Oct 14, 2017
The Rebbe Took Out a "Dibbuk"

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: Why did the Rebbe suddenly tell the story of the Gemora about Miriam bas Bilgo?

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Presented by Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Executive Director of the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach Hamerkazis) and a long-time columnist and radio broadcaster.

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Opinions and Comments
Great story. Thank you, Rabbi.
(10/14/2017 11:41:06 PM)
Thank you for sharing.
(10/15/2017 12:01:02 AM)
First time listening, this was amazing.
(10/15/2017 1:19:08 AM)
Side question
Where was the pic of the rebbe taken?
(10/15/2017 4:02:36 PM)
Question for Rabbi Butman
How do we know that the Rebbe wasn't just citing the Alter Rebbe's Dybukk story as precedent for being MiLamed Zchus on notorious Reshaim for a Toeles? Isn't it just as likely that the Rebbe's specific Toeles was NOT the same one as the Alter Rebbe's, and that the Rebbe was not banishing a dybbuk?
(10/17/2017 1:04:39 PM)
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