Nov 15, 2017
Bochurim Mentor Boys in London

Every Thursday night, students of Lubavitch boys school in London are paired up with Bochurim from Zal for a special learning program.

For the first time in many years, every Thursday night, students of Lubavitch boys school in London are paired up with Bochurim in Zal for a special learning program.

Together the boys learn a Sicha, watch a video of the Rebbe, enjoy refreshments, and enter in to an exciting raffle at the end of the program.

Every week, the energy in the room is palpable, as the Bochurim come together to learn in the Bais Hamedresh of the Yeshivah, each of the Bochurim learning a Sicha one-on-one with a student of the boys school from grades 4, 5 and 6.

Mishmor is organized in London by the Shluchim of Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch, together with the boys school, yet the commitment of the bochurim is what makes it the success that it is - giving up their supper break each and every Thursday night to learn with the younger students.

Special thanks to the Bochurim from Yeshiva Gedola, Rabbi Hackner and all of our sponsors, for making this possible.

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So wonderful
Kol hakavod and thank you! You probably get out of it more than you give. Must be so exciting for the young ones. And someone close, just for them, that they can look up to that they can trust, and can turn to besides family and friends. The Rebbe says development is not just learning but growth in Chassidishkeit too and you set the example for them.
(11/15/2017 1:48:00 PM)
Happy to see this!
London has the most amazing people bh!
(11/15/2017 2:25:14 PM)
Thank you ygl shluchim
As a parent in london. Let me state in public that this group of bochurim shluchim in yeshiva gedola have been the best we have had in years!!
(11/15/2017 2:28:41 PM)
Great shluchim!!!!! Especially Mendel Ashkenazi!!!!!
(11/15/2017 3:54:56 PM)
Chesky, such yiddishe, chassidishe, nachas! Keep it up.
We love and miss you!
(11/15/2017 7:46:44 PM)
Meyer Shlomo Simon
Hey MS - sooooo good to see you! Keep being the great Chayol that you are.
(11/16/2017 7:21:06 AM)
Amazing Shluchim
We really appreciate how much the shluchim have got involved with the community, it bring tremendous chayos to all of us. The bochim are the heart our community. We love the yeshiva and we thank all those who make it happen.

We hope these shluchim stay a 3rd year!!
(11/16/2017 2:17:54 PM)
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