Dec 5, 2018
Join "Light for Peace" Campaign

Thousands are sharing their Menorah lights on social media, bringing Jews around the world together in the lighting of the Menorah.

This year, for the fourth consecutive year, the Light for Peace campaign will be running throughout Chanuka. In previous years, this campaign was by endorsed by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and brought thousands of Jews together in the lighting of the Menorah.

The campaign is geared as an extra boost for Jewish people all around the world to light the menorah. For every picture shared on social media of someone lighting the menorah, $1 will be donated for winter gear and other essentials, for soldiers of the Israel Defence Forces, standing guard over the Holy Land.

In previous years, more than 20,000 entries were received, and a huge buzz about lighting the Menorah was made on Facebook and Instagram. Many personalities and elected officials involved themselves in the program, and shared pictures of their own Menorah lightings.

Building on the success of the previous campaigns, this year’s campaign will offer three cash prizes to all participants. Just one photo will put a participant in the draw, with the possibility of up to 8 chances to win (one chance per photo per night submitted).

On many occasions the Rebbe emphasized how just a little bit of light can dispel much darkness. This year’s campaign aims to dispel any remaining darkness left in the world, to benefit the Soldiers in the IDF, and to reward three lucky participants with large cash prizes.

Already, on the first night of Chanuka the campaign saw more than 1,500 images shared across social media, beginning with the first Menora lightings in Australia, and extending all throughout the first night and day of Chanuka. With hundreds of Shluchim and Chabad Houses sharing the Light for Peace message, many more thousands of entries are expected to come in.
Get involved today, share the campaign, and LIGHT for PEACE!

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