Oct 10, 2018
Mordechai Benasher-Kravitsky, 66

R' Mordechai Benasher-Kravitsky, son of a famed chossid and father of a Lubavitch family, passed away. (Updated with Shiva times)

By COLlive reporter

R' Mordechai Benasher-Kravitsky, a resident of the Bronx in New York, passed away on Wednesday, 1 Mar Cheshvan 5779.

He was 66.

He was the son of R' Asher Kravitsky, a Lubavitcher chossid who was a tomim in the Chabad Yeshiva in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He was sent by the Rebbe Rayatz to recruit youngsters to join the underground Yeshivas in Soviet Russia.

Mordechai was a baal chessed, a Baal Menagen, and beloved father and grandfather who inspired his children to change the world.

He is survived by his wife Raisa Benasher, children Rabbi Osher Kravitsky, Shliach in Greatneck, NY; Rabbi Shmuel Kravitsky, Shliach in Amherst, Massachusetts; R' Moshe Kravitsky of Crown Heights who helps families of Shluchim around the world at Yad L'Shliach; Yisroel Yehuda Benasher, filmmaker and videographer in the Bronx; grandchildren.

The Levaya will take place on Thursday, 2 Mar-Cheshvan at 12:00pm at the Shomrei Hadas chapel 3803 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218. It will be passing by 770 Eastern Parkway at approximately 12:45 pm. Burial will take place at Old Montefiore Cemetery in Cambria Heights.

Shiva Information until Wednesday morning:

Rabbi Osher Kravitsky (Great Neck, NY), Shmulik Kravitsky (Amherst, MA) Yisroel Yehuda Benasher, and Mrs. Raya Benasher will be sitting Shiva at
194 Amity Street Amherst MA 01002. Schachris @ 9:00 am, Mincha / Maariv at 6:00 PM.

R' Moshe Kravitsky will be sitting at his home 346 New York Avenue, Apt 2B (corner President and New York). Shachris 9:30 am, Mincha / Maariv 5:45 pm. Visitation ends at 10:30 PM

Baruch Dayan Haemes: Mordechai ben Asher.

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Opinions and Comments
So sad, so young. We need Moshiach. Know a few of his sons, wonderful people and Hashem should comfort the family.
(10/10/2018 9:48:25 PM)
Baruch dayan haemes.
So sorry to hear of your father's passing.
(10/10/2018 11:04:16 PM)
Rabbi Osher Kravitsky’s student
Baruch Dayan Haemes! It’s so sad that this great man passed away and that it was at such a young age too. We should be zoche to the Geulah now so that we can have him back with us. I never met him but if he has a son like Rabbi Kravitsky, he’s an incredible person.
(10/11/2018 1:57:41 AM)
Baruch Dayan Haemes
We Want Moshiach now !
(10/11/2018 12:51:21 PM)
Shiva info?
(10/11/2018 8:18:27 PM)
Wish you long life
Sorry to hear Rabbi Osher
Wishing you a long life
(10/13/2018 10:45:12 PM)
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