Dec 7, 2017
Coffee With Miryam: Light the Fire

Web series with acclaimed speaker Miryam Swerdlov: Enter her Crown Street kitchen and leave uplifted from the sweet blend of Chassidus and humor. This week: How To "Do" Chassidus.

Acclaimed speaker and mechaneches, Mrs. Miryam Swerdlov is going the distance in a new video series: Coffee With Miryam.

At any convenient hour, enter a Crown Street kitchen and leave uplifted from the sweet blend of Chassidus and humor. From the comfort of your home join conversations on topics that are relevant to all yidden across the spectrum.

Ranging from cheesecake to teshuva and everything in between. This bi-weekly video series will empower you, leaving you energized with a brew of relevance and humor, enveloped in the aroma of Torah.

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I eagerly wait for your timeless messages
Thank you Mrs. Swerdlov for your timeless messages. I love sharing them with my high school classes May I request When you use your yidish or Russian phrases which I love because thats your signature And brings me right back to class in bais Rivkah (you were one of our favorite teachers who perked up the class just by walking in)can you please translate them so that my students dont feel lostAnd can follow The crux of your message better...Otherwise theyre lost
(12/7/2017 9:45:30 AM)
Double wow
Thank You for your ongoing inspiration.

Wishing you, and your family a wonderful Yom Tov of Yud Tes Kislev.
(12/7/2017 10:33:02 AM)
also add
the attitude one has while saying, " Yes I can" has to match the words that are " b'fee,chah" - in your mouth. if you're going to say " I can" with the intent of proving " See, I knew
I really can't" you may end up proving just that! as per the Rebbe's teachings, optimistic attitude counts as much as mouthing the words.
(12/7/2017 11:25:54 AM)

(12/7/2017 3:48:51 PM)
#1 comment
May I kindly make a suggestion as your a teacher, it would be
Nice for you to have a stencil made with the Yiddish words Russian words translated ... so your children could learn Yiddish and get the full Tamm flavor of our rich Yiddish language and even perhaps learn it and use it in their own
A gut yomtov
(12/7/2017 3:53:24 PM)
Thank you
Thank you for "lighting" my day and everyone's else with your inspiring vort!!!!
(12/7/2017 5:26:54 PM)
Thank You
Thank you. Every lesson you give over motivates me and inspires me . I look forward to learning with you 2 times a week. You empower you audience to reach higher, do more, do what He put us here to do. YES, WE CAN!
(12/7/2017 8:05:08 PM)
Love it!!
I love the powerful simplicity. Your words come from a place of humility in the heart, and enter the heart. Keep it up machayil el chayol ! We need you!
(12/8/2017 11:34:48 AM)
Thank you I really enjoy listening to you!
(12/10/2017 2:02:34 PM)
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