Nov 8, 2018
Marcus Sings Rosh Chodesh Song

The Rebbe is Gezunt: English lyrics were added to the Rosh Chodesh Kislev Niggun by Mashpia Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg and sung by Eli Marcus.

Tune - Rosh Chodesh Kislev Niggun: Rabbi Faitel Levin
Lyrics: Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg
Vocalist: Eli Marcus
Musical Arrangements: Moishy Goldstein
Recorded in Crown Heights at Music Studio NYC
Footage: Jewish Educational Media
A project of Tzivos Hashem

At the highlight of that Tishrei,
Chassidim were on fire,
Their eyes set on the Rebbe,
the unthinkable transpired.

Their hearts were filled with fears,
Their Tehillim soaked in tears,
Yet the Rebbe had insisted, "It's here that I will stay,
With dancing and your Simcha, a Nes is on its way!"

Laws of nature fall aside,
The Rebbe's will does override,
The miracle is clear for everyone to see.

The long awaited came about,
No longer room for fear or doubt,
The Rebbe walked out from 770.

Their joy knew no bounds, they danced with all their might,
Hakofos had resumed, and lasted through the night.
Devoted they stood in total unity,
The Rebbe is Gezunt and with us he will be!

His glory was displayed more than ever shown,
His leadership expands more than ever known,
Our love and our bond, strengthened so much more,
The Rebbe is Gezunt and stronger than before!

Very soon the day will come and as awaited,
The ultimate reunion will be celebrated,
The door will open wide, the Rebbe we will see
Walking out from 770.

From far and wide we'll all unite and come to greet him,
Faithful soldiers in the front, we'll stand right near him,
The promise is fulfilled in its entirety
As we march to Geula from 770.

Our joy will know no bounds, we'll dance with all our might,
Farbrengens will resume and last right through the night.
Devoted we will stand in total unity,
The Rebbe is Gezunt and together we will be!

His greatness and his strength will be more than ever shown,
Sichos and Maamorim will be more than ever known,
His goal will be reached in its entirety,
The Rebbe is Gezunt and forever he will be!


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Opinions and Comments
yasher koach
mosiach now
well done
(11/8/2018 11:38:33 AM)
big Z Schapiro
wow thank you sharing and Eli Marcus you the man
(11/8/2018 11:51:46 AM)

Supercalifragicexpialidocious!!!!! Let's make the Geulah happen now😆😃😀😊☺
(11/8/2018 1:14:57 PM)
Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5779!
I love the positive message -
Comparing the optimism during the 5738 concealment which brought about the reunion, to the current concealment and ultimate reunion Bkarov Mamosh!!
We want Moshiach now!
(11/8/2018 2:41:46 PM)
Thank you
AWESOME WORDS and encouragment
(11/8/2018 3:01:20 PM)
Great going Eli unbelievable you did it again
(11/8/2018 6:17:48 PM)
Thank you so much for all those involved in this amazing song and video - it gave me the chills!!!!
(11/8/2018 6:40:27 PM)
So positive! Inspirational! This is what we need now!!!!
(11/8/2018 8:26:22 PM)
Moshiach now
Most amazing and so inspiring just loved it continue your good work
(11/8/2018 8:49:42 PM)
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