no Borerim (that system is broken)
(1/7/2019 12:12:04 AM)
Bigger problem
A bigger problem (only because it isnt as known) is Keter size 20 tzitzis. While most people assume they are 100% kosher but they are not (according to the alter rebbeh) because they are not 1 amoh from the bottom of the neckline
(1/7/2019 2:33:41 AM)
Skewed reporting
Why are the sofrim called rabbis and Rabbi Wolf is simply Wolf? Why does Collive insinuate that his video is a farce when most sofrim and rabbonim agree with him?
(1/7/2019 5:49:57 AM)
Drop box
I got the drop box of all the pics of the mezuza
So if you argue its only gonna be 2or 3 diffewnt in final number
He so right and something has to be done about.
(1/7/2019 8:24:27 AM)
Chaim Silver
Let's all see the pictures of the Mezzuzos.

Where is the link for the Drop Box? I have heard about it.

(1/7/2019 8:48:24 AM)
What I am still not clear about is whether these "pasulim" are actually that. Are these mamesh non-kosher mezuzahs or various degrees of non-hiddur? It makes a world of difference.

If these are mezuzas that are outright passul by a vast majority of poskim then I agree with Rabbi Wolf (although I still don't agree with the manner in which he brought it to everyone's attention).

If these mezuzas are just not hiddur or they are passul according to a few major poskim, including the Alter Rebbe, but valid according to enough major opinions then shame on R' Wolf. We all know the cheaper mezuzahs are not top notch. They have to be kosher, at a minimum of course, but if they are only "passul" for our standards then he has no right to do what he did. I only agree that buyers should be made aware that cheaper mezuzahs will not be acceptable to all opinions and, for shluchim, they need to relate to their baalei batim that these cheaper mezuzos will not be up to typical Chabad standard. It is still fair of these stores to sell the cheaper variety, however. Buying mezuzos for your home can be expensive. Maybe not as expensive as a new car or tuition but expensive, particularly in the eyes of someone who is new to the mitzvah. Encouraging someone to embrace the mitzvah of mezuzah at a more affordable cost is alright, again, as long as the mezuzah is basically kosher.

I was never looking for COL to clarify the halachos for me, I would never rely on them for that. But there is too much noise on this website. I am not a sofer. I don't know the halachos well. People claiming its pasul, it's not, the halacha is clear, this guy doesn't know how to read... It gets very confusing. Who is checking these mezuzas. THis guy said it was fine. This guy said it is 100% passul. Who knows who these checkers are, what standards they are evaluating by and whether they are mature enough to acknowledge where other opinions say differently than the Alter Rebbe's shitah.
(1/7/2019 8:59:07 AM)
please clarify this issue with keter 20 tzitzis. that all we use here.
(1/7/2019 10:08:48 AM)
to all complainers
emagine you go to a rav with a shaila benageiah dinei nidda and the rav tells you everytime something is not good because hey it that color
but another rav will tell you that these are good based on this and this opinion and these opinions are 100 lchatchila even though it looks one way.
this is how this mezuzah case is. to the untrained eye these seem terrible, however, to a learned sofer (magiah) these are actually kosher just not mehudar
(1/7/2019 12:49:27 PM)
What about hand baked matzoh ?
(1/7/2019 1:28:16 PM)
You are the best!!! Great work of opening ppls eyes
(1/7/2019 3:29:35 PM)
Yeah to #343
What about candle for menorah that do NOT last the zman
(1/7/2019 3:42:44 PM)
It seems like the accusations that chabad men don't know how to learn is ultimately true. Just read this comment section.
Many of the comments stated that when buying 30 dollar mezuzos one shall receive a l'chatchila kosher mezuza. That's literally impossible.
(1/7/2019 3:46:56 PM)
To #358
What are you talking about?
Maybe open up a shulchan aruch before you say things that don't make sense.
(1/7/2019 5:47:05 PM)
you are the best!!! Great work of opening ppls eyes
(1/7/2019 5:57:32 PM)
Shame on those that sue Rabbi Wolf, they must provide 100% Kosher (nothing less).
Shame on those that sue Rabbi Wolf, they must provide 100% Kosher (nothing less). This is what they need to correct and focus, go after the sofrim, instead of going after the one who did the right thing for all of us.

Rabbi Wolf is a voice of all Jews who buy Kosher product and get a none-Kosher one. We, the Jews shoppers should sue those stores in Bais Din for selling us None-Kosher items.

I want to see which Bais Din will shoot themself in the foot by rulings against Rabbi Wolf in this Kosher matter.
(1/7/2019 7:15:08 PM)
Price Order
BTW the order of how many are passul is the same order as the prices. machon stams mezuzos are the most expensive
(1/7/2019 8:03:25 PM)
To 134
(1/7/2019 8:11:33 PM)
Tefillin posuled
Related, I used a Crown Heights sofer a few years ago to check my tefillin. I'm not Chabad, but a friend who is his relative persuaded me to use him. Got them back and they looked different to say the least. Got them checked by the mumche I normally used. First words out of his mouth when I went to pick them up: "you got these checked in Crown Heights?". It was a disaster - they messed up my retzuos, the parshiyos were mixed up, they made chatzitzos with glue....
(1/7/2019 9:25:06 PM)
Crown heights sofrim are unprofessional not evil
You guys are are arguing about nothing.
No one is saying that people dont know Halacha or people are evil.
The simple fact is that no one in crown heights not even the Rebbes sofer was a real magiha the Rebes sofer was very big Talmud chochom and a yire shamayim so he had siyata dishmaya no one can deny that.
But younger sofrim especially those that are making business out of it. You have to understand hagaah isnt about learning Halacha you actually have to spend a few years training. You have to really look at every single letter individually it takes atleast 3-5 minutes per Mezuza to read through the whole Mezuza twice
The sochrim and sofrim should all be retrained and a vaad mishmeres stam system should be created for Lubavitch kdarkom bakoidesh as they disrespect all velt rabanim.
There must ba a vaad stam Lubavitch. Its a must!! And all the magihim should go through a training program asap
Boruch hashem someone finally got the point.
(1/7/2019 9:44:02 PM)
After looking at pictures of the mezuzos online this is my opinion
I am not a rav and cannot pasken.
Second some hold that touching is ok I would pasul it if it came to me and fix it but I wouldn't say the person never had a mezuzah on his door.
For klein I would say numbers 1, 6, 7 ,8 kosher 5 and 8 shaelas tinok on spacing 4 touching I think it is a fair miss.
I think the psak her was a drop harsh but if you want to be machmir I can see where you are comming from.
Oraita I think writing bedeeved on such a mezuzah is not fair because I did not find any mezuzahs here that were not it is kosher. 2nd I think spacing is ok because the sofer left a lot of spacing between letters. I think cracks happen if it has a long shelf life for cases 3 4 they are kosher since they are not nikar lehedyeh but need to be fixed. 5 is touching I think is a fair miss.
Judauica negiyos can be fixed I don't understand teh shaleh on the tzadik on last mezuzah
I would say numbers 1, 2 , 4 numbers 5, 6 , 7 shalos tinok on spacing.
6th I think it depends who you ask I asked a rav and he pasulded a tof like that but I think according to tzemach tzeded some might pasken its ok.
sofer stam I can't see what is touching I need a better picture.
Machon Stam
Here I actually looked through them. I am going to be a little harsh because no one was harsh yet on them ;) feel free to argue.
I think first one is pasul since at the bottom the end of lines are not same length and tehy slant down not like stairs. this is considered a psul I might be wrong since I am looking a picture. number 7 looks like it has cracks by line ending vilemadedtem and veeineichem could be wrong also the nun looks on line ending velimadetem in eneichem has something sticking out maybe a probably bedieved kosher , 8 should be cleaned it even though it is different strength of ink it needs to be cleaned again I could be wrong since it is a picture. mezuzah 9 vehayoh im shomoah has a spacing issue I might pasul it. mezuzah 10 haretz has a spacing issue it is fine since the letter after is a longa tzadik though should be fixed.
Overall the mezuzahs here there is no 2 tagei lamed and sometime the tag is all the way by the right maybe can be used for mivtzoim but a lubavitcher should not use them since according to kabalah it can cause shalom bayis issues.
The sofer pasuled a mezuzah previousely because shin was not comming out of one foot I see this problem here too I also saw yuds that did have a proper kots I think this is ok as long as they have a sharp edge in Israel they are machmir here in America we pasken like Rabbi Moshe Feinstein that was Machshir.

Overall I think the person checking was harsh definitely not fair for Oraita and sofer stam.
Raskin had 2 psulim that the checkers missed I think this was easy to miss i don't think he did so on purpose.

(1/7/2019 11:39:07 PM)
Wow so many clueless people I am shocked.
You can argue from today to tomorrow if the problems discovered it the mezuzahs are really problematic or just borderline kosher... the fact is that the debated " issues" that were found apply in all the mezuzahs shown, yes all, even machon stams. Look at the slides.

Of course there were some stores that had really really poor quality with deformed lettering and multiple issues per mezuzah, and this video would have been correct had it been aimed only to them.

But then there are the rest of the sofrim and they are all in the same boat more or less. Their mezuzahs are for the most part a decent kesav and they missed one or two things in some of the mezuzahs, not to say that is acceptable, but to put it into perspective they are difficult mezuzahs to check and they do their best. In most cases they find all the issues and sometimes it is missed out inadvertently not maliciously. Why one sofer got a free pass to sell these minimally kosher mezuzahs with "issues" and not the others?
At first this made me wonder if there was an agenda, or perhaps they were just missed out when they were being checked by both of wolfs sofrim, but after a couple of days passing by and knowing this was pointed out to the author of this video and still no update or correction I now have no doubt.
What's worse is that all wolf's work is in vain, for telling people not to buy minimally kosher from one person and telling them to buy them from someone else really accomplished nothing!

All the people screaming here that your mezuzahs were possul. bought them from the ones who had the really really bad mezuzahs, so why blame someone elses cheap poor mezuzahs on all the other sofrim in ch?
And an even bigger question is why were you so cheap to buy those mezuzahs in the first place?! Do you really want them to stop selling them? And all of a sudden you will be willing to pay more money for your mezuzahs? Really? So why did you opt for the $30-$40 to start with? You can't have your cake and eat it. There never will be a 100% lechatchila mezuzah for $40. There will always be debatable "issues " that will deem them bedieved.
I am all for it we shouldn't be selling bedieved mezuzahs, but then again I never bought, nor will I ever buy one for my house. These sofrim are providing a community service selling these mezuzahs, they cost so little there is little to no profit in them. It's intended for the shluchim who are giving for free to their balabatim or they are buying but they dont understand the importance of having a proper mezuzah, these mezuzahs were never meant to be on the doors of anash! You may argue they deserve better as well but that is not the issue here at all.

Wolf could have made a nice educational video about quality of mezuzahs and like any normal person would do explain that other places outside crown heights have similar low quality or even worse, and it's not just a lubavitch problem and overall encouraging everyone every jew to buy better quality.

I agree with the underlying message it is time to upgrade the quality of mezuzahs. And for those complaining we also need to upgrade the quality of checking, we pay so little to check a mezuzah and tefillin it's no wonder sofrim feel pressured and cant give a mezuzah or tefillin the time of day while checking them to make the neccessary repairs and corrections. Every other community pays sofrim 10-20% more, if you dont believe me call borough park, Williamsburg or monsey.

Let's upgrade the quality of stam and the checking quality in crown heights so we dont have to have this debate ever again,
but get ready as it will come with a cost.
(1/8/2019 12:04:57 AM)
Wrong wrongg wrong.
They were not all basically kosher. No apology so far from any of the safrus centers or even an acknowledgment they could have done better or will do better in the future. So the only thing that matters is the $$$ so take your hard earned dollars elsewhere immediately. No one pays good money for maybe, kinda, sorta, could be kosher if... I had 5 major surgeries with no good refuah and yes had tiffilin and mezzuzah issues from the likes of these folks.
(1/8/2019 6:22:37 AM)
The Voice of Reason
To the holy readers of COLlive. I have stayed silent in the hopes that reasonable solutions would overcome the hidden desire for confrontation and disorder. I repeatedly check on our holy exchange in the article concerning the shaliach of Athens and his actions regarding the El Al plane that mistakenly and viciously airlifted before Shabbos. I do this to insure that comments made are answered (haivin yavin). In this instance we have a youngerman in Chicago, decidedly accepting of the fact that he has undertaken an analysis of purported fraud in the industry we refer to as STAM. I do not, G-d forbid, associate myself among the most knowledgable of the laws of safrus. That being said, I won't say in what manner the Halacha is to hold out of respect for those who are more knowleadable than I, ken yirboo! That being said, I will reserve commentary to the one fact that is undisputed in this affair, the fact of videos made public. Rabbi (smicha is assumed) Wolf, affectionately or possibly the opposite of affectionately depending on the motivation of the individual seeking to express their views in a public forum, Miyad, should not have publicized his findings in the manner that he did. Possibly, I need to verify, in the manner of the enemies of Israel, they being Moabites, Yevusim and those from territories in and around Eritrea. (Please note I did not, and would not, chas vashalom, refer to the name of Amalek. Temptations arise to use that particular nation but it is cruel and should not be done. THis is clear in shulchan aruch and I would never wish to harm the honor or slander Miyad even if one believes he, in turn, projected nastiness on the perpetrators of STAM in our shechuna.) All that to have being said, the manner in which this information was expelled into the public sefira is not becoming of the manner that chassidus Chabad would demand , and inquire from us.
I hope that this reminder serves as a final statement on all of the above (here referring to the many commentators of this article who, no doubt, only meant holiness and goodness by their actions, or typing in the case of computer technology).
May we see peace soon
- Motty
(1/8/2019 12:12:39 PM)
Thank you Rabbi Wolf!
No good doing suppose to slide by easy and the better and more holy it is, the more and anti's will show up here and there. The Alte Rebbe had it, the Rebbe had it, holy individuals had it. The in will try to win holiness, but we all know that holiness will win.

Thank you Rabbi Wolf for taking an objective action to bring more holiness to Jews. That's what matters, nothing else (especially not special interest with those stores).

I see it as a good thing as it means it was a good doing. I bet that now more and more people will follow what has been done. I hope that more individuals and independent organizations will do independent checking and post online in one goal in mind, to make more Jews holy. Now start ordering those items, check them, and post your results.

Those stores should get ready for it because it just started.

Thank you Rabbi Wolf!
(1/8/2019 2:12:58 PM)
I have a video - COMING SOON!
I have a video - COMING SOON!

I went with 2 witnesses to 10 eateries in Crown Heights.

I ordered a leafy vegetable salad in each place.

I placed each salad in a zip lock bag marked by a number reserved for each eatery and took the bags home.

I invited 2 mashgichim from established kashrus organizations to inspect the salads for insects.

Video results:

9 out of the 10 eateries have salad with at least 3 insects in them!

Only ONE eatery had salad with no insects in it - Mermelstein's!

(1/8/2019 3:06:47 PM)
To Fair Warning

I own a cafe in Crown Heights and if you DARE put out such a video, I will sue your pants off and I will get EACH restaurant/pizza shop/bakery/sushi store to join me in a Din Torah against you.

HOW DARE YOU try to take away my parnassa???

You must be related to the one eatery that has no bugs in their salad!

How is it even possible that only "one" eatery has 100% no bugs on the salad?

And why are you targeting Crown Heights eateries and not BP, Willie or Flatbush? You are making a chillul Hashem and chillul Lubavitch!

And besides, there are different shittos about what is considered an insect! Some insects need to be with feet and large enough to see without a magnifying glass!

You took the most machmir shitah on bugs just to get us all bugged out!

Besides, you did not name which "kashrus organizations" were used to check for the bugs. It is known that Mishmeres Bugs find insects that no one else can find!

Look, we know that you have an agenda - you just don't like salad. You never liked salad and for years you complained about the taste of salad.

Many great erlich yidden ate in my cafe and THEY ate my salad, so that PROVES that you are just making up stuff.

I sell hundreds of pounds of salad a year and you only bought a small sampling of my salad - so what does your experiment prove - that ALL my salad is infested with bugs?!.

Besides, the salad is sold as a side dish, it is thrown in with a main course. No one expects a meal that "comes with salad" to get a perfect salad. People know you get what you pay for.

Finally, what is YOUR hetter for loshon hara, rechillus and giluy arayos/toloim? If you had a "beef" with my milchig salad (I guess bugs might be fleishig), you should come and talk to me and we can work things out! Why go public!

I must end with the customary name calling: you are a Korach, an Essov, a Misnaged, an Oisvorf, and a Mossor!

I will see you in court and at the Bais Din shel Matta!
(1/8/2019 3:08:48 PM)
I sure hope that more objective checking on Kosher stores will take place.
And don't forget to post the results online, this is a #1 public interest for sure!
I'm sure everyone's goal is to be more and more Kosher for us and others. That will bring the geula much closer.
Post your findings online!!!
Moshiach NOW!
(1/8/2019 4:09:40 PM)
to #360
why are you speaking this way? "sue your pants off"? and to call anyone "Korach,Essov............" ?! Shame on you!
And just because some chashuve rabbanim ate at your restaurant it doesnt mean anything!
just because someone ate bugs in their salads- no matter how chashuv they are it doesnt make it right!
(1/8/2019 10:29:59 PM)
Anyone who looks over the mezuzah will see Raskin has same issues
Although this is an important issue, the way this was done is not right. The people buying a $30 mezuzah should know that paying $30 for a mezuzah that takes 1-2 hours to write, you will not get a perfect mezuzah.
The fact that Wolf does not clarify that touching letters, the Alter Rebbe writes that "yeah mi shemachshir" even without correction, and " vyesh lehachmir" and fix. Why doesn't he qualify that thouching letters is not possul according to all opinions.
The other thing that he doesn't clarify is that many of these mezuzah that he labels in red as "passul" can easily be fixed in a couple of seconds.
The way he went about this using the word "fraud" and lumping all in one basket is regrettable.
Again this is an important issue, but went about it in ana way that is very unfair and lumping all in one basket, when some deserve the critisism and some were judged way too harshly.
In addition the Raskin mezuzahs have similar issues especially spacing issues. Nobody comes out looking good from this. Not tWolf, not the Sofer he used, not the sofrim attacked and not the Beis Din in Crown Heights. All Wolf had to do was not use the word "fraud" and clarify that most are easily fixed and there are other poskim which are more lenient, and educate the public that you get what you pay for. Cheap mezuzahs will have more issues.
(1/8/2019 11:21:40 PM)
Important topic, but totaly unfair how it was carried out
1) People should be aware that you get what you pay for. Of course you want a kosher Mezuzah but it wont be a high standard.

2) Wolf doesn't clarify that many of these "possul" (if not all) can easily be fixed.
3) Uses the word "fraud". Lumps all the sofrim in the same basket.
4) Doesn't clarify that the Alter Rebbe says that touching letters "yesh mi shemachshir" even without fixing but "yesh lachmir" to fix it. IOW calling them "passul" and "fraud" is totally unfair.
5) Raskin Mezuzahs have the same issues, especially spacing issues - the verdict on the mezuzahs seems harsh in some cases and too lenient (in comparison) in others.
6) Why don't we have the name of more sofrim who can comment on each Mezuzah individually? Saying there was a second sofer who checked them and found all the same issues (and missed all the issues in Raskin's) seems quite improbable.

7) One issue, that seems that seems to be below the surface is people complaining that they buy mezuzos only to have them checked a few years later and find out they are "posul". Of course these people now feel that they were defrauded, and are angry with the first sofer /store. The question then arises: When a sofer says its "posul" does that mean the previous sofer was a fraud or does that mean the second sofer is being strict on another persons work in the hope he can get more business? This is worrisome. Because in this case I see where letters are touching, using the word "posul" and not clarifying that some opinions say its kosher without fixing and some say its better to fix, (AR 32:5) puts the first sofer in a very bad light, "a fraud", when in fact the second sofer might be being strict (whether its for sincere reasons , or perhaps in a less favorable interpretation, for ulterior motives).

In conclusion, instead of educating the public that Mivtzoim mezuzhas are kosher b'dieved (which if you learn the halochos most of these mezuzohs are kosher b'diveed or at least can easily be fixed) he uses the word "posul" and "fraud".

An important issue, but managed to cause yet another machlokes / sinas chinam in Lubavitch etc (as if we don't have enough).
(1/9/2019 12:00:12 AM)
" No one pays good money for maybe, kinda, sorta, could be kosher if... I had 5 major surgeries with no good refuah and yes had tiffilin and mezzuzah issues from the likes of these folks. "

I'm sorry, we are talking about the mivtzoim mezuzhas. $30. For 2 hours of hard difficult meticulous work. You think this is "good money"?

Calling these mezuzhas as "fraud" when most are kosher b'dieved" (anyone who learns the halochos knows that touching letters for eg are kosher bedieved) or can easily be fixed (cracked letters etc)

I think reactions like yours are proof that Wolf has caused alot of damage. People are now lumping almost all the sofrim into one basket when its clear to anyone who looked at the mezuzhas and knows the halacha that many of the sofrim had fairly good mezuzhas, and most of these mezuzas that were called "posul" are at least kosher bedieved.
(1/9/2019 12:13:41 AM)
Go Fund me for mezuzhas that are easily fixed?
All these people who are trying to fundraise for Wolf show their ignorance. Even those mezuzos that were deemed "posul", most can easily be fixed. Cracked letters or touching letters can easily be fixed in a couple of seconds.

Besides the Wolfs have a business selling mezuzohs, they will have no problem fixing these mezuzos and on-selling them.

Its a real shame that Wolf used the word "fraud" when anyone who learned the halachos can see that even the ones labeled "posul" are mostly bedieved or can easily be fixed. Anyone Lubavitcher who is paying $30 for a mezuzha should realize (had they known basics such as it takes 1-2 hours to write) that the mezuzha will be at best bedieved.
(1/9/2019 12:30:17 AM)
Wolf used the word "Posul"
Why did Rabbi Wolf say it's posul.
First off, these were new Mezzuzos, and were expected to be Kosher (any way you define it)
Many on this subject are screaming "IT CAN BE FIXED" YES, they can be fixed, but RIGHT NOW, they were determed posul!

EXAMPLE: You buy a brand new car, and it doesn't start. You take it to the dealer, and he say "What's your problem?" the engine is dead. Yes, we will replace the engine, the salesman says!
In our case of Mezzuzos, we may never know if the (engine) is dead, only after double checking by a Sofer.

Conclusion: All we have, when we buy a closed Mezzuzah, is the TRUST in where we buy them from. PERIOD.

As the Rebbe always says, let's look at the outcome, and see whether this whole episode brings us to a positive outcome!

Shaya Mallenbaum
(1/9/2019 8:58:37 AM)
Don't silence using beis din.
Bring evidence to counter. If you sell to the public you have to be ready for public scrutiny. Stop hiding behind the courts. Enough cover ups.
(1/9/2019 1:13:32 PM)
#367 using word "possul" is wrong
In the case of touching letters for example, using the word"possul" is wrong. The Alter Rebbe (32:5) says there are 2 opinions. One that it's kosher as is and one that it's better to fix.

It's like saying pas akum is treif. Instead of the word possul please clarify that there is more than one opinion in the Shulchan Oruch.

Using the word fraud, when these are kosher according to some opinions in the Shulchan Oruch is completely wrong.
(1/9/2019 3:00:40 PM)
I was on Wolf's side. Until I opened a Shulchan Oruch
U assumed that when Wolf said it's possul, that he was presenting the whole picture. I assumed touching letters for eg. Are possul. But when I saw in Shulchan Oruch (32:5) that touching letters, there are 2 opinions and the stricter opinion is it's better to fix, I was very upset. Why call the sofrim frauds when these mezuzahs are perfectly kosher according to Shulchan Oruch, albeit not the most mehudar? Why not clarify that there are different opinions in Shulchan Oruch?
(1/9/2019 3:16:38 PM)
#367 missing engine analogy is inaccurate
Saying that these mezuzahs are possul and the sofrim are crooks without clarifying that there are more than one opinion in Shulchan Oruch and these are kosher according to those opinions, is mamash wrong.
Most people who are not sofrim, including rabbis and shluchim, are ignorant about STAM halacha. But those who learn the halacha will know that most of the "possul" mezuzahs are kosher according to some opinions in Shulchan Oruch. Calling sofrim frauds is like saying OU are frauds for giving a hechsher on non cholov yisroel.

(1/9/2019 3:44:56 PM)
Answer to #370
The example I gave about the engine was not referring to "Posul", but to all the comments that say "IT CAN BE FIXED".
Yes, of course they can be fixed. But, when you purchase a new product it has to to work from day one. Not needing fixing, for it to be Kosher, L'chatchila or Bedioved. Sorry for not clarifying! SM
(1/9/2019 5:33:25 PM)
Would you be happy to have a mezuzah with touching letters on your kids bedroom door?
(1/10/2019 7:51:27 AM)
373 these are the cheapest mezuzahs we are talking about
The people who buy these mezuzahs are people who will be happy with the cheapest quality. To say it's possul and fraud and not mention that there is a clear opinion in Shulchan Oruch that it's kosher and not necessary to fix is mamash disturbing. Mitzi Shem Ra is much worse than following a more lenient opinion about touching letters for people who want the cheap mezuzahs.
(1/10/2019 1:54:42 PM)
#159 They are 2nd cousins
Yitzchok ben Laibel ben Haishke ben Sara and
Yisroel Dovid ben Brocha bas Tziva bas Sara.

That makes them 2nd cousins!
(1/10/2019 11:25:39 PM)
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