Oct 9, 2018
1st Yartzeit of Mrs. Chaya Hecht

Today marks the first Yartzeit of Mrs. Chaya Hecht OBM, a long-time beloved teacher who spent her life dedicated to her family and Chasidishe values.

Born and bred in Brooklyn in the 1930s and 40s, Mrs. Chaya Hecht (nee Rosenfeld), and her siblings, grew up frum and committed to yiddishkeit. A no-nonsense woman who spent her life dedicated to her husband Harav Peretz Hecht ", and her family, she stood for old-time values. She took pride in her home and family, maintaining a spotless house and cooking delicious home-made food.

JEM video excerpt:

After I was already a mother of several young children, I recall The Rebbe asking me, Do you pray every day? I answered that I say the Shema every day and also the Morning Blessings, but I do not recite the entire prayer service because I am busy caring for my children. I need to be in tune with them so I dont have any time when I can concentrate properly on prayers.

The Rebbe said, If you would ask me if you should pray, then I would tell you that yes, you should pray every day, from beginning to end. The best way is to do it a little bit at a time, and to add more each day until you are able to finish all the prayers. Do that every day. Dont be concerned with the children when you are praying find somebody to watch them for that amount of time.
Hearing his words, I said to myself, This is going to be my new life and my new outlook. And, from then on, I made sure I prayed every day. And this had a strong impact on my life.]

Mrs. Hecht was a "Dugma Chaya" dedicated to The Rebbe in all her ways, with an emphasis on Moshiach Now. Her interest in Klei Kodesh led her to over 40 years of committed teaching at Oholei Torah Kindergarten, impacting hundreds if not thousands of lives. Her keen perception of people and of life in general, guided her choices and served her well in mentoring others.

Always carefully and regally attired, a dedicated ayshes chayil, she did not believe in the short-long way. Through hard work and perseverance, out of love for Hashem and Torah, she B"H merited to raise a Dor Yisharim Yivorach.

May ' have Aliyas Haneshama and go Maychayil el Choyil on high, and be a Maylitz Yosher for her family and Klal Yisroel.

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I Was Just Thinking About Her Without Knowing that her Yahrtzeit was Approaching
Although it's been decades since she taught my sons, I always called her "Morah Hecht," and would light up whenever I saw her. Her warmth was a special gift. She is greatly missed!

Penina Metal
(10/9/2018 10:54:47 AM)
A wonderful, real person
She spoke to all in a very warm, loving way. When she met you she greeted you with a smile and was interested in how you were doing. She was regal and was very intuitive. Both she and her husband were very connected to the Rebbe. Boruch Hashem, Mrs. Chaya Hecht and her husband Harav Peretz Hecht, left children, ybl, who follow their good example.
(10/9/2018 3:49:48 PM)
A real special woman
Mrs. Hecht was truly a special woman! Whenever I saw her in the street, she always stopped me and asked how I was doing as well as my kids. I really miss her!
(10/9/2018 8:41:01 PM)
I missed her
Morah Hecht was my sons teacher in Oley Torah from very young age. She always had a smile and a good word to everyone BH. I love her Good chodesh. Besoros tovos BZH
(10/10/2018 6:47:22 AM)
Ahavas Yisroel
Reb. Hecht was the personification of ahavas yisroel. Whenever I would meet her it wal always about me,my
family and gave me wonderful advice and suggestions
She was always with a smile, a compliment. She was a true dugma Chaya!Moshiach Now!,
(10/10/2018 5:01:53 PM)
Yes Penina! Was just recounting how I met Reb Hecht on the way for the first time to Crown Heights from Bais Chana Minnesota...The Hechts lived just outside CH in East Flatbush To help prepare me for a new life (encouraging me to discard my inappropriate pants wardrobe) Rebbetzen Hecht just unexpectedly and generously took her own saved fabric and right there in her home sewed a lovely respectful skirt which became my uniform...many years later I told her about a wonderful Rabbi Paltiel shiur in 770. She soon began attending herself and we would sometimes share a short chazora afterwards walking home. In this context being treated as an equal further testified to her humility and continuing kindness towards me. We all miss special Matriarchs like Chaya Hecht who participated in welcoming in the first wave of Baal Teshuvas in the 1970s.
(10/12/2018 5:04:51 AM)
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