Jul 10, 2018
Acrobats End With a Bar Mitzvah

The Bivsteisky brothers were invited to perform an acrobatic show for the Yavneh Camp in Los Angeles. It ended with their becoming Bar Mitzvah.

A day of circus fun at Yavneh Camp in Los Angeles had a surprise ending that none of the campers expected.

When the Bivsteisky brothers, trained circus acrobats, showed up for a performance at the camp, they told staff they are "one quarter Jewish."

Camp Director JJ Duchman quickly discovered that their mother's mother was Jewish, and informed them that they are Jewish. The two brothers said they had never had a Bar Mitzvah.

As the finale to their exciting acrobatic performance, 2 pairs of Tefillin were brought out, and Head Counselor Raziel Cohen along with Head Counselor Avremi Kievman, stepped up (literally) and used a stool to help the tall brothers don tefillin for the first time.

After the brothers recited the bracha on the microphone for all to hear, they were both lifted on chairs for a Bar Mitzvah celebration.

"It was an incredible sight, especially when the entire camp erupted in dancing amid resounding 'Mazal tovs!'" said Director JJ Duchman. "It was an amazing double celebration!"

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Esther(benarroch) Michael and Yitzchok
Go JJ Duchman What a kiddush Has-hem. You are amazing bh. Keep up the good work. You 🎸
(7/10/2018 9:35:07 PM)
that's amazing! keep it up, moshiach is arnd the corner
(7/10/2018 9:43:10 PM)
thank you Hashem
Moshiach NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(7/11/2018 12:36:41 AM)
so nice
(7/11/2018 9:23:29 AM)
CGI parksville counslor
Go JJ Duchman
My best years in camp was when u were the activity director
U made our job so much easier -as our campers were looking
Forward to NEW excitement every day !!
(Knew you’d climb that ladder quickly -now your
The Camp Director )
(7/11/2018 12:57:08 PM)
Raziel The Head counselor
An amazing job Raziel Cohen for stepping up to do this mitzvah 😘. ( literally)
(7/27/2018 8:55:38 PM)
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