Mar 11, 2018
Filmmaker Once Couldn't Even See

When filmmaker Danny Finkelman first came to 770 Eastern Parkway as a child, he had a handkerchief wrapped around his head.

Award-winning film and music producer and director Danny Finkelman shares his story with B-Tank Magazine, a Jewish monthly business magazine.

Danny Finkelman, a Chabad chassid and award-winning film producer, graces the cover of the newly debuted B-Tank Magazine, an innovative business magazine chock full of business ideas, advice, inspiration and entertainment.

What's most people don't know about Finkelman is that he spent his first Shabbos in the US as a young child, at 770 Eastern Parkway, with a handkerchief wrapped around his head.

This was meant to sop up the goop that flowed nonstop from my eyes due to a rare inflammatory eye disease. that the doctors predicted would cause blindness.

The Rebbe blessed young Finkelman with a mysterious blessing: "In everything, everything, everything, you should have success."

A month after that Shabbos, the disease was gone," Finkelman says. "I went outside. I took off my medical sunglasses. My eyesight was normal."

That blessing allowed thirty-nine-year-old Finkelman to build a career in entertainment based on sight, vision, and perception. He has produced and directed dozens of music videos, documentaries, and several feature films, all of them touching on Jewish themes.

Though Finkelman lives in Brooklyn, as a Chabad chassid he pursues shlichus. But, his shlichus isn't fulfilled by traveling to some far-flung corner of the world; it's his videos which draw Jews in by virtue of their messages in faith, simcha, and Jewish pride.

Finkelman's confidence, poise, and business story strike a chord in the hearts of businessmen way beyond the world of Chabad. He isn't just the King of Jewish YouTube: He owns a savviness in the business arena as well.

One of Finkelman's largest accomplishments today started out with skeptical investors. Few believed that a film produced in Yiddish would make it off the ground in a significant way.

Yet, Finkelman had the vision and ultimately proved the worth of family drama Menashe, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Later, it was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, and shown in locales as far out as Australia, China, Turkey, and Singapore.

A strong lesson in belief in a product that B-Tank Magazine readers sure can appreciate.

B-Tank Magazine features business knowledge and information in industries ranging from finance to technology to bio-tech to retail to law. The magazine also covers universal business skills such as sales, financial and strategic planning, legal protection, branding and marketing.

One of the magazine's key highlights is the BizTank section, which features episodes of presenters pitching their businesses to a wide range of investors. That B-Tank Magazine chose to feature Finkelman on its cover comes as no surprise. Both the magazine and Finkelman believe in teaching others to dream big.

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Hatzlacha rabba Danny!!!
Keep on climbing!
(3/11/2018 10:15:00 PM)
so proud of you danny!
(3/12/2018 4:36:13 PM)
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