Feb 28, 2018
Ner Israel Removes Purim Mockery

The principal of the Ner Yisroel high school in Baltimore told COLlive.com a Purim exhibit on Chabad was "kids misbehaving."

By COLlive reporter

An exhibit mocking Chabad at the Mechina-high school division of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, Maryland, was dismissed as child's play by its director.

Rabbi Simcha Cook, Menahel of Mechinas Ner Yisroel, admitted that the photos circulating on social media showing various displays about Chabad were authentic.

But in a phone conversation with COLlive.com, Cook stated that the photos which were shared on social media were "a gross invasion of privacy. It's totally ridiculous that it was put on social media. I'm sure there are things in New Brunswick and Crown Heights that are not put on social media."

The "Purim Shpiel" presentation was set up inside the high school building and outdoors as well.

It displays familiar scenes from Lubavitch Chassidic life such as a photo of the Rebbe in a sukkah, map of locations of Chabad centers, round-the-clock davening hours in Crown Heights, and Mivtzoim outreach activities for Chanukah and Sukkos.

But some of it was seen as disrespectful, even derisive, with a photo of the Rebbe in a mikvah, an exhibit of "send a fax 'straight to heaven #Rebbe,'" using the Chabad acronym for "a donkey without a knowledge," a sign "BD"H The Reba Died," a "whack-a-hat station" with a hammer and fedoras, as well as a mock cemetery.

They have also closed off a room with look-alike bars to create a jail cell. Inside, they hung photos of the recently released Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and a sign "Thank You Prez Trump" who pardoned him.

Rabbi Cook, the principal, said the entire display was "taken down." He did not share details on how long it has been up, or whether the administration of the school was aware of its contents and when it was removed.

"It was done by 16-year-old kids who are in 11th grade," he said. "It's kids in school who put on Purim shtick. It's not like the school advocated this as part of a policy of 'let's make fun of Chabad.'"

As for the uproar on social media, he said: "They shouldn't get involved. Kids misbehave and it doesn't have to end up on social media. It was a stupid little thing. I hope everyone gets on with it and continues to accomplish what Lubavitch is capable of accomplishing."

VIDEO: Israel Clapman, a Crown Heights resident, speaks out

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Opinions and Comments
The school is responsible
The school is responsible for the chinuch of these children, and should not dismiss such behavior as "mischievous teens".
The Rebbe is the Nasi Hador and to make a mockery is playing with Fire. Let the "mechanechs" encourage the children to make a cheshbon nefesh and do a sincere teshuvah along with the themselves !
(2/28/2018 1:35:49 PM)
The entire school and school grounds was used to do this evil
The class rooms the front door the yard outside.
The families and Yeshivah is guilty.
Kos She Brocho to ghosts must stop as well guys but that is only a small crazy part of Chabad and if we did not keep who would?
(2/28/2018 1:39:47 PM)
Symptom or cause
This is simply a symptom of a much larger core issue. Primarily that the leadership of these yeshivas do not teach or at the very least show considerable respect to chassidus Chabad in general, and the Rebbe in particular.
(2/28/2018 1:43:01 PM)
I missed the memo. I was supposed to be offended?
(2/28/2018 1:44:15 PM)
This is just Wrong and disgusting!
I would never see such disgrace about other Gedolim!
I think our students are taught A LOT more Derech Eretz!
The school should be ashamed of themselves!
(2/28/2018 1:44:50 PM)
Thank you Izzy
Thank you izzy for standing for what right and doing the right thing.
(2/28/2018 1:45:13 PM)
Shouldn't be on social media? but it should be allowed to happen? This is a time when you can't hide anymore. It's all out in the open. Dark education brings dark action. Disgusting, as is the reaction of the Yeshiva. Is this what our future "gedolim" are being taught? They should be ashamed of themselves and completely revamp the "leadership" there.
(2/28/2018 1:45:36 PM)
rebbe will help
the rebbe will take care of them
(2/28/2018 1:46:38 PM)
Why post these pictures???
Why are you posting these despicable pictures? The fact that this is the chinuch they are giving these children is of course terrible and they will be accountable for it, buy why post the pictures of this shmutz???
(2/28/2018 1:49:40 PM)
Having fun at the expense of Chabad...
But honestly the only disrespectful thing in there was the acronym they spelled out for the Rebbe...other than that it's all realistic

they display life as they see it ...life that is foreign to them ...
Going to the mikva haaa haa
Doing Mivtzoyim haaa haaa
Wearing a hat haaa haaa
Having a Rebbe haaa haa
And he's even honored with a special chair haaa haa
And even believe that when they write , their Tefillos go straight to heaven HA

All so different from the life they know . I would call it ignorance , not hate.
(2/28/2018 1:50:29 PM)
It's Purim....
Let's get over it and like the dude said - let's accomplish what Chabad is capable of accomplishing.

We must learn from Reb Shmuel Munkes, Rabbi Gershon Mendel Garelik, Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Rabbi Alter Tenenbaum and from many other wonderful Chasidim to NEVER take ourselves TOO seriously.

(2/28/2018 1:52:42 PM)
we must be more active
we must do all we can to stop fights
may we have the coming of moshiach!!!!!!!!
(2/28/2018 1:54:26 PM)
That is distugusting
Why would enyone do that about OUR REBBE
(2/28/2018 1:55:00 PM)
I just called and spoke with the Rosh Yeshivah
Call (410) 484-7200 and ask for the Rosh Yeshivah if you feel this was a issue.
(2/28/2018 1:55:24 PM)
When I called the yeshiva to bring the to their attention the distinguished Rabbi Shftel dismissed it as just a Purim Shpiel. This was a full week ago. Frum children should know and be taught better to respect other Gedolim just as we would hope our students and children would not poke fun at any Litvishe Gedolim.
(2/28/2018 1:58:43 PM)
to #11
does not mean it is right
(2/28/2018 2:01:33 PM)
A formal apology must be made to the entire world Jewish community. This is a true Chillul HaShem of major proportion.
Its time to start teaching Mussar and stop feeding hate. We must hold the leadership of Ner Israel responsible and accountable. A GRAVE YARD ON THE FRONT CAMPUS????? Haman would have been very proud!!
(2/28/2018 2:03:42 PM)
14, what did he say?
(2/28/2018 2:07:31 PM)

(2/28/2018 2:08:42 PM)
This generation is all about shtus.
Use it for kelipa or kedusha. The choice is each of ours
(2/28/2018 2:09:39 PM)
pic of zmani tefila
funny how the latest time for shachris on the sign is 2:00 pm
(2/28/2018 2:17:28 PM)
You call and find out.
(2/28/2018 2:19:32 PM)
To #18 If you do not like what they did call up.
You call and find out. The Rabbi spoke with me for few minutes and if you voice your complaints maybe they will get the message.
(2/28/2018 2:22:27 PM)
Angry with the Menahel more than anyone...
This was childish and offensive. The Menahel's attitude is pathetic. His reaction should be "this was wrong," "we will talk to our students about showing respect to other Jews and respect to other communities' gedolim," "we apologize on behalf of our students." Definitely NOT:

"these were just kids horsing around, back off will you, how dare you publish these private photos!"

This will blow over in a couple of days but it leaves a horrible impression. The Menahel should have responded appropriately. Shame on him. I encourage others to call the school and voice your disapproval.

(Then, let's make sure our behaviour doesn't mirror theirs and ensure that we are respectful of other frum communities and their gedolim, even if we don't agree with the hashkafa).

Shalom al Yisroel
(2/28/2018 2:24:39 PM)
The irony here is that when any of their talmidim walk into a chabad house around the world, they are welcomed with open arms.
BH we do as our Rebbe taught us.
Moshiach Now!
(2/28/2018 2:26:40 PM)
The Rebbe will take care of them
Forty years ago a shliach put up a menorah in the town square of a small city, and a non-frum Jewish lady became extremely upset and wrote letters of protest to the local newspaper. The menorah stayed. A few years later, the lady's daughter married a Jewish boy and moved to a foreign country. There the husband started learning with a Chabad shliach and the couple became frum B"H. The Rebbe took care of everything.
(2/28/2018 2:27:30 PM)
just what is needed
this is perfect;;great expression of what torah yidden should be seeing each day..and stop the cult life that is disgraceful
(2/28/2018 2:30:44 PM)
Totally agree,

The only part that was offending was the" the Reba..."
(2/28/2018 2:33:49 PM)
Hey, look at it this way:
The Alter Rebbe writes in Tanya Perek 2, that , rebellious sinners receive their nurture from Hashem through the Nasi HaDor, the Rebbe in a "backwards" way, .
So they still get hashpo'o and the Rebbe still takes care of them, albeit indirectly.
So... as i see it (yes, it's 100% wrong, sinful, dangerous etc.)
BUT, hey Rebbe awareness and consciousness in seeping in. On Purim, when we rise above differences, , photos of the Rebbe were displayed on Ner Yisroel campus!
Who would have thought 770, the Rebbe, mivtzoim etc would make it to public display in a strong litvisher environment?!
of course, bChitzoniyus it came thru foolish students and supportive hanholo, which all need to do Teshuva and ask the Rebbe mechilah... and are Oiver on the Lo-saa'se of , a grave sin they will be held accountable for...
Yet, in a perverse way they have openly displayed Chabad, the Rebbe and even that the Rebbe is Moshiach!
all disguised as a Purim Torah.
But like Esther and the Megilah, we know there is a hidden good in a concealed story.
(2/28/2018 2:34:22 PM)
very true like everything you say
(2/28/2018 2:41:11 PM)
this is a huge chutzpah
living in 2018 this should not be happening. Contrary to what this rosh yeshiva said in the conversation. I have never seen a chabad yeshiva put on such a display in order to mock, even the biggest misnagd.
(2/28/2018 3:00:31 PM)
What A Disgrace on Ner Yisroel
Where was the administration , the mechanchim etc. when the students didn't now any better than shame themselves
and shame the name of their yeshiva. This must be the
spirit of certain individuals - Hamans!!!.
Boruch Hashem there is lately much achdus and respect between the different sectors of Am Yisroel.
May it continue and be strenghthened. PURIM SAMEACH
(2/28/2018 3:01:03 PM)
Pointing the finger
First reaction should not be to accuse others of wrongdoing. He should have just apologied instead of saying that others are culpable of the same sins
(2/28/2018 3:04:11 PM)
two reactions
1---- you can tweet your displeasure to @NIRCnews

2---- granted some of it is out of bounds. but who here would like their private thoughts and speech about the non-lubavitch world made public? the slur 'snags' was invented by chabad to insult the others; it's no less demeaning than the 'chabadsker' slurs the others coined...
(2/28/2018 3:07:58 PM)
To 29
Well said. Thanks for that prospective. Let's remember not to make things worse for these kids chas visholom. Your opinion counts so forgive them for their foolishness and try to only say good things and think good thoughts about every you.
(2/28/2018 3:10:50 PM)
Thank you Sruly for informing the public of this hateful act.
These boys and teachers, principals are no different than those wearing swastikas.
(2/28/2018 3:17:22 PM)
I think you all missed it!
The real reason they took it down is because their 11th graders don't know how to spell: 1) Moireinu and 2) "Lifnei" in Ahsrei instead of "Livnei".

If I was the administrator of Ner Yishmael, I would bury my face in shame that my 11th graders are such incredible Amei Haaretz!!! ROTFL!

No one there noticed that someone (or maybe everyone) there says Ashrei 3 times a day (allegedly) and is saying it WRONG!!!!!

AZAH GELECHTER!!! Happy Purim!
(2/28/2018 3:18:46 PM)
You hit the nail on the head but miss the point

We don't dress Tomchei Temimim up in a ner Yishmoel clown suit because 1. it would a profound disrespect to Tomchei Temimim and 2. we'd never think of it. We just don't hold the litivish identity (as distinct from the Yidden who identify as litvish) in high enough regard to make a mocking display of.

We are taught from birth to look beyond the superficial. 'Litvish' is false consciousnesses. They're just frum Jews, no matter what they like to believe. 'Litivish' doesn't rate a purim shpiel.
(2/28/2018 3:19:03 PM)
Kids who are raised in Frum Homes with Yiras SHamayim would not do this.
(2/28/2018 3:19:27 PM)
if they had a Mezuzah checking station ,They should check their Mezozos ( personally I think they need to be fixed)
(2/28/2018 3:19:41 PM)
Let's Keep It Light
I think Ner Yisroel looks infinitely better with pictures of the Rebbe all over!
(2/28/2018 3:20:12 PM)
Ner YIsroel Baltimore?
Is this "mechina" related to the Ner YIsroel Baltimore??
(2/28/2018 3:23:30 PM)
You would never see this mockery of gedolim in a lubavitch school. The kids and teenagers know better and ahavas yisroel and derech eretz is more ingrained. Even if there is differences of hashkafa, there is a general attitude of derech eretz and ahavas yisroel that would never allow lubavitch kids to act like this. I feel sorry for the kids in this school that felt completely fine doing this...
(2/28/2018 3:28:28 PM)
Neturei karta
Unfortunately we should not respond or acknowledge such debased behavior. Klipa can only be dealt with through uprooting. How sad that Chabad who is built upon mesiras nefesh should be scoffed at. These are people who have their Judaism confused. Vnahapoch hu.
(2/28/2018 3:28:33 PM)
So wrong
I'm sure the menahel thought it was funny. If the kids felt comfortable enough to completely turn the entire yeshiva into a mockery of chabad & the rebbe it must be something that the menahel are ok with & maybe even talk about or joke about
(2/28/2018 3:31:00 PM)
Ner Yisrael?
more like Ner Yishmael
(2/28/2018 3:31:32 PM)
37 Its so bad
Im with u I caught it to
(2/28/2018 3:32:12 PM)
Please let me know which of our moisdos would allow a blatant anti snag carnival. Sure there are some of us who need to brush up on our Ahavas Yisrael, but it would never fly for one of our moisdos to make a public anti anyone carnival. If Chas Veshalom it happened there would be Lubavitch wide condemnation.
(2/28/2018 3:34:55 PM)
just like the kosher buchers in nyc
wanted shalom rubaskin out of business, they had successed beyond there wildest dreams, there is nothing funny about this, it will come back to them, hashem runs the world
(2/28/2018 3:39:11 PM)
It shows how ignorant they are
Wow this is so messed up in so many ways. The amount of time spent on this the menahel had to know it was going on. This is what they think of chabad all the hard work & dedication to bringing Jews closer to Torah & mitzvahs all the incredible work chabad does around the world & this is what they boil it all down to. Truly disgusting & sad. Chabad & the Rebbe deserve a lot more resect for all the good we have done in this world. To be mocked for trying to make the world a better place is disgusting
(2/28/2018 3:44:51 PM)
The ohel?
Dont they also believe in ?
(2/28/2018 3:46:01 PM)
@45 so true but it's because of the ideology of @38 , which i guess is what chabad believes--that on the bottom are nebach , non-chassidim. then above them are stam chassidim. and at the pinnacle of creation, chabad. you can't have such a theology without making enemies. and 'litvishe' were there for a 1000 years before the Besht
(2/28/2018 3:48:43 PM)
Everyone should call the yeshiva & complain. They shouldn't be mocking & making fun of other Jews. The jewish people should be UNITED this is just divisive & sickening.
(2/28/2018 3:51:40 PM)

(2/28/2018 3:52:34 PM)
Basic spelling of Davening
That is pretty embarrassing! ??!!
(2/28/2018 3:56:06 PM)
Rabbi Cook
With respect, your outrage should not be that it leaked on social media, but rather the lack of derech eretz your student have
(2/28/2018 3:58:41 PM)
This was full on wrong
They should be ashamed that thats what their kids spend all time on and this is the message their clearly giving them and kids are just expressing it
Dont try to cover up as kids
Their your students and youre responsible for these kids and they turned over the ENTIRE school so the hanhola clearly saw and was part of it otherwise if it was taken down right away wouldnt have pics etc
I feel very bad for them that that is what their students are busy with and they arent babies 11th grade its a shame oish may Hashem forgive them and give them something proper to be busy with and Noch in the name of Purim Shtick do you think this is what Mordechai would expect from the Yiddishs Kinder and this is your source of fun and play in the cloak of joy oy vei I could throw up uch
Learn Torah bring Moshiach Now!
(2/28/2018 3:59:08 PM)
Wow i am chabad and i do find this pretty funny
U have to admit
All u people who are saying its disrespectful and making those boys sound like there criminals your over exaggerating...
That is what they know of chabad and we should look at ot differently now " how can they do this to lubavitch?" But "look how much they know about lubavitch? "
Those boys made a shtick
So wt?
I dont see this as disrespectful at all
And all you people saying its how there chinuch is or blaming it on the heads of the school
Thats plain rude!
There are plenty of chabad schools who also have those kids who made trouble and disrespected things ,and people .
That does not make the heads responsible for the behaviour at all .
Course i can see how it can be seen as " offensive"
But it was a shtick
And someone publicising something like that online ? On col??
And giving that school a bad name and then letting ppl write hurtful comments ?
I find that even more disrespectful!
(2/28/2018 4:04:24 PM)
Very, very sad.
(2/28/2018 4:05:31 PM)
Were all judging the hanhola so quickly
(2/28/2018 4:07:17 PM)
this seems to be chilul Chabad not chilul hashem
(2/28/2018 4:14:02 PM)
To # 58
Funny? Did you catch the part where they called the Rebbe a Chamor (donkey) on the "matzeiva?
(2/28/2018 4:17:01 PM)
The sin
Of getting caught
(2/28/2018 4:21:50 PM)
this is really not good! very very upset
(2/28/2018 4:35:05 PM)
Its purim
Take it easy.
(2/28/2018 4:36:58 PM)
just some kids trying to have fun
(2/28/2018 4:45:31 PM)
To #29
Great perspective! happy Purim.
(2/28/2018 4:53:14 PM)
this would never be aloud in our moisdos, of course the hanhala knew. and laughed along. and if they are not around enough to know, then let them leave their tv's and sports and visiting wrong places and get into the yeshiah. it is no secret where they go "for fun". I know. I grew up with these rosh yeshivas magedei shir etc. They should be trembling in fear of the consequences that will be put upon them, the yeshivah, the kids and the parents. There is be'chira by yidden.
(2/28/2018 4:54:19 PM)
Erev Rav
Don't let them pulled you down, this is a distraction to be angry instead of praying and doing teshuva today b simcha and rejoice later at the Megillah reading, There is no ego with The Rebbe and Hashem has mysterious ways, this might led some people to become Baal Teshuva Lubavitchers ,
(2/28/2018 4:59:56 PM)
#58 and #65
Totally agree with you both
(2/28/2018 5:00:32 PM)
The best thing would be for the entire class to travel to 770 and the ohel with a guided tour from a important Chosid.
(2/28/2018 5:03:15 PM)
Reverse roles
Should be shach or ahron kotler
(2/28/2018 5:07:09 PM)
I taught in a Litvish cheder, and as a "joke" there were Moshiach flags and Yechi yarmulkes aplenty, especially around Purim. Trust me, I've seen this from the inside-- secretly they'd love to be a part of the action.
(2/28/2018 5:21:43 PM)
Fun to who? Just More Baseless Hatred!
We remain our worst enemy.
(2/28/2018 5:22:28 PM)
Oh please
Why waste time fighting darkness when you can add light.
Ofcourse it is very wrong but its their problem.
Yossi Eliav
(2/28/2018 5:28:30 PM)
Simply put
A) I don't care what time of year it is or what place in the world you live, laughing and disrespecting another Yid's way of life in such a public and chaos-arousing way is inexcusable.
B) Judaism has many different shitos and ways, that's the way HaShem designed us, it's the way He wanted it to be. There's Sefardim, Ashkenazim, Belz, Satmar, etc etc. Just because we do not keep the same minhagim or shita does not mean we have to seek blood. CV! There's nothing wrong with serving HaShem differently then another Yid might be serving HaShem. There's definitely no reason to accuse them of hoylilis, it's just a different shita.
C) Hanhala of a mosad has to learn to take accountability to what their students have done. Swallow your pride and do the right thing. Admit it was wrong. Show that you are taking care of the situation. Perhaps even state the punishment.
D) We are at a time of moshiach and now more then anything it's so important to have ahavas chinam and get along with one another.
E) A passenger won't always understand the way the pilot flies or the different nuances involved. The flight might be delayed, the pilot may never be heard on the intercom, and sometimes the flight seems endless. Nevertheless, a passenger ever doubts the presence of the pilot. He is certain there is a pilot navigating the plane, and that there is a reason unknown to him for the delay, or the turbulence. For one of the passengers who doesn't believe that there is a pilot to try to laugh at the passenger that DOES is simply foolish. Immature. Perhaps the unbelieving passenger should try to broaden his closemindedness and understand how a plane cannot fly without a pilot.
Freilichen Purim and moshiach now!!!
(2/28/2018 5:33:28 PM)
Are you telling me
No one told parents what they were working on props and etc and NOT ONE parent called or saw to stop it ??
(2/28/2018 6:23:24 PM)
To #65
Really your going to say "Take it easy" because it's purim?!
You should be ashamed of your self.
(2/28/2018 6:29:12 PM)
Shlichos around the world
Was spelled without the h
(2/28/2018 6:51:48 PM)
Its took me a while to figure out that it said kisef hamalchus
Again they missed out the h. What terrible spelling
(2/28/2018 6:54:33 PM)
WHen I called the big Rav Sheftel last week he quickly hung up saying it was a joke. Without even a sorry. These people have no bushah! The next time they are asking for kosher food in some far location for their vacation they can forget about chabad.These are sick people
(2/28/2018 7:02:55 PM)
they should go to the ohel of the rebbe and ask forgive-ness
(2/28/2018 7:03:30 PM)
They played with fire I hope they don't get burnt.No different then the Palestinians teaching their children
(2/28/2018 7:04:42 PM)
To number #25 I have people walk through the door who disrespect The Rebbe Threw them out like a dog.Never regretted it for a second
(2/28/2018 7:15:14 PM)
Five Towns
These so called bnei Torah are not lacking in chassidus, rather the issue is that they don't take the sifrei mussar that they supposedly study in a serious fashion. Perhaps they need a lubavitcher chossid to give them shiurim in chovos halvovos, mesillas yesharim and hilchos lashon hara. A Freilichen Purim.
(2/28/2018 7:24:59 PM)
(2/28/2018 7:34:22 PM)
Don't mess with the rebbe
#65, this is nothing to just accept because it's purim. I can get over the shtus of making fun of us but calling the Rebbe a chamor and mocking h directly is just beyond chutzpah. Shame on the kids but more a shame on the menahel who seems to be passing this off as no one's business.
They should issue an apology
(2/28/2018 7:46:29 PM)
Sorry... I got caught
Sadly knowing that the aebischer is watching everything just isn't enough these days. This menahel has to know that anything can end up on social media, whether you like or not.
This looks like an elaborate project. Amazed they spent so much time and effort ridiculing a tzaddik and his followers.
(2/28/2018 8:01:17 PM)
In short
Whoever did it for their own good better make their way to the ohel and ask mechila ASAP
(2/28/2018 8:05:08 PM)
another mistake
omed al gag- not al gav
(2/28/2018 8:12:04 PM)
Worst menachel!
Arurim arurim kol....
Bruchim bruchim kol hachassidim!
(2/28/2018 8:27:37 PM)
Welcome to the world.
I grew up in that kind of community. I thought that by now 35yrs later, they had a little more respect. Be careful what you say here, its a public forum. The school allowed it, its a full display, not a small joke. Be proud, ashreinu, and nebach, feel sorry for them.
(2/28/2018 8:33:47 PM)
what a disgrace
shame on ner isreal.They are a "choshesh" onto am yisroel
(2/28/2018 8:45:52 PM)
Oh gosh
A few points
1) The first picture. Learn a blessed thing! Chabad doesnt not sleep in the sukkah because it says Basukos teishvu. Learn the sicha! But no... G-d forbid to be a tiny bit educated.
2) al gav beis hamikdash :)
Heaven help us. Please.
Theyre such idiots its out of control.
They should be ashamed of themselves and their amaratzus and how they have no sense of pnimius and their entire hanhala should be ashamed of how theyve EDUCATED their students to speak badly about the Rebbe. The Rebbe is about ten thousand times greater then any other gadol that ever lived and especially then these Roshei Yeshivas lihavdil.
Theyre jealous that were intune with the emes and not just wasting our lives away pretending for a living that were the most brilliant professors in Torah like they do, and penalizing people for not sitting in a hole their whole life in kolel and pushing chitzonius like theres no tomorrow... when theres work to be done in this world. The litvish world is an embarrassment in many ways and they project that insecurity that they know about onto innocent good people and holy tzadikim. What a funny funny phenomenon.
(2/28/2018 8:51:26 PM)
theyre just jealous
(2/28/2018 8:54:51 PM)
They spent so much time on this
Don't you realize that what they picked up on... Will stay with them forever? This is like eating kashe in tomchei temimim.
If will after these kids for life. And when they grow up and encounter Chabad, they will remember what they did on Purim, and realize that they were making fun of the most astounding community and Rebbe in the world!
(2/28/2018 9:06:51 PM)
The coverup/deflection is worse than the crime
It would be a lot less of an issue if theyd feign concern (theyre clearly not), and accept responsibilty that they failed to have proper oversight of the kids and applogize and say theyll speak to the kids to stress importance of achdus and respect. Its clear that lots of time was invested into tgese props, wasnt just a disrespectful joke. The joke is on tge institution that dragged their own name through the mud, not the Rebbes. The Rebbe could handle their disrespect on his broad shoulders.
(2/28/2018 9:13:53 PM)
this is actually quite funny
always look at the bright side, its purim!!!
(2/28/2018 9:16:46 PM)
Its wrong
To all you people saying Im Chabad and I think its ok and they didt mean any harm. No you are not Chabad you should not say your chabad your misguided .they were making fun and were extremely disrespectful it is wrong thats the Emes and they should make a public apology thats it simply
(2/28/2018 9:18:00 PM)
Purim Shpil
Maybe hang a cross as a Purim Shpil!?
I guess the Rebbe isn't so bad, Och Un Vei they display it this wa.y
(2/28/2018 9:19:22 PM)
To #52
and 'litvishe' were there for a 1000 years before the Besht... and guess what, they were a MESS! They had dysfunctional views on beautiful pashute yidden who didnt know how to learn Torah like Harvard Professors. The yidden in general were broken by shabsai tzvi. The above mentioned statement is rediculous. And has no logical implications. Learn some history.
The Baal Shem Tov cleaned up their mess.
So yes, the Chassidic Ancestry is what to be proud of.
(2/28/2018 9:19:28 PM)
Beautiful Display. Signs of the future.
Many years ago...like in 80s, I learned in a misnagdishe...ok, I'll be nice...Litvishe Yeshiva and the guys were always laughing about mivtzoim, kiruv, Moshiach, chassidus and everything else the Rebbe taught us. Now, look around. Every Litvish organization and gadol talks about Kiruv, Ahavas Yisroel, Moshiach, chassidus etc...
These displays are a vision into the future. All Jews eating in the sukkah even in the rain. Yidden going on mivtzoim with lulav and esrog or chanukah. Yidden going to the Ohel etc. Etc.
Remember the story of Rabbi Akiva laughing when he saw the fox coming out of the Koidesh Hakadashim.
This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
I think the kids that made these displays see what Chabad has and they want it and their Rabbeim and parents are keeping it from them. Reach out to them and share what you have.
(2/28/2018 9:49:53 PM)
It's YOUR Test
Are you still going to have Ahavas Yisrael?
Not descend to Litvak bashing?
Everyone should look in the mirror and ask what he or she can learn for his or her own avodah. That's all.
The Rebbe doesn't need us to defend him.
Just do what we should, vezehu.
A freilechen,
(2/28/2018 9:56:16 PM)
Crown heights
As a knas the students should learn chassidus once a week. Either Tanya or sichos of the Rebbe's.
(2/28/2018 9:58:16 PM)
CH Resident
Chabad /Lubavitch intrigues them. It might not have been done Leshem Shomayim, but it accomplished getting pictures of the Rebbe in their Mesivta.
About BDE, sad to say, there are many Lubavitchers who say that too.
(2/28/2018 9:59:49 PM)
Does Chofetz Chayim make an exception for "Humor" or Purim?
I don't recall that to be true.

Since it is impossible for the hanhalah of this Baltimore mosad to "gather all the feathers from the pillow" -- that is, to apologize to every single Jew (not just Chabad!) they have offended, this is now between them and Hashem.

Of course, a highly-publicized apology would be in order. But really, this is now between them and Hashem.

I agree with the one offering to teach Chofetz Chayim, Chovos HaLevavos, etc. to this offender group of Litvishers. Apparently they still don't get it, including the hanhalah.

If someone made fun of the Chofetz Chayim, or any of the Litvisher leaders -- chas veshalom! (don't do it of course!) -- I somehow don't think minimizing it or complaining about the exposure on social media would satisfy this same group.

My husband taught secular subjects at two Litvisher yeshivos. In one, the (high school) boys tried to spend the whole time changing the lesson to be about making fun of Lubavitch. (They didn't succeed; my husband made sure they learned and passed the Regents.)

In the other, there was so much ahavas Yisrael for every Jew. So it's not all Litvishers who are so mean and ignorant, baruch Hashem. I'll bet a lot of Litvishers are ashamed that this happened. Just like it's not all Lubavitchers who are "extreme" at times. There are extremes in every group.

Nevertheless, this Baltimore yeshivah not only made fun of Lubavitch's "extremists," they made fun of regular frum practices, such as mikveh, visiting kivrei tzadikim, outreach (which I think they call "kiruv"), sukkah, menorah????

This is between them and Hashem. And they'll have a lot of explaining to do!
(2/28/2018 10:05:45 PM)
Rabbi yissocher frand is the mashgiach there or something
I'm shocked nothing was done to stop these bochurim from doing this. They spent HOURS AND NO ONE SAID NOTHINGGGGGGG?????????
(2/28/2018 10:15:24 PM)
i'm really not concerned with what they think of us...
rather, i'm concerned that there's so much hatred bottled up there just waiting for the moment when they think they can display it openly with impunity. I suggest their menahalim spend some introspective time analyzing what the ridicule was REALLY all about. one thing he can be sure of: the Aibershter isn't viewing this behavior as a joke and isn't laughing.
(2/28/2018 10:32:07 PM)
From Israel
When the Rebbe was nistalek, Schach's followers danced in the street. Before Auerbach died, his followers were beating up Rabbi & Rebbetzin Havlin over the draft law.

They are sickening. I'm sick & tired of seeing these holy shteigeren. They think they are so righteous as they shockle & veyn, but they have no problem pushing women & kids out of the way to get on a bus first. Give up their seats for the elderly? That's a joke.

We complain all the time about the fanatics in Meah Shearim, but this lot are worse. Try driving near the Mir any day at 1:00. Or better not, they have zero respect.

I'm glad this disgusting display was publicized - and clearly, it was done with the Hanhala's approval. Why do they beyt the Aibishter for Moshiach? Hypocrites.
(2/28/2018 10:32:47 PM)
A freilichen Purim to all my brothers from Chabad lubavitch
(2/28/2018 10:38:31 PM)
i have rachamanus for the Rabbis of this Yeshiva
These kids are just korbanos
Laughing at the Rebbe, was not the smartest thing to do
Please ,Hashem have rachamanus on them they dont know better
(2/28/2018 11:20:02 PM)
The preoccupation with Chabad is fascinating to me
What's really interesting to me is their preoccupation with Chabad and the Rebbe. There must be some inner turmoil these kids have and some admiration that, unable to express normally, comes out in this type of behavior.
(2/28/2018 11:21:51 PM)
A picture of the REBBE hanging in a Litvisher Moised?

Moshiach Tzeiten.
(2/28/2018 11:26:40 PM)
To u
#58 ur comment says it all
Well done
And everyone you all have to relax!!!!
#104 that is the worst thing u can do
U want them to start hating lubavitch?
People should really think before they speak
Stop judging
(2/28/2018 11:40:23 PM)
Reb Yoel from Baltimore
Last night a few bochurim showed up collecting money for their (rosh) yeshiva. I asked them about the Purim shtick. These are the first words they told me "we made bizyoinois of chabad." . Period. It was definitely not 'accidental'. They knew exactly what they were doing!
(3/1/2018 12:04:56 AM)
This is so funny, just take a chill pill and stop behaving like baybies .
(3/1/2018 12:08:05 AM)
Yes of course its disrespectful and all, but look at it this way.....
These are a bunch of eleventh grade teens who need action in their life like most normal teens....who has action?!? CHABAD!!!!!
They really want to be part of it....:)
But Im totally not excusing them, it was not okay what they did
(3/1/2018 12:20:54 AM)
Does the Menahel really feel bad?
If yes, he would use this as an educational opportunity, and take all the students to the Ohel to ask Mechila in public (as this is the true Halocho.)
Happy Purim!
(3/1/2018 12:48:50 AM)
In lots of places I go to they make fun of the Rebbe and his chassidim who believe in him... oh, wait a minute, those places are officially Lubavitch! - Time to clean up the mess in our own backyard!!!
(3/1/2018 1:17:06 AM)
I wonder
I wonder how many ner yisroel graduates there are that go to Chabad houses for guidance and yiddishkeit after they went OTD...
(3/1/2018 1:31:35 AM)
.. ? ...

(3/1/2018 1:45:58 AM)
Article & Comments Are Worse Than Purim Shpeil
Having taken a look at this article and it's comments - has a rov been consulted? Are we allowed to post such things publicly? This is a double standard, calling out others, then cursing them out, claiming all sorts of falacies - just because u can comment anonymously.

There is nothing new here and u can have whatever perspective of it you would like - positive or negative or neutral - but publicly inciting hatred against another yid is most probably an issur even on Purim.

Go hate haman instead. Chabad is about ahavas yisroel and bringing moshiach...not sure how this article increases either of those goals. Chabad OnLine - I hope this isn't a reflection of chabad.
(3/1/2018 1:57:01 AM)
Protecting our Rebbes honor
For anyone willing to forgo ones own honor, thats a choice the individual makes. However, never ever are we permitted to forgo our Rebbes honor. What was done is beyond unacceptable. Hopefully those involved will realize the severity of the action and do teshuva. May Hashem protect klal Yisroel.
(3/1/2018 2:32:18 AM)
Shameful dismissal
Take responsibility and reprimand your students and reinforce discipline throughout your faculty! Don't be a sore sport and pretend you had nothing to do with it and act like it's not a problem!

Beating around the busy and lying is worst than being quiet and us knowing who's responsible!
(3/1/2018 2:53:15 AM)
2 weeks
I've seen theses photos about a week or more ago and they've been around even before that. This has been up for a while and the hanholo pretend they had nothing to do with this.

What a fail you fakies.
(3/1/2018 2:55:08 AM)
I'm Stam saying
Maybe they thought they could fullfil the mitzvah of ad dlo yada with milk.And the chalav akum caused them to behave like that. Ok ok. It was chalav Stam. Whatever.
(3/1/2018 4:49:25 AM)
Moment of silence
The chabad shluchim have been advocating for a moment of silence in public schools so that the children can be afraid of the "eye that sees and the ear that hears". Maybe we can advocate the same thing for the hanahalah of ner yisroel so they can be afraid of Hashem and not of the figurative policeman. i.e social media.
(3/1/2018 5:29:57 AM)
Just really sad....no more words
(3/1/2018 5:51:51 AM)
@comment 28
I like you. Spot on. Thats the attitude. #letsbefriends give me your number MG ;)
(3/1/2018 6:23:09 AM)
To 110 (misnagid)
To my fellow yid,
To you too! No worries, plenty of litvaks are actually promoters of achdus even when they hold their nose on some disagreements (within Lubavitch there are multiple hashkafos as well). With time the litvaks that have yet to smell the achdus roses will get with the program.
(3/1/2018 6:45:10 AM)
For the record
The word misnaged isnt a slur. It means opponent to chassidus. A very old term. Even snag though slightly less polite is just a derivative of the longer misnaged word. And the definition of snag means impasse not exactly a horrible thing to be called, though I admit, in todays day and age the most polite way to refer to them would be as litvak/litvish. Either way, its rare for Lubavitchers to have a visceral hatred to a fellow Jew of any other community sect within yiddishkeit. We hate Hamas, not yidden.
(3/1/2018 6:53:47 AM)
Ner Yisroel is already a Chabad Yeshiva
The founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Ruderman zt"l, was from Chabad roots.

They should institute mandatory classes in Tanya there, mandatory trips to the Ayhel and 770, appoint a Lubavitcher as mashgiach and mashpia, and a Lubavitcher as Rosh Yeshiva.

What a disgrace, they don't accept the malchus of the Rebbe even though their founding Rosh Yeshiva was from Chabad roots. Rav Ruderman zt"l even used to learn Tanya.

Moshiach now!
(3/1/2018 7:23:01 AM)
What do you expect?
What do you expect when the whole Lubavitch constantly makes fun of misnagdim? Just because you don't show it to them doesn't mean you don't feel or say how much fun you make of them and of their gedolim too. So here they're just letting you know how they feel and it's Purim. It's honestly funny and if you find this offensive then the problem is with you not with them. And honestly, have you never heard the saying that imitation is the biggest form of flattery?

And besides, how many times have Lubavitchers dressed up as not Lubavitchers on Purim to make fun????
(3/1/2018 7:29:29 AM)
Honest truth
Lubavitch is disrespectful to Misnagdishe gedaylim. See in the comments here, they say Kotler, Schach, etc.
(3/1/2018 7:39:43 AM)
Disgusted - Here is the Rabbi's info - HE needs to apologize and fix this
Rabbi Simcha Cook ext. 317, home 410-653-9311, fax 410-653-9311, e-mail rebbi613@gmail.com

I went to Yeshiva in Toronto in the early 2000's and the local litvish elementary school kids would yell, mock and spit at us. (that's besides for the yeshiva boys doing similar what encountered). I thought this type of activity was mostly over with, this needs to be addresses. Those schools and families should be dealing with their own community issues -and Balitmore has plenty - not teaching to hate another Jewish community. (sigh)
(3/1/2018 8:26:18 AM)
this is extremely horrible should not be accepted and misnagdim have no basis for their hatred other than that they are jealous and that they are scared of mashiach so they dont do mivtzoyim
and in the gemara it says you should think of your leader as mashiach
(3/1/2018 8:38:37 AM)
i dont know what to say.
how could a jewish school do such a thing!
(3/1/2018 9:06:21 AM)
Ner Yisroel is awesome
As someone who went to ner the menahel has no idea what the Purim shtick is going to be until after it is up so u guys really shouldnt be blaming him. And the rosh yeshiva???? Even after its up he doesnt know what it is because he doesnt have so much to do with the mechina. The one thing I do agree with is that he should have apologized and explained the situation but for you guys to say its a bad mosdos thats just not true
(3/1/2018 9:18:28 AM)
The point is
It's a bad mossad because they have sinah for chabad and made a mockery of the furtherance/outreach/kiruv to yiddishkeit. I don't know how relevant it is whether the principal/rosh yeshiva knew what the bachurim were doing. It's an excellent mossad just like Harvard is a great mossad. I'm also pretty sure you can find professors in Harvard that are Talmidim Chachamim. Shame on them.
(3/1/2018 10:17:01 AM)
To #138
If you think about it, we really can't blame the students. They evidently have no first-hand experience with Chabad and obviously have never seen the Rebbe. All their information on Chabad comes from their surroundings. And the one common denominator of all these students is that they go to the same school.

It's therefore rather easy to conclude that this display is reflective of the school in general including the administration. It's quite clear that the administration and faculty are very much to blame for enabling this to happen. Not just their reaction to it.

Hopefully these kids will iyh be exposed to true Chabad and will automatically have a better, healthier approach to us (and life in general).

A freilichin Purim!
(3/1/2018 11:11:54 AM)
Get real
Set up in classrooms all over the school and we are supposed to believe the Hanhola didn't know. Where were they? This didn't happen in 30 minutes. We are emailing the school and suggest everyone does. They should be shivering in fear to condone this kind of hatred. The video is strong and says it all.
(3/1/2018 11:19:52 AM)
its a pathetic place!! the mere fact that he anwered it that way , shows he has no respect for Torah or Hashem. and i hate that i have to write this on Purim
(3/1/2018 12:28:18 PM)
In line with 106
When I was in 4th grade in a Litvish cheider I saw all the gedolim pictures on the wall and I asked the rebbi if I could bring in a picture of the Rebbe to join the others. He was very happy to oblige, and I took it home at the end of the year.

Most people are fine with us and some people don't like us, and that's fine too. However, the laws of ahavas yisroel and loshon hara are always in effect.
(3/1/2018 12:47:18 PM)
Our Bachurim
Our Bachurim the same week launched and honored Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz with over 10,000 Yiddin putting on Teffilin in his honor.

This is in addition to their full time occupation in deep Lim mud Hatorah nigleh and Chassidus.

I have two Boys in Mesivta, for all the Ner Yisroel students and graduates reading these comments, you should know my boys never spoke or heard in our home, summer camp or Yeshiva anything against any Gadol Batorah and Eidah in Klal Yisroel.

This shameful exposure that you hoped to keep for the inside sonei chabad is now a wake up call for you to re-learn all the Torah of the Chafetz Chaim ZTL and the Musser of Horav Ruderman ZTL.

May this last bastion of sinas chinom be eradicated with the Amalek in our times and all sonei Yisroel.

(3/1/2018 1:17:38 PM)
To #134
I totally agree with you.
Im not lubavitch and reading the comments really puts me off
(3/1/2018 1:59:37 PM)
#123,The Rebbe's honor
You are absolutely spot on. A chasid has to know his rebbe's kavod is not subject to Purim shpiels or anything else!
(3/1/2018 2:18:22 PM)
Grow up
It's just shtick stop crying like a bunch of children.
(3/1/2018 2:40:08 PM)
Shtick is made about Donald Trump. Not a Gadol B'yisroel. Get real. This wasn't an offhand comment of superiority, but something delibirate. Something truly disgusting. The reaction of the principal makes it smell even more. If you have a child in that school, SEND HIM SOMWHERE ELSE!
(3/1/2018 3:08:42 PM)
Lack of Derech Eretz
I am shocked that the Hanhalah is not taking any responsibility for the grave lack of Derech Eretz of their students. I felt so sad that something so disrespectful can happen in a Frum school. Its no wonder the boys have such poor Middos, there doesnt seem to be strong leadership in their school to emulate. Shocking.
(3/1/2018 3:22:00 PM)
My thoughts
Definetly parts of this is disrespectful. I think though that chabad is above this. Having opposition is not a new idea. Old news. Anything very successful and out there, is a big topic that people think of as worthy of immitating etc.
Frankly, I'm quite honored that this is what they associate us with. Mivtzaim...etc. So definetly it was overdone a bit, and talking about the Rebbe is no small thing.
But we can see past it (I'm not talking about the disrespect towards the Rebbe) and not let this get us down.
Just keep on spreading light and taking all we gain as Chassidim, and sharing it with the world, with Ahavas Yisroel.
Moshiach Now!!
(3/1/2018 4:10:33 PM)
Show me one real Lubavitcher that goes there.

Lubavitch in Baltimore has their own separate school.
(3/1/2018 5:31:13 PM)
We have to be better
As a lubavitcher bachur, a shliach in a yeshiva, this is hard to see. And as a parent I'm sure it's harder. The younger bachurim and kids who don't know too much about the history between chabad chassidim and other Jews see these things and question. And then they hate. We can't deny that we make fun of misnagdim and their rabbonim. Is it justified? No. Do they "start up"? How old are we?! We have to be better than that. Purim is the perfect day to learn this lesson. As Jewish people, we have always been bullied, has that ever been an excuse for us to stop acting properly?! We must be better than they are by not responding hatefully. By educating ourselves and the next generation to love and show them the good parts of the other types of Jews. Not by posting disgusting pictures and comments just to stir things up. Guaranteed the rebbe wouldn't want us to speak hatefully about them or even to demand an apology. Because that doesn't help anything. It just makes us seem petty and immature. "We need them to say sorry..." No. We need to love them and make them see what type of people lubavitchers really are. Good, caring, loving, accepting, resilient, respectful, and most of all mature.
A Freilichen Purim! And may we be zoche that through our running around and doing the 4 mitzvos of Purim and helping others do them as well, that we merit to be together with our rebbe once again RIGHT NOW!
(3/1/2018 5:42:05 PM)
I live in snag baltimore
I live in baltimore ner yisroel has been making fun of lubavitch
For over 30 yrs. now they finally got busted
(3/1/2018 7:44:45 PM)
Dont mess with the REBBE
when the yidden showed such spontanious simcha /achddus and ahavas chinom at the sudden and miraculous release of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin we all felt the footsteps of Moshiach SO the satan got busy and with the help of RUACH SCHTUS a bunch of kids in a good yeshivah fell
into a trap sowing Discord and Sinas Chinom AGAINST
the REBBE and his Chassidim whose whole purpose is to
bring the GEULAH NOW THIS was not a Purim joke this was VERY SERIOUS and TERRIFYING.. The hanhalah
has to fix this They can fix this AND
(3/1/2018 8:10:17 PM)
My rebbe
What a disgrace. My Rebbe told me a story tonight. Many years ago on Purim he met a yid. This yid worked in ner Yisreol (not sure deserves such a name) for 15 years and during the whole time no one ever approached him to speak to him. My rebbe approached him and bh he put tephilin on and read him the megila. 15 years!!!! Ner Yisroel should be ashamed of themselves.
(3/1/2018 8:25:29 PM)
to number 58....
you are not chabad if you can let and even think its ok, that the rebbe should be made fun of like that...!
what makes you chabad? do u learn sichos?, do you say chitas?? do you know what chabad is?
(3/1/2018 8:30:48 PM)
I have to say it's super original and creative.
And btw we make fun of them all the time too. How many people wore long peios, shtreimels... There is just a lot more about us to make fun of.
It isn't right but it gave me a laugh! That's what Purim is about.
(3/1/2018 8:43:03 PM)
I couldn't agree more. So because they don't have ahavas yisroel or derech eretz, we should stoop to their level? This just pushes the geulah away. We have to focus on what good WE can do. Not on the not good OTHERS do. Lchaim!
(3/1/2018 9:18:48 PM)
exuse me how would you react if we made an exibit about your rebbe you wouldnt like it you respect you rebbe hopefully and we respect ours tremendosly.next time you have time on your hands do something usefull or at least respectfull!
(3/1/2018 9:24:04 PM)
to number 157
Disgusting. Its about time you have respect for Gedoli Yisroel
(3/1/2018 9:24:14 PM)
rude and absulutly pathetic
this exibit belongs either in the rubbish bin or nowhere at all!what were these immiture children thinking i suggest they go back to the basics and start learning thier manners again,from preschool where they belong!
(3/1/2018 9:33:46 PM)
Our boys were busy before Purim packing thousands of mishloach manos for mivtzoyim, practicing to Lein the Megillah, learning about Purim, planning their routes... I barely saw my boys on Purim they were so busy with mivtzoyim Boruch Hashem! We are SO LUCKY that our chabad boys are busy with productive and beautiful things!!!
Our boys build floats for parades, make signs to spread more light, and invest their energies in bringing Moshiach. THANK YOU REBBE!!!!!
(3/1/2018 10:23:17 PM)

Since Chabad is so full of love for other Jews they should not be penalized now. Rather, they should be placed on probation after this grave sin for a period of five years and a monitor appointed to institute PC sensitivity training. At the conclusion of this period, the situation can be reevaluated.

Meanwhile, all Lubavitcher holidays should be observed at Ner Yisroel with farbrengens and toasts to the Rebbe, .

(3/1/2018 11:19:24 PM)
Mivtza tefillin Ner Yisroel
What can you expect from them, they don't put on Rabbeinu Tam tefillin, their tefillin is not ksav Ari, etc.

Maybe bochurim from the Lubavitch yeshiva there should be sent to Ner Yisroel to put Lubavitcher tefillin on them.
(3/2/2018 1:10:40 AM)
Balance Please
Those commenting with disgust are certainly correct in their outrage for this particular scenario. Those asking us to lighten up, are perhaps misapplying a good sentiment in the attempts to keep the peace. However perhaps we need a third and more balanced perspective here. Perhaps we who recently learned perek lamed bais in chitas, and live our lives to mekarev another yid should see past painting the entire Jewish nation with the broad strokes of "us" vs "them." These boys and perhaps the leadership of their Yeshiva certainly need to make a cheshbon hanefesh. However lets keep in mind that for each of these boys who participated in this disgrace their are at least a thousand (and I don't think that is an exaggeration) of fine non Chabad Yidden who love Chabad and what we represent and do. I personally learn Tanya with some very fine Litvish chevreh, and can attest that this is not everyones attitude. We who most recently saw the outpouring of achdus after our fellow Chabadnik Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin was released should certainly not fall for the trick of the yetzer hora to pull us down. In fact, I am sure that this embarrassment will cause the many level headed and refined bnei Torah to shun this type of behavior and embrace their local Chabadniks even more. May we be zoche to the geulah now!
(3/2/2018 5:08:00 AM)
How can u even ask someone those questions ?
I think the Rebbe would be so ashamed !!
(3/2/2018 5:34:39 AM)
#82 #89 totally agree
..They better do serious teshuva!!!
(3/2/2018 8:04:15 AM)
Wheres everyones sense of humor. Its genuinely funny.
(3/2/2018 9:34:42 AM)
Send bochurim to be mekarev them to Chasidus like at YU
Just like at YU there is a Chabad club and Oholei Tayreh bochurim go there every Thursday night to learn Chasidus with the students, same too with Ner Yisroel. It is true that they are not the same, YU now has a mashpia Rabbi Moshe Weinberger from Long Island, who is a big Chosid of the Rebbe, but maybe there is still hope for Ner Yisroel. There is less than a month to the Rebbe's 116th birthday, maybe something can be done there on . They can start saying the Rebbe's kapitel every day after davening for a start.
(3/2/2018 9:43:25 AM)
Spelling is atrocious
Just need to say , the kids cant spell on Hebrew or in English!
Reall all the signs
(3/2/2018 9:44:47 AM)
We're sorry
I am a bochur at Ner Yisroel who actively participated in this shtick and was very involved therein. I want to apologize and perhaps clarify a few misunderstandings.
1. This shtick was done by not all, but some of the 54 members of the N.I. 11th grade, in the middle of the night. No one else knew or helped. The hanhala was taken completely off guard when they walked in for shacharis.
2. This shtick was not done with any hate in mind. I personally have a lot of respect for chabad activities as well as for the Rebbe. The ENTIRE inspiration for this shtick was that in the past there has been much disagreement between N.I. and chabad, so wouldn't it be funny if 770 went up right here in Ner. By extension, it would have been incomplete without mitzvoim, amikvah, etc. No disrespect whatsoever was intended by these features.
3. Absolutely no chutzpah was consciously directed at the Rebbe. Regarding the stuff on his "Ohel", that was not intended as an insult to the Rebbe, but rather a spoof of elokhist philosophy. The "Donkey" line, I agree was highly inappropriate and was done by one guy without any consultation from the grade at large. I know this guy, and he didn'y mena to offend anyone. It just wasn't well thought out.
4. Whatever may have been done by us does not begin to excuse the reaction, bashing Rav Shach and other pillars of Torah. Toem Tam, Genuvei Ganvei.
Again, I'm very sorry that this shtick was seen as offensive, and apologize for any hard feelings made between us.
(3/2/2018 11:16:15 AM)
Im nauseas from this menahel
It's totally ridiculous that it was put on social media. I'm sure there are things in New Brunswick and Crown Heights thats an apology? Thats how you behave? No, no Rabbi Cook, this is not how others behave. And that doesnt even matter. Thats so lame!! We dont need an apology. Stop raising hate-filled kids! This isnt Purim! Its nauseating.
(3/2/2018 11:49:14 AM)
Thank you clapman
Whoever you are. Well said. Thanks for saying whats on all of our minds.
(3/2/2018 12:03:13 PM)
daige nisht-zai nisht nispoel!
the rebbe said that there are no real misnagdim today.
poor them they're just confused and tying to get attention.
but they should know: they're playing with fire!
(3/2/2018 1:58:15 PM)
its a disgrace
Do we make fun of their gedolim???!!!
(3/2/2018 3:03:05 PM)
TO 171
Thank you!!!! Very nicely written!
(3/3/2018 3:40:26 PM)
im personally sad that this display went
about time NER YIDROEL had a pic of the Rebbe on the wall , a mikva , some mivzoyim going on there , Hiskashrus with the rebbe , a yechi sign etc!
the place looked so much better !!!!
(3/3/2018 4:21:31 PM)
How lucky we are
litvish bochrim have nothing to do on purim and are nebach very bored...so... they do childish things to keep themselves busy
(3/3/2018 7:16:06 PM)
To #171
Thank you for trying to explain
Abt #1 - even if the hanhala was taken off guard, the fact that they refused to apologize and even dismissed the idea that something might have been wrong here, casts the entire blame and responsibility on them

Abt #2- Even if no disrespect was purposely intended, the feelings harbored towards Chabad were VERY clearly expressed. So this might just be a symptom, the main issue is way deeper and was expressed through this

Abt #3- "a spoof of elokhist philosophy" Nice try.
And you even agreed that one thing was too obviously disrespectful to say that it wasn't - so why didn't you take it down?

Being that you actively participated in this, I strongly suggest you apologize - not to us, to the Rebbe. It would be sad if this story ended in the same way some others did, when people started up with the Rebbe and didn't apologize

PS- maybe put the Rebbe picture back up? The tziyur of the Rebbe might help knock some sense into the students... they obviously need help
(3/3/2018 8:04:25 PM)
Purim Shtuss Chabad Style
Ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu!
Boruch Hashem that our Chabad bochrim and girls are taught that Purim means running around on mivtzaim in a l'chatchilla ariber way. Even if not all of our teenagers are doing what they are taught, at least they know what they should be doing.
(3/3/2018 9:46:21 PM)
They should have done a trade your jacket station so that everyone has mismatched suits
(3/4/2018 3:31:36 AM)
Learning from History
We do not have chasunas during the Sefira, as Rabbi Akiva's pupils did not respect each other's Rebbe's.
(3/4/2018 5:42:36 PM)
A Limmud Zchus
I am a Lubavitcher, and as it so happens, I have been working on the Ner Yisroel Campus over the past year.
I have never encountered any disrespect or animosity from any of the talmidim at any time.

On the contrary, on numerous occasions I was thanked sincerely and politely by various bochurim for the work that I was doing.
Furthermore, some of the bochurim offered me drinks, especially on the warm summer days.

Despite the fact that I politely declined their kind offers, one Bochur took the initiative and brought me an ice cold can of soda.

Mi kAmcha Yisroel!
(3/4/2018 9:29:09 PM)
A Limmud Zchus
I am a Lubavitcher, and as it so happens, I have been working on the Ner Yisroel Campus over the past year.
I have never encountered any disrespect or animosity from any of the talmidim at any time.

On the contrary, on numerous occasions I was thanked sincerely and politely by various bochurim for the work that I was doing.
Furthermore, some of the bochurim offered me drinks, especially on the warm summer days.

Despite the fact that I politely declined their kind offers, one Bochur took the initiative and brought me an ice cold can of soda.

Mi kAmcha Yisroel!
(3/4/2018 9:55:41 PM)
much worse than i had anticipated. woe. disgraceful.
(3/5/2018 2:32:34 PM)
If it was Breslov nobody would bat an eye
If the bochurim did a shtick with a Breslov doing stick with "Na Nach Nachma Nachma MeUman" and the like, guarentee no one would be upset about it. I'm almost certain. Nobody would say its disgraceful. Everyone would laugh and get over it.

As someone who grew up in the Lubavitch community, I have never seen such an unwelcoming atmosphere to other gedolim and limmud haTorah outside of what the Rebbe perscribed.

To quote what I heard by someone with alot of pull in that circle "You aren't going to be come a Talmud Chochom anyways! Close the gemara and open up a Tanya!"

To which I responded "Wait, what religion are you a part of?"

I hope we can move on to work on bringing more Achdus together
(3/6/2018 11:07:45 PM)
To #171
Well said.

And as a former Talmud of Ner Yisroel, I can say that I was never ever taught anything remotely hateful about Chabad. This was Purim Shtick based off of what these boys learned during their younger years as Ner Yisroel itself does'nt teach anything remotely siilar to the shtick about Chabad
(3/7/2018 10:02:34 PM)
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