Oct 11, 2018
Picture of the Day

Rabbi Shea Hecht of Australia seen reviewing Rabbi Yitzchak Raitport's new Derushei Bdvar Hamelech series alongside Nachum Markowitz.

Rabbi Raitport, a Gaon and Rosh Kolel of the Kolel Metzuyanim of Boro Park has authored 27 volumes in the series "Derushei Bdvar Hamelech." He is a key sponsor of Markowitz' Kidushei Raba at 770 Eastern Parkway.

Rabbi Hecht, a Torah scholar and respected teacher, commented that the books were "brilliant and written in a manner that everyone can understand."

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Nice picture
Rabbi Hecht is a unique personality with knowledge in many subjects, am sure he is making his parents proud.
(10/11/2018 4:17:44 PM)
BS"D I have asked Rav R many times but since gave up-please translate the 27 volume into ENGLISH and thank you
(10/11/2018 6:52:24 PM)
That was 20 years ago. Try Ramat beit shemesh
(10/11/2018 9:15:00 PM)
Rabbi Hecht, nu
We're waiting for a ' sefer
(10/12/2018 3:00:23 AM)
On Rabbi Hechet... by a former talmid...
He was Rosh Kollel in Austraila and is still a prolific and brilliant Gaon in Torah. His brilliance in dissecting a suga is mind boggling. He could combine a Rogatchover style of sources together with a Rav Chaim style of analytical depth.
He should be more publicized in his shirin
(10/12/2018 5:28:58 AM)
To 3
He moved back
(10/12/2018 1:07:05 PM)
He gives great Rogachover Shiurim
Here in Melbourne for the last 8 years
Rabbi Raitport writes very clearly. I read a Teshuvah of his on Hindu Shaytels.
Pity this article doesnt tell us what his series addresses!
(10/17/2018 8:04:06 PM)
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