Aug 6, 2018
Rogers Park Remake Lively Nigun

Rogers Park took to the streets of Manhattan at the Israel Day Parade and soon had a crowd joining a lively Chabad nigun in Yiddish.

The Rogers Park band once again delivers a heartfelt single with a taste of the past, accompanied by a fresh music video.

Band leaders Mordy Kurtz and Yosef Peysin took the lively Chabad nigun in Yiddish titled "Zol Shoin Zein Di Geulah" and gave it a remake true to its roots. The niggun prayers for the coming of Moshiach and was sung by the Rebbe's farbrengens in 770 Eastern Parkway.

In the new music "Geulah," produced and directed by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next Productions, Kurtz and Peysin walk the streets of Manhattan spreading the message of Moshiach during the Israel Day Parade and soon have a crowd following them.

The song is part of their newly released album "Petersburg". Their first album "The Maggid" (2016) quickly got recognized and made a name for the band as an energetic original music group.

Their new highly anticipated album "Petersburg" is dedicated to the Chassidishe velt with niggunim that can lift you up, like Ufaratzta", "Oyfin Pripichik", and "Michel Zlochiver's Niggun" enveloped with the classic Rogers Park sound that we love.


Petersburg on iTunes, click here

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Opinions and Comments
Fabulous absolutely fabulous
Is there a contact number for this group?
(8/6/2018 10:04:11 AM)
ROgers Park Contact
Their contact is
(8/6/2018 10:44:49 AM)
Mordy and Yossef are very talented young men who bring a "sound for our times" of jewish music.
My following remarks are in no way meant to question the well meaning intention here and the sensitivity taken in account to reach the masses.
However, a few thoughts came to mind.
- Chabad does not join in the Israel day parade! Including that event and participating in that event to promote an inyan of the Rebbe doesn't really add up!
- This version isn't the "lively chabad nigun" that the Rebbe sang. The Yiddish words are not Chabad source. The Rebbe never sang these words, and it's historically questionable if the Rebbe's version is based on that song or vice versa?!
- Finally, in the years 5751-5752, the words were somewhat different when sung by Chassidim. We don't go back but forward.
(8/6/2018 11:01:03 AM)
Available on google play?
Will this be available on google play? Love it!
(8/6/2018 12:01:19 PM)
To 3
It doesn't say that The Rebbe sang it sang it rather that it was sung by the Rebbe's Farbrengens
(8/6/2018 1:07:00 PM)
Go Rogers Park!!
(8/6/2018 1:13:12 PM)
to #3
My dear brother, your last line says it all where you reveal that you have a specifically "meshichist" agenda. (I use quotation marks because we all want moshiach, but I am referring to a certain group.)

To your thinking, if these boys didn't hold up a yechi banner then they are not chasidish enough. The irony is that they are doing something that I am fairly certain brings nachas to the Rebbe while what you would have them do... (I won't speak negatively, but I hope you can fill in the blanks.)

You also question the propriety of their taking part in an Israel Day parade, again judging their chasidishkeit as "less than." First of all, it doesn't seem that they were officially in the parade but that they walked around during the parade and they carried a message of moshiach and redemption. But second of all, why is a message of moshiach not enough in your eyes? Why do you have to put it down and cast aspersions on their chasidishkeit? But I know the answer. Because they (thank G-d!) did not walk around with a yellow flag or a picture of the Rebbe.

I don't know these boys personally (although it seems like you do since you use their first names) but I think they do Chabad proud.

(Oh and PS, you say the words were different in 5751-5752. I think you are referring to 5753-5754. And the discerning will understand on their own.)
(8/6/2018 1:29:57 PM)
to #7
What #3 writes is pretty much valid
The Rebbe was very very clear about Israeli flags for example
And at the same time was THE strongest supporter-in real terms-of the security and safety of Eretz yisroel and the Yidden living there
If someone says something is not the way the Rebbe wants they are written off as judgmental, a "hater" and what not...
They are simply stating the truth...
You can't argue with what the Torah says and you can't argue with what the Rebbe says
So if you think about it is the others commenting about those who remind us of the Rebbe's views that are bring extremely judgmental and one-sided
(8/6/2018 2:26:06 PM)
To #5 & #7
The Yiddishist version was not sung either by the Rebbe nor by the Rebbe's farbrengen. So this version isn't the chassidishe version.
lit is well known that even regarding mivtza tefillin, the instructions were clear, to stay away from the parade itself and close proximity. So walk in the parade to promote any inyan of the Rebbe os not acceptable!
#7. You premise is false and so all your assumptions are incorrect. In no way, are my comments judgemental of anyone's level of commitment to Chassidus. No mistake in the year, sorry sir. I DID mean 5751-5752. No connection at all to all that you imply. I deplore the fact that we can't have a constructive conversation. I am disheartened that in today's ways, all is right, and everything is acceptable, and no one has the right to remark. Rabosai, there's a lot of mixed up elements in today's tolerant hashkofo. Saying something, doesn't mean being judgemental or doesn't necessarily point to any agendas or affiliations. The intent is only as stated, to point out these few points. Let's stay on focus.
(8/6/2018 2:51:50 PM)
such an awesome song! These guys are incredible!
(8/6/2018 4:00:53 PM)
Amazing stuff!
Persumai Nisa, kiddush hashem, hafotzas hamayonos and such kedusha and simcha in one video! Big thumbs up!!
(8/6/2018 6:24:04 PM)
Loved this
OMG! It's so great to hear all the words of this song. They are beautiful and so happy that Rogers Park again did their magic and gave an old song a wonderful re-make with a really fun video. Rock on!
(8/6/2018 7:03:14 PM)
We Could!
This is amazing! Mivtza Moshiach on yidden, Sheva Mitzvos for the Nisht-Yidden and just pure simcha for the watchers!
(8/6/2018 7:08:51 PM)
This is it!
Emesdik, Joyous, and VERY personable!

Kol Hakavod!
(8/6/2018 7:15:25 PM)
Rogers park should be very proud, all those people that have an issue can look for something constructive to do with there time.
(8/6/2018 8:05:47 PM)
SO much joy!
What a great way to teach about Moshiach!!
(8/6/2018 8:33:23 PM)
Wonderful Niggun.
Didnt know it had more words
(8/6/2018 9:44:06 PM)
Crown Heights Rebbetzin
Loved it! Keep up the great work of bringing joy!
(8/6/2018 10:04:37 PM)
Beautiful job!
You guys are great! keep it up!
Moshiach now!!!
(8/6/2018 10:25:28 PM)
We want moshiach now!!!
What a great video!! What a great message!
(8/7/2018 5:09:51 AM)
This one is really special. I love their energy and excitement about Moshiach and Geulah!!
(8/7/2018 10:38:28 AM)
We Want Moshiach Now!!
This is THE mivtza now!! To let every person in the world know and truly get excited about Moshiach!
(8/7/2018 1:11:33 PM)
To Number 3
I think it's a sensitive topic - but fyi there are people doing mivtza tefillin every year at the parade
(8/7/2018 1:37:16 PM)
big Z Schapiro
wow go Rogers Park nice we want Moshach now
(8/7/2018 4:46:09 PM)
Love it!
The joy of these young men is infectious! Sisu vsimchu bsimchas hageulah! Great job!!!! Keep your joy and beautful music coming!!!!!!
(8/8/2018 6:39:04 AM)
Way to go!
That was fantastic. I want to watch t again just to see that excitement and joy like in 2:27
(8/8/2018 6:45:42 AM)
This is sweet! I knew these guys from 4 years ago when they were just starting out. It's really nice to see ge talent in Lubavitch keep growing!
(8/8/2018 7:06:42 AM)
I seem to recall
The words to this niggun being printed in the back of bentschers , the old-school ones that have songs in the back of them
(8/8/2018 7:51:48 AM)
this song is heartwarming.
(8/8/2018 11:27:50 AM)
To 23
The Rebbe was very clear that mivtza tefilin be done not at the actual parade but rather on the sides and places are people coming and going from to the parade such as by the subway stations.
(8/8/2018 3:03:55 PM)
Kol Hakkavod !!!
Where do I get the full Yiddish lyrics of this songs ? Cant find it nowhere ? :o)
(8/22/2018 6:53:27 AM)
(12/13/2018 6:51:49 PM)
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