Nov 13, 2017
Yeshivos Mark Rashab's Birthday

Bochurim were joined by chassidim on Chof Cheshvan to mark the birthday of the founder of Tomchei Tmimim, the Rebbe Rashab.

Many Yeshivos across the globe united on Chof Cheshvan, with many Anash joining Tomchei Temimim of their city on this special day for a program of learning and inspiration.

They followed the Rebbe’s directive of 18 Cheshvan, 5749, that "Everyone should try to come to Tomchei Temimim on the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday to take part in Torah Tefila and Gemilas Chasodim."

Arranged by the Shluchim of Pittsburgh and Yeshiva Gedolah of London, the program included an hour of learning Chassidus with the Bochurim of the Yeshivos, followed by an exclusive video presentation, specially prepared for this occasion.

The Yeshivos that participated include Monsey, Miami, Toronto, London, Pittsburgh, Manchester, Brunoy, Los Angeles, New Haven, Postville, Melbourne, Chicago, Kfar Chabad, and Frankfurt.

“Where could be a better place to spend time on this special day of 15 Elul, if not in Tomchei Temimim!” one of the attendees remarked.

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