Jul 9, 2018
Chosson, Kallah Living Separate

A newly-married couple, each with children from previous marriages, are being forced to live in separate countries due to debt.


A newly-married chassan and kallah, each with children from previous marriages, are being forced to live in separate countries due to debt.

The kallah, Fraidy, must reside in London due to joint custody of her children, including a daughter with sincere special needs. The chassan, Moshe, is based in Eretz Yisrael. A hard-working individual, he fell on hard times economically, only further exacerbated by expenses stemming from divorce. By Israeli law, citizens incurring a certain level of debt cannot leave Israel until the debts are settled, and Moshe falls into that category.

“Hashem runs the world, and for reasons that my husband, Moshe, can't control, because of matters that are truly not his fault, he incurred a debt of over $100,000,” informs the London-based kallah.

The kallah, Fraidy, flies back and forth to Eretz Yisrael to be with her new husband, but must sacrifice time with her children to do so, not to mention incur even greater debt for the couple due to the high cost of travel.

Fraidy beseeches, “Have you ever gotten into a situation that ended up costing you a lot of unforeseen money? Without going into the details about the people involved, that's what happened to my new husband.”

She continues, “Imagine if you wanted to finally realize your bayis ne’eman after such hardship, and you couldn't - just because of money.”

A rabbinical-backed Weiss Family-Unification Emergency Fund has been opened, together with tzedaka organization Kupat Ha’Ir, who has confirmed the details of the story.

The kallah emphasizes, “This situation can happen to anyone. Imagine if it happened to you. Helping us is a chesed because we want to fully know what a truly happy Jewish home can be.”

To find out more about the Weiss Family-Unification Emergency Fund, go here

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