Aug 9, 2017
Picture of the Day
Photos: Boruch Moshe Sherman

Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, Director of Camp Gan Israel of Parksville, NY welcomes Merkos Chairman Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky to camp for the hanochas Tefillin of his grandson.

Photos: Boruch Moshe Sherman

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Best photographer
Go Baruch Sherman
(8/9/2017 3:38:34 PM)
So nice
Beautiful to see these two great chasidim together.
(8/9/2017 4:47:38 PM)
Big Z Schapiro
Mazel Tov only Simchas
(8/9/2017 6:47:23 PM)
Two great Chassidim...
... should only have success in all their endeavors for the good of Lubavitch.
(8/9/2017 10:28:33 PM)
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