Oct 11, 2018
Young Yeshivah Greets 2nd Torah

Michael and Sylvia Goldhirsch and their family recently donated a new Torah to the Young Yeshivah in Melbourne, Australia.

Young Yeshivah in Melbourne, Australia, recently celebrated its second Siyum Sefer Torah, generously donated by R' Michael and Sylvia Goldhirsch, in honor of her parents, Fishel and Basia Bock.

Sunday morning dawned, but not bright and sunny. With strong morning showers, and continuous rainstorms forecast for the entire day, the sky looked ominous and threatening. However, nothing could dampen the spirits of those attending, even as many in the crowd arrived in their rain gear, prepared to march through the rain.

Shortly before the Siyum began, an urgent request was sent to the Ohel for a Brocho that the event be successful. Inexplicably, just as the Sefer Torah was carried outdoors, well-wrapped in a protective plastic cover, the rain tapered off and stopped, and soon enough, the sun came out to shine.

The rain cover was quickly removed just as the procession departed the home of Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch. The large crowd sang and danced their way to Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre, where the festivities and Hakafos continued exuberantly in the main Shul, propelled by the thumping and electric music of the Schnapps Band.

Hakafos was followed by a sumptuous buffet for the adults, with an address delivered by Mr. Goldhirsch lovingly describing the legacy of Sylvia’s parents. Simultaneously, a special Tzivos Hashem rally for the children was led by the indefatigable and unrivaled Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, as well as the local Tzivos Hashem director, Rabbi Menachem Lipskier.

As the festivities eventually concluded and it was time to go home, the heavens clouded over. With the onset of rain, the weather finally went back to its regular scheduled programming…

Large segments of the extended community came to celebrate the milestone of Young Yeshivah’s second Sefer Torah, acknowledging its rapid growth and development to date, as well as the continuous contribution of the Goldhirsch family to all facets of the Melbourne Chabad community.

Young-Yeshivah thanks Michael and Sylvia Goldhirsch, Josh and Robyn Goldhirsch, Dan and Perel Goldhirsch, Joel and Devorah Goldhirsch. Special thanks to the sofer Rabbi Eli Gutnick, Chabad Youth and the Young-Yeshivah leadership team.

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best of Anash
Mendy Nagel, where are you?
(10/11/2018 1:59:19 PM)
Mazel Tov
Lovely celebration. Very fitting that the Torah should go to the Young Yeshivah community. Yoel Yisroel (Joel) Goldhirsch was one of its founders and remains one of its most committed supporters and activists.
(10/11/2018 3:24:39 PM)
Beautiful Torah for a Beautiful Family
The Goldhirsch family are a special family, humble and unassuming yet totally dedicated, mentchlech and generous. We are very lucky to have them in Melbourne.
(10/11/2018 6:35:31 PM)
Mazel tov!
The Goldhirsches are the nicest good hearted people I know from my years as a shliach to YG. So nice to see how their family has grown kah.
Reb Michael and Rebbetzin, may you be benched with gezunt, parnasah, nachas - all in abundance!
(10/11/2018 8:19:23 PM)
Perele and Dan
You guys are amazing!!! You are admired and respected by so many around you for all you do. Such a beautiful event!
Thank you for sharing.
(10/12/2018 2:22:32 PM)
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