Aug 31, 2009
Chinuch First is Back

COLlive presents: Chinuch First, a lecture series on education by Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, Director of the Chinuch Office of Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch. We return with chapter 3: What it takes to get a youngster to do what you say - how to maintain classroom discipline.

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Opinions and Comments
Crown Heights Teacher
Keep these classes coming!
(8/31/2009 11:48:58 PM)
The title of the class is the reason teachers in Chabad schools can not get students "to do what YOU say". Whats with the old school trying to 'educate' the new teachers on how to conduct an effective classroom in with the same old defective methods?
(9/1/2009 12:41:59 AM)
thank you
the best class i have seen in a long time!
(9/1/2009 7:35:02 AM)
it's about time, you put the classes back up! what took so long?

thank you!
(9/1/2009 7:36:22 AM)
thank you thank you thank you
a big yshar koach to rabbi kaplan and everyone who helped bring this shiur!!! you have no idea how much of a help it is!
(9/1/2009 9:54:03 AM)
A Shlucha from France
Thank you, Yudi Zatlin and the dedicated staff of collive of bringing us this class! Please don’t stop like you did last time.

A Shlucha from France
(9/1/2009 10:15:25 AM)
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