Jul 12, 2018
Spanish Speakers Have a 'Jumash'

The full set of the Gutnick Edition Chumash was translated into Spanish for the first time by Rabbi Natan Grunblatt of Argentina.

Editorial Ner has released now for the first time the Spanish version of Chumash Devorim, a translation of the acclaimed Gutnick Edition completing the full set of the Spanish version thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Wengrober families.

It is a translation of the Rebbe's teachings as edited by Rabbi Chaim Miller of Kol Menachem Publications in New York.

Heading the project was Rabbi Natan Grunblatt, Director of Kehot Lubavitch South America, the Chabad-Lubavitch publishing house in Spanish and a translator and publisher for over 30 years.

Rabbi Grunblatt worked tirelessly on this project to ensure that the Chumash, with its clear approach and infused with Chassidus, will continue to enhance and be an asset to Spanish-speaking families, scholars and students of every walk of life.

"This is no doubt a milestone in our constant effort of disseminating the Wellsprings of Chassidus, bringing the Rebbe's Torah outwards for the Latin-American community all over the world, surely hastening the long-awaited Redemption," he said.

The Gutnick Chumash Spanish Edition can be purchased in their Argentina based store, selected US Judaica stores and thru their website, www.kehot.com.ar. For bulk orders, email joni@kehot.com.ar.

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Opinions and Comments
The best Jewish books in Spanish, are those of Rabbi Grunblat!
Kol hakavod, he is a genious!
(7/12/2018 3:12:37 PM)
Nejomi Grunblatt
You're amazing!! Congrats
(7/12/2018 4:09:38 PM)
Fantastic to have these books in Spanish!
(7/12/2018 7:31:24 PM)
Avrahom Kessler
Yashar koach
(7/13/2018 12:29:06 PM)
goooooooo zeidy
keep it up!!!
we love u :)
(7/15/2018 3:43:37 PM)
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