Nov 8, 2018
Site Is Jewish Graphics Revolution

A new website offers eye catching, high quality graphics for Shluchim, which can be customized and downloaded for printing, instantly.

Meet Rabbi Mendy, your local Shliach.

He runs Shabbos services, Hebrew School, JLI, fundraisers, Chanukah Events, Purim Events, Pesach seders and more…

He wants to make eye-catching graphics for all his events, but doesn’t have the time or money to contact a designer, pay $100 or more, send in his edits, wait a few days, review the edits and sometimes send in more edits.

So he ends up using the same designs every year, or making them himself … until he found is like a Jewish version of

Here’s how it works:

1) Choose from dozens of high-quality Jewish templates
2) Customize your design to your exact needs
3) Share with family and friends for feedback and design tweaks
4) Pay & Download INSTANTLY

Then you can post on your facebook page, put in an email or send to a print house for professional printing.

Try it out now at !

We’re adding new graphics every week so please check back often.

For feedback and suggestions please email

Moshiach now!

KosherGraphics was developed by Gorin Systems with the help of Sholom Fogelman, Gavin Fehler, Menachem Frank and Chaim Goranson.

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I used them for this past tishrei and they were amazing! Super easy and great customer service! A++ service and convenient
(11/8/2018 9:30:35 PM)
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