Oct 31, 2017
Film Highlights Addiction Struggle
Photos: John Zimmerman

The struggle of addiction and the work of Chabad Lifeline organization was highlighted at a documentary film screening for a packed theater in Montreal.

By COLlive reporter
Photos: John Zimmerman

Emotions were front and center as an audience of over 250 gathered in the Maxwell Cumming Auditorium at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to break the stigma of addiction and watch the documentary film "32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide."

Thirteen staff members from Chabad Lifeline, a non-sectarian agency helping everyone affected by addiction, were in attendance at the film screening, where it was announced that the organization would be sending youth counselors on a weekly basis into Royal West Academy and five alternative schools across Montreal to provide one-on-one counseling to students affected by addiction.

Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger, Director of Chabad Lifeline, joined Producer Beth Levison and Director Ruth Litoff to address questions following the film, with Litoff speaking about the complexities of mental health and her own constant struggle with addiction.

"We chose to screen this heartbreaking and honest yet uplifting film because of the rawness in its portrayal of the link between addiction and mental health and how it affects the family," Benyamin Bresinger said.

The evening concluded with a dessert reception where members of the audience were able to speak to Levison, Litoff, and Chabad Lifeline staff.

The film screening was part of the Au Contraire Film Festival and benefited Chabad Lifeline, who organized the evening.

Chabad Lifeline is a non-sectarian agency dedicated to helping everyone affected by addiction, offering a full range of treatment options and comprehensive youth at-risk programs. People suffering from substance and behavioral addictions and their family members are guided through the process of healing and recovery. Their services are immediate and free to those in need, supported by generous donations.

Their team of social workers, counselors, and peers help forge the lifeline relationships that clients need to keep their lives on track and preventing today’s at-risk youth from becoming tomorrow’s addict.

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the most amazing shluchim!!
the Fines are exceptional Shluchim who are emes all the way! So proud to say they are my shulchim who made me frum ! Amazing work they have accomplish with Chabad Life line and Chabad QM.... not an easy task but they have saved so many lives.. Kol a Kavod to Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger as well!
(10/31/2017 1:13:55 PM)
Great work!
Well done Chabad Lifeline, kol hakavod! You guys do great and important work. You should be matzliach in all that you do!
(10/31/2017 2:39:10 PM)
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