Oct 6, 2018
NCFJE Revives "Chabad of CH"

The NCFJE organization is opening an office to offer activities under the name of Chabad of Crown Heights, founded in 1986.

Members of NCFJE's executive committee met with Rabbi Yoske Levin on Friday to celebrate 32 years of community education and outreach since NCFJE founded Chabad of Crown Heights in 1986.

Rabbi Moshe Hecht, member of the executive committee of NCFJE, presented the original report (duch) his grandfather Rabbi Jacob J. Hecht sent the Rebbe on Erev Shabbas Bereishis 5747.

The Duch is part of the recently discovered archive of communications between the Rebbe and the Hecht family, COLlive was told.

Rabbi Levin recounted receiving a bottle of Mashke at the Shabbas Bereishis Farbrengen as the Rebbe's participation in the opening of the Chabad house.

Rabbi Moshe Hecht announced the expansion of Chabad of Crown Heights with the opening of a new office at NCFJE to host Five Alive educational activities.

"Chabad of Crown Heights will be launching additional programs and activities in 5779 in the area," he said.

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Opinions and Comments
Such a special part of crown heights.
The Duch is special
(10/6/2018 6:53:46 PM)
What was the rebbes answer if any to that letter.
(10/6/2018 8:35:57 PM)
I hope this will be an Inreach for those In Crown Heights also
(10/6/2018 8:43:26 PM)
No Surprise
Our Rebbe saw that WE would need a Chabad House right here in Crown Heights, both for our questioning youth & for our new Jewish neighbors - it should be an official Shlichos !
(10/6/2018 10:14:09 PM)
To #4
NCFJE is the ultimate shlichus! Each of its branches was so important to The Rebbe. Release time, Camp Emunah, Hadar Hatorah.... the list goes on!
(10/7/2018 8:33:15 AM)
There is already a Chabad of CH
Thank you Rabbi Moshe Feiglin!
(10/7/2018 10:03:43 AM)
#2 echo
I too would like to know if and what the rebbe answered and not just that which Rabbi Hecht wrote and prepared for advertisement.

Such information seems fundamental, and its absence from this post is jarring.
(10/7/2018 7:04:00 PM)
To #4

Yes it is amazing, the Rebbe, set this up so many years ago.
Equally amazing to me is the choice of person, the Rebbe chose.
His ability to see the good side in every person, treating each member of the jewish community without judging them, in a loving respectful way, is amazing!
No doubt Reb Yoske Levin is the best one to head it!

I wish him lots of Hatzlacha.

Yitzchok Meir
(10/7/2018 11:37:04 PM)
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