Aug 30, 2017
A&M Students Spring into Action

Responding to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Shluchim and students at Texas A&M University got to work. Here's what they did.

by COLlive reporter

While College Station received more than 12 inches of rain brought on by Hurricane Harvey, the Chabad Jewish Student Center at Texas A&M University hasn't been harmed.

But with so many others affected by the wrath of the storm, the people at Chabad couldn't stand idle.

Rabbi Yossi and Manya Lazaroff, the Shluchim in College Station, mobilized many Jewish students along with their own 6 children in providing essential supplies to people in need.

At least 37 deaths related to Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath have been reported in Texas. One of them, Houston police Sgt. Steve Perez, drowned while trying to get to work.

"We are the city closest to the affected areas, so we have access to stores and supplies," Mrs. Lazaroff told on Wednesday.

They have already drop shipped 2,600 boxes of basic needs, including a pallet of water, 300 bottles of bleach, sheetrock and cleaning supplies.

On Tuesday, they held a "Harvey Relief Bake-a-Thon" at the Chabad center. Using their industrial kitchen, they baked 400 challahs, hundreds of cakes and cookies and have been working around the clock to provide kosher food.

They rented a U-Haul truck and are delivering the items themselves, which will be distributed to anyone who needs help in the affected areas, giving out food and helping people clean up their homes or find temporary shelter.

"People are coming to get help here, but the sheer volume of damage is insurmountable," said Rabbi Lazaroff who is coordinating the online relief effort as well as ground logistics for Chabad of Houston.

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Nachas to the Rebbe !!
R' Yossi and Many Lazaroff you are an insperation to us all !

keep up the good work

lets all pitch in


your fans in Florida
(8/31/2017 8:04:00 AM)
(8/31/2017 2:37:28 PM)
(8/31/2017 4:41:12 PM)
Shluchim par excellence
Wonderful kidush lubavitch!
(8/31/2017 11:09:14 PM)
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