Dec 7, 2017
10 Farbrengens to Choose From

Farbrengens will be held tonight around Crown Heights to mark Yud Tes Kislev. COLlive compiled a list of 10 to choose from.

Central Farbrengen at 770 Eastern Parkway

Ksav Sofer
646 Empire Boulevard
Rabbi Nissan Mangel

The Shul
529 Brooklyn Avenue, 3C
Rabbi Levi Kaplan

Bais Eliezer Yitzchok
394 Kingston Avenue
8:00 pm
Rabbi Don Yoel Levy and Rabbi Sholom Ber Lepkivker

Kollel Menachem
1483 Union St.
4:00 pm
Rabbi Heller

The Besht
563 Empire Blvd
8:00 pm

Bais Gimpel Chaim
390 New York Avenue

Congregation Shul
391 Kingston Avenue
Rabbi Efraim Mintz
Siyum Hashas

Empire Shteibel
489 Empire Blvd

Getzel's Shul
1414 President St.
9:00 pm

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Opinions and Comments
Kollel Tiferes Levi Yitzchok 390 Kingston Avenue
Kollel Tiferes Levi Yitzchok
390 Kingston Avenue

This Fabrengen is at 11 am

The central Fabrengen will be tonight at 770 at 8 pm
(12/7/2017 10:51:29 AM)
Nice compilation
Additionally there will be central farbrengens in 770 and by the ohel.
(12/7/2017 11:27:23 AM)
BS"D It would be worthwhile to mention what language will be spoken
(12/7/2017 12:02:05 PM)
Empire Shtiebel
There will be a siyum on Maseches Makkos, bez”h, delivered by R. Alexander Heppenheimer, maggid shiur of the nightly Gemara shiur there.
(12/7/2017 12:19:40 PM)
Beis Hakneses Anash
770 Montgomery Street
(12/7/2017 3:13:56 PM)
770 Montgomery st 730!!!
With rabbi fisher rabbi rabbi zeligson Shifrin rabbi Holtzberg rabbi Shtern a must come with matzoh from the Albany matzo bakery
(12/7/2017 4:02:36 PM)
Congregation Shul (Geshem)
391 Kingston Avenue
Siyum Hashas
by Harav Shloma Aron hakohen Stock
Kol hakovod!
(12/7/2017 4:41:23 PM)
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