Apr 3, 2018
President Asked About Pesach

When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko asked about Pesach, he was told how Chabad has given out 9,000 Shmura Matzahs.

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Yonathan Markovitch, Head Shliach and Rabbi of Kiev met with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the President's personal office on Erev Pesach.

"The President was interested in knowing how the Jewish communities in the country were doing and was very proud that Ukraine is currently the country in Europe with the least antisemitism," Rabbi Markovitch said.

Rabbi Markovitch reported to the president about the current affairs of Jewish communities and how the Chabad community in Kiev distributed over 9000 Shmura Matzahs to Jews all over Ukraine.

The President congratulated the rabbi for his work on behalf of Ukrainian Jewry and said that his government would help with the development of Jewish communities in Ukraine.

In addition, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Gruysman and the Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Kliczko sent a letter of greeting to the Jewish community of Ukraine.

The Seder itself was celebrated in all its glory by about 350 people in Kiev and it was made sure that no Jew, in the city, remained without a piece of matzah for the Seder.
In addition, Shluchim Rabbi Ariel and Cherry Markovitch organized for the first time a special Seder night for Young Professionals.

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Opinions and Comments
So proud of Rabbi Ariel and Rebbetzin Cherry Markovitch, you did a phenomenal job!
(4/3/2018 5:22:32 PM)
The job that Rabbi Markovitch doing is incredible!
Good job! Iím very honored to know this amazing family!
(4/3/2018 5:58:09 PM)
Rabbi markowitz wows us again with his unbelievable activities and achdus.
(4/4/2018 6:06:58 AM)
Very impressed with these amazing shluchim, kol hakovod
(4/4/2018 10:55:53 PM)
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