Jan 12, 2018
Rebbe's Doctor Goes on Yechidus

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: When the Rebbe's doctor goes on Yechidus and how was Moshe able to question Hashem?

COLlive.com presents Shabbos Night Live, a weekly web class with Torah thought, chassidic stories and timely inspiration.

Presented by Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Executive Director of the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach Hamerkazis) and a long-time columnist and radio broadcaster.

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Thank you again for an inspiring beginning to my week
I look forward each week to Rabbi Butman's broadcast which begins my week in a spiritual, Chassideshe mode. Each week I've come to rely on this broadcast to help me set the course for my entire week in a more proper manner. I also must tell you that in addition to the meaningfulness of the message itself, his clarity and teaching skill is rare, which makes listening to him all the more pleasurable and inspiring.

Thank you Rabbi Butman from a loyal listener and big fan. Thank you COL for bringing us this nugget each week.
(1/13/2018 11:11:14 PM)
So Inspiring about the Alter Rebbe and Rebbe
Thank you Rabbi Butman. Incredible idea and teaching. Will be sharing Chassidus more as a result of your talk. Moshiach now!
(1/16/2018 1:20:05 AM)
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