Jul 11, 2018
Tonight: Shalom Bayis Event

Mrs. Sara Morozow, expert Kallah teacher, will speak about Shalom Bayis Through the Lens of Chassidus at the Women's Circle Summer event.

You know her as an erudite and devoted kallah teacher.

Now's your chance to meet the "shalom bayis" side of Mrs. Sara Morozow. Based on the wisdom of chassidus and our Rebbe's teachings, Mrs. Morozow will lead us on a journey towards true, lasting peace in our homes.

You can't miss the Women's Circle's ultimate summer event. Your family will thank you later.

Wednesday, 28 Tamuz/July 11

8:15 p.m.

667 Crown Street
$10 admission

For more information, please call Chanel at 718.778.6712 or Dvora at 516.713.5278.

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