Feb 13, 2018
JLI Course Now in Crown Heights

JLI courses, popular at Chabad centers worldwide, are now being offered in Crown Heights in partnership with local shuls and organizations.

In response to many requests from local residents, JLI courses are now being offered in Crown Heights in partnership with local shuls and organizations. More than 1400 Shluchim have been offering the inspiring and transformative JLI courses in their communities for years and Crown Heightsers have been asking “Lama Nigorah?: Why should we be deprived”?

The current course, Communication: Its Art and Soul, distills wisdom from Torah and Chassidus and couples it with the latest developments in psychological research to find the secrets to healthy and effective communication to be better spouses, parents and friends.

The course comes at an important time when technology has changed so much about the way we connect as human beings. (When was the last time you actually laughed out loud when you responded with "LOL"?)

In Chassidus, communication is more than just a tool; it is who we are. Humans are defined as communicative beings with a communicative soul. Aligning ourselves with this soul is our purpose in life.

The classes begin next week and run for six weeks. Shuls or other groups interested in offering JLI courses to their community may contact the JLI central office (Yisroelb@myjli.com).

Living Chassidus

Starts: Monday, 27 Shvat, Feb. 12, doors open at 7:45, program starts at 8:00

Location: Machon L'Yahadus library, 825 Eastern Parkway

To sign up: https://livingchassidus.org/JLI/

For women

Beis Levi Yitzchok

Starts: Tuesday, 28 Shvat, Feb. 13, 8:00 PM

Location: Bais Levi Yitzchak, 556 Crown St

To sign up: Rabbi Mendel Lerman - 917 327 9493

or, info@blys.org

For men and women, mechitza

Beis Shmuel

Private class

For Women

Nosson's Shul & Der Shul

Contact Sholomgoldstein@gmail.com or rabbicyw@gmail.com for more details

For men

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