Nov 29, 2018
L'Chaim: Dachevski - Shafit

The L'Chaim of Mattisyahu Dachevski of Ottawa, Canada and Sima Shafit of Philadelphia, PA took place at FREE Shul in Crown Heights.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

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Kleinberg, moscow
A big big mazal tov to the chief mohel of Russia reb Shaya Shafit and the family! Soooo happy for Sima and for the whole family!
(11/29/2018 11:23:56 AM)
Dachevski Family is from Ottawa, Canada and they are the best!
the Dachevski Family is involved in a tremendous shlichus in Ottawa, working with the whole community and the Jewish Russians. What an amazing family, there are so special!
(11/29/2018 11:51:49 AM)
The Chief Mohel of Russian Federation rabbi Doctor Shafit - Mazal Tov
You really do the greatest workin Russia and all over the world, the biggest shlihus of the Rebbe. Nothing to be compared with your zhus to initiate Jews in the Bris of Abraham Avinu. You are the Best! You are the real Shliah!!!
Mazal tov to all your family!!!
(11/29/2018 3:37:34 PM)
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