Dec 5, 2018
Watch: Chanukah Live Kids Rally

Watch: A Chanukah Rally live from 770 with thousands of children from around the world, new songs by Eli Marcus and rank promotions.

Tzivos Hashem

It’s hard to imagine something more inspiring than seeing the entire 770 filled with soldiers of Tzivos Hashem, while over three thousand of their counterparts around the world join in via the web.

Fueled by its partnership with NCFJE, Chayolei Tzivos Hashem Headquarters has done it. They’ve created an impressive rally program that centers on the theme of the Rebbe’s sicha from 5745, “A Mitzvah is a candle, and Torah a guiding light.”

“What is the purpose of a Tzivos Hashem rally?” the Rebbe inquires in the sicha. “What’s the role of the parents and teachers? What are the results of this gathering and how does it apply to Chanukah?”

You can listen to the Rebbe saying this, but you can also have an immersive, multimedia experience of how chayolim put it into practice every day and then celebrate their accomplishment.

Tzivos Hashem would like to thank the wonderful rally producer Riki Winner and operational manager Mushka Greene for their incredible vision and organization, and Chaya Devora Nelken for her attention to detail.

Thank you to the veritable Rabbi Shimon Hecht for being an outstanding emcee. Drumroll to Eli Marcus, Choni Milecki, Yoiley Stern, Shimon Sabel and Shamai Chein for their super-talent and the editorial, design, communications and media teams at Tzivos Hashem Headquarters.

A big thanks to the 770 set-up crew, Yosef Kratz, Yitzy Vail, Moshe Meir Altman, and Avremel Pevzner for being so accommodating.

Thank you videographers Yisroel Grunberg, Barry Cohen and Zalmy Tevel, and the broadcasting team who made it possible for chayolim around the world to participate; JEM for the video footage. And, of course, to Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum and his family for their dedication to Tzivos Hashem. May you all go meichayil el choyil.


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A fan
Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Avremel Nelken!
Awesome job, we are so proud!!!!
(12/5/2018 2:20:16 PM)
Incredible job Avraham Nelken! You really wowed us. Continue making your family, the Rebbe, and HaShem proud!
Tzivos Hashem, amazing rally as usual! Thank you!
(12/5/2018 4:08:40 PM)
Nechama Schochet!
Amazing! You’re an inspiration!!
(12/5/2018 4:32:02 PM)
Proud Bubby & Zaidy
Yashar koach, Mendel Lagziel!
We continue to shepp Yiddishe Chassidishe
Nachas from you. You should continue to go from strength to strength in your learning & worthy endeavors on your way to truly liviing always as a Chossid, yiras shamayim & a Lamdan.
We are SO proud of you!
(12/5/2018 4:48:41 PM)
Wow Avremal Nelken!
You make us so proud! Keep up the good work!
Rosenzweig family
(12/6/2018 11:36:06 AM)
Thank you Ncfje-tzivos hashem
Thank you Rabbi’s Hecht and weinbaum!
(12/6/2018 12:56:08 PM)
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