Nov 6, 2017
Teaching to be Solution Oriented

Watch: Mrs. Dena Gorkin, renowned educator and founder of Bnos Chomesh Academy in Crown Heights, presents educational insights every parent should watch. Part 2: Solution Oriented.

Part 2: Solution Oriented

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Thank you
Thanks for posting so many helpful things for parents. I enjoy these clips especially because they are short and easy to remember the ideas. Does Mrs.Gorkin take suggestions for the topics?
(11/6/2017 2:59:05 PM)
In response to #1
Sure! Please send your topic suggestions to
(11/6/2017 3:25:07 PM)
Thank you
Thank You Dena!!!!! So important!!!
(11/6/2017 3:31:41 PM)
Enjoyed this !
Thank you
(11/6/2017 4:47:33 PM)
A true mechanechess...
Dena Gorkin is a principal who really cares; now, all of us can benefit from her wise advice!
(11/6/2017 6:29:56 PM)
Where can I find part one?
This is great.
Lots to learn from Mrs Gorkin!
(11/6/2017 8:37:30 PM)
Thank uou
Did not like part 1
Part 2 was excellent. On target... helpful for school, home and work. Helpful to a range of ages.
(11/7/2017 2:26:43 PM)
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