Jul 10, 2018
Picture of the Day

Moshe Tanenbaum, the "original" Uncle Moishy, visits the Woodbourne Shul in the Catskills led by Rabbi Mordechai Jungreis.

Photos by Yokov Klor

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I spy...
Zalman Schner. Whoohoo!

Btw I only saw the side / back of uncle Moishy.
(7/10/2018 11:31:09 PM)
The *only* Uncle Moishy.
(7/11/2018 6:13:22 AM)
A Tale of Two Uncle Moshy's
(7/11/2018 6:52:29 AM)
Chani Vogel
Rabbi Jungreis is a Yid a Tzaddik. His unconditional love for another Jew is inspirational. May Hashem bentch him the way he deserves, brochos and nachas from all his children, and many healthy years to enjoy them. It is an honor to get to participate in his activities, and I would encourage everyone to look into how to help him.
(7/11/2018 8:46:13 AM)
Rabbi Jungreis AKA Nikolsberg Rebbe
Rabbi Jungreis is the warmest nicest person! Visit his Shul in Woodbourne and he will greet you in person offering you hot/cold beverages and food. He will direct you to the next minyan and make sure you are comfortable.
A man of action and love
(7/11/2018 4:27:35 PM)
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