Nov 6, 2018
#Tefillin For Pittsburgh Campaign
Photo: Avraham Edery

A worldwide Tefillin campaign has been launched by a group of bochurim in memory of the 11 people murdered in the Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh.

In the merit of the 11 people tragically taken from us on Shabbos 18th of Cheshvan/October 27, 2018 a worldwide campaign has been launched called "Tefillin4pittsburgh."

Organizers of the campaign #Tefillin4Pittsburgh highly encourage anash and bochurim worldwide to put special emphasis throughout this week to encouraging others to put on Tefillin – to go the extra mile to find new people, and especially to convince people who are often reticent to put on tefillin to actually do so now in the memory of these people who have sadly been taken from us for nothing other then their Jewish identity.

A prestigious lawyer told one of the campaign organizers that it's a "Great sales pitch" and strongly encouraged the idea, certain it would be a major success.

It might be able to also "graduate" some of our “periodic Tefillin-layers” to purchase tefillin and begin putting on daily, he said.

The success of this campaign is very much dependent on publicity, you are therefore strongly encouraged to spread the word as far as possible making sure we reach as many Yidden as possible.

Please share it on social media with the hashtags of #Tefillin4pittsburgh.

Project details:

Step 1. wrap up!
Step 2. Take your selfie with the selfie card!
Step 3. Share it with us!

Download and print cards below.

Please send us your selfie via WhatsApp 347 853 4119 or via email

Additionally you can DM us your picture to our Instagram @tefillin4pittsburgh
and share with #tefillin4pittsburgh.

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Opinions and Comments
Who are the organizers?
(11/6/2018 7:59:49 PM)
I believe all PDF's can be received by contacting the organizers listed above.
(11/6/2018 8:38:04 PM)
To #1
The organizers are the shluchim to Montreal Zal.
(11/6/2018 8:45:52 PM)
Thank you!
I just downloaded the picture to use and it looks really nice!
(11/6/2018 9:01:28 PM)
Wow! What an amazing idea!
Thank you to the organizers.
(11/8/2018 9:38:09 AM)
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