Dec 26, 2017
Battle of the Two Uncle Moishys

A business dispute between 2 longtime music partners resulted in competing "Uncle Moishy" characters taking the stage.

By COLlive reporter

Who is the real Uncle Moishy?

That's the question that was recently thrown at the doorstep of the Machon Le'Hora'ah, a private beis din in Monsey, NY, led by Rabbi Avraham Boruch Rosenberg.

A business dispute between creators of the favorite children's entertainment character has led the rabbis to rule on who owns the iconic brand and trade name "Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men."

Through music albums (tapes), videos and concerts, "Uncle Moishy" has entertained children since 1978. He was especially popular in the 80s and early 90s when a limited supply of kosher entertainment was available.

Without TV and before the internet, both children and parents welcomed the "kosher" takeoffs on popular '60s songs, such as "Hey Dum Diddley Dum" and "Shake It Up, Zaidy."

But who exactly "he" is, is what the argument is currently about.

Presenting "Uncle Moishy" to the public were the Toronto-born musician and singer Moshe Tanenbaum and Suki & Ding Productions of Brooklyn, owned by musicians Suki Berry and David Golding ("Ding").

Together, they produced 22 audio albums and 14 videos which taught children about the joy of doing Mitzvos and living like a proud Jew. These themes had the Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men act regularly invited to perform at children's rallies at 770 Eastern Parkway and Chabad centers around the world.

In fact, Tanenbaum attributes the beginning of his career and his own Torah observance to Chabad. As a child of Holocaust survivors, educator Rabbi Yankel Glucowsky and Rabbi Yehoshua Laufer had a deep impact on him. Mrs. Francis Glucowsky had him sing to her preschool class.

A year ago, the Tanenbaum and Golding partnership hit a roadblock when they argued over a rise in royalty fees that were agreed upon 32 years ago.

Tanenbaum claimed that he is the embodiment of Uncle Moishy. Golding argued that Uncle Moishy is a character that Tanenbaum filled as a singer, but it was his production company that owned the brand, overseeing composition of songs, production of albums and shows.

A final ruling has yet to be given, but a hazy compromise was temporarily given: While the songs and music of Uncle Moishy belong to Suki & Ding, both parties are permitted to use the stage name "Uncle Moishy."

As a result, Tanenbaum partnered with another production company, Sonic Duo Productions led by Mendy Hershkowitz and Chesky Breuer. The group has worked with Lipa Schmeltzer, Meilech Kohn and Uri Davidi.

Together, Sonic Duo launched the online brand "Uncle Moishy's World" in August 2017. They produced new music for the album "Welcome!" and a "new sound, new show" concert in the Five Towns on Chanukah, with the "original Uncle Moishy."

AUDIO: Uncle Moishy - "Welcome!" audio sampler

Suki & Ding, meanwhile, continue to operate "Uncle Moishy Headquarters." For Chanukah, they announced a "brand new show" welcoming the public to "come meet the new Uncle Moishy" at concerts held in Boro Park, Queens and Lakewood, NJ.

True to his stance that "Uncle Moishy" wasn't an individual but a character, Golding refused to disclose the name of the performer he hired. identified the "new Uncle Moishy" as Yossi Berktin, a children's musician and entertainer who was born and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has a Masters Degree in Education and Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies.

Berktin, using the moniker "Rabbi B," has been leading musical sing-alongs, teaching musical play-ability, musical genres, instruments and theory for 10 years. On his website, he writes that like "Uncle Moishy in the Jewish world, I hope to inspire, motivate and excite kids all over the world in music."

In a clip sent to, Berktin is seen wearing the black fedora with an oversized white Hebrew letter Mem attached to it (for "Moishy"). He sang one of the classic favorites, "Hey Dum Diddley Dum." And what do you know... he asked all children to "sing along!"

In addition to having the "new Uncle Moishy" sing the classic songs, Suki & Ding are in the final stages of producing a new album. Expected to be released in 2 weeks, it also features guest artists Benny Friedman, Mordechai Schapiro, Eli Marcus, Dovid Gabay and the 8th Day band.

VIDEO: The new Uncle Moishy in concert

How will two Uncle Moishy performers exist on the same circuit?

Moshe Tanenbaum, the "original Uncle Moishy," recently told Ami magazine: "Throughout the years there have been people trying to imitate me. When you see an imitator, you're seeing an imitator. Being Uncle Moishy for 40 years, I couldn't last this long by imitating."

Tanenbaum's manager Mendy Hershkowitz said: "A lot is still up in the air because the Beis Din hasn't given a final psak yet. For now, we are focusing on the brand and the kids. Uncle Moishy loves what he does and he asked us to represent him. We are lucky to be able to work with him. He's the original and puts so much passion into it."

David Golding, the manager of the “new Uncle Moishy,” said: "We are having amazing success with our shows with the new Uncle Moishy. People are loving him. He is super talented, friendly, and the kids love him. We believe in him being successful.

"From a marketing perspective, we believe if it does continue this way and there are 2 Uncle Moishys, then people will ultimately make the choice that this is superior, they will hear the music, see the performance, watch the videos, and we believe they will make the decision to go with him."

Yossi Berktin, the "new Uncle Moishy," said: "My instinct wants to say: this is about inspiring and educating Jewish children. The more people doing their part for the positive the better."

If only some Mitzvah Men could intervene in this case...

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The "original Uncle Moishy" Moshe Tanenbaum with his independent album
The "original Uncle Moishy" Moshe Tanenbaum with his independent album
Tanenbaum's new managers Mendy Hershkowitz and Chesky Breuer of Sonic Duo Productions
Tanenbaum's new managers Mendy Hershkowitz and Chesky Breuer of Sonic Duo Productions
Sonic Duo Productions announces Tanenbaum's new album
Sonic Duo Productions announces Tanenbaum's new album
The "original Uncle Moishy" Moshe Tanenbaum in concert this Chanukah
The "original Uncle Moishy" Moshe Tanenbaum in concert this Chanukah
Suki & Ding Productions announce the "new sound, new show" of the new Uncle Moishy
Suki & Ding Productions announce the "new sound, new show" of the new Uncle Moishy
The "new Uncle Moishy" Yossi Berktin with his fans
The "new Uncle Moishy" Yossi Berktin with his fans
The "new Uncle Moishy" Yossi Berktin in concert this Chanukah
The "new Uncle Moishy" Yossi Berktin in concert this Chanukah

Opinions and Comments
This sounds like a purim joke!
But the new uncle moishy sounds too squeaky
(12/26/2017 8:12:37 PM)
Don't like this at all
We are not going chas v'shalom with a different "insanity clause" in every mall.
If your love of the holy $$ is more than your love of children, then continue.
But if you care about the kids who know and love the real Uncle Moishy, then keep the real thing, and have a cousin Moishy, Or Uncle Money💰,
Just don't have a character and imposter at the same time.
(12/26/2017 8:14:14 PM)
Better this way
It was the old way of only one uncle moishe due to the popularity there was always more demand than supply and not eenough concerts to go around during peak times which was unfair to parents and kids. All year round this is much much netter. The kids just like the uncle moishe concept . I think this way will work out better for eveyone involved
(12/26/2017 8:20:43 PM)
no. this isnt fair.
there is NO new uncle moishy, we love the real one and we want him to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12/26/2017 8:20:45 PM)
So you're telling me....
that someone named Yossi is calling himself Uncle Moishy. OK...I'll go with the real Uncle Moishy, thank you very much!
(12/26/2017 8:21:39 PM)
The original Uncle Moishy will always be everyone's favorite. Why doesn't this "new uncle Moishy" just wait until the real one retires? Sholom al yisroel
(12/26/2017 8:21:56 PM)
Achdus will bring Moshiach
Achen vey! Now we have to have machlokes that shleps in our tyere kinderlach? B’emet? Figure it out, adults. Our kids are supposed to see Uncle Moishy as a positive, educational experience, not one of diviseness and “picking sides”. So sad.
(12/26/2017 8:22:43 PM)
my child is traumatised. he cried so much when he found out that the real uncle moishy was replaced by '' a new one"
uncle moishy is also part of my childhood memories - its so so sad !!!! we love you uncle moishy !!! we will never forget you !!!
(12/26/2017 8:23:18 PM)
This is actually ridiculous!
There is only one Uncle Moishy and no one can replace him.
Besides for the fact that his name isn't even Moishy- (which by the way proves he isn't fit for the job)-he isn't even nearly as good or as talented as the original.
(12/26/2017 8:23:53 PM)
Reminds me of the CCR case of John Fogerty plagiarizing himself.
(12/26/2017 8:24:11 PM)
I want to be uncle moishy!
Anyone wanna hire me? We can take the war of the moishys to the next level!
(12/26/2017 8:26:32 PM)
unfair to past ans future generations
honestly my kids in the past and in the future have all grown up singing and watching the real uncle moishys talented videos. all my younger children including my older ones in yeshiva were completely red eyed from crying so much. I find my self tearing up while writing this. My opinion shall be posted and read by all. please take my plea into consideration and bring the real uncle moishy back!!! moshiach now!!!!!!!!
(12/26/2017 8:27:30 PM)
I don't understand?!?!?!
Can someone please explain to me what's going on?!?!?
I'm really really confused...Someone else is calling himself Uncle Moishy, wearing the same shirt & hat & singing his songs, basically imitating him!?!?!?
(12/26/2017 8:35:06 PM)
I the early 70s when my partner and I created our TORAHMAN MITZVAHBOY TORAHWOMAN MITZVAHGIRL popular books, records (tapes, cds later), Uncle Moshe who lived upstairs from my friend then, told her that TORAHMAN MITZVAHBOY is what inspired him to create his Uncle Moshe and the Mitzvahmen then. Rabbi Golding in Manhattan Beach verified that to me when visiting him in the 70s.
(12/26/2017 8:43:41 PM)
The original Uncle Moshe was inspired by THE ADVENTURES OF TORAHMAN and MITZVAHBOY in the case of The MIssing Mezzuzah story and recording - adults of that generation from frum neighborhoods and others, can testify to.
(12/26/2017 8:54:13 PM)
Just curious......
Isnt this äùâú âáåì?
(12/26/2017 8:58:44 PM)
Yossi berktin is the absolute best!!!
(12/26/2017 9:00:01 PM)
Why not stick with Rabbi B. or a new title instead of copying another performers title?
(12/26/2017 9:02:48 PM)
i like the new one better. out with the old.
(12/26/2017 9:06:07 PM)
Win win win all around
Everone's passion is high, producing and entertaining full throttle.

The prices come down a bit (lot)

Its not going to be one or the other, it will be both and...

By the way i got dressed up as uncle moishy for purim years ago...
(12/26/2017 9:10:23 PM)
Its Uncle and Ainucle Moishe!!
Try that for the new conglomerate moniker of BOTH talented performers coming together to inspire!
(12/26/2017 9:14:32 PM)
to #18
b/c suki and dings argument is, is that uncle moishy is their CHARACTER and tenenbaum is acting him out. which i believe is complete stupidity. uncle moishy is uncle moishy. even berktin the "new" uncle moishy is coping his voice and mannerisms...there is only one uncle moishy. he is a person not a character.
(12/26/2017 9:20:39 PM)
Give me a break
Put the legalities, money, and egos to the side please. The best lesson for kids is respect. If Moshe Tennenbaum asked for a royalty increase, give it to him! Believe me, such a sweet, kind and ehrlich guy probably had a tough time searching for the strength to even ask for more money. After 40 years!!! This man deserves a pension after 25 years!!! He is part of New York Jewish history. When everyone is vacationing, he is working. How dare anyone say, "he just fills a costume." He made a commitment to the "character," now fulfill your commitment to him and beyond. Business aside, there must be deep appreciation and respect for him.
(12/26/2017 9:21:47 PM)
Not our business
Let's just leave this up to the beis din to decide.
(12/26/2017 9:27:04 PM)
The new Uncle Moishy was awesome! Sorry, haters
Took my kids to see Suki & Dings production on Chanukah and I gotta say, he was absolutely terrific! My kids didn't know the difference Btw except they had more fun. So, I gotta say, to each his own
(12/26/2017 9:32:06 PM)
ONLY one- the "Original"!!!
Although I understand there may be significant issues here LEGALLY, both myself (as a B'al Teshuva)
(12/26/2017 9:33:24 PM)
There's only one Uncle Moishie
Love him since 1980 and brought my children every year, and now my grandchildren. He is timeless.
I know the Bertkins- nice people- find your own act and parnussa,
Thank you
(12/26/2017 9:34:47 PM)
How did this even end up at Din Torah?
And how can Rabbi B agree to this?

Technicalities aside, this is simply not mentschlich.

Suki and Ding know how to succeed. They could succeed just as well with a new character called "Cousin Yossi" or "Uncle Shimmy" or what have you.
(12/26/2017 9:39:26 PM)
A lot of people are confused. Let me simplify this for you:

Most of you know “Uncle Moishy” as a person. However, Uncle Moishy is actually a brand produced by Suki and Ding. Moshe Tenenbaum is the actor that has played the role of the “Uncle Moishy” brand since it began.

Since Moshe Tenenbaum got into a dispute with “Uncle Moishy” producers Suki and Ding, they fired him from his role as actor and replaced him with a new actor.

All the “Uncle Moishy” content produced up until now, including such classics as “hey dum diddly dum” are the property of Suki and Ding.
(12/26/2017 9:41:48 PM)
sounds like great purim torah
is it the gavra or cheftza?
(12/26/2017 9:43:22 PM)
To number 24
Well said! I completely agree. i think COL is just putting this article up to let us know what's going on (in case we're confused about the 2 different Uncle Moishys).
(12/26/2017 9:46:21 PM)
So someone takes on the name and costume and songs of an original children’s singer, is that even legal?
(12/26/2017 9:46:50 PM)
I am quite certain we don't know the whole story here
And if the issue was so complicated that a Beis Din couldn't decide, who are we to pick sides?
(12/26/2017 9:47:57 PM)
Even if Moishy was a paid worker all these years,
Doesn't he deserve to reap the 'reward' for all his work? He got famous off Suki and ding, granted. They paid for everything. Granted. He was just a character. Granted. But hey, sometimes, after 30 years of dedication, you deserve a little "extra". No?
(12/26/2017 9:52:33 PM)
Had this been 10-15 years ago, there would have been what to fight about...
My kids and their friends don't even know who Uncle Moishy is...
(12/26/2017 9:52:42 PM)
Dear 8, 9
Give this man a chance. Looking at this from a mature perspective, Uncle Moishy was definitely in on this decision. He wanted to give this worthy man a worthy parnassah. Also, how do you think your children would feel if Uncle Moishy would retire without a replacement? I've heard him sing in this past year and it is inevitable. This new Uncle Moishy will become a Jewish star like his predecessor in no time.
(12/26/2017 9:53:12 PM)
to #29
That's not fully true:

Suki and Ding didn't fire Tenenbaum

It is he who started demanding more money [he only did the singers and hasn't composed a single song or anything else]
(12/26/2017 9:57:17 PM)
In agreement with 34
It’s like backstabbing the original Uncle Moishy, so awkward!
(12/26/2017 10:02:42 PM)
Why would a Beis Din say that 2 people can use one name?
I think we're looking at this the wrong way. I hate to say this but uncle moishy cannot belong to 2 people unless 2 people paid for everything. We found out that only Suki and ding paid for everything. So how can a Beis Din rule they both have equal ownership? Is this a real beis din? Anyone? It seems stupidly obvious that something is wrong here. "both can use the name. But every song belongs to Suki and ding?" is this a Beis Din talking? Or a very ignorant child?
(12/26/2017 10:05:16 PM)
Fired him? That's a laugh.
Where are you getting your info from? If Suki and ding were the type of people who "fire" their talent, wouldn't they have done it 10 years ago, when the shows started getting weaker and "uncle Moishe" started getting on in years? Or, if he's that tale Ted that age didn't affect his "magic" are they stupid enough to fire a money maker? Sorry. Don't buy that. I will personally call them tomorrow and ask if uncle moishy was fired. No way. No way.
(12/26/2017 10:11:00 PM)
To 32
Did you actually bother reading the article?
(12/26/2017 10:11:17 PM)
Not impressed with the beis din either
Somethings fishy in Monsey. Beis din gives a Psak. One or the other. End of story and end of one Uncle Moishy. We just have to wait to hear which one.
(12/26/2017 10:19:43 PM)
Looking at it from an empathetic perspective ,Uncle Moishy did not retire yet and has come out with a new album.
(12/26/2017 10:19:47 PM)
Please correct
The "new Uncle Moishy" Yossi Berktin with his fans.

Uh? Wait... Who's fans? They are only posing with him because they are fans of the real Uncle Moishy's work.
Cant believe this has come to this!
(12/26/2017 10:22:11 PM)
Support for the real Uncle Moishy.
Not everything that one can get way with legally is okay from a moral standpoint.
(12/26/2017 10:32:08 PM)
bh the orignial uncle moishy is doing a great job and theres no reason to replace him. -
(12/26/2017 10:32:10 PM)
Lets not argue
I agree with 24, bes din will decide, we have rabbanim for a reason
(12/26/2017 10:33:49 PM)
To 5
So your telling me that somone who isn't your uncle your calling uncle OK I don't frankly care who is the real moishy or uncle
(12/26/2017 10:35:45 PM)
Dear Suki and Ding
How can you be so heartless!!!! Uncle Moishy worked for you for more than 40 years and made you very very rich!!! Don't you think he deserves to earn more after all these years. Please reconsider and make everyone happy(children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents). Thanks
(12/26/2017 10:38:21 PM)
Its time for the old uncle Moshe to retire. The new uncle Moshe works for my kids
(12/26/2017 10:42:11 PM)
uncle moishy & barney
take away the emotions...
- is uncle moishy the person or the character - like barney - there have been many ppl who have acted as barney and they can say that MT had a long run at being "uncle moishy" but the character is seperate from the person....
or not...
thats the question
(12/26/2017 10:42:57 PM)
Uncle m
My children were so happy to see a younger version of uncle Moshe that can relate to them. Im excited to see what the new uncle Moshe can do
(12/26/2017 10:43:58 PM)
Read past headlines.
It’s easy to get upset without reading the whole article. If Suki and Ding own the brand then they can do what they wish. Also a lot of people seem to be very knowledgeable about how much Moishy Tennebaum was getting or not getting alltently. To say he deserves more ... how do you know what he got or what he might have got more over the years. When does the “he deserves it!” Bonus end if he was just playing a role in someone else’s company? I’m not saying who is right or wrong. But people writing things without knowing the full story is only leading to loshon hora and motzei sheim ra let’s not make this bad situation worse.
(12/26/2017 10:44:53 PM)
The new uncle Moshe is amazing. I'm so happy they found such a talented new artist
(12/26/2017 10:45:26 PM)
Donald trump
It's time to make uncle Moshe great again. New uncle Moshe in the house!!!
(12/26/2017 10:46:50 PM)
why does money do this.
why do PEOPLE do this?
As for me and my kids,
which uncle moishy WON'T be using non jewish songs?
He'll be our uncle.
(12/26/2017 10:48:19 PM)
Keep the real old uncle moishy
Faking it won’t make it for this
(12/26/2017 10:51:43 PM)
Did you hear the news 🎧🎹🎼
Hey dum didalee dum
With a heydum didalee dum
There are two, how does that feel?
Uncle Moishy which one's real?!

Did you hear the news
Guess who's back in town
Uncle Moishy and his imposter
Welcome everybody
We hope you sing along
Rubashkin's out of jail
That news didn't last long
There's more important news
Two Uncle Moishy's- I'm confused!
What happened to the mitzvah men?!

All around the year all around the year
Whenever news comes along
COL knows it right away
They never get it wrong!
(12/26/2017 10:57:32 PM)
Both are doomed
This will become another Santa Claus #ownerless, with two uncle moishys the rise in uncle moishys will become unstoppable ("the uncle moishys are coming! Run!")
(12/26/2017 10:58:32 PM)
To #35
That's pretty sad. My kids know some of his songs by heart and they're little. We have the DVDs and CDs. Much better than lots of other Jewish videos/music these days. Uncle Moishy is a classic and his songs will be forever.
(12/26/2017 11:05:43 PM)
Where did he get his start?
Actually, I always heard that the "original" Uncle Moishy got his start at Gan Israel Montreal.
And we all recognize "his" early songs as coming straight from the Gan Izzy songbooks of the '70s
(12/26/2017 11:16:02 PM)
That's called RIPPING OFF!
So basically, it seems like the Original Uncle Moishy didn't get the right amount of money, as stated they argued over what was agreed "32" years ago, again, "32" years!!!


Give the guy what he deserves, he made the brand what the brand is now, no matter who own it, pay him the right amount!

We all are with the ORIGINAL Uncle Moishy.
May he succeed in all he does.
(12/27/2017 12:09:03 AM)
Y Oliver
Kol hakavod to them for turning to a beis din to decide the matter and not civil court ch''v.
(12/27/2017 12:26:32 AM)
Uncle Moshe is not a character it's just him being himself. It's his name.
If Abraham fried was produced by someone else would they be allowed to have a new Abraham fried dressed the same way and use someone with the same body type? L
(12/27/2017 12:31:49 AM)
No new and old...
Just the real and an imitation!
What's confusing is you don't know which it is until you get to the show.
I'm a hardcore authentic Uncle Moishy fan.
Let Yossi start from scratch and not feed on success built from years of hard work! Yes there's room for both of you but don't steal someone elses name!
(12/27/2017 12:34:30 AM)
Uncle Moishy videos
the videos of the original Uncle Moishy will always be around. You can't fool kids that there is a new uncle Moishy when they can see for themselves from the tapes and dvd's
(12/27/2017 12:54:03 AM)
Farme Faivel
Now is your chance to launch !!!!
Go for it ....
I’ve seen u @ a couple of shows and the kids love you !!!!
Go go go ....
(12/27/2017 1:16:48 AM)
Great new uncle moishy
Lets not be so closed minded. Read the story.
Clearly it's time for a new uncle.moishy
(12/27/2017 1:22:19 AM)
To #29
In the beginning, before he was as famous as he is, he at first was called uncle milty and then rabbi laufer encouraged him to use his jewish name so he became uncle moishy. He also says that the hat was made by his father, so technically they both belong to him, not suki and ding.
(12/27/2017 1:39:17 AM)
Yossi berktin
Now your getting really famous!!! Awsome and hatzlocho
(12/27/2017 2:32:20 AM)
Fake news.
Don't trust the media!! Uncle Moshe for president
(12/27/2017 5:22:42 AM)

To be fair, Moshe Tennenbaum is getting old so eventually someone will have to fill his shoes in the event that he retires.
(12/27/2017 5:29:35 AM)
Jersey boys
There were several companies of Jersey Boys at the height of the broadway run.
(12/27/2017 5:52:50 AM)
about time!
I approached the old uncle moishy with my post op ( open heart surgery ) son who was 4 yrs old at the time and introduced him and told him that the only thing that would calm him during years of invasive procedures was uncle moishy and thanked him , he stared blankly at my son ,turned his back on us without so much as a smile or word and walked off .
He ( and i) was devastated !
We never went back to another concert or put on uncle moishy again!
We replaced him with Barney.

Let's hope the new uncle moishy is better with kids !
(12/27/2017 6:29:27 AM)
Something has gon askew
(12/27/2017 6:56:59 AM)
Hey dum didel di dum
This is not that much fun
There's two uncle Moshe's now in town
and it seems kinda unfair and dumb
(12/27/2017 7:03:01 AM)
Uncle Yossel
Had they just replaced the name there would be no problem. Maybe Uncle Moishe’s time as a singer is up. Time for a new favorite Uncle and he can use a new name
(12/27/2017 7:25:51 AM)
Bring on the new :)
The new Uncle Moshe (Yossi Berktin) is an amazing entertainer. The kids love watching and listening to him. I've personally seen a few of his shows and every time he exceeds my expectations.
(12/27/2017 7:45:18 AM)
What a bunch of commentators...
Lol. My child cries himself to sleep every night wondering why the “real” Uncle Moishey is being railroaded!!! Really now?


All you have to look at is the top side by side pictures.
Which kids are smiling?

Also, why is there no Uncle Moishey “speaking” on the new CD? (“HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS”) Bring him back, I miss him!!!

(12/27/2017 7:46:49 AM)
MBD and Avraham Fried
Next we will see the "new" MBD and "new" Fried...the "character" of MBD belongs to whom? He didn't write the songs but "merely" sang them...
(12/27/2017 8:01:12 AM)
Uncle Moshe factions...
Klal yisroel is quite good at splitting things up and dividing ourselves. Remember when we just split up dynasties and followed different rebbes? Now we have uncle moshe factions
(12/27/2017 8:06:06 AM)
To 36
If the original Uncle Moishy is still performing and creating new music. I do not see how it is okay with him to have someone dress like him and use his name. People may even accidentally buy the wrong album since there are now albums from both uncle Moishys.
(12/27/2017 8:09:37 AM)
if suki and ding were smart
they would never call the new guy uncle moishy
its like sony label call some rock singer elvis. no one buys it. They should call this new guy uncle boruch. and it would be original. now it feel like a knockoff
(12/27/2017 8:16:39 AM)
Uncle Moishy
I am more Uncle
Moishy that any of them
My name is Moishy and have 62 nephews than call
Me Uncle
Can I open up a new uncle Moishy shop?
(12/27/2017 8:27:20 AM)
Moshe Tanenbaum was married in front of 770, wearing a kapote. True story :)
(12/27/2017 8:34:09 AM)
I couldnt live with that.
Regardless of the case, I could never live with having someone else's identity. "Hey Im uncle moishy" when i know I am not
(12/27/2017 8:42:09 AM)
well folks, it's official!
well folks, it's official! When I asked my son which one was uncle Moishy, he picked the originally every time. As far as we're concerned, there is only ONE uncle Moishy!
(12/27/2017 8:46:45 AM)
The original
We love the old uncle moishy I know him personally he would never do anything that's not right.... He is an honest hard working man!!!!! Sweetest person around always volunteering to cheer up sick people
(12/27/2017 8:53:19 AM)
Two uncle Moishys ?
Singers and children entertainers can conpete using the same style music but to completely copy someone from the song to the costume of uncle Moishy is not mentchlich.
(12/27/2017 9:06:09 AM)
Hey everyone
Let me introduce myself as the new Avrohom fried. “Since I’m only half as talented maybe if I use his name and copy his mannerisms I can get ahead in the business”
(12/27/2017 9:12:09 AM)
UM without Suki&Dink is nothing
I agree that the stage person Uncle Moishy is it,but that's only to the public. You have no idea who wrote the lyrics, produced the music etc. Suki & Dink have been producing Uncle Moishy since its inception, so while our knee jerk reaction is to say that Tanenbaum is Uncle Moishy, Tanenebaum is non existent without Golding.
(12/27/2017 9:27:12 AM)
Bring on the new in the right way
Bring in new Frum children entertainment . There is a need for it. But use a new name please and not the Uncle Moishy logo. It is not like Barney bec his name is moishy actually. He created his name and hat on his own and Suki and ding managed his career. I feel bad for The origuonal Moishy because he did not retire and just came out with something new
(12/27/2017 9:27:59 AM)
little children
do any of you know who is the actor behind any puppet in any show?!
uncle moishy didn't build up his career it was suki and ding
(12/27/2017 9:36:03 AM)
To 91
Suki and ding launched his career butUncle Moishy came up with the the act and is still in business with a new agency
(12/27/2017 10:01:06 AM)
So crazy
When I was little uncle moshie was also a photographer. Was that maybe because he didn't have enough money? I don't know but it looked that way. My whole family loves the original and hopes it stays that way
(12/27/2017 10:10:38 AM)
Uncle Moishy #1 is not just a puppet
Uncle Moishy is the person and the mind behind his act and Suki and ding are the producers. This success happened with the original Uncle Moishy collaborating with Suki and ding. That is why the real Uncle Moishy is able to be producing music with a different company. Uncle Moishy created his act , he should keep his rights to his act.
(12/27/2017 10:28:42 AM)
To 74
You are absolutely correct!
He is a rude and obnoxious person and having worked backstage with him on a few of his shows, I can attest to the fact that he is not kid friendly at all.
It was only ever done for the money, and he reaped what he sowed. So goodbye and good luck
(12/27/2017 10:29:32 AM)
stop sign
Stop acting all loyal to the "old" uncle moishy. The new one is much better and sometimes you need to make a change. There is nothing wrong with it and he will do much better than the old one.
(12/27/2017 10:32:14 AM)
Regardless of the actual contractual agreement, especially 40 years later!, it seems very indecent, to use the exact same name and costume. Bottom line is: There is room for both, so just be decent about it. This really looks spiteful, lishma
(12/27/2017 10:34:29 AM)
I wish I knew this before investing time and money and telling my children they were going to see Uncle Moishy for Chanukah. A person is not a character! My children listen to his music every day and they have connected to this person. An icon is like Santa Claus of the tooth ferry. Uncle Moishy is a real person. New Cd, New Sound, New tour, New Uncle Moishy, I never dreamed there could be two of them! The new Uncle Moishy is much more expensive then the original. This all seems very shady and I feel duped! I had a thank you letter to give the original one, and the people with the new one just said to give it to the new one, and that he was him now. This isn’t Santa, there is only one Uncle Moishy! Sure flattery is no crime but use the words tribute band. Do not dupe your customers! If you pay to see Paul McCartney you expect to see the real one. Uncle Moishy says each person is special and unique just by being them self. Why is the new uncle Moishy quoting the original one? It goes beyond who owns the music, he is wearing his clothes, using his name, it isn’t clear in the ad. That is why he was so popular, everyone thought they were going to see the original!
(12/27/2017 10:45:51 AM)
What if this is Suki & Dings sole Parnassa?
If they never fired moshe tenenbaum, and invested their whole life into this brand they created, why is there a question as to their motives? They're fighting to save their business! How many of you own businesses? If so, imagine your employee walked away with it after 30 or so years. What would u do?! How many businesses disappeared off the face of the earth for exactly such a reason? An employer who thinks he can do a better job and steals his bosses contacts? This is yashrus today? Give me a break! Go and let a real beis din or court make a real Psak. Emes has a way of rising to the top
(12/27/2017 10:54:57 AM)
way to go Suki and ding
Use a good person, profit by managing his career that he masterminded but than throw him in the trash in order hire an imitator for a lower price.
(12/27/2017 10:57:09 AM)
Beis din
I think S&D should stop taking the "high road" and go to civil court. No way they won't win. The law of the land is the law of the land and we are obligated to follow it.
(12/27/2017 11:00:41 AM)
Your comment threw my off by how insensitive it sounds, Uncle Moishy created himself with the help of Suki and ding , he wasn’t merely a hired puppet. Have rachmonos.
(12/27/2017 11:02:09 AM)
The law of the land is judged by humans and the ravs are also humans, Hashem is the judge at the end of the day and it shows up in unexpected ways
(12/27/2017 11:08:14 AM)
Chevra, Achdus? English? Language?
I really think we need to start teaching englsh in lubavitch schools ....

how many of you read the actual article?

1) How people write such personal insults on both sides of the debate is truly shocking, forget english, maybe we need to teach shmiras haloshon

2) As stated in the article and by Beis Din's ruling that Suki & ding own the material and the albums, Suki and ding OWN and PRODUCE the concept and brand of Uncle Moishy. Moish T, like it or not, was a hired performer, it's not the same as Avraham Fried or Elvis, it's a children's entertainment character like Barney or Donald Duck.

No one is "doing anything ..." to Moish T. He was hired to play a part, and the wanted to change the terms of his original deal, and the owner of the brand said no, fair? Not fair? Right? Wrong? Let a Beis Din/Court decide, everyone else is just shouting noise, b/c they dont know what went on.

We need to focus more on our Shmiras HaLoshon and less on this ...
(12/27/2017 11:11:02 AM)
Poster 104, prove what u said.
Prove Uncle Moishy created himself. Prove he came up with the idea. Prove. Prove. That's what Beis din needs. Proof. Yet there isn't any. It was a successful production company who took him on to play a character. He was a salaried worker. Moshe tenenbaum and team are rewriting history for you. Keep buying his story. You're obviously smarter than a Beis Din WHO DIDN'T REACH A PSAK YET!
(12/27/2017 11:19:08 AM)
Without picking sides here...
Why on earth are we speculating what went on?
Why don't we just wait until a real Psak is issued?
I for one, am just as curious as the next person as to what happened here but, isn't there a promised resolution in the future? Beis din?
(12/27/2017 11:22:20 AM)
It is often the employers that are taken advantage of by their bosses. The new Uncle Moishy has now to live up to the original still performing Uncle Moishy. It does not come across as authentic so the truth will tell.
(12/27/2017 11:22:54 AM)
The irony of this article
The comment section is just littered with people from both sides of the's so funny that people from both S&D production team as well as Sonic are both wasting their time defending their kavod on this pointless comment thread.
(12/27/2017 11:30:37 AM)
Facts are important
It is inaccurate to say Suki and ding hired him as a puppet. Uncle Moishy had his name, songs and act before Suki and ding made it famous. When you are taken advantage of and your hard work and ideas are stolen you feel for others in that situation.
(12/27/2017 11:39:00 AM)
All I looked for in the comment section was a comment with someone correcting commentators English as a distraction and subtle put down, and I found it.
(12/27/2017 11:45:58 AM)
Thanks, 106.
A reminder that we can all use.
(12/27/2017 12:13:07 PM)
a proposed solution
put both in a ring and let them wrestle to decide (yossi, this joke is tailored for you by "the shaliach")
(12/27/2017 12:13:58 PM)
To the new uncle Moishy
Yossi. I know you and what kind of person you are. Why would you put yourself in such a position is beyond me. As Jews and especially as Chassidim, we know how Ahavas Yisroel is the core of Yiddishkeit. Here is a yid, a child of survivors who had nothing and was encouraged to share his music by true chassidim of the Rebbe. He put decades of his life into doing something special for Klal Yisroel. Unfortunately, he was taken advantage of for many years and finally decided to advocate for himself. Clearly this beis din doesn't have common sense (the fifth chelek of Shulchan Aruch). Just look at the pirud they are causing. Yossi. I urge you for your and your family's sake. Please move on from this you know better and you are better. The longer you stay with this, the longer you will bring the opposite of Brachos to you and your family. Please be the stand up guy I know you to be. Respect the hard earned title of Uncle Moishy that Moshe Tanenbaum earned and that was stripped from by people with ulterior motives. I am writing because I know Yossi, Moshe Tanenbaum and Rabbi and Mrs. Gluckowsky A"H. This is not the way chassidim should. Yossi may you find much bracha and Parnassah for you and your family with a different Keli.
(12/27/2017 12:38:53 PM)
Vayakom melech chadosh
Vayakom melech chadosh!! Perfect timing because Donald Trump just freed Rubashkin! Lets see what this new Uncle Moishy will accomplish
(12/27/2017 12:39:21 PM)
The new one. #THEORIGIONAL

PS. Everyone stop acting like two year old
(12/27/2017 12:52:16 PM)
Out with the old? He should retire? Nonsense!
New cd sounds fantastic as always! I will purchase one for my grandchildren.
(12/27/2017 12:58:58 PM)
Can't understand
Why can't Rabbi just keep his name and work for ding? I'm not understanding...
(12/27/2017 1:29:27 PM)
This Beis Din
Isn't this the same Rabbi Rosenberg who "adjudicated" the CHJCC/Vaad "elections"? If so, nobody will win and both Uncle Moishys will suffer.

I don't understand the legalities involved, but I do understand how confusing it all is for kids. And isn't that the point of UM? To encourage Achdus? Who sang that song "Let's be friends, make amends...?"

Very sad.
(12/27/2017 2:31:43 PM)
To 74 & 97
I have seen him have the same kind of attitude towards kids as you describe. I've also seen him behave in completely the opposite manner. Look, he isn't a youngster & some kids (& parents) can be a pain in the neck (not saying you are, #74!) Perhaps he couldn't hear you, perhaps he was so distracted, but I understand your son's disappointment.

I had to sit through so many of his concerts with my kids...thank G-d they are all married with their own kids now! He drove me nuts.
(12/27/2017 2:40:30 PM)
Moshe Tanenbaum invented Uncle Moishy and It’s wrong and weird to copy his identity as a children’s entertainer.
(12/27/2017 2:48:27 PM)
did ya know?
The NEW , young, dynamic Uncle Moishy is a Chabad chossid.

The old one was a Bobover chossid who now follows a Rav in Boro Park.
(12/27/2017 2:49:34 PM)
suki and ding
Rav Yissochar Berri and Dovid Nachman Golding, known as "Suki and Ding", the top producing team in Jewish music for the past 40 years, are amongst the most ehrliche, generous, baalei chessed you could ever meet. They deserve the benefit of the doubt. period.
(12/27/2017 2:52:40 PM)
So judgey
How are people reaching a verdict without all the information.
This is a financial dispute between SukiDing and Moishe Tanenbaum. Beis Din is still deciding the outcome!
(12/27/2017 2:59:25 PM)
I think uncle they should both change names! Zaidy Moishe and Cousin Moishe. Now its a leveled playing field. Problem solved!
(12/27/2017 3:02:49 PM)
Go Yossi Berktin!
We wish you a lot of success! This nonsense is part of it I guess :)
(12/27/2017 3:04:48 PM)
122. Prove what you're saying
Or don't say it
(12/27/2017 3:52:03 PM)
to Yossi B
don't take musser from a comment thread filled with so many with agendas, you are doing a good thing, keep being m'sameach kids and stay out of the noise, the brochos will follow surely!
(12/27/2017 3:57:34 PM)
One is Hashem.... 2 are the luchos...wait...
Two are the Uncle moishy's that Suki and Ding bought...
One is Hashem..
ONE IS Hashem...
(12/27/2017 3:58:10 PM)
Dear Posters
Are we affecting any change whatsoever? No. Nobody cares.
Can we wait and see what Beis Din says?
Can we go back to our lives now? It's a fast day tomorrow. Please?
Thanks. Recipes for after the fast, anyone? Please?
(12/27/2017 4:04:30 PM)
Yossi, you were awesome!
My kids came to your Flatbush show and they were sooo thrilled! I think you were better than cousin Nachum! And we love cousin Nachum! And thanks for taking g pics with the kids! They're already hanging!
(12/27/2017 4:27:15 PM)
It says right there!!!!!!
If you take a second to look , HE agreed to the payment. HE
retierd. Its was HIS choice. So, All the songs belong to Suki & Ding. They created it so he is now UNCLE MOSHIY. Moshe T PLEASE DO NOT CALL YOURSELF UNCLE MOSHIY BECAUSE THATS NOT WHO YOU ARE.

(12/27/2017 4:39:19 PM)
To #106
(12/27/2017 5:39:20 PM)
It’s a new world out there
When we where kids ther was

So it make sense since today ther are

That there should also be
(12/27/2017 5:41:08 PM)
Poster 120, how can a Beis Din not offer a Psak?
If 2 parties come to a Beis Din with a trademark issue or an ownership issue, isn't it a matter of who it belongs to according to the Torah? It can't possibly belong to 2 people at the same if they're not team members or business partners. How can a Beis Din get away with splitting it? Is this a king Solomon joke? Split the baby in half? Cuz it ain't working, pal...
(12/27/2017 5:46:29 PM)
Ahavas Yisroel
I love both singers for different reasons. As frum yidden we can use all the children's entertainers we can get. And kids LOVE to hear their favorite songs anywhere, sung by anyone! why not let Yossi dress similar, but have a Yud on his hat and the name Uncle yossi, and both of them can perform and sing the songs owned by suki and ding?
but ultimately, it is not the part of ANY of us to judge or bash people. the ONLY responsibility we have in all this is to speak respectfully, decide who we privately want to purchase music from (why not both? both are talented!), and make sure we help another yid with parnossa. No mitzvah in all the online hate. its sad. :(
(12/27/2017 5:48:08 PM)
What happened to Achdus?
We have just witnessed an open Miracle with Rabbi Shalom Rubashkin being released and incredible Achdus displayed as thousands of community members celebrated in the streets. Let's not lose track of what's important. We hope that both these gentlemen can resolve their dispute in a way that creates a Kiddush Hashem! I suggest a joint benefit concert starring the new and old Uncle Moishy to raise funds for a worthy cause!
(12/27/2017 5:48:14 PM)
Toronto fan club
Dear Rabbi B,
Sending lots of love and support!
We all love you here in Toronto and wish you the best of luck.
(12/27/2017 5:51:05 PM)
To #115
Your comment is both insulting and manipulating. Mind your own business and don’t tell other people how to live their lives.

You do not have intricate knowledge of the facts at hand. All signs point to Moshe Tenenbaum making unreasonable demands. Suki and Ding built a brand over many years and can’t pick up and change the name of their brand. It would be like Apple computers changing their name to Orange or Banana.
(12/27/2017 5:52:16 PM)
Donald Trump
Make uncle Moishe great again! Lol
(12/27/2017 5:52:27 PM)
Random guy here. Definitely not Uncle Moishy
I think we should all support the old Uncle Moishy! He was first and his name is Moishe. I've been doing this for 30 years! I mean, he's been doing it for 30 years. Moshe Tanenbaum is also much much better looking. I also heard he's an incredible husband who takes out the trash and washes the dishes every night. His wife is one lucky lady!
(12/27/2017 5:58:02 PM)
Who knew there were so many die-hard Uncle Moishy fans out there! He must have an army of four-year-old loyal fan.
(12/27/2017 6:00:35 PM)
Another name
Why must he use the same name
Uncle.... be creative!
(12/27/2017 6:04:46 PM)
142, I like you! You made me smile today!
Thank you! Keep posting!
(12/27/2017 6:31:12 PM)
Not cool
Is this what it comes down to trying to make a new uncle Moshe ... What's next make a new Torah !?!?! Not kosher food ??? It starts with this
(12/27/2017 6:33:48 PM)
Let's be real
Clearly, suki and ding productions owns the uncle moishy name and character we all love. Moishe tanenbaum was a hired employee to play a character that suki and ding created. After many years it's time for change. The new uncle moishy has been great. Children love his shows and most important he loves them. The issues involved are nobody's business and we should all continue to support the people that have brought us more than 30 years of entertainment.

If the old uncle moishy wants to go out on his own I wish him luck. I don't know him personally but if at this point in his life he wants to start something new then he should just leave the old behind. It doesn't belong to him
(12/27/2017 7:36:50 PM)
for all UNinformed Uncle Moishy commentators
Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men was a creation of producers Suki and Ding. They provided the songs, the music, the talking script, the FUNDING, the direction, the management and hired M Tanenbaum to sing, first on a case by case basis and then on a series of contracts. To make absolutely certain that everyone knew that Uncle Moishy was a cartoon character and not a real live person, they always had someone else provide the talking voice of Uncle Moishy on all 19 recordings. When MT decided that he wanted to become the cartoon character and take over ownership of the UM brand after 37 years as a paid employee, he called S&D to a din Torah. This has not yet been resolved. The Rosh Beis Din is Rav Getzhaler in Monsey. In the meantime, as he had left to go do his own thing, S&D have hired a new, younger, fresh and dynamic person to play the character and perform the role of Uncle Moishy. (just as many actor/singers have played the role of Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway over the years). So let everyone go be matzliach. But at least you readers know the hard, cold facts.
(12/27/2017 7:40:22 PM)
Azamra DJ
Azamra DJ proudly stands with the original Uncle Moishy!
(12/27/2017 8:04:35 PM)
For all those that did not understand, the "real" uncle moishy was just an employee, and the people that hired him are now hirring Yossi Berktin.(besides, do you think an "Uncle Moishy" on stage with a cane wil take off!!??)
(12/27/2017 8:15:22 PM)
Let's be real
Clearly, suki and ding productions owns the uncle moishy name and character we all love. Moishe tanenbaum was a hired employee to play a character that suki and ding created. After many years it's time for change. The new uncle moishy has been great. Children love his shows and most important he loves them. The issues involved are nobody's business and we should all continue to support the people that have brought us more than 30 years of entertainment.

If the old uncle moishy wants to go out on his own I wish him luck. I don't know him personally but if at this point in his life he wants to start something new then he should just leave the old behind. It doesn't belong to him
(12/27/2017 8:31:44 PM)
Confused kids
My kids were traumatised by the new uncle moishy when he came out. We did not realize what "come meet the new uncle moishy" meant. It was written in small lettering.....trying to hide it a bit. Go original Uncle Moishy!
(12/27/2017 9:42:18 PM)
Great job!!!
New uncle moishy is AMAZING!!! Kids really dont know the difference
(12/27/2017 9:59:02 PM)
Some of you might not know, but Yochi Brisman had a contract with Yaakov Shwekey for 10 years. After the contract ended, Shwekey went off on his own. He felt that Yochi was making too much off of him. The songs Shwekey sings were not made himself; rather there were composers and the concerts were produced by Yochi.
Same thing here. Uncle Moishy was produced by Suki and Ding, and now Uncle Moishy has a right to go on his own. Yochi got a new singer, Simcha Leiner. Suki and Ding got a new singer, though he should not be called Uncle Moishy
(12/27/2017 10:21:07 PM)
Character replacement!
Steven Burns was the host of blues clues and was replaced by Donavon Stevens in 2001! This happens all the time in the entertainment business.
(12/28/2017 12:11:58 AM)
My children didn't even notice
I took my children to see the New Uncle Moishe last week. It was a fantastic show!!
(12/28/2017 12:31:17 AM)
Who do yo think owns Sesame street?
Cookie Monster???
(12/28/2017 2:01:30 AM)
Thank you!
After reading all the comments I have made up my mind. This has been very productive.
(12/28/2017 2:06:15 AM)
Oh no!
What about uncle Moishe vitamins? I just bought a new bottle. Is it a new bottle of old uncle moishe vitamins?? Is the old bottle now old New Uncle Moishe vitamins???
(12/28/2017 2:30:59 AM)
Inda Know
To numbers 14,15, 61, 69, and 111; if you have knowledge of the early events involved in the creation of the persona of "Uncle Moshe", you should endeavor to testify to them before the Bais Din. It is your halichic duty!
(12/28/2017 6:08:16 AM)
there will always be one uncle moishy! if when he retires someone could take over.but why would the 'new'u.moishy even want to step on his toes?if hes so impatient to 'get out there' create a new charactor with S&D....i feel bad for moshe t...this has been his creation for decades hes become an institution.
(12/28/2017 6:27:42 AM)
Nothing wrong with a little competition.
Two Uncle Moishes sounds good to me! I hope it brings down ticket prices.
(12/28/2017 8:51:58 AM)
Uncle Moishe was created by Suki and Ding. They invested time and money to build up the uncle Moishe brand. They have the right to hire someone new to preform the role of uncle Moishe.
(12/28/2017 8:54:12 AM)
Unfortunate this has to happen to Uncle Moishy
I always heard Uncle Moishies character was his idea, plus Uncle Moishy hasnot retired, this is an uncomfortable situation to say the least...and the issueis in beis din. So much conflict in this world?
(12/28/2017 9:29:17 AM)
to #160
It's officially common knowledge, it was in this past weeks kids Aim! magazine, there was an interview with him.
(12/28/2017 9:36:29 AM)
The Original Uncle Moishy sounds ungrateful
I think if someone gave you a job for 35 years, a paycheck no less, they are owed some Hakaras Hatov, at the very least! Even he admits he wasn't fired. He chose to leave and take his bosses to Beis Din. But, why? Seriously. They took a chance on him, I'm sure, all those years ago. BTW, why is he pretending he's Chabad? He's not! Our Chabad office got a letter stating we should hire Him, as opposed to the new uncle moishy. I found that to be Gneivas Daas.
(12/28/2017 9:37:37 AM)
Uncle Moishy fan bought all his DVD’s for my kids
Use your own name if there is such a dispute, no need to step all over someone to get ahead , there’s room for more entertainment but this way doesn’t settle well
(12/28/2017 9:38:45 AM)
Some comments here are not nice
The beis din should rule in an unbiased way but either way, speaking disrespectful about an older man by saying he should retire and who wants to see someone perform with a cane, is not something you want someone to tell you when you are older and still continuing your career.
(12/28/2017 10:09:11 AM)
A senior citizen
I listened to the sampler of uncle moishys new cd and his voice does not sound any different to me. He has more years until he retires on his own terms.
(12/28/2017 10:14:00 AM)
The Rabbi
Are you all aware that the "talking" voice on ALL the UM albums and videos is not that of the "singer" UM?
"Hi there. My name is Uncle Moishy..." is not the voice of the old Uncle Moishy but that of Zale Newman of Toronto. This was all part of the brains of Suki & ding productions.
Regardless, I am astounded and disappointed with those commentators who spoke CLEAR Lashon Hara against the original UM. I assume there is no way to do Teshuva once you have besmirched someone over the trying to collect loose feathers from a pillow that was released into the wind.
(12/28/2017 10:21:26 AM)
Torah man mitzvah boy inspired uncle moishy
Torah man mitzvah boy inspired Uncle Moishy to create Uncle Moishy and the mitzvah men in the 70s.
(12/28/2017 10:55:42 AM)
The Original Uncle Moishy Is The Real One
Moshe Tanenbaum Started The Concept Of "Uncle Moishy",
& Suki & Ding Only Made It Famous,
Mr. Yossi Doesn't Have Any Right To Take The Role Of Uncle Moishy. Period
(12/28/2017 11:59:04 AM)
To all "informed" commentators
Fact check: "Uncle Moishy" was a name which the real and original Uncle Moishy used long before Suki and Ding. They created a franchise based on a character that pre-existed their partnering with Moshe Tanenbaum. Get your facts straight or join the ever growing fake news cohort. Let's stop with legalities and piskei dinim. This conversation is only happening because of a lack of basic menthlichkeit. Yosii is a great guy and can do great as "Rabbi B" or "Cousin Yossi"... He can sing wonderful children songs and be promoted by Suki and Ding. None of this is necessary. It is simply people letting their egos get in the way of common sense. If we want to educate our children to be mentchlich we certainly shouldn't be brining them to concerts produced solely due to machlokes. Let Yossi sing with a different name and peace for everyone!
(12/28/2017 3:00:38 PM)
Perhaps this is the FINAL word on the Uncle Moishy Conflict
The heilike Chofetz Chaim in his sefer Zechor LiMiriam, Chapter 23, writes the following in regards to reading newspapers: "In our great sins, the yetzer hora has overpowered us and seeks ways to trap us with the aveira of bitul Torah. Over the course of a year this adds up to hundreds of hours which one occupies with meaningless nonsense which gains nothing for the body or soul. This is all regarding the bitul Torah aspect but often this leads to mockery and loshon hora, gossiping and disputes..."

vi-hameivin yavin.

chazak chazak rabboisai. The Rebbe would jo doubt be appalled at this back and forth discourse over the Internet over the past few days and would almost certainly chastise us severely. Let's get busy with ahavas Yisroel and avodas Hashem.
(12/28/2017 9:13:57 PM)
Only one can have rights to be call "Uncle Moishy"
Artists leave record companies all the time, and It's all good. He will always be Uncle Moishy, and should be able to continue the career and name he started. Suki and Ding's contribution should be acknowledged as well, and just like any other big record label, get money from selling the albums and DVDs they produced, and give royalties to all the musicians who were involved. The sad reality of the music world is that producers ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make more money than talents.

But to have the audacity to steal his name,this isn't business, it's personal. You want to sign Yossi? Just keep "Rabbi B" and make it into something bigger. It's obviously to get back at the original Moishy.
(12/28/2017 9:15:31 PM)
Careful what you say...
I find it ironic how so many people are speaking L"H and bashing people without even knowing the full story. Nevertheless, it is apparent that whoever posted the story in the first place is the one who everyone should be questioning; as it is damaging to both parties, and causing people to speak badly of their fellow Jews. Furthermore, to those who are saying things like this is coming from ego, money etc, and putting people down. You are no better, you don't know what is fueling the animosity, and therefore have no place to make such horrendous accusations. Personally, I am under the assumption that both have their reasoning for their actions. Whether or not it is coming from good intention is not my concern. Nonetheless, as Torah observant Jew, it is my duty to assume so.
(12/28/2017 10:23:00 PM)
A new situation is new inspiration
Uncle Moishy despite your creative hardworking act stolen from you what you are showing by moving on with a new record label and being the same entertainer as you have been until now is PERSEVERANCE!!!
(12/28/2017 10:55:05 PM)
I have to agree with 176, that we are not being given all the facts
The only people who heard both sides are the Rabbis in Beis Din. If any Rabbis from that Beis Din are posting on this group, please identify yourself immediately.
Otherwise, ever heard the expression "oilam Golem?" Nobody else knows both sides! And if the only people arguing on this group are people connected to each party, well, A. That's hysterical and B. Can u please argue in Beis Din? Please? Not here. And to the woman who wrote "her children were traumatized", get them help. They're traumatized by you. Unless of course that was a "plant" too because that would certainly make more sense. Kids deal with even death rachnalalitzlan, with unbelievable strength as they do not understand. So Ur saying that YOUR IMAGINARY KIDS WERE TRAUMATIZED BY SEEING SOMEONE ELSE PLAY THE PART OF UNCLE MOISHY? You know what, my bad. YOU get help. And please let's end this nonsense with this post by putting our faith in Hashem who ultimately knows the truth here and will see that it comes out, in His own time. (and is actually capable of healing imaginary trauma, too) thank u. Shabbat Shalom u'm'vorach.
(12/29/2017 7:15:35 AM)
chaim & faigie l
years ago, in the mid 90s, when my 8 children were young, uncle moishy came over one sunday, when we lived on the same block, and asked to "borrow" my kids for the day. they had the best time and ended up on on a dvd. we love uncle moishy, the one and only! moish, hang in there---imitating you is just that--an imitation! or, as our wonderful president would say....FAKE IMITATION!
(12/29/2017 8:27:59 AM)
So weird
Everyone knows Uncle Moishy, this is super strange.... why is someone making beleive he is Uncle Moishy.? Huh.. ?At least the matter is in the Jewish Court.
(12/29/2017 10:30:17 AM)
let both uncle moishys sing together it will make us happy and our children happy, go both uncle moishys your both doing amazing.
(12/29/2017 2:15:20 PM)
I took my son to the real (mt) uncle moshe concert and he wasn't singing any of his old song think he can't sing them very sad
(12/30/2017 9:30:28 PM)
This is Genevah
Uncle Moishy is an original not a puppeteer, getthose who knew his act from the 70s when he was starting out to testify to the beis din?
(12/30/2017 11:02:32 PM)
Dear Posters
Uncle Moishy here. Please stop speculating. The beis din will ultimately decide and we will take it from there. This speculation makes one thing obvious. Nobody here has the whole story. Let's wait for beis din.
(12/30/2017 11:27:26 PM)
i knew uncle moishy when he was uncle milty
there is only one. however, if anyone can find the pic of camp ncsy from 1977, you will see that there are two uncle moishys and two zale newmans
(1/1/2018 2:57:58 PM)
To 184
Hey! Which uncle moishy are you? New or old??
(1/2/2018 12:50:52 AM)
I knew Moshe Tanenbaum in the 70s as well
II knew Moshe Tanenbaum in the 70s and brought my kids to his concerts in the 90s. He is a special neshama. Oich - the confusions of golus.
(1/2/2018 2:35:28 PM)
A Point To Consider Without Taking Sides In A Halachic Disute
Larry Gates has sung about 40% of UM songs apart from Tannenbaum. Zale Newman, Chaim Shainhouse, Harold Fruchter, Ali Scharf, Dov Levine are also soloists on the UM albums so perhaps it is correct for Suki And Ding to call him a "character" because it is not exclusively Tannenbaum who performs (at least on the albums).
(1/4/2018 1:09:33 PM)
Uncle Moishy Compromise
There needs to be a compromise between the 4 people involved....They need to work together! Bezrat Hashem this will happen!
(1/21/2018 3:34:27 AM)
Uncle moishy is our mesorah
Uncle moishy is the one and only favourite it's part of our mesorah.... Rabbi b u can go find itself it own parnusu with Ur own name, regardless of the fact that Suki and ding made him but if he held it for forty years the name is his it's his character and geshmak which everyone loves. And we are gonna stay with him. I wouldn't want my kids being fooled by an imitator. Rabbi b should make himself a new name and then he can be himself and not an imitator and besides this is no good example for our Yiddishe kinder. Fight in private and make Sholom asap there is no need for machlokes over a few bucks
(1/28/2018 5:14:53 PM)
Doesn’t matter who is right.
Very sad that the entities that have been claiming to teach our children good middos for so many years can’t come to a compromise together. How nice it would have been to have a beautiful farewell and tribute to Uncle Moishy and a new actor take his place in a peaceful way.
(1/28/2018 7:18:32 PM)
Uncle Achdus
Uncle achdus you want Moshiach to finely come
(2/2/2018 3:00:30 AM)
Uncle Moishy on a salary
You guys, uncle Moishy was being paid a salary by his producers all these years. While Suki and Ding were getting rich off him, he didn't even own his own character. Its about time he went off on his own. To #29 arguing about "Moshe Tannenbaum" merely acting as an Uncle Moishy character, who are you kidding- he was using his own name.
(2/7/2018 9:14:26 PM)
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