Nov 13, 2017
New Shluchim to California

Lincoln, California, is getting its first synagogue and Jewish institution with the arrival of Rabbi Yanki and Shainy Hecht (nee Kagan).

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Yanki and Shainy Hecht (nee Kagan), along with their baby daughter Chaya Mushka, have recently moved to Lincoln, California, to establish a new Chabad center in the city.

Lincoln, which is located about 30 miles north of Sacramento, is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. The city is home to a large active retirement community, Sun City Lincoln Hills, with close to 7,000 homes.

Chabad is the first Jewish institution and synagogue to be established in Lincoln.

The Hechts will serve the estimated 500 Jewish residents of the retirement community as well as provide Jewish services and programming for the estimated 1,000 other local Jews.

Moving just before Tishrei, the Hechts began with Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services, which "received a very positive response," Rabbi Hecht told COLlive. "Everyone is very excited to see Chabad open in Lincoln."

The Hechts have been appointed by Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, the West Coast Head Shliach, with the assistance of Rabbi Yossi Cunin. Special thanks to Rabbi Mendy Cohen, and to Rabbi and Mrs. Korik, Chabad of Roseville, for facilitating and assisting the new Shlichus.

To take part in the new Shlichus, visit

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Opinions and Comments
New Haven
Much success to the new shluchim in their holy work.
(11/13/2017 10:40:48 AM)
Mazal tov much Hatzlocho on your Shlichus and bring moshiach
(11/13/2017 10:41:05 AM)
Go Hechts!!
Shainy and Yanki! Most incredible couple out there. Alot of hatzlacha!!
(11/13/2017 1:44:40 PM)
So proud!!
Wishing you much hatzlacha Yanki and Shainy!! May you light up your corner of the world!
(11/13/2017 6:00:19 PM)
Lincoln is lucky!
Lucky Lincoln to have such a rabbi and rebbetzin!
(11/13/2017 6:06:21 PM)
Best ever!
Yanki Hecht will be the best shliach out there! Mazal tov and much hatzlacha!

(11/13/2017 7:19:51 PM)
Way to go Hechts!
In the footsteps of your grandfather and father and all your siblings sent out to far flung places around the globe, may you go from strength to strength! With the Rebbes blessings, May you be blessed with tremendous success and growth and nachas, ad blee Dai!
(11/14/2017 1:32:50 AM)
(11/14/2017 7:02:18 AM)
Go shainy and Yanky!
Shainy and Yanky are incredible. They just moved a couple of months ago and are already doing so much. Much hatzlacha!
A fan
(11/14/2017 10:43:59 PM)
Mazel Tov
We've had the good fortune to have the Hecht's now for one year and we're so very thankful! They are such a sweet and cheerful couple who are always so very gracious. We love them!
(9/22/2018 12:43:59 AM)
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