Nov 9, 2017
Grave of Second 'Rashab' Found

The gravesite of the Rashab of Rechitsa - Rabbi Shalom Dovber Schneersohn, grandson of the Tzemach Tzedek, was discovered in Belarus.

By COLlive reporter

The gravesite of a grandson of the third Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch was recently discovered in Rechytsa, a city in the Gomel Region of Belarus.

The tombstone of Rabbi Shalom Dovber Schneersohn, known as the Rashab of Rechitsa, was found in good condition during a review of Jewish cemeteries in Belarus.

The review was done by the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) with support from the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and the Geder Avos Jewish Heritage Group.

They documented some 2,500 gravestones at the cemetery on Proletarskiy Lane, the earliest of which date to the 20th century and some party broken.

"Cemetery is abandoned and overgrown, especially the older part," they reported. "Two mass graves are located within the cemetery territory. There are a number of fallen tombstones. Cemetery requires clearing of excess vegetation, drainage, and fencing."

The Rashab of Rechitsa was born in the town of Lubavitch to Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schneersohn, also known as the Maharil. His grandfather, the Tzemach Tzedak, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, learned with him Tanya on a daily basis.

After the passing of the Tzemach Tzedek, he moved with his father to Kopust (or Kopys) in the Vitebsk region. His father then founded the Kopust branch of Chabad and passed away 2 months later.

The Rashab of Rechitsa served as a Kopuster Rebbe, alongside and following his brother, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman. He was known as a renowned posek who taught many future rabbis in Russia and Poland.

He kept in close contact with the better known Rashab - Rabbi Sholom DovBer of Lubavitch, the 5th Rebbe Chabad-Lubavitch. He passed away on 17 Tishrei 5679, leaving no successor.

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Opinions and Comments
Interesting to see tree branches seemingly over the kever. Tru tress could have grown later, but interesting no less as we are makpid not to bury under trees.
(11/9/2017 1:38:05 PM)
Is the name correct?
The matzayvah says Sholem Ber not Shalom Dov ber?
(11/9/2017 3:14:32 PM)
Amazing to read
The inscriptions on the stone:
Ish Tam Vyosher
Isha Tznua

Its says it all, and it bespeaks the values of an era long gone. Lets get back to basics, people.

This is where its at.
(11/9/2017 3:26:32 PM)
We found the grave. Now we need to learn his chassidus...
(11/9/2017 3:30:31 PM)
Interesting Hebrew spelling of the last name.
(11/9/2017 4:30:12 PM)

Open the grave.a tzaddik does not decompose
(11/10/2017 12:54:01 AM)
May he be a gute beter for us
and bang down the walls of Golus
Moshiach NOW
(11/10/2017 12:45:18 PM)
I hope someone took the time to clean the matzeva and grave site a little bit
(11/12/2017 10:58:06 PM)
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