Nov 25, 2017
Rebbe Hinted About Heart-Attack

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: How the Rebbe prepared for his heart attack in 5738. And why did the Alter Rebbe say his incarceration was a Kiddush Hashem? presents Shabbos Night Live, a weekly web class with Torah thought, chassidic stories and timely inspiration.

Presented by Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Executive Director of the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach Hamerkazis) and a long-time columnist and radio broadcaster.

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Horav Butman Shlita
As a weekly listener to your motzoay Shabbos shiur and story may Hashem give you years and strength to continue until the coming of Moshiach.

Can you have ever explain the meaning or source of your expression Chachmai Lizhanke
Thank you.

A gut voch and a gut chodesh
(11/25/2017 8:15:58 PM)

Great job👍
(11/26/2017 12:52:42 AM)
I watch your shiur every week.
I must say that these weekly broadcast - are the most influential & informative shiurim on the web!
(11/26/2017 1:16:53 PM)
Yasher koach
Thank You Rabbi Butman for your weekly inspiration.
(11/26/2017 1:18:33 PM)
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