Jul 10, 2018
Israel Plans to Land on Moon

Space Israel announced plans to land a spacecraft on the moon, making it the fourth country to do so.

An Israeli organization said Tuesday that it hopes to become the first non-governmental entity to land a spacecraft on the moon when it attempts to launch a module later this year.

SpaceIL and the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries plan to launch their unmanned craft in December, the team said at a press conference at an IAI facility outside Tel Aviv. If successful, Israel would become the fourth country to land a craft on the moon, after the U.S., the Soviet Union and China.

Ariel Levin-Waldman reports:

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A busha for Israel that such a Great country can only land an unmanned spacecraft on the Moon 48 years after America landed a man (Neil Armstrong) on the Moon
(7/10/2018 10:21:43 PM)
Nothing wrong with that we’re getting there.
Seems pretty good to me, but actually I’m really awaiting the arrival of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh imminently from Shomayim now!
(7/10/2018 11:42:44 PM)
To #1
Indeed, what an embarrassment that Israel, with it's 1969 economy only 2 years after the six day war, didn't have the United State's multi billion dollar space budget which was primarily allocated to beat the Russian commies in the space race (never mind the fact that the United States itself currently has no such budget and has had none like it for nearly 50 years).

What an embarrassment that Israel wasn't involved in a cold war arms and technology race that would force them to such, what an embarrassment indeed!

In all seriousness, I would suggest that you do some research on Israel's economic history and how it relates to that of the United States, their GDP etc. in addition to some research on the historic costs and complexity of spaceflight (hint: extremely costly and complex) which are only recently being brought down and made relatively (relatively! - $60 million per launch not including the cost of the spacecraft itself) affordable by the likes of SpaceX, which is launching this spacecraft.

A recommendation, please do not negatively comment about such complex topics without due research and knowledge.
(7/11/2018 4:01:06 AM)
#1, Hashamayim shamayim..
Hashamayim shamayim lhashem vharatz nasan lvnei adam
(7/11/2018 6:20:30 AM)
wise use of money?
There are so many poor people in Israel, the health insurance doesn't cover well, people from there come here or to Europe for treatment, and to waste money for this instead of investing in health is not the best use for scarce money in my opinion.
(7/11/2018 8:13:35 AM)
nobody in all of Europe and Japan was able to put up even an unmanned spacecraft on the moon so please give Israel some slack :)
(7/11/2018 9:43:35 AM)
ATT #1
Countries haven't been sending spacecraft to the moon for the past 40 years because they didn't think there was more to be learned from additional landings. I'm not sure what the objective is here.
(7/11/2018 10:30:21 AM)
The objective stated by the private sector financiers
is to encourage youth to into the sciences & technology. They are not Schluchim, what would you expect?
(7/11/2018 1:25:17 PM)
Apollo 8: they quoted from Bereishis
When Apollo 8 (American moon project, 3 missions behind the actual manned landing by Apollo 11, in 1969) was orbiting the moon in 1968, the astronauts took turns quoting from the beginning of Bereishis (they call it, "Genesis"):


I hope our people, who are putting up the spacecraft,
will give some credit to the Torah.
(7/11/2018 1:49:49 PM)
To #4
The moon is part of the "aretz" in that context. In fact, everything science can see in outer space is all part of the "aretz".
(7/11/2018 4:03:21 PM)
To number 5
First of all. The government has nothing to do with this its a private enterprise so they are allowed to do with what they want just watch the video for heaven sake and go Israel
(7/11/2018 4:21:36 PM)
Maybe they could leave a carefully enclosed mezuzza
up there somehow? The robotic ship could put it there.
(7/11/2018 4:58:31 PM)
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