Jul 11, 2018
​8th Day Rocks Yeka, Dnipro

Popular band 8th Day's Shmully and Bentzi Marcus made their way back to the shtetl, performing for Ukraine Jewry in Yeka and Dnipro.

Popular Chassidic rock artists Shmully and Bentzi Marcus made their way back to the shtetl, performing twice amongst Ukraine Jewry.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezky, Head shliach to Dnipropetrovsk Region, partnered with Camp Yeka Girls in spreading the light of chassidishe lessons entrenched with modern day music to hundreds of Jewish people.

An anonymous, third time returning, Yeka girls staff member had a dream, to invite the Marcus brothers to perform in Ukraine for the camp in a private and exclusive concert.

Everyone wants to give the girls something else. Theres food, education, clothing, so many important crucial things. I wanted to give them an experience where they feel so special. Something huge and exclusively for them, she said. This was made possible by private sponsorship of Camp Yeka and the partnership of Rabbi Kaminezky and the Dnipro Jewish community.

Performing first in Dnipro, Eighth Day held the stage at the beautiful Menorah Centre theatre with over 500 participating guests and standing room only. The atmosphere was emotional, and excitement bounced the walls as the crowd was taken by the popular songs known worldwide that had finally made its way to their community.

We dreamed for five years to perform at the famous Menorah centre and it is truly fitting that on 12 Tammuz we are here with this larger and wonderful community, remarked Shmully Marcus. Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezky welcomed and thanked the band for contributing to the Jewish music world and expressed his desire for a continued and growing relationship with bringing their music to Ukrainian Jewry.

The following day was the opening night at Camp Yeka Girls where the campers were surprised with their own exclusive concert. With over 120 girls from all over Ukraine, they are very familiar with the superstars music from previous summer and winter camps and reacted with glee when the brothers made their appearance on the camp stage. Counsellors who had fundraised $3000 each towards the annual $100,000 camp budget told how all barriers came down in the dancing and enjoyment of good quality music and a sterling performance.

After a long and arduous journey to the Prymorsk camp site, the campers expected an early night and following supper when they were led to the disco area, their suspicions were raised.

We didnt know they were here and all of a sudden they came out on stage and it was so cool, I didnt think we could ever be so cool and they did all our best songs, said Liza Yavorskaya, Bayit Lebanot Orphanage.

Despite the long day and obvious language barrier the concert went on for several hours with hit eighth day songs, various popular Russian niggunim and other songs favored by the campers.

It was a sensational opening to camp, the kids and staff are on a high and bezras hashem this is going to be the keli for everything begashmiyus and beruchniyus we have planned for them this summer. The main thing is for the kids to know that the Rebbe loves each one of them and wants them to grow in their yiddishkiet and bring Moshiach. Proper nutrition, education and love is what we do at Camp Yeka Girls, said Menucha Matusof, director of the camp.

Camp Yeka Girls would like to thank Rabbi Kaminezky and Reb Zelig of the Dnipro Jewish community for their help in pulling this concert together and for their support towards camp always, and to Shmully and Bentzy Marcus for going out of their way to work with us.

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Shmully is the best.Take it from his lawyer and the Rebbe MHM👍👍👍👏👏👏
(7/11/2018 1:25:05 PM)
Huge appreciation for this amazing camp and amazing staff!
Go 8th day!
(7/11/2018 1:58:10 PM)
Yasherkoyach guys!!
(7/11/2018 7:15:19 PM)
The amazing staff make this camp awesome. I can't believe they got 8th Day. Best band ever.
(7/11/2018 7:26:32 PM)
Yeka yeka yeka
Yeka staff and camp are a special breed! Donate to them. !
(7/12/2018 10:20:52 AM)
Such a show of Jewish pride. Sure to make an impression that will last forever. The counselors at Camp Yeka are incredible. Kudos to Kaylee A. and all the other staff!
(7/12/2018 12:01:44 PM)
This is Lubavitch
Full of light, beautiful, and chayusdik
(7/21/2018 9:22:57 PM)
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