Jul 10, 2018
New Shluchim to Portland, Maine

Rabbi Levi Wilansky and his wife Hindy are joining Chabad of Maine to expand the activities led by his parents since 1987.

By COLlive reporter

Chabad-Lubavitch of Portland, Maine recently announced its expansion with the arrival of two team members, Rabbi Levi and Hindy Wilansky, along with their son Mendel.

The couple is part of a new generation that was raised on Shlichus, watching their parents dedicate their lives to serving both local and visiting Jews with their spiritual and material needs.

Rabbi Levi's parents are Rabbi Moshe and Chana Wilansky who were sent by the Rebbe to Maine, the northeasternmost U.S. state. The Wilanskys have been leading Chabad Lubavitch of Maine in Portland since July 1987 and serve as its Head Shluchim.

Hindy's parents are Rabbi Yoseph and Chana Naparstek, who have joined Chabad of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina as Shluchim in 1988. They have been dedicated to the development of the Chabad institutions and its programs.

Rabbi Levi and Hindy will join the activities of his parents and will serve as directors of youth programs, including Ckids and CTeens, as well as expand the adult education classes.

"Our mission is to expand and create new Jewish community initiatives and programming for the Southern Maine area," they said.

To support their Shlichus, donate at http://chabadyouthme.donorzen.com or at paypal.me/chabadofmaine

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Amazing people!
They’re going to do amazing work !!
(7/10/2018 4:09:58 PM)
Go Hindy!
Portland is so lucky to have you! Hatzlacha on your new Shlichus. Hope the people in Maine like to play Mah Jong :)
(8/14/2018 8:52:57 PM)
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