Oct 10, 2018
MicDrop Comes to Crown Heights

After the success of the first MicDrop, Rosh Lowe will be presenting a workshop designed for businessmen and women.

The program that has taken the business world by storm is now being made available for Crown Heights business owners.

MicDrop with Rosh Lowe, a program that provides Individuals and companies with a unique communication and team-building concept.

Lowe grew up on Broadway. He was ten years old when he made his Broadway debut sharing the stage with Angela Lansbury in the 1983 revival of Mame. "I was taught by the best," says Lowe, who also appeared on Broadway in Nine and Oliver.

"The lessons I learned on the stage stayed with me for life. I always wanted to share the magic of connection with people. And now I am doing that. I am taking people and companies and helping them discover their story and how to share that with the public," Lowe says.

Rosh has trained hundreds of people using his formula for communication. He has also had success working with those at multiple levels of organizations. Of his many clients, many are CEOs of large companies and found this training invaluable. With his guidance, they were able to overcome a profound fear of public speaking and use their voice as a consistent professional resource.

Sruly Richler of the Surplus Company was blown away by the results of MicDrop for his company and the video of his talk posted on COLlive.com.

"This program literally brings out the best in people and has transformed my company," Richler says. "Everyone can benefit from being able to be more assertive, more confident and more clearly able to articulate whatever their message is."

Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs is pleased to bring the first of its kind MicDrop workshop, specifically designed for business leaders, to Crown Heights on October 22nd (for Men) and October 23rd (for Women).

In this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn the secrets behind effective communication and how to master these secrets for your business and personal needs. This workshop does not include the stage component.

Come meet Rosh Lowe and experience his program for only $100 and find out why the former Broadway Star and only shomer Shabbos news reporter in the country is leaving all of that behind to bring you MicDrop.

To join, visit http://www.micdrop.one/chye

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Opinions and Comments
Rosh is awesome!
I heard Rosh the first time talk at a Chabad event two years ago and I approached him and since than he began helping me with public speaking. Anytime I talk in front of a crowd I use his skills.

And I was always the loud guy around and not at all shy.

But I wanted to be more effective at it.... Now, his skills have clearly brought me to much more successful speaking engagements.

From an elevator pitch to a board meeting.

Rosh helped me in huge ways. He is an awesome awesome teacher.... I highly recommend this.
(10/10/2018 1:48:20 PM)
Rosh Lowe is amazing!
I heard him speak and was blown away. Best speaker ever.
(10/10/2018 1:52:29 PM)
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