Jun 13, 2018
Thursday: JLI Conference, Expo

Hundreds of Shluchim will gather at the JLI Conference and Expo on Thursday to explore strategies, tools and best practices to facilitate growth in their shlichus.

Shluchim participating in the JLI Conference and Expo on Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz in the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope will explore strategies, tools and best practices to facilitate growth in their shlichus. The multi-faceted program includes sessions focusing on various areas of professional development.

Aryeh Ben David, the founder of the Ayekah Center for Soulful Education will share strategies for teaching Torah effectively to inspire growth in students. He will speak on the topics of Teaching with Heart and Connecting with Your Students.

Ken Wax, a renowned marketing expert will speak about “Student Vision”, seeing things through the perspective of the person you are trying to reach and also the brass tacks of creating and personalizing the perfect email that stimulates responses.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, The Vice Chairman of Merkos and Chairman of JLI, will inspire the shluchim in his indomitable way. Rabbi Simon Jacobson will share rare horoas from the Rebbe on adult education.

Shluchim will form panels to share best practices and successful strategies in Pedagogy, Marketing, Networking and on the topic of “Revitalizing One’s Shlichus”. Panelists include: Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky, Rabbi Levi Dubov, Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski, Rabbi Meir Hecht, Rabbi Ronnie Fine, Rabbi Dovid Flinkenstein, Rabbi Shmuli Friedman, Rabbi Yossi Friedman, Rabbi Shaya Gopin, Rabbi Sholom Moshe Paltiel, Rabbi Sholom Raichik, Rabbi Kushi Schusterman, Rabbi Mendel Teldon, and Rabbi Yehuda Weg.

Rabbis Efraim Mintz and Bentzi Sudak will share strategies for engaging donors and foundations with adult education programs. The program will also include overviews of the upcoming JLI courses for affiliates led by the course authors, Rabbi Naftali Silberberg and Rabbi Shmuel Super.

The conference is free of charge to all shluchim. Transportation will be provided throughout the day from Eastern Parkway and Kingston Ave. Free valet parking will be offered as well. Shluchim can find more information and register at myjli.com/conference/

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