Dec 7, 2017
Muslim Attacks Kosher Restaurant

A Muslim man holding a Palestinian flag attacked a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam, smashing windows and doors.

Times of Israel

Police are investigating the smashing of the windows of a kosher restaurant in a heavily Jewish part of the Dutch capital by a man wearing a Palestinian flag.

The incident at HaCarmel restaurant in Amsterdam occurred Thursday morning, hours after US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The AT5 television station showed a video of the incident, in which a man holding a Palestinian flag and wearing a Palestinian keffiyah on his head smashes the window and kicks down the restaurant’s doors as passersby and two police officers look on. The officers wait until he breaks into the restaurant. They pause as he returns to the street from the restaurant’s interior holding an Israeli flag that he took from there. He throws it at their feet. They then overpower the man and arrest him.

Herman Loonstein, who heads Federative Jewish Netherlands, said the incident at HaCarmel happened when no patrons were inside the restaurant and ended without injury. “But it is nonetheless an attack, a terrorist attack, carried out by a man whose behavior was that of a terrorist,” he told JTA.

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Opinions and Comments
Wow! Amazing
Look how the police don't approach him for the first minute.
What has become?
(12/7/2017 11:15:25 AM)
Exactly why
Exactly why Trump should never have recognized Jerusalem as the capital. We don't need other people to tell us what we know. And it just inflamed violence. :(
(12/7/2017 11:18:33 AM)
what's there to say?
all the peace negotiations in the world are not going to change this kind of behavior. thank g-d no one was hurt.
and the fools in the EU , even while telling the Muslims, it's o.k., come right in, will find a way to blame "The Jews." it's part of gullus. may it end immediately.
(12/7/2017 11:30:51 AM)
Holland is not a safe place for yodden
Why did the police let him break the windows and doors?
(12/7/2017 11:49:15 AM)
TO: Exactly why
(12/7/2017 11:54:09 AM)
Dont understand.....
Why didnt the police stop him immediately??
(12/7/2017 12:27:42 PM)
To # 2
You obviously don't know or don't understand about our dear cousin's the Muslims as if when we did unfortunately gave in to them in their "peace" demands they do not hurt-kill us it makes no difference to them if trump recognises our capitol or not it just a excuse to.... if we are strong on our part on what we believe in then the truth will prevail
(12/7/2017 1:43:15 PM)
To #2
Sure blame Trump. As if Obama or any other president doing the same thing for years not recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel did anything good. Keep drinking your coffee.
(12/7/2017 3:04:17 PM)
Nothing like the US
They would have shot him here.
(12/7/2017 3:43:39 PM)
better to let him do some damage so they have what to pin him with. hopefully he'll be off the streets for 10-15.
(12/7/2017 5:02:04 PM)
They should have bashed his head in with the club he used for the windows.
(12/7/2017 5:34:39 PM)
To #2
I liked what our dear President said.
Since 1995 , when Congress recognized Yerushalaim as a capital , but not Presidents 22 year past but theres no peace.
That mean that our "cousins" dont want a peace with or without Yerushalaim as Capital
(12/7/2017 5:35:41 PM)
I blame the dutch not trump
they were the ones who brought in these muslims in the first place
(12/7/2017 7:49:34 PM)
To #2
If a bully in a class were to proclaim that another students possession is his own, would you be of the opinion that the teacher
should not stop the bully for fear of inflaming the bully's anger?

If people based their actions on other peoples reactions moral people wouldn't exist.

What Trump did was right. He demonstrated recognition of reality, something that's unfortunately foggy these days. We have to stand behind Trump on this issue to guarantee that the world will always know of the eternal bond between the Jewish peoples and Jerusalem.
(12/7/2017 8:35:02 PM)
To #14
Well said, if only the president read what you wrote..
(12/7/2017 10:20:46 PM)
Other places in the EU such as Sweden always has these things...There Dumb!
(12/8/2017 5:48:09 AM)
again to 2
And if it came out that the president decided not to move it, they would take that as a reason also...they resort to violence either way, always another "reason why."
(12/8/2017 11:42:08 AM)
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